With all the options present in the market today, finding a good Marathon Shoe is a monumental task.

Although we think, Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes is the best of the lot.

However, we also know that when it comes to long-distance running shoes, not one size fits all.

So, we have brought you the absolute best marathon shoes of [current_year], that is currently there in the market. 

We have recently updated this article for 2021. We have updated the content with information.

Top Marathon Running Shoes

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Why this is the Winner?

  • Good Stability.
  • High Energizing Cushioning.
  • Good for long-distance running, treadmills, CrossFit.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good forefoot and heel protection.

Treadmills are heavy and some of them have formidable weight. It can feel scary to put that weight on a hardwood floor or for that matter on carpet, tile, concrete, or any other type of floor. If you are not careful, you may end up damaging the floor. 

But what should you put under the treadmill on a hardwood floor? What to put on a tile or a concrete floor? How about a carpet?

If all these questions are pestering and holding you back from buying a treadmill then below are the answers for you…

Our selection criteria consist of but not limited to:

  • Company
  • Pronation
  • Common feet problem
  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • Price
  • Breathability, etc.

Since these shoes belong to some of the best running shoe brands, we are sure that you will be able to find your best marathon shoes 2020 in no time! 

So, sit back and enjoy our marathon running shoes review.


Editor Rating:

Last update on 2024-05-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

We have tried our best to bring to you the best marathon shoes. However, before purchasing, make sure that you check out the ones you will be most comfortable in.

Without further ado, let’s find out the best marathon shoes that we have hand-picked for you.

1. Brooks Ghost 13 – Stability, High Energizing Cushioning, half marathon running shoes

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes


  • Breathability:8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 12mm
  • Weight : Male – 12oz, Female – 9 oz
  • Fit: Normal, Narrow B, Wide 2E

Our winner for best marathon shoes 2020 is Brooks Ghost 13.

It is the 13th generation of the series and is the top one in our list on its own right.


There are two kinds of rubber in Brooks Ghost 13. One is HPR Plus and the other is Blown Rubber.

HPR Plus is a durable rubber material which is resistant to damage. This kind of rubber is present in the heel area and gives better traction.

The Blown Rubber is present in the forefoot area of the outer sole.

This material is extremely durable. Another characteristic of blown rubber is its flexibility which gives this shoe, its optimal flexibility.

The Crash Pad or the Forefoot area of the outsole is segmented. Which makes it adaptable to any fall.

Hence, no matter how your feet land on the ground, your shoe will give you adapt to it and will give you optimum support.


The midsole of Brooks Ghost 13 provides great cushioning between your foot and ground.

It is a fusion of two types of high-quality materials, the environment-friendly BioMoGo and the contour mimicking foam running from heel to toe.

This is amazing because it adapts based on your weight, shape, and movement.

The midfoot has better arch support and the heel also has a newly added cash pad for a softer landing and enhanced support.


The Upper is made up of engineered mesh. This material is extremely breathable. So, it keeps the feel cool during running.

The material of the mesh has some elasticity. Hence it adapts to the shape of the foot of the runner.

The Toe box is roomier and the forefoot’s bumper is a bit toned down than its predecessor.

Ghost 13 comes with a round lace, which retains the stretchy feel of its flatter version present in 9.

There are some synthetic overlays. They are strategically placed on toe-tip, the heel part, and the midfoot. These overlays help in maintaining the shape of the shoe.


The upper portion of the shoe is made up of engineered mesh, practically disappears on the foot. Books have placed the stretch and structure strategically to make it more breathable

Also, the larger toe box fits your toes comfortably. This makes the air to circulate better, keeping your feet cool during your long runs.


Brooks Ghost 13 comes with a more flexible design. This gives a more comfortable fit as it adapts to the contour of your feet.

The roomier toe box makes your toes fit in snugly and is very comfortable during long runs.

It has better arch support and provides extra cushioning to the heels, thanks to its new crash pad

The midfoot is also a bit looser. This makes it feel more comfortable. Also, the shoe is true to  its size


The durability of this pair of shoe is comparable with its predecessor, Ghost 12.

However, the softer outsole may show early signs of wear and tear.

Also, the upper design is not as rugged as the earlier version and contains fewer overlays.

This makes it a little more vulnerable than Ghost 12


This pair of shoes gives plenty of protection to your feet.

The outsole with two kinds of rubber along with proper segmentation gives a very good grip on the road.

The midsole is made of BioMoGo DNA which is soft and plush. It acts as a shock absorber.

The upper is more flexible not only adapts to your feet but also is ultra-breathable.

This protects the feet from getting overheated.

Presence of the toe cap, although a toned-down version from its predecessor, provides ample protection to the tip of the forefoot.

The new crush pad at the heel area makes your heel land softer, thus providing it with extra protection


This is a stability shoe. This is hard to believe, provided the extra flexibility that has been added to the shoe.

The upper is made more flexible and adaptable, however, this does not add any pressure to your feet while running or otherwise.

Also, the additional crash pad provides more support to the heels and make its landing softer.

Not only that, this shoe provides much better arch support and the heel cradle is extremely secure.

Brooks Ghost 13 has an adjustable saddle construction, which further enhances the fit of the shoe, especially in the midfoot area, providing extra grip and support to the feet


With all the comfort and plush of the shoe, the responsiveness is a bit sacrificed.

The well-built cushion makes your feet very happy, even for long runs, however, these shoes are not super responsive.

However, it is not so drastic that it will give you a lot of reasons to complain


Though the style is very subjective, however, our reviewers think that Brooks has graduated to a more matured and professional look.

It gives you a lot of colors to choose from for both men and women. However, it has lesser reflective components than its predecessor.

This version sports round laces, in place of a flat one. However, it still retains its stretchy feel.

The upper design also has been modernized to make give it a more upbeat look.


These shoes are a bit lighter than version 12. This is mostly because a toned down upper, less reflective material and thinner toe bumper.

It’s weight now stand at 10 ounces for men and 8.5 ounces for women, which is extremely light. This makes it ideal for longer runs like marathons. 

Some of the users felt that the forefoot covering a bit vulnerable. Also, the overlays allow a lot of moisture to seep in making it a bad choice for rainy weather.

There has been a lot of refinement in Brooks Ghost 13 as compared to its predecessor.

The roomier toe box, lightweight, extra cushion, better arch support and new crash pad in the heel area makes it a favorite of our reviewers.

Overall an excellent product from Brooks which you make you feel that you are running on clouds. It is undisputedly the Best Marathon Shoes 2020

Also, it is one of the best long-distance running shoes women’s and also for men.


  • Stylist Design
  • Roomier Toe Box
  • Engineered mesh for breathability
  • True to its size
  • Lightweight
  • Extra cushion for a more comfortable un
  • Presence of Crashpad at the heel area for a softer landing
  • Optimum flexibility
  • Better arch support
  • Supportive and secure fit
  • BioMoGo DNA Midsole
  • The fusion of HPR Plus and Blown Rubber outer sole
  • People with foot issues can wear it comfortably without having foot pain
  • Shoelace holder at the top of the tongue


  • The durability of this shoe is a little less than its predecessor.
  • The forefoot covering feels a bit more vulnerable.
  • The overlays allow moisture to seep in.

2.Asics Gel Nimbus 22 – Neutral to supination, Responsive Ride, best marathon shoes for neutral runners


Asics Gel Nimbus 22ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

ASICS Gel Nimbus is one of the best long distance running shoes…this is good as a half marathon training shoe or a marathon training shoe. You may also use it on the treadmills.


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: UnderNeutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Fit: Men -D – Medium, 4E – Extra Wide,  Women – B – Medium, D – Wide


The outsole is made up of ASICS High Abrasion Rubber in the heel for increased durability. This is specially created for different kinds of paved surfaces which makes it perfect for any kind of roads.

DuraSponge is present in the forefoot and it is also extremely durable and makes this shoe very responsive.


The Midsole of Asics Gel Nimbus 22 has Forefoot and Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System. This system is made up of a silicone-based gel that acts as a shock absorber when your foot strikes the road.

Another benefit of using this technology is that it helps in a much easier transition from heel-to-toe.

Asics utilized the FLYTEFOAM® MIDSOLE TECHNOLOGY, which provides the runners with an exceptional bounce back and responsiveness.

This FlyteFoam is made up of organic super fibers which help reduce the packing out that happens in traditional softer, low-density foam. Also, this material is lighter than standard foams by at least 55%.

The FLUIDRIDE® MIDSOLE is used for increased durability and improved cushioning. This also makes this shoe a very good bounce back and keeps the shoe lightweight.

Another feature of the midsole section is GUIDANCE LINE® MIDSOLE TECHNOLOGY. These are vertical flex grooves that decouple the tooling for an improved natural gait cycle.

