When Nike React came into the market, was marketed as the next thing in midsole technology. They are soft, snappy, and provide excellent cushioning.

They were first introduced as a basketball foam and due to the similar needs of the runners, they were introduced in running shoes as well…

This brings us to the obvious question…

Are Nike React Good For Running?

Are Nike React Good For Running?

Nike React is good for running because it provides you with better cushioning, and better energy return than the latest generation of Nike Lunarlon foam. When you press down the Nike React Foam you can feel that it absorbs the energy and is cushy. When you release the foam it springs back fast returning to its original shape. This provides you with a great energy return. In fact, Nike react is 11 percent softer and provides you with 13 percent more energy return than the current version of Lunarlon. Also, it is lighter than Lunarlon and is more durable.

Here is a list of the most popular Nike running shoes that use Nike React:

  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
  • Nike Zoom Fly 4
  • Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% and many more…

You will find the entire list below…

Are Nike React running shoes?

Nike React is running shoes but that is not the only shoe where you will find Nike React. As this has excellent energy return and great cushioning, it is also present in many basketball shoes from Nike.

As a matter of fact, it was due to these capabilities this foam was first introduced in the basketball shoes from Nike in the year 2017. This helped the players to have soft and squishy cushioning and excellent energy returns for their explosive moves.

At a later date when Nike asked their runners what they wanted from their running shoes, they pointed out four different things:

  1. Better cushioning
  2. Better Energy Return
  3. Lightweight
  4. Durable

These requirements were similar to the features that the basketball players wanted in their shoes. This is why Nike introduced their React foam in the running shoes and this made these shoes a runaway hit.

If you do a little bit of digging, you will find a long list of shoes that uses the Nike React technology. However, you don’t need to bother yourself to do the research as we are summarizing this in the table below.

Sports shoes that use Nike React Technology:

Shoe NameSports
Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 LowBaseball Cleat
Nike React Vapor Ultrafly Elite 4Baseball Cleat
Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 3 MidBaseball Cleat
LeBron 18 LowBasketball Shoes
Nike Air Zoom G.T. RunBasketball Shoes
Nike ZoomX SuperRep SurgeEndurance Class Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2Golf Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Infinity TourGolf Shoes
Nike React Infinity PROGolf Shoes
Tiger Woods ’20Golf Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRGGolf Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 NRGGolf Shoes
NikeCourt React Vapor NXTHard Court Tennis Shoes
Nike React HyperSetIndoor Court Shoes
Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 PRO ICIndoor/Court Soccer Shoes
Nike React GatoIndoor/Court Soccer Shoes
Nike RT LiveKids/Baby/Toddler Shoes
Nike Alpha Huarache 8 PROLacrosse Cleats
Nike Alpha Huarache 8 EliteLacrosse Cleats
Jordan Delta 2Lifestyle Shoes
Nike React LiveLifestyle Shoes
Nike React Element 55 By YouLifestyle Shoes
Nike React SFB CarbonLifestyle Shoes
Nike Air Max 270 ReactLifestyle Shoes
Nike React SFB Carbon LowLifestyle Shoes
Nike React Art3misLifestyle Shoes
Nike React Live PremiumLifestyle Shoes
Nike React Element 55Lifestyle Shoes
Nike React VisionLifestyle Shoes
Nike React PrestoLifestyle Shoes
Nike Jordon Delta 2 SPLifestyle Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEaseOn/Off-Road Running Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% FlyEaseOn/Off-Road Running Shoes
Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2Road Running Shoes
Nike React Miler 2Road Running Shoes
Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2Road Running Shoes
Nike Zoom Fly 4Road Running Shoes
Nike Zoom PrevailRoad Running Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 By YouRoad Running Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38Road Running Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% FlyknitRoad Running Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 ShieldRoad Running Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%Road Running Shoes
Nike Epic React Flyknit 2Running Shoes
Nike React Escape RunRunning Shoes
Nike SB Bruin ReactSkate Shoes
Nike SB Bruin React TSkate Shoes
Nike Wildhorse 7Trail Running Shoes
Nike Pegasus Trail 3Trail Running Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7Trail Running Shoes
Nike React Metcon TurboTraining Shoes
Nike React Tiempo Legend 9 PRO TFTurf Soccer Shoe
List of Shoes That Uses Nike React Technology

If you check the sports associated with the above set of shoes, you will find that Nike React technology is used in many sports and not only in running and basketball.

For a more pictorial representation, I went ahead and created a pie chart based on the above data. This will provide you with the percentages of shoes that are present in each sport.

And here is what I found…

Pie-Chart for Shoes that uses Nike React Technology
Count Of Nike React Shoes Based On Sports

From this data, you will find that, although there are a lot of shoes that use Nike React, usage of this technology is mostly in running, including trail running and Tennis.

I find this particularly interesting as this technology was first introduced as a way to give explosive lifts and excellent cushioning to basketball players.

However, analyzing the data gives you a completely different picture. From the data that we collected from the Nike website, it seems like running shoes are most benefitted from this technology and they are actually around 33% (Road Running: 27% and Trail Running: 6%) of the whole Nike React Space.

