Hoka Mach is a comparatively newer launch from Hoka One One than Hoka Bondi.

It has created a lot of buzz for itself and many are a bit confused about the choice to make.

In this post, we have done a detailed comparison of Hoka Mach 4 and Hoka Bondi 7. These are the current versions of these shoes and will provide you an up-to-date idea about these shoes.

By the end of this post, you should have sufficient information, to make up your mind about which Hoka to choose.

So without further delay, let’s check out what we have found in this detailed comparison of Hoka Mach Vs Hoka Bondi below.

Hoka Mach Vs Bondi HI-min

This is our favorite

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Hoka Bondi 7

Why did we pick this one?

  • Maximal cushioning.
  • Good impact absorption.
  • Early-stage meta rocker for easy heel-to-toe transition.
  • Low drop.
  • APMA recognized for providing benefits to foot health.

The main differences between Hoka Mach Vs Bondi

  • Hoka Mach has a heel-to-toe drop of 5mm and Hoka Bondi has a heel-to-toe drop of 4mm.
  • Hoka Mach is lighter than Hoka Bondi for both versions of the shoes.
  • Hoka Mach has a lesser number of sizes available than Hoka Bondi for both genders.
  • Hoka Mach has only one toe-box width available and Hoka Bondi has multiple toe-box widths available.
  • The latest generation of Hoka Mach is 4, and the current version of Hoka Bondi is 7.

Hoka Mach Vs Bondi – An Overview

Both Hoka Mach and Hoka Bondi are neutral running shoes.

Both of them have good cushioning and they absorb shocks well.

In the below sections, we have tried to provide as much detail as possible for Hoka Mach and Hoka Bondi

Let’s proceed…

Hoka Mach Vs Bondi – Features at a glance

Hoka Mach 4 Hoka Bondi 7
Hoka Mach 4 side profile-min No products found.
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Type Neutral Neutral
Heel-to-toe Drop 5mm 4mm

7.10oz/201.28g (Women)

8.6oz/243.8g (Men)

8.90z/252.3g (Women)

10.7oz/303.34g (Men)

Arch Support Medium Medium
Midsole Type PROFLY Cushioning EVA Foam
Technology SwallowTail Construction, New PROFLY Intelligent Cushioning, Early Stage Meta-Rocker, Engineered Mesh Upper, Rubberized EVA Outsole EVA Foam, Rubber Outsole, Meta-Rocker, TPU Overlays, Memory foam Collar

5.0 – 11.0 (Women)

7.0 – 14.0 (Men)

5.0 – 12.0 (Women)

7.0 – 16.0 (Men)


Normal (Women)

Normal (Men)

Regular B, Wide D (Women)

Regular D, Wide EE, X-Wide EEEE (Men)

Use Long Distance, Treadmill, Road Long Distance, Treadmill, Road
Editor’s Rating 4 and a half star-92X25-min 4 and a half star-92X25-min
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Hoka Mach Vs Bondi – A head to head comparison

In the above sections, you will get the major differences between Hoka Mach and Hoka Bondi.

In the following sections, we are providing you with some in-depth analysis of the differences and similarities between these two running shoes.

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The outsole of Hoka Mach is made from rubberized EVA. This you with a lightweight outsole and it will provide you with responsive cushioning.

It will also provide you with good traction and will keep you stable while running.

On the other hand, the outsole of Hoka Bondi is made from rubber. This provides you with maximum durability while still being lightweight.

However, the blown rubber that is present on the outsole is not a uniform layer. However, it is present in the high wear and tear areas of this shoe.


The midsole of Hoka Mach has PROFLY and provides you with excellent cushioning when you land and will help you to toe off speedily.

It also has an early-stage meta rocker and this provides a smooth ride. Also, it has a removable, molded EVA foam and it will provide you with additional cushioning.

Overall, this is a lightweight cushioning that will keep you protected in yours runs. However, some of the users find that this cushioning is a bit stiffer than that of Bondi.

Hoka Bondi on the other hand has pillowy cushioning that may take a while for you to get adjusted.

The midsole is made from full-length compression EVA foam and gives you excellent cushioning.

It also has the refined early-stage meta rocker that provides you with a smooth ride. To improve on this smoothness of heel-to-toe transition and increased durability, it has a beveled heel design.


Hoka Mach comes with an engineered mesh and will provide you with structure. It will securely lock your midfoot, providing you with a stable ride.

It has a well-cushioned tongue that has strategic cutouts for breathbility. Also, it has Anatomical Achilles and reduces Achilles irritation.

Also, this projected Achilles section works as a pull tab and will provide you an easier way to put on and take off your shoes.

Hoka Bondi on the other hand has open-engineered mesh. This makes these running shoes very breathable.

The memory foam collar cradles the ankle and makes it very comfortable. It comes with TPU overlays and offers additional midfoot structure and support. It also has an internal heel counter that locks the heel in place and provides you with additional support.


Hoka Mach is lighter than Hoka Bondi for both versions of this running shoe.

For the women’s version, Hoka Mach weighs around 7.10oz/201.28g and Hoka Bondi weighs around 8.90/252.3g.

For the men’s version, the weight of Hoka Mach is 8.6oz/243.8g whereas Hoka Bondi weighs around 10.7oz/303.34g.


Hoka Mach costs a little less than Hoka Bondi. However, there may be a price difference of around $20.

This may not be a dealbreaker and if you are going for any of these two Hokas, then go for the one with which you feel maximum comfort.

Running comfort is what matters in the long run and you should choose the one with which you are most comfortable.

In the above sections, you will find all the differences and similarities between Hoka Mach and Hoka Bondi.

However, if you are still in the research phase, you may want to take a look at some of the alternatives to these two running shoes.

We have provides some of the alternatives below.

Similar Shoes

Running Shoes Similar To Hoka Mach 4

Hoka Mach is a lightweight neutral running shoe. It has a decent amount of cushioning and is stylish to look at.

The running shoe mentioned below may serve as the perfect alternative to Hoka Mach.

New Balance 1080v11 Running Shoes
  • Fresh Foam midsole cushioning is precision engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride
  • Bootie upper construction hugs your foot for a snug, supportive fit
  • Synthetic/mesh upper

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Running Shoes Similar To Hoka Bondi 7

Hoka Bondi is a neutral running shoe with plush cushioning. It feels like walking on the clouds.

Also, it is lightweight and will keep you comfortable during your entire ride. Here is one running shoe that may serve as a good alternative to Hoka Bondi.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Running Shoes
4,903 Reviews
Brooks Glycerin 19 Running Shoes
  • THIS MEN'S SHOE IS FOR: The Glycerin 19 is perfect for runners who think there is no such thing as too much cushioning. The plush internal fit and soft transitions keep runners surrounded by softness.
  • NEUTRAL SUPPORT: Provides neutral support while offering the maximum amount of cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Glycerin 18. Look for the Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 for the same style with added Support.
  • SUPER-SOFT CUSHIONING: The ultimate in softness and supreme comfort, designed for runners who want pillowy soft cushioning. The Glycerin 19 with DNA LOFT offers our most plush underfoot experience yet — so runners enjoy comfort that goes the distance.

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In the above sections, you will find all the similarities and differences that we found for Hoka Mach Vs Bondi. You should be able to pick the one that is most appropriate for you.

Both Hoka Mach and Hoka Bondi are good running shoes. However, due to the maximal cushioning, and APMA recognition, we have selected Hoka Bondi as our favorite.

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