This is further enhanced by GUIDANCETheseSSTIC SYSTEM™ TECHNOLOGY. This Trusstic System® integrates with Guidance Line® to provide an enhanced gait efficiency and midfoot structural integrity.


This shoe also contains ORTHOLITE® X-40 sock liner. This is a premium sock liner which has high rebound properties.

It is made out of Ortholite’s open-cell PU foam which is 95% to 100% breathable. This allows the air to circulate around the insole, keeping the foot cooler inside the shoe.

These insoles are also great for moisture management. They help to move moisture away from the foot to provide a cooler, drier, healthier shoe environment.

A patented salt-based antimicrobial is added to these insoles. This compound fights against fungus, bacteria, and odor.

Hence, even after a long run, your feet will still be very fresh and you will not have to deal with those nasty odors. 


ASICS FluidFit® upper technology combines multi-directional stretch mesh with stretch reinforcements. This makes the upper part of the shoe adapt to your foot thus giving you a glove-like customized fit.

While manufacturing this shoe, Asics has also taken care to reduce the potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.

It uses a seamless construction which provides an additional level of comfort to the runner’s feet.

Also, this comes with a HEEL CLUTCHING SYSTEM™. This is essentially an external plastic material. This wraps around your heel and keeps it in place.

To enhance the comfort level of the upper portion, Asics has added eyelets strategically.

These eyelets disperse the lace tension and create a custom fitting environment.


The multi-directional stretch mesh keeps makes this shoe extremely breathable.

Also, the presence of ORTHOLITE® X-40 sock liner keeps the feet cool by moving the moisture away from the feet.


Overall, Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is a well-cushioned running shoe. It has ForeFoot and RearFoot gel cushioning along with FylteForm midsole technology. This makes it cushy and light

Also, the heel clutching system provides you a much better grip as the heel slipping is minimal.

Apart from keeping the feet cool, the sock liner provides another layer of cushion enhancing the comfort level of the wearer.

The FluidFit breathable mesh adapts to the foot of the runner, thus giving a more snug fit.

However, some of the users have found that the toe box and the heel area is a bit tighter.


The outsole is made up of ASICS High Abrasion Rubber in the heel which makes it extremely durable.

DuraSponge is present in the forefoot which is also an extremely durable material and makes it responsive.

Also, FlyetFoam Technology and FluidRide Technology use high-quality material which not only makes the shoe extremely lightweight but also extremely durable.


The FluidFit is a breathable mesh that is constructed seamlessly. Hence it doesn’t cause irritation or blisters on the runner’s foot, even after long runs.

Also, the antimicrobial X-40 Sockliner guarantees a healthier foot environment.

The heel clutching technology keeps the foot in place securely, thus reducing the chances of a sprain.


This shoe offers great arch support and a good amount of cushioning. This shoe provides ample support to people who have flat feet and also those who have high arches.

It also provides great heel support with Heel Clutching technology. 

Also, for people who are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, this shoe is one of the best in terms of support


The FlyteFoam Midsole Technology is made up of “organic super fibers”. This material provides an excellent bounce-back which is an essential feature for any of the best shoes for marathon training.

Another feature that makes this shoe, very responsive is the DuraSponge outsole.

Also, the upper part of the shoe is made up of stretchable mesh. This makes it adapt based on your foot strike.


There are almost 9 colors and 4 fit to choose from. Though this shoe stays true to the styling sense of its predecessor, our reviewers felt that Asics could have done a better job in this department.

Also, for some, the fit seems to be a little narrow than usual.


With so many improvements, Asics has managed to keep the shoe lightweight, thanks to its FlyteFoam Mid Sole, FluidFit mesh, and X-40 sock liner. The weight of this shoe is 10 oz.

This shoe is not a looker in the style department. Also, some of our readers felt that the shoe has a tighter toe box.

Overall, Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is a comfortable running shoe. Although some of the readers said that the toe box is a bit tighter, others have said that this is a proper fit.

In general most of the users are happy with this supportive, well-responsive shoe, especially since this is the best marathon shoe 2022 for supination.

These are also great running shoes for trail, but may not be as effective if you are running a mountain marathon.

If that is your goal, then these are the best running shoes for a mountain marathon. 


  • DuraSponge Outsole in the forefoot
  • ASICS High Abrasion Outsole for Heels
  • Multidirectional stretchable mesh for breathability
  • True to its size
  • Lightweight
  • Antimicrobial X-40 Sockliner for odor-free
  • Forefoot and Rearfoot gel cushioning system for shock absorption
  • Optimum flexibility
  • Better arch support
  • Supportive and secure fit with Heel Clutching Technology
  • Seamless upper for irritation and a blister less run
  • Good shoe for Supination, Normal and Plantar fasciitis
  • Highly Responsive


  • The toe box is a bit tighter.
  • For some, the footbed can be a little stiff
  • Not a looker in the style department

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe – Editor’s choice


Nike AirZoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoes


  • Breathability: 9/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Weight : Male – 10.1oz, Female – 9 oz
  • Fit: Men – Normal, Wide,  Women – Normal, Wide


Pegasus 34 is the brand new addition to the success Pegasus Model from Nike. It has been running successfully for 34 years and yet again Nike has worked its wonders on this already great model.

It features waffle outsole with small hexagonal raised formations, running from heel to toe.

This enhances traction and grip of the shoe. The sole is made of blown rubber and is very sturdy.

Also to improve the flexibility of the sole, Nike has removed two flex grooves from the forefoot and replaced it with one single deep flex groove.

Also, the outsole now has deep cuts across sections for improved flexibility.



With all these changes to the Outsole, Nike kept the same midsole as Pegasus 33 for Pegasus 34.

The midsole is made from Cushlon ST foam which provides the right amount of softness and support.

Also, this shoe has a removable insole, which adds to the comfort of this shoe.

It also has Zoom Air units located in the heel and forefoot. This reduces the weight of the shoe and gives ample amount of cushion while landing.

Additionally, this has extra cushioning, thanks to Fitsole Sock Liner. This provides some support to the foot arch of the runner.

To increase stability, a cellulose board is placed on top of the heel unit.


Nike has tried their best to make Pegasus 34 as the best marathon shoes 2020 by taking care of every minute detail possible.

The Upper of the shoe is highly flexible since there is no structure present. The only place where a structure is present in the heel.

The outer side of the heel also contains a single stitch for the otherwise seamless upper.

This upper portion is made up of Flymesh material which to a certain extent adapts to the foot after lacing up.

This gives a very nice and comfortable fit.

To enhance the fitting experience, the laces or the Flywire cords are placed beneath the mesh and through a durable overlay. This strengthens the lacing system.

These cords are evenly spread for effective distribution of pressure during activities.

Along with these, the top portion of the toe box contains perforations which increase the breathability of the shoe.

Also, to keep the nighttime runners happy, Nike has placed a thin wrap around at the back of the heel which contains few stripes of reflective materials.

This improves the safety of the night timers.


The upper portion of the shoe is made up of Flymesh material which is a breathable material.

Also, the toe box contains additional perforations.

This further increases the breathability of the shoe, keeping your foot cool during runs.


The best thing I like about the Pegasus series is that they are a no-fuss shoe.

They seem to know their runners better than any other and is built to be the best marathon shoes 2020.

Hence, in the department of comfort also, they have struck the right balance.

If you give too much plush to the sole, the shoe loses its responsiveness.

Too less cushion, the sole will be too hard and the runner will end up injured.

Since this Pegasus retains the midsole from its predecessor, it is equally responsive and comfortable.

There are air bubbles (proprietary of Nike) placed under the heel and the forefoot to make the ride very comfortable.

Also, the upper portion has only a single seam for the otherwise seamless shoe.

This makes it fit comfortably around one’s foot without causing and irritation or blisters.


The durability of this sneaker is outstanding. The midsole is long-lasting made out of Cushlon ST foam.

The Outsole is made up of Duralon and Carbon Rubber. This combination makes the outsole, extremely durable.

Also, Nike did not compromise on the quality of the upper portion as well. It is made out of flexible Flymesh which is synthetic and highly durable.


Pegasus 34 is made for running on roads. Hence, it will give you ample protection on such surfaces.

However, the breathable mesh is thin and hence cannot withstand extreme climatic conditions.

So if you are not taking these out for your trail runs, these shoes will provide sufficient protection to your feet from the big bad roads you are running on.


This shoe is made for neutral runners and provides excellent support to neutral arches.

Its midsole is very responsive and the Flymesh is very flexible providing required support to your neutral feet


Pegasus 34 retains the midsole from its predecessor. Hence, it is equally responsive and comfortable.

The heel and the forefoot has air bubbles which are proprietary of Nike.

This improves the cushioning as well as the responsiveness of the sneaker.


