I’m frustrated. Nobody cares for me. 

It seems like everyone is focusing on runners who are already fit and athletic. 

Are there even any running shoes which will support my heavy built

Oh! my dear, let me assure you that there are at least, 10 Best Running shoes for Heavy runners as of 2020.

Of them, Brooks Glycerin 17 is the best. However, you may also pick any of the the rest in the below list.

Our Top Picks

For Women:

Mizuno Wave Creation 19 Running Shoes

“Infinity waves for a springy comfort.”

For Men:

Brooks Glycerin 17 Running Shoes

“Plush cushioning that will give excellent protection and shock absorption.”

Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners in [current_year]

1. Brooks Glycerin 17 Running Shoes – Overall Best

Editor Rating:
Brooks Men's Glycerin 17

Glycerin 17 is one of the best running shoes for heavy runners.

It has breath-ability of 8 upon 10, with neutral arch support and a heel-to-toe drop of 10 mm, and is best suited for roads

It comes with Super DNA Cushioning for extra comfort, especially after leg day.

The 3D puff print gives you a much better fit and feel.

It also has a softer transition zone which makes this shoe very responsive.

If you are expecting the pillowy feel of HOKA One One Bondi 5, you will be mistaken.

However, it is definitely comparable with the Nike Vomero series

  •   It is a lightweight shoe
  •   Very comfortable
  •   Fit of the shoe is just right as per our users
  •   High quality material
  •   You need not break in the shoe
  •   Cushy transition zone gives you a springy ride
  •   You will experience lesser pains even with prolonged usage
  •   Not suited for people with high arches
  •   The collar of the shoe may rub against your ankles.
  •   You may see early sign of wear and tear

My Final Opinion

Heavier people needs more cushioning than others.

Otherwise they will end up getting hurt or the shoe may squish under their weight

Also, they are need to use shoes which have better energy returns.

Brooks Glycerin 17, excels in all these department and that is why, this our shoe on this list.

2. Mizuno Wave Creation 19 Running Shoes – Best for heavy female runner

Editor Rating:
Mizuno Men's Wave Creation 19 Running Shoes
The heel has Infinity Waves. This provides you with an extremely responsive and smooth ride.

This shoe is suitable for road  and has neutral arch support. It’s breath-ability is 8 on 10 with a heel to toe drop of 12 mm 

The upper is made of Airmesh and provides great breath-ability

When you run, a lot of stress is created on your feet.

Mizuno Wave Creation 19 comes with Dynamotion Fit which is ideal to relieve this kind of stress.

To give you a better fit, this one even comes with an anatomical sockliner

The midsole is made up of U4icX foam. This gives you a smoother, softer and more flexible ride.

  •   Very comfortable
  •   You need not break in these shoes
  •   Superior cushioning to support your feet
  •   The shoe fits like a glove
  •   You will receive proper traction from its outsole
  •   The toe-box is not suited for wider feet
  •   These shoes are expensive

My Final Opinion

Mizuno Wave Creation 19, is a very good shoe. It gives you great comfort and fits you like a glove.

Also, this is one of the best shoes for heavy female runners.

The materials used to build the shoe, like U4icX is way lighter than the traditional EVA foam and has superior durability

The only issue that I had and my readers also agree is that, this shoe is way more pricey than its counterparts.

3. Saucony Cohesion 11 Running Shoes – Best budget shoe

Editor Rating:
Saucony Men's Cohesion 11 Running Shoe

The outsole is made up of durable rubber and provides improved grip on wet surfaces.

Breath-ability is 7 upon 10 and provides neutral arch support. 

It is best suited for road and has a heel to toe drop of 12 mm.

You will find two types of material in the midsole.

One is GRID cushioning near the heel.

The rest of the midsole is made up of REACT2U foam which is very lightweight and comfortable.

The upper is made up of mostly breathable mesh and is great for ventilation. 

It has a more padded ankle and collar for extra level of cushioning.

  •   Great comfort with better durability
  •   Affordable price
  •   Very Light weight
  •   True to fit
  •   GRID cushioning will keep your foot steady
  •   Improved Rubber outsole with better traction on wet surface
  •   Color pallet lack vibrancy
  •   Not suited for high arches

My Final Opinion

Saucony Cohesion 11 is an improved version of its predecessor.

