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What are the benefits of the Rowing Machine Vs Treadmill? Is it the price? A better workout? Low maintenance? What is it really? And what is the hype all about?

Benefits Of Rowing Machine Vs Treadmill

To find out the benefits of Rowing Machine Vs Treadmill, we have to very objective.

Hence, I’ll try to answer the below questions.

  • Which machine tones you down better?
  • Which machine is gentler on your joints?
  • Which one is better value for money?
  • Which machine is more reliable?

Let’s tackle them one by one.


Which machine tones you down better?

When it comes to cardio and weight loss, both machines are similar.

They will…

  • Make you loose weight
  • Improve your cardiovascular health
  • Build bone density
  • Gives you more energy
  • Boosts your mental health
  • Gives that glow to your skin
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk and help manage type 2 diabetes
  • Makes you sleep better
I can go on and on about the benefits…but out mission is something different today…

We have to find out the benefits of Rowing Machine Vs Treadmills.

So let’s stick to that….

Treadmills are great, but works on only the lower part of the body.

If you are engaging your core, then on your abs for some extent.

However, on a rower, you will be enraging all the major muscles of your body,

like leg muscles, abs, glutes, arms, shoulders and back.

So, it will give you a better overall workout and will tone your entire body.

In-fact, you can literally get a ripped, if you are using a rowing machine regularly.

In that way, rowing machines tone you down better.

But, If you are looking from a perspective of cardio, both machines will provide a great workout.

Also, from a weight loss and calorie burning perspective, both the machines are similar.

However, from a muscle building perspective, rowing machines like Concept2 Model D are definitely better.

Which machine is gentler on your joints?

Treadmills are high-impact, weight-bearing workouts.

This means, your legs, especially your knees, your ankles, and your foot will have to take the weight of your entire body.

This increases the chances of injury, especially in those people who are just starting to get active, from a sedentary lifestyle.

They typically will have weaker knees and their weight will be more as a result of their lifestyle.

In fact, Orthopedics are of opinion that, 1 kg increase in weight may feel like 10 kgs on your knees.


Rowing machine vs treadmill which one is better? Rowing machine and treadmill one is definitely better than the other. Here is the result after a detailed comparison of a rowing machine with the treadmill.

Rowing machine vs treadmill which one is better? Rowing machine and treadmill one is definitely better than the other. Here is the result after a detailed comparison of the rowing machine with a treadmill.

So, if you have weaker knees and ankles, then you will end up injured sooner or later.

However, on the other hand, if you are working out on a rowing machine, your upper part of body, is perpendicular to the lower part of your body.

Hence, your knees doesn’t have to bear any weight and you will get a very intense workout without joint pains.

This way, rowing machines are gentler on your joints.

If you are still skeptic, then do this small experiment.

Try to run a 10 K and check where and all you feel pain

Note down any body part that hurts.

Now try to row vigorously for same amount of time.

How do you feel? Note it down. And compare the results.

I’m confident that you will not have any joint pains…however, I’ll not lead you on.

You yourself do the experiment and let me know.

Which one is better value for money?

Before answering that, let’s define value.

Is it the price or the workout?

For me, it the kind of workout that I’m getting for the price I’m paying.

Don’t judge me. You also, will think the same before buying these expensive machines.

So, why settle for only getting a workout for the lower body part? 

Rowing machines will give you a whole body workout for the same amount of money.

Your ROI (Return on Investment) will be better. Also, you will want to have some machine which is versatile.

In which case, rowing machines are better. You can even use them for HIIT workouts as well.

Hence, rowing machines are better value for money

In-fact, as they are give you a low impact workout, doctors also recommends them to their pateients, after surgery

However, you cannot do the same with Treadmills, as they will be too harsh on your joints after surgery.

Which machine is more reliable?

Treadmill as such is a bit unreliable. Why?

Most of them require electricity to run them, have large motors and have treadbelt.

Treadbelt tend to suffer a lot of wear and tear due to the weight it has to bear.

And based on its quality, you may have to replace them often.

Also, due to the usage of electricity, your cost of maintaining a treadmill increases.

Not only that, if there is a power-cut, your treadmill will not work.


Also, the motor of the treadmills generally doesn’t come with long warranties. Hence, if they malfunction, chances are, you will have to bear the repairing cost.

However, I’m not saying that rowing machines are maintenance-free. But they require less maintenance and incur less cost. Why?

Because, rowing machine uses you as their power source, so your electricity bill will not shoot up.

It doesn’t have a motor and no treadbelt also.Hence the cost of maintaining them will be minimal.

This way rowing machines are more reliable

Not that, I’ve anything against treadmill, but the overall, workout that rowing machines provide are far better than a treadmill.

However, your preference is your personal choice. So, if you are looking for buying either of the machines, here are the best ones in each category.

Top Rowing Machine

The best and most popular rowing machine is Concept2 Model D

It is equally trusted by the home users and Olympic Rowers.

You can read more about it and some alternatives in 400 lb capacity rowing machines article

Top Treadmill

Also, if you are looking for a great treadmill, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S will be the best option for you.



Which ever machine you choose, is vastly dependent on your requirement.

However, mix up your workouts.

Your body adapts fast and you will stop seeing real results after sometime.

Also, if you are a runner, then it will make more sense to go for a treadmill rather than a rower.

Though it can give you as effective workout, the running training will be more effective on a Treadmill.

Rowing machine vs treadmill

Rowing Machine Vs Treadmill. Which one is better. Well one I found is way better than the other. Here is a head to head comparison of rowing machine vs treadmill benefits. Find it out for yourself.

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