Being such an amazing sneaker, the Pegasus 34 still sports it clean efficient look which is true to the Pegasus line.

This is a deceptively simple-looking shoe has its lacing system run underneath the mesh.

This is an interesting look for any shoe to have.

If you are not satisfied with this clean look, you can always choose from the dozens of colors that these shoes come into.

Overall a very good looking shoe with tons of great features.


This sneaker is very lightweight, thanks to its clean design and use of a very light midsole.

For men, the weight of the shoe is around 10 oz and for women, the weight of the shoe is around 9 oz.

is shoe is not suitable for extreme conditions as the upper mesh is thin. Also, according to some runners, the toe box is a bit tight.

This sneaker is a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

The lightweight midsole, clean upper and no-fuss design makes it extremely supportive and responsive shoe.

With this marathon shoes, Nike has produced the ideal candidate to carry on their Pegasus Legacy.

As per our readers, this is the best marathon shoes 2020.


  • Stylist Design.
  • Roomier Toe Box.
  • Engineered mesh for breathability.
  • True to its size.
  • Lightweight.
    Extra cushion for a more comfortable.
  • Presence of Crashpad at the heel area for a softer landing.
  • Optimum flexibility.
  • Better arch support.
  • Supportive and secure fit.
  • BioMoGo DNA Midsole.
  • The fusion of HPR Plus and Blown Rubber outer sole.
  • People with foot issues can wear them comfortably without having foot pain.
  • Shoelace holder at the top of the tongue.


  • The durability of this shoe is a little less than its predecessor.
  • The forefoot covering feels a bit more vulnerable.
  • The overlays allow moisture to seep in.

4. Altra AFM1833G Escalante 1.5 Road Running Shoe – Neutral, Comfortable for Bunions


Altra Escalante 1.5 Running Shoes


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 0mm
  • Weight : Male – 7.8 oz, Female – 6.9 oz
  • Fit: Men – Normal Women – Normal


One of the most interesting features of the outsole is the bottom of the outsole. This surface looks like a sole of the feet.

This is called the FootPod System by Altra. This is done to have a more efficient mapping of the bones and foot-tendons of a runner.

This gives a more natural fit and responsiveness to the sneaker.

It is made out of dense and firm rubber and provides ample protection to the midsole.

Also, the pattern in which this rubber is arranged gives you a firmer grip, even over rough or slippery surfaces.


Altra Escalante sports the much-hyped EGOTM midsole. It is the perfect combination of responsiveness and softness.

This is unique to Altra sneakers because if you try to have a softness in the midsole, it loses its responsiveness.

To achieve this Altra uses a secret blend of compounds. However, no one is really sure about the composition.

Also, the midsole uses the Zero DropTM technology which is both well-cushioned and lightweight.

Due to this, the weight of the runner is evenly distributed between the heel and the forefoot region.

This ensures a more efficient run.

InnerFLEXTM technology gives adaptability to the shoe.

Hence, it takes the shape of the foot for better flexibility and efficient movement.  


The upper portion of the sneaker is made up of engineered mesh.

This is lightweight and has a texture of cloth.

It is flexible and soft. Hence, it gives a nice fit to the feet.

Also, it uses the FootShape toe-box which gives a more natural feel and is way more comfortable than the other sneaker in this range.

It also has the Altra’s traditional wide shoe box.

This is great for runners with wide feet and especially for those suffering from bunions.


The engineered mesh makes up the upper part of the sneaker. This mesh is not as breathable as its counterparts.

Hence, one’s feet tend to get sweaty during warm weather. However, for some, the breathability is just fine.

The shoe does have the capability to drain rainwater.

This prevents blisters or chafing. However, this one is not as effective with airborne moisture and can make your feet sweaty.

Hence, this is not recommended for those who have sweaty feet.

This is one of the reasons that it is number 4 on our list and not the best marathon shoes 2020.


The fit of the sneaker is comfortable as it has a flexible upper and soft and cushiony midsole.

The flexible upper fabric adapts comfortably to the shape of the foot. 

The toe box has FootShape technology, which makes the toes spread comfortably giving your run a more natural feel.

However, since the upper fabric is not too breathable, some find it to be most suitable for cooler weathers.

The Midsole uses the Altra’s trademark EGO midsole.

This is supremely cushiony and gives you a feel of walking over the cloud.

Some even claim that this shoe has alleviated the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.

Keeping the comfort of female runners in mind, Altra also offers Fit4Her technology in the women’s version of the shoes.


This sneaker is very durable. The black dense rubber on the outsole is very durable against wear and tear.

Some even have claimed to have used it in rough terrains with little to no damage to it.

The soft cushiony midsole also holds up well. It doesn’t get worn off easily as most of us would expect from such a midsole.

I guess this is why Altra calls it EGO midsole. It is flexible, soft, responsive and durable. 

Though the upper seems like cloth, it is also made up of very durable material and doesn’t get torn off easily.

Since the drainage is good with these shoes, rainwater or other kinds of moisture also doesn’t these shoes.


The total sole thickness is 25 mm. This is enough protection for anyone running on the roads.

However, it may not be as effective in rougher terrains.

However, many have mentioned that they have used it in trails and these sneakers have given them ample protection in those uneven surfaces.

Though the cloth kind of upper doesn’t seem to offer much protection to the feet, this is not the case.

It provides a decent amount of protection against the injuries that you can suffer during the day to day activities


The midsole along with the foot-shaped design provides an ample amount of support to the runner.

Also, the adaptable fit of upper is also meant to proper required support for the foot.

The only lacking feature that our team has observed is the amount of support provided to the heel area.

There is definitely a scope for improvement there. 


With a soft midsole, most of the time, the responsiveness is compromised.

However, this is not the case with Altra Escalante.

It uses its proprietary EGO midsole which is very soft, yet provides great energy return.

Altra has perfected this one trick which would please most of the runner which is great cushioning and softness with superb responsiveness.


Escalante looks more of a shoe than a sneaker. This is unique as most of its peers strive to look more of a sneaker.

It has a refreshingly clean look with a cloth finish on the upper.

This is very eye catchy when you combine it with the pillow-like sole.

Also, it comes in a wide range of colors like Grey, Blue, Red, Magenta, etc.

Overall a great looking sneaker.


With the EGO midsole and lightweight cloth-like engineered mesh, these sneakers are lighter than the traditional sneakers.

The Men’s version weighing 7.8 ounces and Women’s version weighing only 6.9 ounces.

This shoe is not suitable for warm weathers as the mesh is not super breathable.

Altra has produced another masterpiece with this Escalante model.

It is simple and elegant combining both extreme softness and responsiveness in one go.

Also, the foot-shaped toe box helps to spread out the pressure evenly making it an extremely comfortable run.


  • EGOTM midsole for great cushion and responsiveness.
  • Zero DropTM Technology for efficient pressure distribution.
  • Lightweight.
  • Decent Breathability.
  • Clean design.
  • Lots of color options.
  • Foot shaped outer sole to give bone mapping and foot-tendon support.
  • Comfortable for people suffering from bunions.
  • Good neutral arch support.


  • For some, the toe box is a bit larger.
  • The laces are not long according to some.
  • Not suitable for a warm climate.

5. Adidas Supernova Running Shoe – Neutral support, Extremely Durable


Adidas Supernova Running Shoes


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Weight : Male – 11.5 oz, Female – 9.7 oz
  • Fit: Men – Normal Women – Normal


The Outsole of Adidas Supernova is made of Continental Rubber.

This is the same kind of rubber which is used in high-end tires.

This gives the sneakers excellent shock absorption and grip.

Also, it uses STRETCHWEB  technology which flexes naturally to give you a more energized run.


The midsole is made up of thousands of TPU pellets compacted together.

Also, know as the Boost technology, it offers a very responsive and comfortable underfoot experience.

The TORSION SYSTEM present in the midsole supports the foot arch by preventing unnecessary flexing.

Also, this system works as a bridge between the forefoot and rearfoot.

It makes the shoes adapt to the external road conditions and also restricts the lateral movement of the feet.

Hence, it gives a lot of stability and comfort to the runner. 


The upper portion of the sneakers is made of engineered mesh.

This makes the airflow through the shoe freely, thus keeping the foot dry and cool.

Also since the entire upper portion is seamless, it doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin while running.

Hence you can enjoy a blister-free run, mile after mile.

The FITCOUNTER molded heel counter securely holds the heels thus reducing the accidental slippage of the heel during the run.

Hence it gives a secure fit of the feet.


The engineered mesh present in the upper contains lots of perforations.

This helps the air to move freely and makes the shoe extremely breathable.

Hence your feet don’t get sweaty due to excessive heat generated due to running.

Also, additionally, since your feet remain cool and dry, you don’t end up getting blisters from your runs.


