Brooks Ghost is one of the best neutral running shoes out there. It is well cushioned and provides you with a soft, stable, and responsive ride.

There is hardly any running shoe that can match up to the level of Brooks Ghost or the Brooks Ghost 14 (our today’s comparison baseline).

However, here are some very good neutral running shoes that are the best Brooks Ghost alternatives.

Let’s understand Brooks Ghost

Before we dive into the details of the alternatives of Brooks Ghost, let’s understand what kind of a running shoe is Brooks Ghost 14.


Before you can decide on the alternative you want to use, first, you should have a basic understanding of the running shoe you are comparing it to.

This will help you to select better.

Brooks Ghost is a neutral running shoe that comes with a good amount of cushioning.

It is geared towards runners with neutral pronation. However, runners with mild underpronation can also use it.

Also, it is a pretty popular shoe and we are today trying to find alternatives for the latest version is Brooks Ghost 14.

Along with cushioning, this running shoe is good for runners with medium to high arches.

It is not meant for runners who have low or flat arches. You may also find it difficult to use if you have a fallen arch.

Apart from that, the midsole of Brooks Ghost 14 has DNA LOFT that provides you with a soft, plush yet durable cushioning. The midsole has 100% DNA LOFT cushioning, that provides you with comfortable and consistent performance.

One of the features that I love about Brooks Ghost is the cut under the ankle. The height seems to be perfect for the cut. It doesn’t rub on your ankle or under it. Also, the collar is just perfect, be it the padding or smoothness.

With this model of Brooks Ghost, Brooks has tried to go carbon neutral and has used at least 30% of recycled materials to create the upper.

However, with this model of Brooks Ghost, there is one annoying thing, the sole squeaks and I would have wanted my shoes to be silent.

The laces are short for me and they have a tendency to untie on their own. Also, I felt a bit constricted in the toe box.

Our Winner

Brooks Glycerin 19

Why it is the best match?

  • Highest level of cushioning from Brooks.
  • Neutral running shoe same as Brooks Ghost.
  • Good for long-distance running, treadmill, and roads.
  • 10 mm drop which is the closest to 12 mm Ghost.
  • Full-length DNA LOFT material for added comfort and cushioning, same as that of Brooks Ghost.
  • Uses similar base materials as Brooks Ghost.
  • Plush interior for a soft and smooth fit.

Our Other Favorites

Best Heel Cushioning

Mizuno Wave Rider 25

  • Cloud Waves for maximum heel protection.
  • Durable outsole.
  • Easier heel-to-toe transition with SmoothRide.

Best Budget

Saucony Guide 14

  • PWRRUN topsole for additional comfort.
  • FORMFIT for a socklike fit.
  • 8mm drop for a natural running experience.

Best Durability

Adidas Ultraboost 22

  • Continental Rubber outsole for maximum durability.
  • Blister-resistant.
  • Molded pull tab for easy slip-on.
  • Parley Ocean Plastic

Running shoes similar to Brooks Ghost – Detailed Comparison

1. Brooks Glycerin 19 Running Shoes

brooks ghost alternatives - which brooks shoe is most like ghost-min

Well, I’m not biased in case you are thinking.

The first alternative to Brooks Ghost 14 that I’m suggesting is Brooks Glycerin 19.


As I’ve told you earlier, Brooks Ghost is a comfortable, cushioned, neutral running shoe.

Brooks Glycerin 18 is also the same. It is comfortable, cushioned, and is a neutral running shoe.

However, the cushion level of Brooks Glycerin is higher than that of Brooks Ghost.

According to Brooks, Glycerin has the level of cushioning of 3 on 3 whereas, Brooks Ghost has is only 2 on 3.

Glycerin achieves this level of cushioning by the use of its proprietary material called DNA LOFT in its midsole.

This is something in Brooks Ghost that is comparable to Brooks Glycerin. In this latest version of Brooks Glycerin, DNA LOFT is extended to the forefoot and will provide you with a buttery soft heel-to-toe transition.

Also, the amount of DNA LOFT material that is used in Glycerin 19 is more than that of its previous versions again similar to that of Brooks Ghost 14.

However, one way these shoes are different than Brooks Ghost other than cushioning is that they are capable of supporting people with flat to low arches.

