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Oops! I again stepped into the poodle…Ufff! why this sudden rain… :@ Wet running shoes are completely unavoidable… And what is worse than wet running shoes? Running around in one for days…That squishy feeling with every step…makes you cringe, don’t they? Not only that, wet running shoes introduce a host of other problems like stinky shoes, and feet, blisters, additional maintenance cost, you will catch a cold…you get the point…So, here is how you can dry them fast…and without ruining them.

How to Dry Running Shoes fast without ruining them?

To dry running shoes fast without ruining them, you can stuff them with newspaper balls and leave them under a fan where it will get plenty of air, under the fridge vent, or near a floor heater. Combining these two methods will get your running shoes completely dry overnight. However, don’t leave them too close to the hot air source. It will damage the glue that holds your shoe together and you may end up damaging the shoe completely.

Drying fast is fine, but is it safe? Well, the above methods are completely safe, however, if you want a more detailed instruction then keep on reading…

How to safely dry your running shoes?

Somehow you got your shoes wet. Maybe it is the sudden rain, or some rouge driver splashed muddy water on you…Or, you may have accidentally stepped on a poodle…

But now what?

If you don’t dry them carefully, you will ruin your favorite running shoe…


They may lose their shape.

And if you dry them with too much heat, the glue of your shoe will get damaged.

So, overall, your shoe’s life will be drastically cut short and you have to prepare for its early departure…

Now, how can you dry your running shoes safely?

It’s way easier than you think:

  1. Remove the insoles or sockliner of your running shoe and leave them in the open air to dry.
  2. Remove the laces and let them dry separately in the open air.
  3. Pull out the tongue completely and forward so that the air can flow freely.
  4. Take some paper balls made from newspaper or paper towels and stuff them inside your shoes.
  5. Leave the shoe somewhere dry and has a free flow of air like floor heater, under a fan, fridge door, radiator, etc.

Also, ensure that you don’t put your running shoes directly under the hot air source.

This may make the shoes disintegrate faster.

Also, since you are stuffing your running shoes with newspaper or paper towel, they will do two things for your wet shoes.

Firstly, since they are extremely porous, they will absorb a decent amount of moisture from your shoes.

Also, they will not let your shoes change their shape.

One word of caution when using newspaper. Don’t put the heavily inked side of it in direct contact with the shoe surface.

The ink may bleed and stain your running shoes.

How to Dry Running Shoes without ruining them-min

Image Credit: One of my shoes

Will running in the rain ruin my running shoes?

Aha! that’s a million-dollar question…or at least a $150…

What say?

Well, if you are running in the rain, then your shoes will get wet…that’s a given.

However, what I noticed is, it doesn’t reduce the lifespan of our shoes.

I also discussed this with my running buddies and they are also of the same opinion, that wetness doesn’t impact the lifespan of your running shoes.

However, what you do with your wet running shoes is what makes the difference.

If you follow the above steps and dry out your shoes completely before your next run, rest assured, your running shoes will run their full course of life.

One thing I noticed though if you leave the dirt and the debris on your running shoes, it hardens the midsole faster, causing it to lose its cushioning a bit.

I don’t have a scientific way of proving it, but this is what I felt.

So, before putting them to dry, take a piece of cloth and wipe your wet running shoe.

This way you will be able to avoid that perceptible change of cushioning.

How do I protect my running shoes when running in the rain? 

If you are running in the rain, then protecting your gadgets becomes a big concern.

Well, leave them at home or carry them in zip lock pouches…easy…right?

But when it comes to running shoes, it’s funny to even think about leaving them at home. 😀

If not funny, it’s scary. In the rain, your visibility is reduced and you will not know where you are stepping.

And in poodles, you have no visibility, whatsoever. Chances of injury are more if you are not wearing a running shoe.

So, leaving them at home is out of the question…

Now, if you take them out in the rain, what will happen?

They will get wet…

You cannot do much about it…

However, if you are a bit careful, it may be as bad…

  • When heading out in the rain, use a cling film to wrap around the upper of your shoe.
  • Leave the bottom of the shoe as you will lose traction due to the smoothness of the plastic.
  • If you want to go overboard, wrap it after you have worn the shoe and extend the cling film wrap to a portion of your leg. This will ensure that water doesn’t seep into your shoe.
  • The only problem you will face is, you may feel a bit hot due to the nonporous nature of the cling film.

However, they work. Try it out.

Can I put running shoes in the dryer?

Of course, you can, but there is no guarantee that your running shoe will come out alive from that dryer.


Let’s face it…

A dryer is nothing more than a metal canister of hot air.

And you are exposing your running shoe directly to it.

What will happen?

Well, your running shoe uses a lot of glue to hold itself together.

And these glues tend to disintegrate under heat.

So, when you put your running shoes in the dryer, it can lose their shape, and worse, it may become unusable.

Also, who likes to hear the loud thudding of the shoes against the dryer walls.

So, avoid putting your running shoes in the dryer, at any cost.

You have better ways to dry them as provided above.

How to dry running shoes fast-1-min

Does washing your running shoes ruin them? 

No, washing your running shoes don’t ruin them. It is how you dry them that is the deciding factor between a ruined shoe or a more invigorated one.