The Continental rubber present in the outsole provides superior grip on all kinds of surfaces even on the slippery ones.

Hence it provides the right kind of stability that we have come to expect from these kinds of premium sneakers.

The Midsole contains the BOOST technology. This gives you a feeling of walking on the clouds as they are supremely comfortable.

Also, the upper being made of engineered mesh fits comfortably and gives a nice fit for the shoe.

The wide fit of the shoe is very comfortable making it the new favorite among the runners.


Continental rubber is used to make high-end tires. These are virtually indestructible.

This is best in class in this list of Best Marathon shoes 2020.

Hence this rubber makes these shoes extremely durable.

Even after running for 200 miles or more, the shoe remains as good as new.


The BOOST midsole is meant to take up high impact. Thus it gives the required amount of protection when your foot strikes the road.

The FITCOUNTER technology keeps your heel in place thus protecting your feet from sprains and twisting.

The breathable seamless mesh, allows free flow of air, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Hence, the chances of occurrence of blisters are very less.


The midsole and the outsole combined gives extremely good support to the feet of the runners.

Also, TORSION Technology gives ample amount of arch support to the feet making these shoes extremely comfortable to wear.

The FITCOUNTER technology also provides decent support to the heels by securely holding it in place.


The BOOST technology is very responsive.

During running, when your foot strikes the ground, this midsole absorbs the impact and returns it back to the runner as bounce-back energy.

This makes these shoes springy and makes you run faster.


This shoe contains the iconic three stripes of Adidas.

With a thick white base with a high contrast color, makes it look very stylish.

Also, it is available in a huge selection of colors like Hi-res Red, Vista Gery, Slime, Utility Black, Vapour Blue, etc.

In our top 10 list of best marathon shoes 2020, this is one of the best looking shoes.


With all these high-quality features, Adidas could not keep the shoe lightweight.

While most of the sneakers come in a range of 10 oz or lighter, this one weighs more than 11 oz.

This difference of 1 ounce tends to wear you during long runs.

The weight of these sneakers is more than its peers.

Overall, this is an excellent running shoe.

Very comfortable and responsive midsole, supportive and indestructible outsole along with a highly breathable mesh upper, makes it one of the most coveted running shoes currently on the market.


  • BOOSTTM midsole for great cushion and responsiveness.
  • TORSION Technology for better arch support.
  • FITCOUNTERTM for better heel grip.
  • Engineered mesh for better breathability.
  • STRETCHWEBTM technology for more natural flexibility.
  • Lots of color options.
  • Continental rubber outsole for durability and better grip.
  • Stylish to look at.
  • Good neutral arch support.


  • Weight of the sneakers is more.
  • Can get uncomfortable for people with extra wide feet.

6. Mizuno Wave Rider 22 Knit Running Shoe – Fabulous heel support, Extremely Lightweight and Responsive, best running shoes for women marathon


Mizuno Wave Rider 22 Running shoes


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 12mm
  • Weight : Male – 10.2 oz, Female – 8.7 oz
  • Fit: Men – Normal, Wide Women – Narrow, Normal


The outsole is made of X10 carbon rubber.

This is an extremely durable kind of rubber and is present in the heel area, where the impact is more while running.

Whereas the forefoot is made up of blown rubber. This gives the shoes more flexibility and ease of movement.

This also enhances the cushioning of the foot and provides the runner with the right kind of responsiveness.

Also, the Mizuno WAVE Technology present near the heel provides shock attenuation, guidance, and responsiveness.


The midsole is made up of U4ic. The is a very lightweight material which provides optimal shock absorption and durability. 

Also, the heel wedge is made up of U4ixC. It is similar to U4iC.

It is much softer and provides a very pleasurable cushioning below the heel.

The Cloudwave is a thermoplastic wave which is present in the heel and runs till the midfoot.

It is present between the heel and the midsole and helps in shock absorption and a very comfortable run.

Another formation called SmoothRide is present in the midsole to provide a rocking chair motion with every stride.

Hence, it helps the runner to propel forward faster and easier.

There is another anatomical sock liner which is introduced with this model.

It acts as additional cushioning making the underfoot experience more comfortable.


The design of the upper portion of the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 is called Dynamotion Fit.

They actually mimic the movement of the foot due to the presence of stretchable mesh.

This is one of the best qualities of this 21st generation of best marathon shoes 2020.

Also, this material is extremely breathable allowing your foot to remain cool and dry during your running session.

If you tie up the laces, it will keep the foot in place. This helps any injuries due to the accidental slipping of the shoe from the under the foot.

The eyelets for the laces are flexible. This allows the upper to bend and twist with the foot easily.

Extra heel padding is added which acts as a shock absorber against heel-strike.

This also provides extra cushion to the heel thus enhancing the comfort of the foot residing in it.


The upper part is made out of a mesh. This makes room for air to freely pass through.

Hence this shoe is very breathable and doesn’t cause discomfort to the feet due to the production of excessive sweat during your long runs.


The CloudWave technology along with U4ixC heel gives you a softer and smoother ride.

The sock liner is of premium quality and is softer and takes up the contour of the feet.

This adds to the underfoot experience.

The shoe collar now has more padding which is very comfortable.

The engineered mesh is soft and moves with the foot.

This makes for a very comfortable experience especially for longer runs as it gives you a more sock-like experience, rather than a shoe.


This shoe is meant to be used on a smooth surface like roads.

More intense sports or a difficult terrain cannot be handled by this shoe.

It wears off easily. However, if you stick to running on the smooth surface, you can use these sneakers for a long period of time.


These shoes provide significant protection against any kind of heel injury.

The U4ixC, extra heel padding, Cloud wave technology, are all focused towards heel protection.

However, other than that the shoe doesn’t provide you much of a protection against harsh terrain or weather.

So, you have to maintain it a bit to get the protection out of it.

But if you maintain it properly it is the best pavement running shoes or asphalt running shoe that you can own.


The three set of structure, namely, U4ixC heel, U4ic midsole, anatomically designed sock liner, extra heel padding all provides excellent support to the feet as well as feet arch.

However, some of the users have said about a little instability, possibly because of its lightweight.


Based on the feedback of a lot of runners, this shoe is very responsive.

The lightweight design, extra malleable upper and lack of excessive cushioning make the shoes very responsive which is one of the primary requirement for any runs, especially long runs.


These are a very stylish looking pair of shoes. It comes in a plethora of color to choose from.

Hence, you can have one pair which is much suitable for your taste.


Another excellent feature of the shoes that have made it our best marathon shoes 2020 list is that they are very lightweight.

For men’s size 9, this shoe weighs around 9.6 oz.

And for women’s size 7, this shoe weighs around 8.3 oz.

Very lightweight makes it a bit unstable. Also, these shoes cannot be used in rough terrain.

This is an excellent shoe for a marathon. It is lightweight, responsive and provides the right amount of support without much fuss.

The stretchy mesh acts as an extension of the foot and responds to the kind of bending of the foot.


  • U4ixC heel and U4iC midsole for great cushion and responsiveness.
  • The anatomical design of sock liner for better arch support.
  • Cushioned heel collar for better heel grip.
  • Stretched mesh for better breathability.
  • Lots of color options.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish to look at.


  • The shoe cannot withstand a rough terrain or bad weather.
  • The lightweight of the shoe can feel a bit unstable.

7. Reebok OSR Harmony Road Running Shoe – Neutral support, Extremely Durable


Reebok Men's OSR Harmony Road Running Shoe


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Weight : Male – 10.4 oz, Female – 8.6 oz
  • Fit: Men – Normal, Women – Normal


Reebok Osr Harmony’s outsole is made of high-abrasion carbon rubber.

This makes it extremely durable in high-wear areas.

This also provides added cushioning and makes it very reliable while running on the road.

Reebok has fitted the forefoot with PwrPad technology for a powerful toe-off.

Also, the outsole is designed in such a way that it accommodates the natural motion and shape of the foot as it goes to lift off the ground.


One of the most interesting features of the Harmony Road is its midsole.

It is made up of innovative KooshRide core technology. It is made from TPU foam.

This makes the sole extremely responsive provides long-lasting cushioning.

This midsole also has the Tri-zone midsole technology, which aids is a faster heel-to-toe transition.

Also, this technology provides superior cushioning and shock absorption in the heel.

Hence, it helps in more responsive propulsion in the forefoot for a more comfortable and faster ride.

All these factors combined make this shoe ideal for long-distance runners.


SmoothFuse material is used to make the upper of the Harmony Road.

This material is smooth to touch and hence it does not cause irritation to the feet for long runs.

Also, since the upper is seamless, it adds to the irritation-free experience to the runner.

This lightweight material is made up of two components, one is a synthetic material and the other is a mesh hence this shoe is very breathable.