Also, there have been some minor changes in the upper to provide you with a bit more support, comfort. There has been a lot of changes to the upper to provide you with one of the most stylish versions of Brooks Glycerin to date, like that of Brooks Ghost.

The fit is snug yet roomy. It will not suffocate your feet and will not leave you with hot spots. It is breathable works with your feet as one unit and will provide you with a very comfortable run.

Brooks Glycerin is a bit heavier than Brooks Ghost and this is one difference between these two shoes. However, I felt Brooks Glycerin be more comfortable and softer than Brooks Ghost.

Also, for me the additional cushioning that is present in Brooks Glycerin 19 doesn’t feel a whole lot different Brooks Glycerin 18 and this is one thing I would like my readers to provide feedback on as well. Maybe I missed something or maybe this change is barely noticeable.

These will be perfect running shoes if you are going for a recovery run or want to go for a run after a strenuous workout. The level of comfort these shoes will provide is unparalleled.

The interior of this shoe not only feels roomy but also feels plush. It has great step-in comfort and the interior of Brooks Glycerin felt more comfortable than Brooks Ghost (which in no way is uncomfortable).


  •   These running shoes are very comfortable and cushy.
  • Good responsiveness.
  •   A very less breaking-in period is needed.
  •   Good with shock absorption.
  •   Good for low-arches as well.
  •   Buttery Soft heel-to-toe transition.
  •   Roomy feel throughout the length and width of the shoe.


  •   Some users mentioned that the shoe fit seems to be narrower than they expected.
  •   Some users mentioned that the durability of these shoes seems to be less.
  •   The additional cushioning is hardly noticeable.

2. Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Running Shoes

Alternatives to brooks ghost-min

If you are looking for shoes like Brooks Ghost, Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is the second great alternative to Brooks Ghost 14.

This is one of the oldest neutral daily runners in the market and it tackles cushioning in a bit different way. It is a very dependable and consistent trainer and you will not find a lot of change from the previous version.

Although Mizuno tries to be as consistent as possible with this trainer, it has completely revamped this version. The upper is more stylish to look at and is more breathable than the previous version.

This is similar to the up-gradation of breathability in Brooks Ghost 14 and the breathability of Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is no less in Brooks Ghost comparison.

If you compare the heel-to-toe offset, Mizuno Wave Rider 25 has an offset of 12 mm which is the same as that of Brooks Ghost.

Also, these materials make these running shoes responsive and cushy.

However, the additional bounce is provided by the CloudWaves present at the heels. This will add that extra energy to your every run.

Also, SmoothRide technology creates a smooth transition from heel to toe on every step.

Despite being a neutral running shoe, Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is capable of supporting a wide range of users starting from mild underpronation to mild overpronation.

It comes with a lightweight, breathable upper which makes them very comfortable to be running in. The first time you will put your feet into these shoes, you will feel the quality. The interior feels luxurious and smooth. Also, with a bunion, the fit felt comfortable.

From a durability standpoint, this running shoe will serve you for a long time. Also, it is capable of supporting you for a wide variety of running distances.

You may take it out for short daily runs or you can also run a marathon in them. This is truly a very versatile running shoe.

The flexibility of the forefoot is very apparent even on the first run. This is due to the presence of the Enerzy material in the forefoot and you will feel cushier in the forefoot because of this.

Also, in this version, the squeakiness is much lessened which is almost like a signature of the past Wave Riders. Also, this is a hilarious similarity of Mizuno Wave Rider which is similar to the Brooks Ghost Trainers.

If you compare the flexibility and the transition smoothness of these two shoes, in both aspects, Mizuno Wave Rider will be a winner, despite having the same stack height and heel-to-toe drop.

This has a full-length Enerzy foam midsole, and this is the new foam that Mizuno has come up with. It has a separate wedge of injection-molded ENERZY foam and is present under the wave plates in the heels. This is much more durable compared to compression-molded Enerzy foam on the top layer, which is softer and cushy.


  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  • Cushy with CloudWaves for a more springy and bouncy running experience.
  •   Capable of supporting a wide group of runners starting from mild underpronation to mild overpronation.
  •   Stylish to look at.
  •   Long-distance running shoes can be used on treadmills and can be used for training.
  •   SmoothRide for an easy heel-to-toe transition.
  •   The outsole is very durable.
  •   Decent traction on both dry and wet surfaces, which is similar to that of Brooks Ghost.


