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Water rowers are the best. However, find a good one at a decent price point is fairly tough. If you end up buying something that is not durable enough, then you will have to spend a fortune to get them fixed.

We found some that are great and of them, MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Water Rower is the best water rowing machine under $500.

However, if you still want to have more options or want to compare the price points, here is the complete list of the top water rowers that are under $500.


Best Water Rowing Machine Under $500:

Our Top Choice

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

Why This Is The Top Choice?

  • Sturdy Built.
  • 6-levels of resistance.
  • Stands on the head to save space.
  • Metal frame for longevity.
  • Built-in wheels for transport
  • Can accommodate a user weight of up to 264 lbs.
  • Smooth slide rails.

1. MaxKare Water Rowing Machine Water Rower – Best For under $500 category

The MaxKare WaterRower is one of the latest water rowing machines in your budget.

You just need to fill the water into the tank according to the resistance you want.

The LCD screen is good in size and easy to read when rowing.

You can adjust the display to different angles easily for optimal viewing.

This machine has a large footpath with 5 pairs of hole settings with foot straps to secure your feet in place.

The large cushioned seat and grippy handles provide you a comfortable and steady rowing experience every time.

There is a water bottle holder that is easy to reach during your work-out session.

The stabilizers keep this rower level to the floor. So you can feel safe and stable during rowing.

After using it you can store it in a vertical position against a wall for saving space. (without emptying the tank).

Built-in transportation wheels make this machine easy to relocate.

Max Weight Capacity is around 264 lbs.


  • Value for money.
  • Feels stable at high stroke rates.
  • Good monitor for a budget machine.
  • Good beam length.
  • Has a handy bottle holder.
  • Can be stored vertically for space saving storage (without emptying the tank).


  • Assembling is a little bit time taking.
  • The seat is not luxurious.
  • Not a fan of the nylon strap on the handle.

2.Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5910 Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine – Good Hydro Rower For Under 500 Dollars

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5910 Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine is a space-efficient rowing machine that will cost you less than $500.

The water tank is placed at a 60-degree angle and has 16 hydro blades to provide you with resistance.

With the help of the performance monitor, you will be able to track time, distance, strokes, total strokes, SPM (strokes per min), time/500m, calories, pulse, calendar, temperature & clock.

This rower has a durable design and is capable of handling a max user weight of around 300 lbs.

It comes with a cushioned molded seat to provide you with a good amount of cushioning.

To be stored in a compact place, this rower comes with a compact upright folded design and you would need very less amount of space to store it.

Also, it comes with a bottle holder and a device holder tray to keep all your essential stuff organized during your workout.

It has adjustable pedals that you can adjust as per your needs and will keep you worry-free.

Also, it comes with built-in transportation wheels so that you can easily move around your rower conveniently.


  • Quiet, durable and smooth.
  • Foldable design to save space.
  • Transportation wheels for easy movement.
  • LCD display to track your workout progress.
  • Resistance can be adjusted easily with water level.


  • It could have been designed for higher weight capacity.
  • The display screen looks low-tech.

3.MARNUR Water Rowing Machine for Home

MARNUR Water Rowing Machine is another model that comes with lots of features and also fits into your budget.

It has an angle-adjustable LCD-backlit smart display which shows your exercise time, calories burned, rowing frequency, stroke count, actual rowed distance, and more.

The large water tank can hold a lot of water, so you can fill the water level according to the resistance you want.

This rowing machine comes with an ergonomically designed seat which is to closely fit your hip curve and help to give you ultimate comfort.

Foam-filled Non-slip handle bards offer a good fit to your palm so you can get a tight and comfortable hold during your work-out.

The structure is made with durable stainless steel, which plays a very good role in maintaining stability.

With the help of built-in wheels, you can easily move this rowing machine anywhere.

This home rower machine has a weight capacity of around 300lbs.


  • Prime Steel Structure made this machine long-lasting.
  • Portable Rowing Machine will save storage space.
  • Large comfortable seats help to avoid unnecessary pain.
  • 6 levels of adjustable foot pedals suitable for any sizes of feet.
  • Large easy to read angle adjustable monitor.


  • No IPad or bottle holder.
  • Not foldable, you need to make it stand vertically for storage.

