New Balance 1080v12 is out in the market. As expected it is warmly welcomed by the crowd…

If you are still sitting on the sidelines for deciding whether to go for it or not….\this post may help you out…

New Balance 1080v12 surely looks a bit different than the New Balance 1080v11. Does it feel different?

Did New Balance solve the issues with New Balance 1080v11? Will New Balance 1080v12 be more comfortable than New Balance 1080v11?

Between New Balance 1080v12 and New Balance 1080v11 which one is better?

Find out in this detailed comparison of New Balance 1080v12 vs 1080v11 below…

New Balance 1080 v12 Vs 1080 v11

New Balance 1080v12 Vs 1080v11

Quick Comparison

If you are in a hurry, these are the main difference and similarities between New Balance 1080v12 vs 1080v11…

Differences between New Balance 1080v12 Vs 1080v11:

  • New Balance 1080v12 has updated the Fresh Foam X midsole to provide a softer cushioning than New Balance 1080v11.
  • In New Balance 1080v12 the ultra heel of New Balance 1080v11 is replaced by a standard slightly elevated heel.
  • The heel slip problem that New Balance 1080v11 has is eliminated in New Balance 1080v12 with a new heel area design.
  •  The thin collar of New Balance 1080v11 is replaced with a more padded collar in New Balance 1080v12 to improve ankle stability and added resistance to heel slip.
  • The stack height of New Balance 1080v12 is more than New Balance 1080v11 by a whole 2 mm in both the forefoot and the rearfoot.
  • The upper of the New Balance 1080v12 feels wider than the New Balance 1080v11 and is more comfortable.
  • The upper mesh design of New Balance 1080v12 is made with Hypoknit which is more streamlined than New Balance 1080v11 and provides a more stylish look.
  • New Balance 1080v12 meets the New Balance Green Leaf Standard for the usage of recycled materials in the construction of the shoe. This was not present in New Balance 1080v11.
  • The exposed midsole area in the outsole of New Balance 1080v12 is scooped out to minimize wear and tear of the midsole. This area of the outsole in New Balance 1080v11 was toughing the ground.
  • New Balance 1080v12 is slightly heavier than New Balance 1080v11.


  • The midsole of both versions uses Fresh Foam X.
  • Both are neutral running shoes.
  • Both have an extended heel collar for easy slip-on.
  • Both have a sock-like fit.
  • Both are 8mm drop shoes.
  • Both have similar durable rubber coverage on the outsole.
  • Both have flat laces.
  • Both have medium arch support.


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New Balance 1080v12

Special features…

  • Updated and softer midsole
  • Higher stack height
  • Standard heel fit
  • Padded extended collar and tongue for added comfort.


New Balance 1080v11 Vs 1080v12 - Midsole Differences

The midsole of 1080v12 is made from Fresh Foam X as is 1080v11. However, the midsole of New Balance 1080v12 is softer than that of 1080v11.

This is made possible by updating the midsole mapping. This helps you to have more foam in wider areas and also it improves the flexibility of the narrower areas of the shoe.

This is why the midsole of New Balance 1080v12 is softer than that of New Balance 1080v11.

Another factor that improves the softness of the midsole is the amount of foam that is present in the midsole.

The midsole of New Balance 1080v12 has 2 mm more Fresh Foam X in the midsole than New Balance 1080v11. This is both in the forefoot and the rearfoot and provides you with additional cushioning and comfort.

New Balance 1080v12 has retained the laser markings of the New Balance 1080v11 and this has helped it to retain and improve its flexibility.

Also, having the New Balance Green Leaf standard, at least one midsole or outsole has a minimum of 3% bio-based or 5% recycled based material.

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How are these updated materials will help you?

Having more softness in the midsole will help you to stay more comfortable for longer runs. It will reduce your foot fatigue and will help you to run further.

New Balance 1080v12 will now provide you with a more cushioned and comfortable ride.

Even if you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s Neumora, tailor’s bunion, or bunions like me, this cushioning will keep you comfortable.

Since New Balance 1080v12 uses more recycled materials, it will help you to reduce your overall carbon footprint on this planet.