It has better heel support and a better outsole with improved traction

You will also find the price of this pair to be just right. However, this shoe is suited for normal arches

4. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5 Running Shoes – Best for cushioning

Editor Rating:
Hoka One One Mens Bondi 5 Running Shoe
Hoka One One Bondi 5 is made up of two materials.

The upper portion is mainly fabric.

This mesh structure gives a breathable environment keeping you cool and dry.

It’s breath-ability is 8 upon 10 with neutral arch support.

You will have a better fit in this shoe because of the 3D Puff Print Frame.

Also, due to the presence of Ortholite insole, you will have better arch support.

This is crucial for any runner, especially for heavier people like us.

Another technology that will guide your gait cycle is Meta-Rocker.

This is a combination of midsole geometry designed for low heel-to-toe drop and a sculpted outsole to have a fulcrum effect. It is suited for roads and has a heel to toe drop of 4 mm.

Midsole is made up of EVA foam, which is very durable and provides you with effective cushioning.

  •   Soft cushioning will give you a stable and smooth ride
  •   The toe-box is wider than Bondi 4 making space for those who have wider feet
  •   The pillowy cushion doesn’t add to the weight of the shoe
  •   You may notice that your back and feet feels better after a couple of runs in these shoes
  •   A very good grip on the roads due to the presence of highly durable rubber outsole
  •   Breathability has become better due to the presence of lightweight mesh in the upper
  •   You may see early signs of wear and tear
  •   The midsole may feel a bit stiffer to you
  •   The Meta-Rocker can feel less responsive in this version
  •   This is an expensive pair of shoes

My Final Opinion

Hoka One One Bondi 5 is a maximal shoe, which is focused mainly on the comfort of the runner.

This shoe will not squish out due to the extra load.

Ortholite insole is great for that extra comfort and soft plush feel under the feet.

Though for people with extra wide feet, the toe-box will be narrow. However, for most of us, the fit is just perfect.

The Fulcrum effect that this shoe produces makes running much easier for even beginners.

In other words, these are the best shoes for beginner overweight runners.

5. ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes – Best for pronation

Editor Rating:
ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes

This ASICS is built using the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S)

This design helps in a more natural heel to toe movement.

It focuses on three principles: Contact, MidStance and Propulsion

Midsole has FlyeFoam and FluidRide, which will give you better bounce back and cushioning.

This also makes this shoe very light.

In the upper you will have a combination of stretch mesh and stretch reinforcements.

This will give you a truly custom fit suiting your feet’s shape.

Also, the heel clutching system will give you better heel support and stability.

This is a stability road running shoe with a breath-ability of 8 upon 10 and heel to toe drop of 10 mm.

  •   This is a heavy duty shoe with great cushioning for extra comfort
  •   Great grip and stability due to presence of highly durable rubber outsole and stabler heel counter.
  •   The midsole is shock absorbing and doesn’t stress out your feet
  •   It is lightweight
  •   Fit is true to size
  •   You will get a custom fit due to the stretchy upper mesh
  •   Expensive
  •   May not be comfortable for day-long use as mid-sole is stiffer.
  •   Some users suggested to purchase 1/2 size bigger as this shoe tend to run small
  •   The toe-box is a bit narrow

My Final Opinion

ASICS Gel-Kayano is a good running shoe.

It is light weight and the stretchy upper mesh makes you feel very comfortable

It tend to run 1/2 size smaller, hence use a 1/2 size bigger shoe to resolve this problem

In-fact, this is a great choice if you are just starting out as this shoe is very durable

6. Brooks Beast 18 Running Shoes – best shoes for beginner overweight runners

Editor Rating:
Brooks Men's Beast '18
This is a motion controlled shoe which helps you to maintain your natural gait.

The Cushcole midsole is very comfortable for the runners even during high mileage runs.

The crash pad is segmented, giving it better flexibility

The construction of the shoe is reliable and provides proper stability

The upper has a breathable mesh which keeps you cool and dry during running sessions

This shoe is perfect for people who are heavier or have over pronation

This is a road running motion controlled shoe, which has a breath-ability of 7 upon 10 and a heel-to-toe drop of 12 mm

  •   Very comfortable to wear
  •   Midsole is very supportive even during longer runs
  •   If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, this shoe will provide you relief
  •   Outsole traction is great
  •   Being a motion controlled shoe, it provides excellent stability for people with over-pronation
  •   True to fit
  •   It runs 1/2 size smaller
  •   The forefoot material doesn’t seem to be very durable
  •   Narrower toe-box
  •   Early signs of wear and tear in the sole

My Final Opinion

Brooks Beast 18 has its own share of short comings like it wears off easily, runs half size smaller, narrower toe-box.