4. CIRCUIT FITNESS Circuit Fitness AMZ-167RW Water Rowing Machine

Now you can do all your exercise at home and get in shape with Circuit Fitness Water Rower AMZ-167RW.

This water rower comes with a large water tank which allows more options of resistance.

It has a big LCD monitor that can track your stroke count, distance, SPM, calorie burnt, heart rate, and more.

You can adjust the head and the arm of the display according to your view.

The seat is very comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort when exercising.

The foam handlebars are designed for comfort and non-slip grip during your intense workout.

It also has large textured pedals with safety straps to keep your feet in place.

Built-in wheels make this machine easy to move and you can stand vertically after use.

Apart from the affordable price this rower has a weight capacity of around 300 pounds.


  • Less sound.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Simply Stand up for storage.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Multifunctional monitor.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars.
  • Wheels for easy relocation.


  • Assembling is a little bit time taking.
  • Not backlit display.

5. HouseFit Water Rower

HouseFit Water Rower is a stable and durable rower capable of tackling a max weight of around 330 lbs.

It comes with rear stabilizers that will keep the rowing machine stable on different surfaces.

This makes this rower a very safe rowing machine and will provide you with workouts with minimum chances of mishaps.

It has a high-quality solid steel sliding rail that will provide you with a very smooth ride.

You can increase or decrease the level of resistance by adjusting the level of water.

It has 6 levels of water resistance that is sufficient to provide you with a good workout.

Also, with the adjustable non-slip pedals, it can fit different sizes of feet. You can also adjust the angle of the digital monitor to read the display for users with different height.

It can accommodate even a 10.2″ tablet and you can enjoy your favorite shows while rowing.

Although this rowing machine is not foldable, it can stand on its head and will not slip as it comes with an anti-skid device attached to it.

Also, you can easily move it around with the help of caster wheels and can store it at a convenient location.

All these you will get for below 500 bucks which makes it a steal.


  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Great seat – very comfortable.
  • Easy-to-read LCD monitor.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stands on the head for space saving storage.
  • Anti-skid device for standing on head.
  • Value for money.


  • Foot straps are not of great quality.
  • Resistances could have been higher.

6.Merax Water Rowing Machine

This is a foldable rowing machine which has a water tank at the front and mimics the competitive rowing.

It has safeguard rubber foot grips that keep the rower stable for a smooth rowing experience.

To keep you comfortable during the workout, this rowing machine comes with a contoured foam seat and a 19″ handlebar.

It comes with a large LCD screen that is capable of tracking total duration, strokes, calories, distance, and heart rate. Also, you can track the progress of your fitness journey.

It includes a quick start push button that helps you to get started in a jiffy.

This rower is perfect for small spaces as it can be folded and transported to a convenient location using the built-in wheels.

This compact rower can support a max total user weight of 220 lbs.

NOTE: This rowing machine is priced a bit higher than $500. However, this is a solid rowing machine that will serve you for years to come. Check it out if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks.


  • Solid build quality.
  • Smooth & realistic rowing motion.
  • Built-in caster wheels for easy transportation.
  • Foldable.


  • Assembling could have been easier.
  • More amount of resistance could have been better.

7.Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian SF-RW5713 Water Rowing Machine

The water resistance creates a smooth rowing experience that you actually row in the water.

It has hydro blades that work to create resistance during your rowing sessions.

This machine Constructed with lightweight sturdy steel to make this rower durable and long-lasting.

The R2 Fitness Meter is designed to accurately track your workout data like Total Time, SPM, Total Strokes, Calories, HR, Ambient Temperature, and more.

The large textured and anti-slip foot pedals come with adjustable straps to keep your feet in place during the workout.

The Molded seat is designed to give you proper comfort during your work-out.

With the setting of floor stabilizer, you can level this rower with your floors to prevent rocky movement.

This machine offers non-marking rubber wheels for easy transport and you can stand for storage.

It has a max user weight capacity of 300 lbs.


  • Progressive Water Resistance.
  • Full Body Workout.
  • Sweat-resistant handlebars.
  • Adjustable leveling end caps.
  • Transportation wheels for easy relocation.
  • A large seat that supports your hips.