Although we have provided a long list of shoes that uses this technology, many athletes have questions related to individual footwear that uses Nike React Technology.

We will go through each of them and will try to provide you with a concrete answer.

Are Nike Air Max 270 React good for running?

No, Nike Air Max 270 react is not a good running shoe. In fact, it is not a running shoe altogether. It is a lifestyle shoe that provides you with good cushioning and all-day comfort.

This shoe uses two completely different successful technologies from Nike, to provide you with a more comfortable and resilient experience.

Nike Air Max 270 React uses Nike Air and Nike React technologies in their soles.

Nike Air technology is basically a tough and flexible bag that contains pressurized air. This makes this type of soles good with elasticity and reduces impact. This also makes the running shoe using this technology, lightweight.

Also, how the Nike React Foam performs, is described above.

Nike Air Max 270 React is the first shoe that combined these two lightweight technologies to provide ultimate cushioning and superior comfort. They are very comfortable, even if you wear them throughout the day.

They have a good grip due to the full rubber sole and will have a secure and sure step. However, combining these two technologies have made this running shoe lightweight.

This is where you will find Nike Air Max 270 React to be particularly useful:

  • Roaming around the city.
  • All-day trip. (not trials)
  • Pairing it up with casual wear as a sneaker.
  • Parties and outings.
  • Walking for fitness.

However, it will not work in scenarios like:

  • Running (Road or Trail).
  • Tennis.
  • Things that involve a lot of jumping.

This model is designed based on Nike Air Max Pantheon. This makes it iconic and provides you with reliable, comfortable, and cushy outdoor/lifestyle shoes.

Are Nike React Element 55 good for running?

Nike React Element 55 is a lifestyle shoe. So, it is not good for running. The cushioning that is present in the forefoot and in the heel is not suitable to absorb the impact of running. According to Merriam-Webster, a running shoe should have enough cushioning to absorb about four times your body weight per step. Nike React Element 55 is not designed like that.

It is a very stylish casual shoe that will go perfectly well with your sporty or casual look. The look and feel of this shoe are inspired by heritage runners like Nike Internationalist.

However, its sole has Nike React to provide you with that soft yet bouncy cushioning. It has rubber pods in the midsole and the outsole to provide you with excellent traction.

One thing that some users may not like is the thin tongue that these shoes have. Especially if you are used to that thick padding of the collar and tongue combo, then you are going to miss it in this shoe.

Also, they have the laces run up a lot and almost cover the tongue. I would have preferred a bit shorter laces that stop near the joint of the foot and the leg.

Some of the users even feel that the React Foam material is more comfortable than the boost material of Adidas. That may be subjective, however, Nike React Element 55 is very comfortable for all-day wearing as well.

However, if you are keen on using these shoes for cardio, then use them for rowing. It may also work for casual cycling. However, if you are in for heavy biking, this may not be a good option.

They will provide you with a good fit as they are true-to-size. Also, they are decently lightweight and you will not feel tied with pieces of rock.

One problem that some users face with this shoe is that they rub on the Achilles area. So, if you are planning to go sockless, this shoe may not be good for that. With a sock, it is extremely comfortable and will support you throughout the day.

Are Nike React Vision good for running?

Nike React Vision is a lifestyle shoe or a casual sneaker that will provide you with an all-day well-cushioned experience. It is not a running shoe and will not provide the kind of support runners need from their shoes.

Nike React Vision represents an amalgamation of cultures. This is for people who don’t need to blend in and can be an outlier.

According to Nike, This sneaker provides you with “high fashion made for the streets”.

If you did not like the thin tongue of Nike React Element 55, then you are definitely going to like the ultra-plush tongue of Nike React Vision. This will provide you with additional cushioning and the laces will not dig into your feet.

This sneaker looks strikingly different than your day-to-day sneakers and it’s more like a jungle print all across the shoe. It will definitely help you stand out from the crowd…However, the strikingly different look of this sneaker is not for everyone.

To provide Nike React Vision with a more sporty look, it comes with a TPU heel clip and brings in some freshness to this heritage look. Also, it provides you with additional stability.

Like most of the Nike React Shoes, you can customize the hell out of these shoes. So much so, that you may get a bit confused with the overwhelming choices and may be stuck in limbo for a long time.

If you catch yourself staring at the screen for more than 10 mins, just go with the available color options that are closest to your taste. Otherwise, you may find yourself coming back over and over again and yet couldn’t pick one that quite matches your taste.

Oh! I almost forgot the feel of these shoes is more of stability than neutral. You may want to keep that in mind while browsing.

Are Nike React Infinity good for running?

Nike React Infinity is good running and golf shoes. Rather than a single shoe, Nike React Infinity represents a group of shoes that are either running shoes or golf shoes. So, some of the Nike React Infinity shoes are good for running as they use the React Foam and features of a running shoe. However, some of them are also great golf shoes as they have the React Foam and features of a golf shoe.