However, the benefits that this shoe provides outshines it shortcomings.

For example, it provides support to users who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis.

It’s motion control ability gives superior support to over pronate runners.

Also, these shoes are very comfortable, breathable and light weight.

Over all a good shoe at a decent price.

7. New Balance M1540SB2 Running Shoes – Best for ankle support

Editor Rating:
This is a motion controlled running shoe which helps stabilizing your foot and with overpronation

The tongue has a good padding and is made up of breathable mesh.

The collar is made of roll bar support system and helps to keep your heel in place.

The midsole is made up of ABZORB cushion.

The other two components in the midsole are ACTEVA LITE and ENCAP.

Together, these materials soften your landing, thus protecting your joints.

However, with all these cushioning, the shoe has become heavier but still extremely comfortable to wear.

Breath-ability wise, this road running shoe is 8.5 upon 10 and has a heel to toe drop of 12 mm

  •   Proper support for flat feet or overpronation
  •   Great cushioning
  •   The outsole is made out of durable rubber and gives a proper grip
  •   Breathability of this shoe is excellent, due to mesh tongue and upper
  •   This shoe is heavier than others
  •   It is expensive than the shoes in this category

My Final Opinion

New Balance M1540SB2 provides great stability for overpronation.

Different types of foams are present in the midsole and provides great cushioning while protecting your foot against the hard ground.

These shoe are expensive than the rest of the shoes in the same category.

However, the kind of stability it provides, is absolutely worth the extra bucks.

8. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 20 Running Shoes – Best for durability

Editor Rating:
This shoe is designed mainly for two types of runners.

One, are those who wants to run long miles.

Other are those, who are on the heavier side of the scale.

The midsole is made up of FLYTEFOAM technology which provides a springy effect.

This is done by using organic super fibers. These super fibers also help to reduce the packing out of the midsole.

Another technology that improves the comfort and bounce is FLUIDRIDE Midsole.

These kind of foam also helps to keep the shoe lightweight.

The upper is made of stretchable mesh, which gives it a breath-ability of 8 upon 10

The outsole is made up of durable rubber and has a superior grip on the road.

This is a road running neutral shoe with a heel to toe drop of 10 mm

  •   Lightweight and breathable upper mesh
  •   Excellent support on varied surfaces
  •   True to Size
  •   Very comfortable cushioning due to the use of a variety of foam materials
  •   Fits like a glove, due to stretchable upper
  •   Great on responsiveness despite having a lot of cushion
  •   Toe box may be a bit narrow for some of you
  •   The front portion of the shoe, seems to be a bit stiff, when compared to others.

My Final Opinion

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 20 is a good road running shoe.

Moreover, this shoe has been designed by keeping heavier runners in mind..

Hence you have great cushioning. Also, packing out will also not happen due to the presence of super micro-fibres.

Only issue I found was a the narrower fit. However, if you have a normal to narrow feet, the fit is true to size.

9. Adidas Performance Duramo 7 Running Shoes – Best for long-lasting responsiveness

Editor Rating:
The upper is made of Air mesh. This gives you a breath-ability of 7 upon 10.

The SUPERCLOUD sole gives you a plush comfort underfoot

This also makes this shoe very responsive and long lasting.

The synthetic overlays will provide you with additional support.

The upper is seamless and leaves no room for irritation from stitches.

There are deep flex grooves that are placed in such a way, that you will get extra flexibility with reduced shoe weight.

The outsole is made up of a durable rubber called ADIWEAR.

This is low on wear and tear and gives you a superior grip on the road.

It has a neutral arch support with a heel to toe drop of 10 mm and are suitable for road 

  •   The shoe flaunts a clean finish
  •   Very comfortable to wear
  •   Lightweight and helps the user to perform at optimal level
  •   Most users said that the shoe is true to its size
  •   These shoes are extremely durable.
  •   The mesh present in the upper, manages the moisture very well
  •   This shoe seem to lack flexibility
  •   For some, the fit is narrow.

My Final Opinion

Adidas Performance Duramo 7 is a decent shoe at a very affordable price.

It seems to be very supportive of runners’ arches.

Runner who are suffering from bunions also, find these shoes very comfortable.

