About Bst Play Gear:

Many times in the past, I’ve searched for something like ‘best of x’. Last month, I was searching the web to buy a new pair of marathon shos.

I keyed in Best Marathon Shoes.

Google immediately returned a ton of results. Then it hit me like a rock, if I’m searching for something like this, there must be a lot of people who will also be searching for best things for them

So, I am up with this blog and my vision is to help you with choosing the best sports-related product that is available in the market.

I’m 200% sure that you will find this blog helpful and will enjoy this blog


This is a blog where we provide honest and detailed information about sports-related products. It is in the form of a top 10 list.

Our aim is to make this blog, your last destination for making up your mind, before picking any product.

We go through extensive testing to come up with a product that suits you best. We provide unbiased reviews, be it marathon running shoes, night running headlamps or any other gear

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