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When we try to compare Hoka Bondi vs Hoka Clifton we really had a tough time. Being built by Hoka both of these running shoes have excellent build quality.

They use the same midsole material and provide excellent cushioning. If you don’t observe it minutely you may not be able to pinpoint the differences.

However, these two running shoes are extremely different although they support the same set of runners.

Really then what are the differences?

In this post, we will provide you with all the details we found out while comparing Hoka Clifton vs Bondi.

So, without further ado let’s jump into the detailed comparison of Bondi vs Clifton…

Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton - HI

This is our winner

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Hoka ONE ONE Clifton 7

Why it is better?

  • Balanced cushioning.
  • Early-stage meta-rocker.
  • More ground feel.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Excellent for longer runs.

Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton – An Overview

Both Hoka Bondi and Hoka Clifton are neutral running shoes and profile view with excellent questioning.

Cushioning of these running shoes come from similar material and provides you with a decent amount of responsiveness.

Then how are these two running shoes different?

Let’s find out…

Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton - Overview

Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton – Features at a glance

Hoka Clifton 7 Hoka Bondi 7
HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 7 Running Shoe (Odyssey Grey/Evening Primrose, 8.5) No products found.
Find on Amazon! No products found.
Price No products found.
Type Neutral Neutral
Heel-to-toe Drop 5mm 4mm
Weight 7.10oz/201.3(W)
Arch Support Low, Medium Low, Meidum
Midsole Type Balanced Plush
Technology Compressed EVA midsole Compressed EVA midsole
Sizes 5.0 – 12.0 (Women)
7.0 – 15.0 (Men)
5.0 – 12.0 (Women)
7.0 – 15.0 (Men)
Width Regular, Wide (W)
Regular, Wide (M)
Regular, Wide (W)
Regular, Wide (M)
Use Long Distance, Road Running, Treadmill Long Distance, Road Running, Treadmill
Editor’s Rating 4 and a half star-92X25-min 4 and a half star-92X25-min
Find on Amazon! No products found.

The main differences between Hoka Bondi Vs Hoka Clifton

  • Hoka Clifton is a neutral running that can be used as a daily trainer. It is a well-cushioned running shoe. Hoka Bondi on the other hand is a maximal cushioned running shoe that can be used for long-distance running.
  • Hoka Clifton has a balanced cushioning whereas Hoka Bondi is the most cushioned running shoes from Hoka.
  • The latest generation of Hoka Clifton is 7 and that of Hoka Bondi is 7. Hoka Bondi 7 will be released soon.
  • Hoka Bondi is more expensive than Hoka Clifton and generally has a price difference of around $20.
  • Hoka Bondi 7 is heavier than Hoka Clifton 7 by almost 2 oz. This could be due to the additional cushioning present in Hoka Bondi 7.
  • Hoka Bondi 7 has a pull tab even in this version and it is made into a loop from a ribbon-kind of material and is present at the back of the heel counter. For Hoka Clifton 7, this pull tab is fused with the shoe and is present like an extended Achilles protector.
  • Hoka One One Clifton 7 is very bland to look at whereas Hoka One One Bondi 7 looks more stylish.
  • Hoka Clifton has tried to take on a new look with this version. However, Hoka Bondi retains its look from its predecessor.
  • Hoka Bondi’s beveled level of the heels is more than Clifton 7 which has a moderate level of the bevel.
  • The outsole of Bondi has more blown rubber than Clifton and is spread more across the bottom of the shoe.

Hoka Bondi Vs. Clifton – A head to head comparison

We have covered all the broad differences between Hoka Bondi and Hoka Clifton.

However, there are a lot more information that we need to cover. You will get everything that you need in the following sections of Hoka Bondi 7 vs Hoka Clifton 7.

If you do not want to read this lengthy posts, just refer the images to get the broader idea.

If not, let’s read on…


Hoka Bondi Vs Hoka Clifton - Outsole

The outsole of both Hoka Clifton 7 and Hoka Bondi 7 has a durable blown rubber. This blown rubber is present at the high impact zones of both of these shoes.

For Hoka Clifton, this rubber is present at the forefoot and the heels. This is similar to Hoka Bondi as well. However, in the Hoka Bondi, the overall rubberized area is more.

If you observe, you will find that almost the entire outer edges of Hoka Bondi are covered with this rubber. This may be due to the extra cushioning of Bondi. This kind of design will improve the overall stability of the shoes and will not let you go off-balance.

This rubber, however, is stripped to the bare minimum. This makes these shoes lighter without compromising the durability.

Also, the outsole of both Hoka Clifton and Hoka Bondi 7 has full ground contact. This makes these two running shoes very stable and provides you with a very smooth ride.

Other than the rubberized bit, to improve the flexibility and grip of the shoes, both come with patterned grooves in the outsole.

Although the patterns are not the same in these two shoes, they improve the overall flexibility of these shoes.


Hoka Bondi Vs Hoka Clifton - Midsole

Midsoles of both Hoka Clifton and Hoka Bondi are made from compressed EVA foam.

EVA foam, as you may know, is the primary cushioning material of most of the running shoes including Hokas.

However, the blending material or the way they are used may vary.

For example, in some running shoes, to make the sole softer, they blend it with rubber and air.

Whereas in these two running shoes, the compressed foam has been used as the midsole.