  • Not a Foldable design.
  • No iPad holder.
  • No backlight display monitor.

8.Koreyosh Water Rowing Machine Indoor Water Rower

This is probably one of the cheapest water rowing machine made from wood.

However, although not expensive as compared to its peers, this rowing machine is packed with features that will help you to have a great workout.

It comes with an LCD screen that is capable of measuring count per min, time, count, calories, distance, and scan and also helps you monitor your exercise process.

This rowing machine mimics as closely as possible to the real stroke in the water and also you can adjust the level of resistance by managing the amount of water in the tank.

You can easily transport this rowing machine to a convenient location for storage and can lift it up to make it stand on its head.

It comes with a large U-shaped seat and large foot pedals which will keep you comfortable throughout your workout.

It measures 84 x 22 x 20 inches (L x W x H) and has a weight capacity of 330lbs.


  • Beautiful to look at and comparble with water rower.
  • Large comfortable seat.
  • Built in transportation wheels for easy relocation.
  • Stands on its head for saving space.
  • Great quality.
  • Adjust water level to adjust the resistance.


  • Assembling instructions could have been easier.

9.ECHANFIT Water Rowing Machine

The Echanfit Water Rowing Machine comes with all the latest technology in a pocket-friendly price range.

A Water-resistant system gives you smooth action every time. Just fill the water according to the resistance you want.

The large display is easy to adjust according to your view and also shows your time, strokes per minute, Distance, Calories burned, etc.

It has an i-pad holder so you can watch your favorite videos or music while doing your workout.

During your exercise, you can keep your water bottle on the easy to reach bottle holder.

With the adjustable stabilizer, you can set the machine according to your floor level to prevent unnecessary movement.

You can move this rower easily anywhere due to the built-in transportation wheels.

The full foam handlebars and the cushioned seat make your rowing comfortable and stable.

Ensure your feet’s safety in the large footplates along with the adjustable strap.


  • Anti-slip Foot Pedals with Adjustable Size.
  • Bottle and i-pad holder.
  • Floor stabilizer for a stable ride.
  • Stand vertically for storage.
  • Transportation wheels for easy access.
  • Durable steel frame along with a weight capacity of up to 264lbs.


  • No backlight on the display.
  • Assembling can take a little bit of time.
  • Not foldable, stand upright for storage.

10. Koreyosh Water Rowing Machine Indoor Water Rower Adjustable Resistance

Koreyosh water rowing machines offer the natural rowing technique experienced with actual on-water rowing.

The combination of black and white colors with a clear water tank design gives this machine a beautiful look.

It has a big screen to monitor your fitness data like count per min, time, count, calories, distance scan, and more.

Ergonomic design U-shape seat will give you ultimate comfort in your long time rowing.

This machine also comes with large foot pedals which are suitable for all your family members.

The Anti-slip handlebars are easy to hold and give you a proper grip during your workout.

After using this machine you can stand vertically against the wall for storage.

With the help of inbuilt wheels, you can easily relocate this machine.

Apart from the affordable price this machine comes with a weight capacity of around 330lbs.

And overall dimensions are approximately 84 Lx 22 Wx 20 H inches.


  • Arm adjustable display.
  • Smooth action.
  • Less sound.
  • Transport easily with wheels.
  • Durable and long-lasting steel frame.
  • Multifunctional monitor.
  • Large footrest and seat for optimal comfort.


  • The monitor is not very advanced.
  • No iPad or bottle holder included.

11.GYMAX Water Rowing Machine

This is an adjustable resistance water rower that can support a max user capacity of almost 265 pounds.

You can adjust the resistance of the rower by adjusting the water in the tank.

It has a large U-shaped seat and large foot pedals for total comfort during the workout.

However, this rowing machine is not foldable and can be stored in a small space by making it stand on its head.

It has built-in wheels that will help it to get easily transported and will help you to move the machine easily and effectively.

It comes with an LCD display screen showing you the real-time figures about exercise time, distance, paddle frequency, speed, and calorie.


  • Stylish to look at.
  • Easily movable.
  • Large water tank for higher resistance.
  • Stand for easy storage.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not a foldable design.
  • Assembling instructions should have been better.