This makes the inside of the shoe very airy and the foot remains cool and dry during the long-distance runs.

There are overlays printed on the upper surface of the sneakers which blends into the mesh fabric.

This gives this Harmony Shoe a very stylish and sporty look.

Additionally, this overlay system gives the shoes a more comfortable fit, making the foot fit in more snugly.

It also has a padded tongue and heel collar.

These along with lace-up closure keeps the foot securely in place and provides a great ride experience to the runner.


Due to the presence of open weave synthetic mesh, these sneakers are extremely breathable.

This is a very important factor, since, these shoes targeted mainly for long-distance runners.

The Lightweight mesh is excellent in providing optimal ventilation keeping you cool and dry during your runs. 


These sneakers are designed keeping the long-distance runners in mind. Hence they provide optimal comfort to the runners.

The seamless upper mesh proves to be extremely efficient in providing ventilation as well as an irritation-free running experience.

The KooshRide core technology uses TPU foam which is very comfortable to wear.

The padded heel collar and Tongue also adds to the pleasurable experience to the runner.


High-abrasion carbon rubber is known for its durability. The outsole is made up of this rubber, hence this makes it extremely durable.

Another material which adds to the durability of this footwear is the long-lasting KooshRide foam.

KooshRide is made from TPU foam.

Other than sports, this kind of foam is used in a wide variety of tools including power tools due to its high abrasion resistance, low-temperature performance, high shear strength, high elasticity and resistance to oil and grease.

Hence by utilizing this kind of foam, Reebok Osr Harmony has become truly extremely durable.


Harmony is built in such a way that it will withstand the harshness and demanding condition of the roads.

With a tough carbon rubber outsole and TPU midsole, the runners find themselves, amply protected from the hard and unforgiving roads.


This sneaker is meant for the neutral runners. Hence, it provides an ample amount of support to such feet.

Also, it provides excellent neutral arch support which makes this shoe a favorite among such runners.


What makes this shoe so responsive is its midsole.

Tri-zone technology provides cushioning and absorbs shock when the heel strikes the ground.

Also, its forefoot is made from PwrPad technology.

Which makes the forward propulsion effortless and helps in a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The Carbon Rubber outsole allows great surface control and adds to the responsiveness of the shoe.


This shoe is very stylish to look at with the overlays blending into the synthetic mesh.

The chunky outsole along with its bright colors makes it very popular among the runners.


These shoes are at the heavier end of the spectrum weighing 10.4 oz for a men’s shoe and 8.6 oz for a women’s shoe

It is heavier than its peers. Also, some of the users complained about its narrow toe box.

With rightly responsive and ample foot support, this is an excellent choice for any runners.

However, two things can keep you at bay. It’s price and it’s weight. However, once you start using it, you will not regret your decision.


  • KooshRide technology along with Tri-zone midsole makes for a great cushion and responsiveness.
  • Better neutral arch support.
  • Cushioned heel collar for better heel grip.
  • PwrPad technology helps in easier propulsion and smooth heel-to-toe transition.
  • Synthetic mesh for better breathability.
  • Lots of color options.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Stylish to look at with blended outlays and bright outsole.


  • The shoe cannot withstand a rough terrain or bad weather.
  • The lightweight of the shoe can feel a bit unstable.

8.  HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 5 Running Shoe – Feels like running on a Pillow, Early Stage Meta-Rocker


Hoka One One Cifton 5 Running Shoes


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 5mm
  • Weight : Male – 9.3, US 9 oz, Female – 7.5 oz, US 7
  • Fit: Men – Normal, Wide,  Women – Normal, Wide


Hoka One One Clifton 4 is one of our top rated long distance running shoes and has a hi-abrasion lightweight rubber outsole.

It has been redesigned to put this material on key areas of the outsole.

This has improved the heel-to-toe transition

Most of the time, the shoe will have full ground contact. This enhances the grip and gives a better energy return for the runners.


Clifton 1 had a very soft midsole and used to use HIP CMEVA. This is proprietary of Hoka, however, it was not as durable as EVA foam.

Hence, in this version, Hoka replace its proprietary foam with the more standardized EVA foam without sacrificing the cushioning and comfort presented by the elderly Cliftons.

Also, to have the more efficient running experience, Hoka now comes with an Early Stage Meta-Rocker Geometry.

This gives the sole lower than usual heel-to-toe differential as well as a more defined shape.


On the upper, we can find Engineered mesh.

Hence, it is stretchable and breathable allowing the foot to remain cool by making the shoe chamber airy.

Also, the material with which the upper is made of is very durable. This is a key difference with Clifton 3, whose upper was not as durable.

This mesh makes the upper lightweight added very few ounces to the shoe.

Adding to the durability of this mesh is the 3D Puff Print Frame. This design improved the foot’s lockdown, keeping the foot in place during runs.

This also helps in retaining the shape of the shoe.

Another key feature of the upper is the presence of Ortholite Sockliner.

This not only improves the in sho comfort but also keep your feet healthy by moving the moisture away from your feet.

This helps in fighting fungus and bacterial growth which produces bad odor and other diseases to the feet.


The engineered mesh is a lightweight material with lots of pores in it. Hence, it allows air to flow through it freely.

This keeps the foot free from sweat and keeps it cool.

Also, if you take the shoes out on a rainy season, it drains the water easily and dries quickly.


Hoka shoes have always offered plush cushioning to its runners.

The luxurious cushioning and the overall construction of the shos adds to the comfort level of the shoes.

Also, the shoes have additional padding in its heel and around the ankle which makes the shoes even more comfortable.

Along with this, there is also the comfort of the Ortholite insole which not only keeps the feet dry but also protects it against microbes

Some of the runners have complained about the narrowness of the shoe.

However, if you buy a shoe which is one size larger, you will end up having a very large shoe.

Also, for some the sole is very stiff and that reduces the comforting experience considerably for them.


The majority of the sole is made up of EVA foam. This type of foam is meant to withstand extreme conditions like industrial wear and tear.

Hence, you can understand how much durable this shoe is.

Also, the upper portion is made up of engineered mesh which is soft and durable.

Hence, you will not har occurrence of seam irritation or toe holes in it.


The massive EVA foam midsole gives proper protection to the foot.

It protects you from any kind of road condition while on the run.

Also, the engineered mesh is tough enough to protect your feet from any kind of regular day to day injury that may occur.


The main unit of support is the midsole. It is thick, soft and stable.

When you stand, wearing these shoes, the midsole sinks in, hence you don’t feel like riding on of it.

Due to its thickness, it gives a lot of support to the heel and provides decent stability, preventing any lateral movements.


The look of this shoe is such that it gives a feeling that, it is not responsive. However, it is quite the opposite.

The rockered midsole helps a runner to propel faster and makes the entire experience very comfortable.

However, some of the runners have said that the footboard is very stiff an this makes the ride less pleasurable 


Though for some this shoe is extremely stylish, however, I find these shoes to be extremely ugly to look at.

However, for me, the only saving grace is the color options that Hoka has come up with.

They are bright and vibrant and makes the look of the shoes bearable.


With every revision, Hoka is increasing the weight of the shoes.

For men, it is 9.3 oz and for the female version, it is 7.5 oz. This changes with the size of the shoe.

For example, for a size 11 ho for mn, it weighs more than 11 oz which is considerably heavier than its previous versions.

The shoe is heavier than its predecessors and lacks flexibility of the sole

This is a decent shoe with plenty of cushion and proper protection to the runner’s feet.

However, this is not a favorite of me or my review team.

Its weight, sole stiffness, and narrow toe box stopped it from becoming a great shoe.

However, there are another set of people who swear by Hoka One One Clifton 4.

So, if you are one of them, do buy it. But before that o remember to try it on to experience it.


  • EVA foam cushion for a great support.
  • Neutral arch support.
  • Cushioned heel collar for better heel grip.
  • Built-in Rocker for easier forward propulsion.
  • Engineered mesh for better breathability.
  • Plenty of color options with bright, lively colors.
  • Very durable.


  • Sole is stiff.
  • Getting progressively heavier with every revision.
  • For some, the toe box is narrow.
Looking for best marathon shoes for your next long-distance running? Here some great marathon running shoes that any long-distance runner can wear. These also have special recommendations for women's marathon shoes so that you don't have to suffer.

Looking for best marathon shoes for your next long-distance running? Here some great marathon running shoes that any long-distance runner can wear. These also have special recommendations for women’s marathon shoes so that you don’t have to suffer.

9. New Balance M990V4 – Pig Skin, Excellent support


New Balance Men's 990v4


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Stability/Overpronation
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 12mm
  • Weight : Male – 13.5 oz, Female – 11.14 oz
  • Fit: Men – Normal  Women – Normal


The outsole of New Balance M990V4 is made of blown rubber. This makes it very durable.