You can even use it for your daily walking sessions . This is one of the best walking shoes for heavy person

Though it tends to be a bit inflexible, however, this doesn’t cause any serious discomfort to the runners.

On the contrary, most of our users said that this is a very good and comfortable shoe

Editor Rating:
Upper is made of mesh material which gives good ventilation

The rubber outsole provides a good grip during running

This shoe has some reflective areas. This makes you visible, even in low light.

There is a inner support strap at the midfoot. This gives a very secure fit.

5GEN lightweight midsole cushion gives you a very responsive ride.

The inner foam footbed is removable. Hence, you can replace it with kind of special insoles.

Good breath-ability of 7.5 upon 10 with neutral arch support. These are suited for trail and a has a low drop.
  •   This shoe has a very responsive and stable cushioning making it ideal for long runs
  •   The upper material is mesh and stretches perfectly on your foot
  •   A lot of reflective material makes you visible even in low light. This gives you additional safety
  •   This shoe is not good for speedwork or temporuns

My Final Opinion

Skechers Go Run Forza 2 is a very good running shoe.

With all the necessary cushioning in place, this is perfect for our overweight friends.

Though not suitable for speed work and tempo runs, this is ideal for long mileage runs and on the trails

Buyer’s Guide

What to check in a shoe when you are on the heavier side of the scale?



This is the first thing that you should look out for in a shoe.

If you go for some sole that squishes out underweight, then it defeats the whole purpose.

Shoes like Brooks Glycerin 15 or Brooks Beast is a perfect example of this.

For that matter, New balance is also very good. 


For me, comfort while running is king.

If the sole feels too stiff or the insole is too thin, then you will end up with pain in feet.

For that matter, heel cushioning is also very important.

Though most of your weight is distributed throughout the feet, your heel takes on more load.

Also, for many of the runners, the heel strikes the ground first putting all the body weight on it.

If your heel doesn’t have sufficient cushioning they will start to pain or may end up permanently damaged

No Minimalism in shoe selection


I’m a fanatic when it comes to shoe grip.

I believe that many of the injuries can be avoided if the grip of the shoe is good.

What is a good grip for me?

It should not slip on the gravel and wet surfaces. One good example will be Saucony Cohesion 11

I’m not telling there will be no slipping episodes after this, what I’m telling is, this minimizes the risk

Heel to toe drop when loaded with body-weight

All shoe tends to change its heel to toe drop when you wear it.

But this should not be significant. If the midsole is too mushy, then this can happen very easily.

This single reason is enough for you to have a sore calf muscle and Achilles.

So make sure that this doesn’t change much when you are wearing the shoes. 

Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners


How long do running shoes last for heavy runners?

For heavier runners, running shoes last up to 300 miles. So, they should replace their running shoes every 300 miles. However, since most of us forget to track the mileage that we put in our shoe, check the wear pattern. If you see the treads are worn off, just replace the shoes.

How can I make my running shoes last longer?

To make your running shoes last longer, you should only run using these shoes. This means you should not go out for a casual walk or mall hopping. 


Every mile you walk in these shoes, get added to the overall mileage of the shoes.

This makes it wear out faster.

How to make  your running shoes last longer

  • Only use them for running.
  • Don’t put your running shoe in a dryer.
  • Don’t put it under direct sunlight for long hours.
  • Don’t leave them in the trunk of the car if you are parking outside.
  • Rotate you running shoes.
  • Focus on improving your running form.
  • Buy good quality shoes (in general avoid shoes under $40. Here is why…
  • Spray with a water-resistant spray.
  • Keep them stuffed with newspaper.
  • Store in a dry place.

What is the best shoe for overweight runners?

Any running shoe which is well cushioned is a good choice for overweight runners.

Selecting one among the many is very difficult. Also, the choice of shoe selection changes with your pronation.

Either you can go with any running shoe presented above.

Or, you can use any one from below:

What is a good running shoe for an overweight woman?

A good running shoe for an overweight woman is Mizuno Wave Rider 22.

However, you can select any other running shoe from the above list as well.


The above list will serve you as a guide when it comes to selecting Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners in [current_year].

This list is not comprehensive at all. There are still more out there like Brooks Ghost 10 or Mizuno Wave Rider 21

So, take your decision after checking out the shoes.

If you need any help for selecting a shoe let us know. We will help you out.

Also, you can suggest your own favourite for a review.

We will make sure that it happens.

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