To help you get a clear picture, here are the running shoes that are Nike React Infinity:

  1. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2
  2. Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 (Doubtful, but the Nike website suggested this. Do a bit of research before accepting)

Here are the golf shoes that are Nike React Infinity:

  1. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour
  2. Nike React Infinity Pro
  3. Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NRG

So, comparatively, there are more golf shoes than running shoes in the Nike React Infinity range at the time of writing this post. We are yet to see if Nike will include more running shoes in the Nike React Infinity range.

Are Nike Epic React good for running?

Nike Epic React is good for running as it has the required features of a running shoe. Also, it uses the innovative reactive cushioning from Nike to provide you with soft, comfortable, bouncy, and durable cushioning. In other words, Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 is good for running.

Unlike Nike React Infinity, Nike Epic React is not a whole range of shoes. Rather it has only one shoe in this category called Nike Epic React Flyknit 2. This is a bold-looking shoe and provides you with excellent cushioning during running.

Belonging to the Flyknit range, Nike Epic React has a knit upper which has holes on the top of the toe-box area. This provides you with a good amount of ventilation and will keep you comfortable while running.

It has a molded collar that looks like the pseudo collar of the Brooks Bedlam and is contoured to sit just under the ankle. This provides you with a comfortable fit.

Now that we have referenced it with Brooks Bedlam, the upper of Nike Epic React looks a lot like Brooks Bedlam with a shaded color from the heel dispersing through the midfoot in a pixelated way.

Where these two shoes are completely different is the sole unit. Nike Epic React uses react technology and is very responsive. This cushioning has been improved to provide you with a more stable and comfortable ride.

This shoe provides homage to the epic era when we had hand-held gaming devices and those clunky desktops. Probably this is where Nike Epic React Flyknit derives its name from. Each part of that name means or represents something like:

  1. Nike – Representing the company obviously.
  2. Epic – Tribute to the epic era of 90s.
  3. React – The React midsole technology.
  4. Flyknit – Represents the knit upper.

Currently, we have the second generation of this shoe in the market and it has been improved in a lot of ways than its predecessor. It is smoother, lightweight, and bold to look at. For an improved grip, it has clear rubber in the forefoot and the heels. This also improves the traction of these shoes.

Are Nike Presto React good for running?

Nike Presto React is not good for running. It is a lifestyle shoe that uses React technology to provide you with excellent cushioning. It is a good choice to be paired with your casual wear and will provide you with comfort throughout the day. However, you cannot use these shoes for running although it uses the react technology in the midsole.

When I searched the Nike website for a pair of women’s Presto, I couldn’t find one. This surprised me and this can mean two things. Either they are not available for women or currently, they are out of stock. However, the second scenario doesn’t seem to hold good as you will get the ‘sold out’ tag under out-of-stock shoes.

Anyways, they are good casual sneakers and are available in red color. Also, it looks like someone has pumped a bit of air in the shoe and has inflated it a bit.

Also, the completely synthetic upper adds to the appeal of this shoe. It has a rubber tip that will provide you with a good grip and durability. The outsole looks a bit different than the traditional sole and has a fluid design like an abstract pattern and is very cool to look at.

The upper fabric is stretchy and will adjust to your feet while using and due to the react cushioning is very comfortable.

One thing that I’m not fond of is that these shoes get dirty very easily and you will have to come up with innovative solutions so that they don’t get ruined. One such tip will be to put these shoes in a pillowcase and put them in the washer.

These shoes come in some fancy colors that I found out after some digging, but they look a bit cartoonish and will definitely remind you of the cartoon shows that you used to watch as a child.

Are Nike React Miler good for running?

Nike React Miler is good for running. It has Nike’s React technology in its midsole and provides you with a snappy yet soft cushioning. It is a running shoe as per Nike and you can run long distances in these shoes. The current version of Nike React Miler is 2 or we have Nike React Miler 2 in the market.

It has many features that will provide you with an exceptional running experience. When I compared this with another Nike React shoe, the Pegasus, the sole looked awfully similar. So, I went into my researcher mode to find out whether this also uses react with zoom. However, I couldn’t confirm that and Nike’s website clearly mentions that it uses react in its midsole.

This provides you with soft and responsive cushioning and provides you with an intuitive fit. The fit of this shoe is improved after taking inputs from the runners and along with Nike React foam, it now also uses other Nike technologies to provide you with a more comfortable experience.

It has a wider toebox and helps you with more toe splay and you will not feel crunched while wearing this shoe.

For durability, the outsole has rubber that provides you with a good grip and traction.


Above, we have provided you with a concrete answer to the question “Are Nike React Good For Running?” We tried to provide you with a detailed analysis of the data that we have gathered from Nike’s website.

What we found is that, although React foam was introduced as part of one type of sport, it quickly became a favorite with the runners. Not only runners, but they are also very much appreciated by golfers.

However, we also did an extensive analysis of the popular Nike React models and tried to provide you with our perspective.

We hope that you enjoyed this post and would let us know if you have suggestions.

Until then happy running!





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