It provides right kind of traction over the road and mild trails.

Also, due to the presence of this rubber, this sho is responsive and provided cushioning where needed.


The ENCAP® midsole technology is made up of ACTEVALITE foam and a Polyurethane rim.

Both of these materials are of high quality an is extremely durable.

In this version, New Balance has enhanced the support for the medial mid-foot section.

This also helps in reducing the rate of overpronation.

To improve the durability an lifespan of the midsole, it is ma up of a mix of EVA foam and Polyurethane.

These materials are of high-quality and they generally do not wear off due to regular usage


Pigskin and open mesh make up the upper of the New Balance M990 V4.

The mesh is not very closely woven, so, it makes plenty of room for air to flow freely making it very comfortable to the wearer.

The Pigskin covers the mesh. These are pretty strong leather material, which acts as an overlay system and gives excellent durability to the shoe.

The improved tongue design has a lace keeper.

This is like a loop and through it, the lace passes through.

This keeps the tongue securely in place and does not let it move to any side.

Hence it doesn’t affect the comfort and efficiency of the wearer.


The unique combination of Pigskin and mesh makes this shoe very breathable.

Even under the extreme hot condition, these shoe is capable of keeping your feet dry.

Even the runners going for long-distance runs agree that this shoe gives great moisture control in a very hot and humid climate.


One of the areas where the shoe receives maximum points is in the comfort department.

It has a very durable midsole and blown rubber outsole.

This makes it very grippy and comfortable, even if you wear them all day long.

The breathability also adds to the level of comfort for the shoe.

It keeps your feet dry and moisture-free even under extreme conditions.


The best thing about this shoe is durability.

The EVA foam combined with Polyurethane makes it extremely durable.

Also, the blown rubber outsole can withstand a lot of harsh surfaces.

The Pigskin Leather along with the mesh makes the upper also very much durable.

Overall an extremely durable and dependable shoe


3M reflectivity feature has been added to the shoe. Hence, you are visible even in a low visibility area.

Also, if you have overpronation, this shoes provides you with great support and stability.

This, in turn, helps you to avoid knee, hip and foot pain, which is common among the overpronators.


If you overpronate, due to the placement of your feet, your feet and legs deal with additional stress.

This shoes with its excellent midsole and outsole support make these runners extremely comfortable.

Additionally, it provides excellent arch support for the flat-footed runners.


Because of added cushioning from midsole and outsole, this shoe lacks responsiveness.

It is a great shoe for long miles but and not that great for speed work. 


These shoes are absolutely fantastic from a support perspective. However, they are not so fantastic, look wise.

They are bland and uninteresting. So, if you are someone who likes vibrant colors, I would suggest you search elsewhere.


All these cushion and support comes at a cost.

The shoes are very heavy with Men’s weighing 13.5 oz and Female’s weighing11.14 oz.

New Balance M990 V4 is heavy and uninspiring to look at.

This is an excellent shoe in terms of comfort and stability.

It protects your feet not only from rough terrains but also prevents any kind of pain due to overpronation.


  • EVA foam cushion for a great support.
  • Excellent flat foot arch support.
  • Pigskin and mesh combination makes the upper extremely durable.
  • 3M reflectors make you visible even under low visibility.
  • Extremely breathable and keeps the feet cool and dry even under extreme conditions.
  • Great support for overpronation.
  • Extremely durable.


  • Very heavy.
  • Bland to look at and uninspiring design.
  • Pricey.

10. Saucony Cohesion 11 – Great Support, Best Budget Shoe


Saucony Men's Cohesion 11 Running Shoe


  • Breathability: 8/10
  • Terrain: Road
  • Type: Neutral
  • Heel To Toe Drop: 12mm
  • Weight : Male – 9.6 oz, Female – 8.2 oz
  • Fit: Men – Normal, Wide  Women – Normal, Wide


Saucony Cohesion 11 has an outsole made out of a type of durable rubber.

Though there is not much of a change from its predecessor, this shoe now has an improved grip on wet surfaces.

Hence this provides a great level of confidence when you are wearing this footwear.


There are two components present in Cohesion’s midsole. One is a GRID cushioning system and the other is REACT2U foam.

The GRID is a cushioning system that gives protection to the heel as it gives a supportive and padded feeling.

The REACT2U foam layer is a soft lightweight cushioning and runs along with the footbed.

Together they are very comfortable and supportive as a midsole.


The lightweight, breathable and supportive mesh makes up the upper of Saucony Cohesion 11.

They are durable and keep the foot dry.

Also, the tongue and heel area are padded. Along with the overlays, they provide additional support.

Also, the overlays are reflective in nature. Hence, they are visible even under low light as in Dawn or Dusk

To add to the comfort, this Saucony has a removable insole.

If needed this insole can be replaced by orthotics.


There are a lot of holes present in the forefoot of the shoe due to the presence of mesh.

This makes the shoes extremely breathable.

Hence, your feet will not break into sweat due to the heat generated from running long distances.


Runners are happy with the lightweight and supportive comfort that this shoe provides.

This is also because this shoe has a wide toe box area.

The GRID cushioning present at the heel is comfortable and supportive and the mesh upper allows free flow of air.

Another feature that makes this shoe more comfortable is the REACT2U footbed.

This soft comfortable foam gives a very plush feeling to the foot.


This shoe seemed more durable than its previous version.

The mesh is more resistant than Cohesion 10 and the outsole is made out of very durable rubber.

Overall, you get very nice durability at a great price.


The upper is very sturdy to handle regular usage and protects the feet from regular wear and tear from long runs.

The durable rubber sole is very stable and hence protects you from any unnecessary injury to the feet.

Also, the REACT2U foam footboard is smart enough to handle any kind of stress and helps to keep your sole protected.


Support provided by this shoe is the same, if not better than its predecessor.

The Upper mesh is very supportive and so is the GRID cushioning system.

Hence it provided enough support for both running and walking.


This shoe is not as responsive as you want it to be. However, it provides you with a decent amount of feedback to keep going.


Personally, I find these shoes a bit bulky to look at.

However, they come in a lot of vibrant colors like black, baby blue, grey and orange, white/navy, and teal. for women.

For men, it is black, grey and blue, navy and grey/orange.


With all the nice features of this shoe, it is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs only 8.2 ounces for women and 9.6 ounces for men.

Many of the runners feel that the shoe lacks a bit in the department of responsiveness.

This is an extremely nice shoe for the runners who are on a budget and don’t want to blow up a fortune.

It provides optimal support, cushioning and protection that you can expect from any running shoe.

Though it lacks a bit in the department of responsiveness, it makes it up for the great amount of cushioning that this shoe provides.


  • Lightweight with women’s version weighing 8.2 ounces and men’s version weighing 9.6 ounces.
  • Nice support due to the presence of GRID support in the heel and REACT2U footboard.
  • Soft upper mesh provides excellent ventilation, keeping the foot dry and cool.
  • Presence of reflectors as a protective measure.
  • Padded Tongue and collar area adds to the comfortable experience.
  • Affordable price.
  • Very durable.
  • Wide Toebox.


  • Lacks responsiveness.
  • Look wise, it is a bit bulky.

Best Running Shoes for Mountain Marathon

So far we have seen general marathon running shoes. If you are planning for your a mountain marathon then you need something a little more different.

Your running shoes will be an asset if you choose them properly.

You running shoes must have great traction, stability, cushioning and comfort.

Also, they should be great on any kind of wet surfaces.

Keeping all these criteria in mid, we have come up with these  best running shoes for mountain marathon.

Salomon Speedcross 4 is one of the best mountain marathon shoes out there.

It provides you with proper cushioning and traction on muddy trails.

The cushioning comes from the EVA foam which is an industry standard for mid-soles.

EVA foams are very durable, light weight and is excellent with cushioning and shock absorption.

The out-sole has contragrip which provides you with proper traction on the trails.

The aggressive out-sole penetrates in the soft ground and keeps you stable no matter the distance.

It comes with a precise foot hold which is close to foot and provides you with a comfortable feel.

It also has the famed quick lace system. This makes it easy for you to put on and put off this shoe. 


  • As per customers, they are exceptionally light and comfortable.
  • Great for rocky and technical trails.
  • Very durable.
  • Decent drainage.
  • Great for wide-foot athletes.


  • Some felt the soles to be squishy.
  • Not good for harder surfaces.
Salomon Sense Ride running shoes are great for wet and technical trails.

They have Premium Wet Grip Traction Contragrip out-sole which will provide you with exceptional traction.

The Profeel film chasis links the rear part of the shoe to the front part, thus providing extra stability through the middle of the shoe.