This provides you with super light, cushioned midsole that is capable of shock absorption, comfort, and support.

Also, as depicted in the Hoka website, these running shoes’ midsoles are marshmallow soft with speed.

The only difference in the midsole of these shoes is the thickness of the midsole.

Hoka Clifton has less cushioning than Hoka Bondi, which has a more plush cushioning.

This balanced cushioning of Clifton makes it more responsive than Bondi, which in turn is better for longer runs due to the added amount of cushioning.

Both of these running shoes have early-stage meta-rocker. They work like wheels and drives the runner forward and compliments the runners’ normal gait cycle.

This improves your running efficiency.

Durability-wise, they are meant to last for 3-6 months or 300-500 miles. However, this is completely dependent on the kind of stress that you are putting these running shoes through.

If you use them all day long, they will wear out faster, however, if they are one of the shoes in your shoe rotation, they will last you longer.


Hoka Clifton Vs Bondi - Upper
The upper of both of these running shoes are engineered mesh. However, they still vary a lot.

If you look at the upper of Hoka Bondi you will find that the mesh is breathable and comfortable.

It has an open, engineered mesh construction for optimized breathability and comfort. Also, there is a small stripped pattern on the edges that uplifts the whole look of this running shoe.

Also, the Lycra comfort frame heel section provides you with comfortable support. The internal heel counter also provides a locked-in fit and support.

Hoka Bondi comes with a traditional lacing system and has flat laces. They are non slip and doesn’t come undone during running.

Also, there a lace loop at the back of the Achilles area. This serves as a pull tab and helps you to put on or take off your running very easily.

This is also another difference between Hoka Bondi and Hoka Clifton. Hoka Clifton has a fused pull tab extending upward from the Achilles area instead of a loop.

Also, with Clifton 7, the kind of mesh that is being used for the upper has changed a bit. It uses open-engineered sandwich mesh construction for ultimate breathability.

It also has a lightweight mesh gusset that prevents tongue migration. The reinforced eyestays provide increased durability.

Hoka Clifton also uses flat laces much like Bondi and provides you with a frustration-free ride.


When it comes to the weight of these running shoes, Hoka Bondi is a bit heavier than Hoka Clifton.

This is because of the extra cushioning that Hoka Bondi has. However, this makes Hoka Bondi a bit less responsive than Hoka Clifton.

You can take it as a trade-off between plush comfort and peppy energy.

So what is the weight of these running shoes exactly?

Hoka Clifton weighs around 7.10 oz/201.3 g for women and 8.7 oz/247.0 g for men whereas the weight of Hoka Bondi is around 8.9 oz/252.3 g for women and 10.7 oz/283.5 g for men.


Price-wise, there is a little difference between Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton.

Hoka Bondi is priced around $150 whereas Hoka Clifton is around $130.

However, currently, both, Hoka Bondi 7 and Hoka Clifton 7 are the latest versions.

So, if you want to buy a cheaper yet excellent running shoe, go for Hoka Bondi 6 and Hoka Clifton 6. You should be able to get it at around 10% discount or more.

That’s all with the differences and similarities between Hoka Bondi 7 and Hoka Clifton 7.

If you want to look at some alternatives to both of the running shoes, then read on…

Similar Shoes

Running Shoes Similar To Hoka Clifton 7

A lot of running shoes can serve as a good alternative to Hoka Clifton 7.

The best alternative to Hoka Clifton is as follow:

Brooks Glycerin 18 Running Shoes
4,491 Reviews

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Running Shoes Similar to Hoka Bondi 7

Hoka Bondi is a running shoe with plush comfort.

Here is the best alternative:

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Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton For Nurses: Which One To Choose?

As mentioned earlier, Hoka Bondi is way cushier than Clifton. Also, the softness of the midsole is also a bit higher.

For this reason, it is not as responsive as Clifton. If you are working as a nurse that is a good thing.

With more responsiveness, the impact dampening is lesser which if slightly more also adds up throughout the day.

For Bondi, this is not the case. The responsiveness is a bit less and you will feel extremely comfortable in it.

Also, since in hospitals, you will be walking on hard floors, a shoe with more cushioning is preferable.

So, between Hoka Bondi and Hoka Clifton, I will choose Hoka Bondi for the nurses.

Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton For Walking: Which One Is Better?

Although Bondi is cushier than Clifton, I won’t choose it solely based on that for walking.

When you are going for a walk, all you have to do is to have a good shoe that will keep you comfortable throughout your walking.

The impact from walking is also low, so any shoe with decent enough cushioning is good for walking.

Both Bondi and Clifton fit this criterion and are great for walking. However, with Bondi, there is only one drawback.

Bondi is heavier than Clifton by a couple of ounces. This will not make a difference for short walks, but if you are going for long walks then it may be a bit of a problem as your feet may start to feel that heaviness.

So, in short, choose any of them as both of them are equally good. However, while making the selection keep in mind the nature of walking you mostly do.

Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton For Plantar Fasciitis: Which One Will Relieve the Pain?

Both Hoka Bondi and Hoka Clifton provides you with good arch support.


We have tried to provide you all the required details in this comprehensive “Hoka Bondi Vs Clifton review”.

Due to the apparent lightness and responsiveness of these running shoes, we have selected Hoka Clifton as the winner.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

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