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What is Fresh Foam X?

Fresh Foam X is an updated version of Fresh Foam which is made after taking input from hundreds of athletes.

Initially, there was some skepticism with the Fresh Foam, but its ultra cushioning and your less tired feet and legs own over the skeptics.

Now this Fresh Foam is updated to Fresh Foam X and provides you with excellent cushioning and comfort even on the longer rides.

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Drop, Stack, Weight

Stack, Drop, Weight Differences of New Balance 1080v12 and New Balance 1080v11

The midsole of New Balance 1080v12 has seen some improvement and it has become softer and cushier. One of the main reasons for this is the increase in stack height for both the forefoot and the rear foot.

Although the drop of both of these running shoes stays the same at 8 mm, the stack height has changed.

New Balance 1080v12 now has a heel stack of 36 mm and a forefoot stack of 28 mm whereas New Balance 1080v11 has a heel stack of 34 mm and a forefoot stack of 26 mm.

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An 8 mm drop is a standard drop that many running shoe companies are maintaining. Also, it a good for runners with Achilles issues. Due to the good response from its runners, New Balance has retained this heel drop in New Balance 1080v12 and I think this works pretty well for this shoe.

In terms of weight, New Balance 1080v12 has gained significantly for both the men’s and the women’s versions.

The men’s version has become heavier by around 1.1 oz or 31 gm and the women’s version has become heavier by 0.5 oz or 14.17 gm

New Balance 1080v11

Women’s size 8: 7.8 oz/221.13 gm

Men’s size 9: 9.2 oz/261 gm

New Balance 1080v12

Women’s size 8: 8.3 oz/235 gm

Men’s size 9: 10.3 oz/292 gm

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New Balance 1080v11 was certainly not a light shoe and with New Balance 1080v12 it has become even heavier. However, if you compare the weights of the New Balance 1080v12 with other shoes in the cushioned category, you will find that they all weigh approximately the same.

This is the tradeoff that we have to make if we want a cushioned and comfortable shoe and I’m happy with the weight of the New Balance 1080v12.


New Balance 1080 is one of the most popular running shoes on the market. It is great for runners who want a daily trainer with good cushioning.

The previous version of New Balance 1080 did not have different widths available. However, with New Balance 1080v12, New Balance has changed that.

New Balance 1080v12 is available in different widths and is able to fit runners from narrow to wide feet. This is great news for runners with narrow feet, because, there are not a lot of shoe choices when it comes to narrow feet. The same goes for the extra-wide feet.

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Now New Balance 1080v12 has 4 widths available for men and 4 widths available for women.

New Balance 1080v11

  • Men: Standard
  • Women: Standard

New Balance 1080v12

  • Men: Narrow, Standard, Wide X-Wide
  • Women: Narrow, Standard, Wide, X-Wide

Also, most of the sizes for New Balance 1080v12 have all the widths available. So, you will be able to find your right fit whether you have a narrow fit or extra-wide feet.

Also, if you have super extra wide feet, give New Balance 1080v12 a try. The fit of this is wide in general, so the X-wide width should be able to accommodate your super extra wide feet.

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New Balance 1080 v12 Vs 1080 v11 - Outsole Differences

New Balance did not change much in the outsole of 1080v12 from 1080v11 to retain the same kind of grip and durability.

However, if you observe closely, you will find two subtle changes to the outsole.

Although the general durable rubber coverage of the outsole is the same. However, the silhouette of the blob-shaped structure (lugs) of the rubber has changed.

To be precise, the structures have become bigger.

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New Balance 1080v12 - Larger lugs

Another change that I loved was the part where the midsole of 1080v12 is exposed to touch the ground. In New Balance 1080v11 that part touched the ground.

With New Balance 1080v12, New Balance has opted for a concave structure there, more like, they have scooped that area to form a shallow pocket-like structure. This ensures that it doesn’t come in contact with the road.

New Balance 1080v12 - Scooped Out Concave Midsole area of the outsole

I think these changes were implemented to:

  • Improve the overall durability of the shoe.
  • Improve the flexibility of the shoe.
  • Provide a smoother heel-to-toe transition.