And if you are washing your running shoe, it’s better to follow any of the below methods:

Washing Machine:

It may sound scary, but it is not.

It is pretty difficult for the washing machine to hurt your shoes.

Another thing to remember before doing this is to check the care instructions of your running shoes.

If it is instructed to keep your running shoes outside the washing machine, just do it.

Also, as mentioned above, the dryer is a no-no.

Now, if you cannot use a washing machine with your running shoes or you don’t happen to own one, then use the below method.


If you are like me, you may not like this solution.

However, if you have no reservations, then this can also be a great way to wash your shoe.

  • Take out the insoles and the laces.
  • Put them on the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • Put your dishwasher in the short cycle and start.

But why do I not like it?

Firstly, dishwasher soap is much harsher than something like Woolite. This may turn out to be a bit abrasive for your running shoes.

Also, the heat of the dishwasher may cause a bit of damage to your running shoes as well.

Thirdly and this is a very personal thing…I don’t like to put a running shoes, where I put my dishes. I simply can’t. 😉

So, it is completely up to you, if you want to take the chance. However, many runners swear by this method.

Old is the new Gold

Well, if you don’t like any of the above methods or for some reason don’t want to use a machine to clean your running shoes, then you have a third option.

  • Take a bucket or a tub full of soapy water.
  • Remove the laces and the insoles.
  • Dip them separately in the water.
  • Dip the running shoes.
  • Keep it soaked for some time.
  • Then, pick the shoes out, and with a soft-bristled toothbrush give it a gentle rub.
  • Your running shoes will be squeaky clean.

After you have used any of the above methods for cleaning,  dry them completely and they will be as good as new.

Can you dry shoes in the oven?

Sure, please go ahead, if you like a shoe roast instead of a dry shoe…


First of all, it is the glue.

It will get melted and potentially deface the shoe.

Also, the materials used in the shoe, especially the rubber and the foam materials of the midsole are not meant to put up with such a level of heat.

They may as well melt or start to melt depending on the time you are planning to put them in the oven.

If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to put my $150 at such a risk.

But if you are feeling adventurous, please go ahead.

Let me know, how it went and I’ll include your experience here. (if positive)

How long does it take your running shoes to dry?

It takes from 2 hours to up to 24 hours for your shoes to get completely dry.

However, the timespan widely varies depending on the wetness of your shoe and the weather.

If it is damp or minimally wet it will take around 2-3 hours.

Also, if you put in some newspaper balls inside it, it will dry faster.

However, if it is soaking wet, then it may take up to 24 hours if you follow the above instructions for properly drying it.

In between that time, also check, if the newspaper has become damp or wet.

If so, replace it with dry newspaper as this will make your shoes dry faster.

The weather also plays an important role in drying your shoes quickly.

If they are hot and dry, your shoes will dry quickly.

If the weather is humid, it will take a lot of time to get dry.

Also, many times, I’ve heard that people leave their wet shoes in bags.


Your shoes will never get dried and there will be dirty little things that will start to grow inside them.

It is unhealthy and can cause serious foot and skin infections.


Does waterproof spray work on running shoes? 

The waterproof spray does work on your running shoes to a certain extent. It will not make them completely waterproof if they have a mesh upper.

But they will improve the waterproofing and will keep you dry for a longer period of time.

However, to make them work, you need a completely clean and dry shoe.

So, if you have a new running shoe, you can directly use the waterproof spray on them.

However, if you have an old pair of shoes that you want to waterproof, then firstly get it completely clean and dry with the above methods.

  • Once you have the dry shoes, you take them to a well-ventilated area.
  • Put them on top of a newspaper.
  • From a distance of 10 inches above, spray them liberally.
  • Allow them to dry.
  • You can use 2-3 coats to have better water protection.

How do I stop my running shoes from smelling wet?

First thing first…

Did you clean your running shoe after it got wet?

If not do that…

Now, check if your shoes are completely dry or not.

Well, if not dry them completely…duh!

Once done and if you are still struggling with the smell try these remedies:

  • Take some baking soda and put it in a pantyhose or something of that sort and keep them inside the shoe, nightly. Keep doing until the smell vanishes.
  • Soak it in vinegar and wash and dry. Do this for some time until the smell is gone. You will have to deal with the vinegar smell though temporarily.
  • Use the cheder shoe tree every night. They will absorb the moisture and will make your shoes smell better.
  • Place your running shoes under UV light for around 45 min. This will kill any bacteria or fungal growth in the shoes. This will make them smell better.


Drying your running shoes is easy if done right.

Otherwise, it can become a complete mess. You can completely ruin your beloved running shoe in the process.

Or, you will be haunted by that funky smell until you discard your shoes in frustration.

However, the situation need not be that difficult.

You just need to give it a clean wash by following the above steps and dry it completely with these steps.

Your running shoes will be invigorated and will be ready to take you on your next fun run.

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How to dry wet running shoes fast? Here are some ways to dry your running shoes quickly. Now don't skip running in the rain.

How to dry wet running shoes fast? Here are some ways to dry your running shoes quickly. Now don’t skip running in the rain.

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