This also improves the overall stability of the shoe and the roll during toe-off.

To minimize the vibration Salomon has combined two materials to make the mid-sole.

One is EnergyCell+ which is a high rebound compound and the other is Opal and lightweight cushioning compound.

Comes with a OrthoLite sockliner and EVA heel cup for better support and stability.

Also, it has 3D stretch air mesh upper for maximum breathability.

This one also comes with quick lace system for speedy lacing.


  • Good cushioning and ankle support.
  • Responsive and lightweight.
  • Very stable, even on muddy and technical trails.
  • Dirt resistant upper.


  • Need breaking in.
  • Less durability.

Altra Olympus 3.0 is a more improved version and will provide you with more stability, support, and traction on the muddy trails.

The upper has a breathable mesh which makes the in-shoe environment very healthy. It also now comes with a 4-point GaiterTrap.

This helps you to keep dirt and debris out of your shoes.

The outsole is made from Vibram Megagrip. This is a high-performance sticky rubber compound.

This compound provides exceptional grip on dry and wet surfaces.

This material is also very durable and it adapts itself according to the ground below.

You get a bouncy cushioning from A-Bound mid-sole compound.

This is made from recycled materials and protects your feet from the harshness of the unforgiving trails.

Also, the mid-sole has grid-like grooves that allow your foot to flex during movement.

This also makes the shoe lighter for better performance.


  • Great for even heavier runners.
  • Very comfortable and cushy.
  • Good arch support.
  • Very good grip on wet surfaces also.


  • Cushioning seems be less than previous versions.
  • Durability seems to be lesser than Olympus 2.5
Altra Superior 4 Trail running shoes will give you exceptional traction on any kind of terrains by using MaxTrac and TrailClaw out-sole.

TrailClaw are canted lugs strategically positioned beneath the metatarsals.

This provides you with great traction at toe-off.

It also comes with GaiterTrap to keep dirt and debris out of your shoes.

Also, it is a zero-drop running shoe. In other words, your heels and the balls of your foot are at the same level from ground.

This provides you with exceptional stability and makes your running feel more natural.

The toe-box has FootShape which helps your toes to spread out and relax. This helps when you climb uphill or go downhill as your toes naturally spread out for better grip.

Overall, you will have a very stable running experience no matter the distance.


  • Very comfortable and cushy.
  • Great for people with toe-pain or knee pain.
  • No break-in time needed.
  • Great traction on wet surfaces.


  • Sizing seems a bit off. Order half size larger than usual.
  • There are not a lot of choices for colors.
HOKA ONE ONE Hoka Challenger ATR 3 Trail Running Shoes comes with a lot of cushioning.

This is very much needed if you are running a mountain marathon.

Trails can be unforgiving and if you don’t have a proper cushioning, you may end up injured.

The mid-sole is made from EVA foam which is lightweight and very durable.

This makes these running shoes very cushy and responsive. Also, it comes with meta rocker which helps your feet with an accurate roll through your gait cycle.

The out-sole is made from durable rubber and provides you with good traction.

Also, the aggressive lugs of the sole penetrate the soft ground and keep you stable while you are busy chasing your goals.

It is made from lightweight no-sew Speedframe Construction. This eliminates any chances of chafing and irritation.

This means, you will remain blister-free and will enjoy your run for a longer duration.

Also, the 3D Puff Print Frame is lightweight and provides you with a secured fit.


  • Good fit and stable.
  • Good cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Very comfortable in-shoe experience.
  • Very durable sole and provides you with great traction.


  • Tighter toe-box.
  • Not snug at the ankles due to larger heel area.

La Sportiva Mutant Running Shoes is a very lightweight running shoe with a lot of cushioning.

These running shoes are ideal for mountain running and are great for moderate to technical trails.

It comes with integrated Fushiongate lacing harness with high-frequency reinforcements. Also, it has Spyraltongue technology.

Combining these two, this running shoe provides you with a friction-less fit and makes it ideal for longer races like mountain marathons.

They are also highly breathable as the upper comes with AirMesh fabric.

This 4-way stretchable fabric adapts to your feet with every stride.

The out-sole has a very good grip due to FriXion XF. It also comes with Impact Brake System and V-Groove for excellent traction.

This is a very stable running shoe which will always help you to perform at an optimal level.


  • Very comfortable and soft cushioning.
  • Lightweight and responsive.
  • Great side and arch support.
  • Great for long distance running.
  • Excellent traction.


  • Narrower toe-box.
  • Sizing seems a bit off.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you make any kind of purchase, you must be aware of what you are purchasing.

Especially you should do more research if you are a beginner.

To save you from going through such a pain, we have tried our best to come up with a buyer’s guide.

Any shoe can be divided into three primary parts:

What to look for?


Stability, Durability, Cushion. Most of the time the outsole is made out of carbon rubber.

This material is very durable and holds its form even after a lot of running.


Cushion, responsiveness, comfort, flexibility. A typical midsole is made out of EVA foam or a combination of EVA foam and TPU.

This is generally very cushy. However, there are instances where this has been very hard and you end up with an injured foot.

Also, as a general rule, the plusher your midsole is, the less responsive it is. However, it is not always the case as we can see in Hoka One One Clifton 4

However, if you suffer from in pronation and overpronation/supination, you would need a very good cushioned shoe


Breathability, protection, toebox. A closed upper will cause your feet to sweat a lot.

Hence, you will end up chafing or with blisters. This is extremely uncomfortable and must be avoided.

So you must choose something which is very breathable like New Balance M990V4


Typically, most of the shoes come with round laces.

Many times I’ve seen that you have to stop to re-tie your shoe as they become undone.

I prefer flat laces as in Reebok Osr Harmony Road. 

However, this is a completely personal choice. Also, you must learn how to tie your laces properly.

This is too vast a topic to cover and I’ll cover it in a future article.

But know this, for most of the foot problem, you have one or the other type of lacing strategy

Feet Condition:


When you walk or run, the angle of your feet is outward.

Means your feet are making an angle more than 90 degrees.

For such kind of feet, you would need a stability shoe as Asics Gel Nimbus 22 SP


If you have a normal foot, you are one of those lucky few. You will be able to use most of the shoes and your cushion requirement will also be not that much.

Hence a shoe like Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 will be a perfect choice for you.

In Pronation:

If you are like me, then you have an in pronation. here the footstep makes an angle less than 90 degrees with your leg.

This actually increases the chances of a self-inflicted accident of falling down.

This is very embarrassing, I know, but that’s how we are. A bit clumsy, and that’s ok. 🙂

So for us, it will also any stability shoe like BROOKS GHOST 10. 

Flat Feet:

Do your feet sole touches the ground completely and your footprint is something like this.

If you want to test it out, wet your feet with water and stand on the floor.

If your feet make an impression as above, then you have flat feet.

People who have this kind of needs additional cushion for arch support of they can purchase specialized insoles to get that support.

Since we are talking about shoes today, I can recommend you one shoe for this kind of feet condition.

This is Asics Gel Nimbus 22 SP

Plantar fasciitis:

This is a foot condition that is caused due to the inflammation plantar fascia ligament that connects the heel and the toes.

This is mostly caused by micro-tears that may occur to this ligament due to stress

This is like a stabbing pain near the heel.

It is at its worse in the morning, or if you stand for a long time or jump a lot

Here also the above shoe can help you out.


With my years of suffering, I’ve understood that a well-cushioned shoe can make a difference.

However, I got more relief after changing the way I tie the shoelaces.

So if you change the way you tie the laces, you can get a lot of relief from the painful protrusion.

A good shoe will make a difference but this will benefit will more.


Understanding Fit


 Running Shoe fit women-min


Running Shoe Fit Men-min

NOTE: I’m not a doctor and whatever views I’ve shared is completely based on my own experience or through some friends. So, before making any decision, please consult your doctor.

Let us know your views about the best marathon shoes 2020 or share your own experience below.

Please, let me know if you would like to get any shoes or sports-related gears review by us.

We will try our best to provide you with our unbiased opinion so that you can choose a better product and don’t get ripped off.

If you have benefitted from this post, please share it with your friends and family.


Do marathon running shoes lose cushioning?

Yes, marathon running shoes lose their cushioning over time. For that matter, any running shoe loses its cushioning over time.


The answer is simple. 

You long-distance running shoes are made to provide you with maximum comfort.

This comfort comes from the heavy cushioning of your shoe.

However, your shoe also takes on your whole body weight.

So, the foam that is there in these running shoes, get compressed little.

Also, they get impacted by two forces. One is the impact of the running surface and the second is from your weight.

So, this also contributes to the compression of the shoe.

If you leave for a day, then it again comes backs to almost normal, the next day.

So, over time, these minute changes in the compression of the foam of the running shoe, make it lose its cushioning.