12.pooboo Magnetic/Water Rowing Machine

pooboo water rowing machine is professionally designed like a real ship.

It can perfectly bring you a feeling of real-life outdoor rowing experience while you are working out at home.

You can adjust the level of resistance of this rowing machine by varying the level of water in the water tank.

To track your workout, you can easily monitor the row counts, distance, and calories, available in scan mode using the LCD monitor.

It has a solid built and can support a max user weight of up to 220 lbs.

The aluminum sliding rail provides you with a smooth and stable workout experience.

This rowing machine is foldable and can be easily transported to the required place easily using the built-in wheels.


  • Safe and stylish.
  • Easy fold and roll system.
  • Control resistance by varying water level.
  • LCD display for rep counts.


  • Resistance could have been better.

Buyer’s Guide

How to select the best water rowing machine under $500?

When selecting the best water rowing machine under $500, keep in mind the following criteria:

Weight Capacity

This is what it will boil down to when you are trying to have a good workout.

The easiest way to choose one is based on the heaviest person in your family who will use this rowing machine.

Once you weigh that person, go for a water rower that is capable of handling around 20 – 30 lbs more than that weight. 


Built quality and sturdiness is the second most important thing while selecting a budget hydro rower.

If it is capable of accommodating the required weight but breaks down or wobbles then it will not let you have a proper workout.

Your rowing form will be compromised and you will end up injured.

There are many rowing machines available for a relatively cheaper price. For example, a rowing machine like this one is less than your running shoe.

However, you get what you pay for. These machines don’t last long and you will have to keep spending on their maintenance or you may have to replace them every couple of months.

So, go for something that is sturdy and will provide you with good longevity.

Space needed

In this world most of us a starved for space. Some of the apartments that I lived in are no bigger than matchboxes.

So, having a water rower like this one may not be suitable for such spaces.

However, if you don’t want to go for the above rowers, here are some best rowing machines for small spaces.

You may also take a look at these rowing machines fit that under beds.


When working out, comfort is of paramount importance.

Here is what you should check while selecting your rowing machine:

  • Well-cushioned seat.
  • Anti-skid and cushioned handles.
  • Smooth sliding.
  • Adjustable monitor.
  • Controls are reachable.
  • The rowing machine is stable while you are sliding.
  • If standing on head, must have anti-skid buffer at the floor touch point.


This is the initial hurdle that you will have to cross if you want to start rowing at home.

Most of the water rowers are fairly easy to assemble. However, do read the users reviews.

If someone is finding it difficult to assemble it, you will surely know.


Many of them have a lifetime warranty on frame and 90 days on parts. However, there are some which give you a lot longer warranty.

So, read the warranty terms carefully so that you don’t have to struggle while trying to search for a replacement.


Which water rower is best?

The best water rower is Life Fitness Row HX Trainer Water Rowing Machine. It is sturdy and can accommodate a max user weight of almost 330lbs. Also, the wooden frame of this water rowing machine provides it a very elegant and sophisticated look. The best thing about this water rower is minimal maintenance.

Are water rowing machines the best?

Yes, water rowing machines are the best. They provide you with the swooshing sound of the water and provides you with the closest possible water rowing experience. However, the amount of resistance that these rowing machines provide is completely dependent on the amount of water that the water tank can accommodate.

How long do water rowers last?

Water rowers will last you for 10-15 years. They will be almost no maintenance for 5+ years. However, once that time passes, you will have to spend more money on the parts as they tend to be expensive. Also, if you have to replace the tank, you will have to spend upwards of $200.

Are water rowers loud?

Yes, the water rows are loud. However, that is expected as the water swirling inside the tank will make a swooshing sound. But the other parts tend to produce lesser noise with some being totally silent. However, it is the sound of the water that you cannot bypass and this is what makes the water rowers loud.

How much does it cost to fill a water rower?

It will cost you $0 to fill a water rower. All you need is to remove the water plug from the tank and drain it. Then place a bucket of water on top of the rowing machine and place a pipe inside it. Then suck the pipe until water comes out. Once the water flow starts place that end of the pipe inside the water rower tank and then let gravity do all the work.

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