The outsole changes make 1080v12 a more attractive choice. If you want to run long miles and are uncomfortable that your cushioned shoe wears out too easily, go for this one.

It will last you for around 500 miles, and if you get habituated with this shoe, I personally think you will be sticking with it for years to come.

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New Balance 1080v12 Vs 1080v11 - Upper Differences

Whether you are talking about 1080, 680, 880, or 990 New Balance has mastered the art of making comfortable uppers.

Not that every type of upper is the same, but they have maintained the comfort, throughout their models.

With New Balance 1080v12 also, they have only done minor changes to make it more comfortable and breathable.

The upper has wider shallow air-pits on the upper which improves the overall ventilation of the shoe and also makes the upper marginally lighter.

Where New Balance 1080v12 stands out from New Balance 1080v11 is that it is made from at least 50% recycled materials. This is helping New Balance to achieve its 2025 target of having all their cotton and leather from preferred sources and at least 50% of their polyesters recycled.

New Balance 1080v11 Upper

The upper of New Balance 1080v11 was made with synthetic engineered mesh which was breathable and stretchable.

With New Balance 1080v12, the upper is made with Hypoknit technology and recycled materials. This mesh has improved breathability and stretch and is adapted to fit a wide variety of feet.

It has a hard material lining the side of the shoes and the toe area. This protects your feet and you will not get injured from those sudden rocks and debris.

New Balance 1080v12 Upper

Overall, these are some good changes that New Balance has come up with 1080v12. Although they seem to be only cosmetic changes, what made up the upper has completely changed.


Although New Balance 108v11 was true to size, New Balance 1080v12 fits a bit large. The toe-box feels to be wider even for the standard size.

This is a good thing as your toes will be easily able to spread and you will feel much more comfortable running.

This change of with is not there are the back and the fit how a standard fit s for any of the other New Balance models including 1080v11.

Heel Counter And Collar

New Balance 1080v11 heel counter and tongue

New Balance 1080v11 was a great shoe, however, its ultra heel didn’t sit well with many of the runners.

The common complaint that I heard was there was heel slip and also the extended pull tab didn’t provide that much Achilles support. The material was thin as well.

New Balance changed that in 1080v12 and in now you have a more standard heel. This is what I mean…

New Balance 1080v12 Heel Counter and tongue

Although the heel area is slightly elevated, it cradles the heel as it used to previously. The comfort level of this heel is excellent.

The padding is great and the extended pull tab is also well padded providing you with a good amount of Achilles support.

Also, I did not deal with heel slip with this shoe and the ankle area felt stable and comfortable.

This is a great update going from New Balance 1080v11 to New Balance 1080v12.


The cushioning of the tongue of both New Balance 1080v11 and New Balance 1080v12 is decent. The cushioning did not change with the new version. They are comfortable and you will not feel the laces digging in.

Also, for both the models the tongue is gusseted. This means they are locked down in place and are not going anywhere when you run.

This is pretty convenient if you ask me. I love this as it gives peace of mind that the tongue will shift to a side while running.


New Balance 1080v11 Laces

New Balance 1080v11 Laces

The laces of both versions of New Balance 1080 are made of polyester material and are flat laces. They did not change the laces and the laces remained tied while running.

I like flat laces more than round ones. They have more surface area and they remain tied and secured when running. Like the round ones, they don’t come undone and are great while running.

There are overlays that keep the lace holes secured and they don’t get torn up when pulling the laces or during the stretching of the laces during running.

New Balance 1080v12 Laces

Running Shoes Similar To New Balance 1080

New Balance 1080 is a good running shoe and after the last couple of updates they have become one of the best neutral running shoes on the market and New Balance 1080v12 is no exception.

What I found was the cushioning is absolutely great and the additional room in the toe area makes it so much better.

With the update in the collar padding and the heel area, this has become one of my favorite.

However, I understand that not everyone will like New Balance 1080v12. So we wanted to suggest a couple of alternatives to you.

In this article, we have shared some of the alternatives to New Balance 1080 whose comfort level is nowhere lesser than that of New Balance 1080.

Where to buy New Balance 1080?



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