The chill, the snow, and the unforgiving weather…

It’s a challenge for any runner to go outside and run.

You must keep yourself warm and that starts with your feet.

We tend to wear a lot of clothing for winter but we many times ignore our feet.

The result is painful frostbites.

Here are 5 best zero drop winter running shoes which will keep your going no matter the outside temperature.

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Low RSM Waterproof Trail Running Shoe is the best of the lot and is perfect for most winter runners.

Our Top Picks

For Women:

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Low RSM Waterproof Trail Running Shoe

“Comfortable and responsive.Aggressive lugs can deal with any trails.”

For Men:

Altra AFM1852G King MT 1.5 Trail Running Shoe

“Supportive cushioning, waterproof. Will keep your feet warm no matter how cold is the weather outside.”

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The chill or the frost during winter can severely affect your performance.

Any running shoe that blocks that is a must during those times.

Also, since you are looking for zero-drop running shoes, this Altra Lone Peak will be perfect for you.

This can help you in any kind of terrain and is completely waterproof.

Also, this shoe has high energy returns and it adds a good amount of bounce to your ride.

The hook and loop tab allows a strapless gaiter to be attached to it.

This prevents any kind of debris built up.

There is a StoneGuard sandwiched between the A-Bound and the  EVA midsole.

This deflects the rocks into the mid-sole to ensure a smooth and stable ride.

TRAILCLAW technology provides specially designed lugs placed strategically for ultimate traction at toe-off.

With the MAXTRAC technology present in these shoes gives supreme grip, and makes the shoe very durable.

  •   MaxTrac for perfect grip and traction
  •   TrailClaw for steady traction on steep climbs
  •   GaitetTrap prevents debris from building beneath the shoe.
  •   FootShape toe-box helps you to naturally relax and spread your toes.
  •   ZeroDrop platform for a more natural ride.
  •   They are not very long lasting.
  •   Some did not like the look of the shoe.
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ALTRA Men's ALM1852G King MT 1.5 Trail Running Shoe

This running shoe is also a trail running shoe and is suited for any kind of terrain.

Also, the upper is made from synthetic material which protects your feet from the harshness of winter.

The out-sole is Vibram or made from a sticky rubber compound which provides a great grip on both wet and dry surface.

Also, the presence of TrailClaw helps you with steep terrains also.

It is a zero drop running shoe which helps you to have a more natural stride.

The toe box is of FootShape. This helps your toes to relax and spread naturally.

This provides you with more stability in uphill climbs and downhill descends.

Also, the Altra EGO mid-sole provides you with a soft and responsive ride.

  •   Good cushioning and support.
  •   TrailClaw for steep ascends.
  •   Great for even Spartan or Mud races
  •   Very comfortable
  •   Some felt it runs a bit smaller.
  •   Toe-box seems to be tighter.
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Merrell Trail Glove 4 Shield

This is a minimalist running shoe which can work both on roads and trails.

Due to the nature of upper and the inner lining of the shoe, your feet will be protected from the chills of the winter.

The out is of Vibram type and will provide you with grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Also, this is a very lightweight running shoe which will not weigh you down due to heaviness.

It comes in a lot of vibrant colors and is very stylish to look at.

Since this is a zero drop running shoe, it will give encourage forefoot strike.

Also, the inner lining is very comfortable. 

Overall your will have a very pleasurable running experience.

  •   Lightweight and minimalist.
  •   Can work on both dry and wet surface.
  •   Encourages forefoot strike.
  •   Near barefoot running experience.
  •   Some customers did not like the arch support.
  •   Sizing seems to be a bit small.
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Merrell Men's Bare Access Flex Shield Sneaker

This is an water resistant shoe and will keep your feet well protected during winter.

However, this is no an exactly zero drop running shoe.

It has a low drop which is somewhere around 4mm.

However, it will provide you all the benefits of a zero drop shoe, like more natural running experience, or a forefoot strike.

The forefoot is also segmented to add to the flexibility of the shoe.

Blown rubber our-sole add longevity to your running shoe and a stabler grip for your.

For additional security, it comes with Hyperlock TPU film heel counter.

It is a vegan friendly running shoe and no animal part is being used to manufacture the running shoe.

Also, the fit and feel is great and you will be very comfortable running in these shoes, even in the winter.


  •   Good insulation against cold weather.
  •   Lightest mid-sole for a lightweight running shoe.
  •   Comfortable even to wear for entire day.
  •   Multipurpose shoe.
  •   Shows early signs of wear and tear.
  •   Breathability is less.
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Vibram Fivefinger Women's Speed Running Shoe

If you love running barefoot, you will love these. These Vibram Five fingers are guaranteed to keep your feet protected from chill and cold.

Also, they will provide you with that barefoot running experience.

It comes with the Vibram out-sole which is very durable and provides you with good grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Also, this sole keeps your feet protected from any kind of sharp objects or stones on your running path.

It also, encourages you to run on your fore-foot rather than heels.

This in general improves your performance and makes you a better runner.

The mid-sole is a 2.5 mm EVA sole and is Antimicrobial. 

Also, you can easily machine wash and air dry it. This ensures that it is a minimal maintenance running shoe.

  •   Fits great.
  •   More natural running experience.
  •   Good for any kind of surface.
  •   Easy to maintain.
  •   For some it felt small.
  •   Not as durable.


Q) Is winter running bad for you?

A: If you are a healthy human being the running in winter is not bad for you.

However, if you inhale winter-air too fast, then it may cause bronchoconstriction.

This is mainly due to the dryness of the air and the chill.

Also, some of the people have cold allergy. For them running in cold may not be an option.

If they try to do so, they may get very sick.

Alternatively, they can try to do some indoor running like running on the treadmill until the bad weather passes.

Q) Do you need winter running shoes?

A: If you are living in the warmer countries where the cold is not as harsh, you don’t need winter running shoes.

They will unnecessarily block the ventilation causing a hot and sweaty environment inside your shoe.

However, if you are living somewhere, where it snows regularly, then having a winter running shoe is a must.

They will help you to run in the snow without the frost bites and other cold related issues.

You will also be very comfortable and warm.

Q) Does winter running burn more calories?

A: The short answer is ‘Yes’.

This is mainly because your body’s metabolic rate increases to keep you warm.

Due to this, you burn more calories.

However, this extra calorie burning is not significant enough to make a real difference.


Q) What are the must have winter running gear?

A: Your choice of winter gear depend on the kind of cold you are dealing with.

If you are dealing with a pleasant weather then a simple sleeveless down jacket will do.

However, if you are dealing with something harsher, then you would need something more.

I’ll assume that you are dealing with something harsher, so here is your list:


Running in winter is a big challenge. If you have to push yourself through snow and chill, your running gears are your only protection.

Also, you must stay stable and your feet should stay warm.

For best stability zero drop shoes triumphs all.

There are some really good running shoes for winter running.

However, these are the best zero drop winter running shoes which will help you to stay stable and safe.

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Low RSM Waterproof Trail Running Shoe is our favorite as it protects well and is long lasting.

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