How long should runners lasts?

This is a very tricky question to answer.

If you run daily, then you will have to replace your runner sooner.

If not that much, it will last for a longer period of time.

However, the general rule to replace your shoes is somewhere between 300 miles to 500 miles.

Any more than 500 miles, you will be increasing your chances of injury.

Here is a simple guide of when you should replace your running shoes according to usage:

Running Shoe replacement guideline

How do you know when it’s time to replace your running shoes? 

When you need to replace your shoe, you will have to telltale signs.

If you are cautious enough, you will be able to replace it on time and without getting injured.

Here is what you should be observant about:

You have already run at least 300 miles in them: As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your running shoe (marathon or otherwise), once you have run at least 300 miles in them. If you go beyond 500 miles, you will increase your chances of getting injured by many times. So, keep a rough estimate of the amount of mileage that you are putting on these shoes.

Lesser shock absorption: When you have run enough in your shoes, you will be able to feel that the shock absorption of the shoes has reduced. The overall comfort level would decrease. If you try on a new shoe, it feels more comfortable than this old pair of sneakers.

Treads are worn-out: You will feel the overall grip of your running shoes has decreased as the treads of the sole is worn out. No grip means you are more prone to slipping and getting injured. It’s better to change your shoes.

Wear pattern is prominent: If you are a overpronate or an underpronate runner, your running shoes will develop definite wear patterns over time. If you observe your shoe behind, it will be tilted on one side or the other when resting on the floor. This means they will not be able to provide you with the needed support for your pronation.

You are sustaining more injuries: This happens when you the cushioning of your running shoe is reduced. It may happen that, you start getting more injuries like shin splints, ankle twists, etc. more than normal. This may not be the most obvious clue, but this may be an indication that your shoe needs to be replaced.


How do you know that you need stability marathon shoes?

To be honest, running shoes and marathon running shoes are no different, when it comes to stability.

To judge, if you need stability running shoes or not, first, find out if you have overpronation.

How will you find that?

Observe the way your feet rolls when it touches the ground upon hitting it.

If it rolls inward, then you have overpronation.

In that case, you need a running shoe or for that matter, marathon running shoe for overpronation.

And this is where stability running shoes comes into the picture. You will have to select a running shoe which has a lot of padding near the ankles.

This means the collar and the tongue of your running shoe should be sufficiently padded.

If you have those then that shoe will stabilize your ankle and will control the rolling.

However, this will not work, if you have severe pronation. In that case, it’s better to go for a motion-controlled running shoe. 

Can I use my trainers for marathon running? 

Obviously, you can. But you shouldn’t.

Trainers are built differently than marathon running shoes in the following ways:

  • They are heavier.
  • They have less cushioning than marathon shoes.
  • They are flatter.
  • The sole is wider.
  • More lateral support and less forward support.
  • More flexible than running shoes.

As you can see, there are significant differences between marathon running shoes and a training shoe.

So, if you wear them on your race day, you will inevitably suffer extensive injuries.

Moreover, due to the weight of these shoes, you will end up slower.

Also, you will become more tired early and may take significantly more time to finish the marathon.

Q) How do I choose trail running shoes?

A: Choosing a trail running shoe is not much different than choosing a normal shoe.

However, you should make sure that they have aggressive lugs.

Also, if you are running on the snowy trails, then use a GTX variety.

Here are some shoes that may help you out:

Best Zero Drop Winter Running Shoes

Q) Is trail running better than road running?

A: The answer is a mixed bag of Yes and No.

Roads are typically made from asphalt or concrete. 

Both of these materials are 10 times harder than muddy trails.

So, they are more tiresome on your joints. However, with trails it is a completely different picture.

Trails are softer and are more shock absorbent.

This makes it easier on your joints. However, on trails you will have to have more focus as you will be continuously facing some roots or rock or a branch.

Roads that way are more cleaner. You can just run on them and only come across an occasional passer–by or a car.

You will run faster. However, running is more slow and deliberate on the trails.

This makes the trail runners more muscular. Most of the road runners have more leaner structure.

I can go on and on with these differences…

But you get the point. None is better than the other and both have its own pros and cons.

Q) Is trail running better than road running?

A: The answer is a mixed bag of Yes and No.

Roads are typically made from asphalt or concrete. 

Both of these materials are 10 times harder than muddy trails.

So, they are more tiresome on your joints. However, with trails it is a completely different picture.

Trails are softer and are more shock absorbent.

This makes it easier on your joints. However, on trails you will have to have more focus as you will be continuously facing some roots or rock or a branch.

Roads that way are more cleaner. You can just run on them and only come across an occasional passer–by or a car.

You will run faster. However, running is more slow and deliberate on the trails.

This makes the trail runners more muscular. Most of the road runners have more leaner structure.

I can go on and on with these differences…

But you get the point. None is better than the other and both have its own pros and cons.

Q) What is the difference between road running shoes and trail running shoes?

A: Here are the difference between road running shoes and trail running shoes: 

Trail Running Shoes Road Running Shoes
  Aggressive lugs on the out-soles   No proper lugs in the out-sole.
  Out-sole gets broken down easily on asphalt.   No proper stability on the muddy terrains.
  Good grip on wet and muddy surfaces.   Slippery on muddy trails.
   Heavier than road running shoes.   Lightweight.
   Lesser responsive.   Very responsive.
  Soles are wider and closer to the ground to provide ample support in the uneven terrains.   Soles are typically narrower
  Protective toe-bumper   The out-sole doesn’t extend to the toe-area.
  May have thick inserts between mid-sole and out-sole to protect against debris.   No such inserts present
  Tougher out-sole   More flexible out-soles

Q) What is the difference between trail running shoes and hiking shoes?

A: Here are the difference between trail running shoes and hiking shoes:

Trail Running Shoes Hiking Shoes
  Preferred material is synthetic or textile.   Preferred upper material is leather.
  Almost half the weight of any normal shoe.   Heavier than any normal running shoe.
  Durability is lesser. Need to be changed every 300-500 miles of running.   Very durable. One can last up to years.
    May or may not be water resistant, but have drainage facility.   Water resistant.
  Normal running shoe height for the ankle.   Most of time it is over the ankle.
  Lesser ankle support than hiking shoes.   More ankle support.
  No shrinkage happens.   Leather shoes may shrink as they get dried up.
  Dries faster than hiking shoes.   Drying takes longer.
  Most of the shoes, doesn’t need any breaking in time.   Lot of breaking in time needed.
  Less blister prone.   More chances of getting blisters.
  Multi-directional lugs for stability.   Deep grooves on the out-soles for grip and stability.
  Out-sole may stretch from front of the toe for toe-protection.   Out-sole is more like a platform and doesn’t stretch to the toe-area.
  Good breathability.   Lesser breathability.

Q) Can trail running shoes be used for walking?

A: If you are walking for fitness, then running shoes are better than walking shoes.

However, if you want to use trail running shoes for walking, it is advisable that you use trails for walking.


Trail running shoes are meant for muddy soft terrains. In those terrains you need a very stable, penetrating grip.

For this reason, trail running shoes have aggressive lugs. These lugs are soft protruded materials on the out-sole.

If you use them on asphalt, they may give you an unstable feeling as they won’t be able to grip the grounds as they are supposed to.

Also, asphalt and concrete are way harder than trails. So, these lugs will get eroded away way faster.

In other words, your running shoe will be less durable.

But why is running shoes better for walking?

With running shoes, the companies always use latest materials and technology.

This is due the aggressive demand of the market.

However, walking shoes have a more universal purpose like walking, or are used as casual office wear.

Due to this, these shoes doesn’t require latest technology or materials. So, most of the times they are not at all suitable for fitness walking.

We would always advise to go for running shoe even for walking.

Here are some of the things that you should take into consideration while selecting your walking/running shoes:

Flexibility: You need something which is flexible at the forefoot. Running shoes which have segmented forefoot as in Brooks Ghost 11 are best.

However, it should not be extremely flexible also. You should not be able to bend it in a half. In such cases, these shoes will not be suitable for longer walks.

Low Heel to toe Drop: These running shoes will make your walks as close to natural walking as possible. You should look or something with less than 8 mm heel to toe drop. Most of the low drop running shoes or better yet, zero-drop shoes like Altra Escalante are best.

Fit: You should get a running shoe which is best for your gait cycle. You should visit a store to get your gait analysis done. Also, buy a shoe at the end of your day. That time your feet will be biggest. This way you will always have a comfortable fit.

Looking for best marathon shoes? Here are some best running shoes for long-distance running that will help you keep running and will make running a marathon a breeze. Check them out today.

Looking for best marathon shoes? Here are some best running shoes for long-distance running that will help you keep running and will make running a marathon a breeze. Check them out today.

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