  •   Some users mentioned that the cushioning is lesser than the previous versions.
  •   Some of the brighter shades are not there anymore in this version of the shoes.
  •   Flexibility is different in the forefoot and rear foot which is not good for long distance running
  •   No pull tab.
  •   One of the most expensive daily trainers.

3. New Balance 1080v11 Running Shoes – Best New Balance equivalent to Brooks Ghost

shoes similar to brooks ghost-min

New Balance 1080v11 is a neutral running shoe like Brooks Ghost 14 that can be a perfect option for somebody looking for an alternative for the latter. Also, it is comfortable and cushy.

In this aspect also, they are very similar to Ghost.

V11 is a newer model of 1080 and is being upgraded with a softer and more responsive midsole than V10. In short, you will get a stable, plush ride using these running shoes. They will provide you with a springy and bouncy ride.

V11 also has Fresh Foam X like its previous model and is made from data collected from runners to design the foam. This foam is quickly becoming the norm for New Balance for a couple of years now and is a responsive material with ample cushion. In other words, New Balance gathered the inputs from various runners and utilized that input to come up with their midsole technology.

The focus of these shoes was comfort and performance. This is apparent not only with the plush cushioning but also with the in-shoe feel that is very comfortable and is comparable to Brooks Ghost and its other alternatives.

It has Ultra heels which are 3D heel design with an increased fit and comfort. This not only makes the shoe look very stylish but also helps you to pull up the shoe while wearing it.

Also, this kind of design is quickly becoming the norm for most of the shoes as they minimize the chance of heel slip which is a dreadful situation when you are out on a run.

The pull tab being integrated with the shoe also provides additional protection and support to the Achilles Tendon area.

Also, the upper is supportive and provides you with a soft fit. It has knit material on the toe box area that provides it with moe stretch and also makes this shoe with enhanced breathability.

Overall, you will get a smooth, soft, and comfortable ride, every time you run in them.

However, durability wise these shoes are not as great but are not a deal-breaker. It will last you a decent amount of time and will not break before 300 to 500 miles.

This is a daily trainer like Brooks Ghost and can be a great substitute to be included in your running shoe rotation. Also, this is one of the best daily trainers that I’ve used. This is a daily trainer with a little bit more cushion than we generally see in this category.

Also, it is a versatile shoe that we can use for any kind of run like easy, or long-ish runs.

However, one thing I kinda missed in this shoe is that it is not as comfortable or pampering when you go out for a recovery run. This is more like a similarity with Brooks Ghost 14, which I would not run my recovery runs in.


  •   3D heel design for an increased fit and comfort.
  •   Soft and responsive Fresh Foam X cushioning.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Upper is made with engineered knit for a precision fit.
  •   Some users mentioned that they got better results with Morton’s Neuroma after using these shoes.
  •   Feels cushier than most daily trainers.


  •   Some users mentioned that the fit is not what they expected.
  •   Some users did not like the heel fit.
  •   Not great for recovery runs.

4. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24 Running Shoes – Best ASICS for Neutral Pronation

Brooks Ghost similar shoes-min

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 is one of the best alternatives for Brooks Ghost 13. It is a neutral running shoe that has gel cushioning in both the forefoot and rearfoot.

It has an engineered mesh upper with multidirectional mesh material. This improves the ventilation and stability of the shoe.

It uses TRUSSTIC SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY which reduces the overall weight of the shoe but maintains the structural integrity of this running shoe.

It has an AHAR outsole of the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber outsole which is durable and develops lesser wear and tear.

Also, in this version, ASICS has improved the impact-protection and provides you with a smoother heel to toe transition.

It has FLTYEFOAM propel technology in the forefoot and directly under the heel. This provides you with a more bouncy feel.

This version of Asics Nimbus 23 comes with Ortholite X-55 sockliner. This provides you will a comfortable environment to run in.

These runnings shoes are capable of supporting a wide range of runners, from neutral to mile underpronation. Also, they will last you a long time.

Overall you will have a comfortable running experience while using these shoes.


  •   Although for neutral runners, Nimbus can serve runners with mild underpronation.
  •   Suitable for normal to high arches.
  •   Some users mentioned that this version has an improved toe-box.
  •   Improved impact-protection.
  •   Comfortable for long hours as well.


  •   May need some time to break in.
  •   Price is on the expensive side.

5. Saucony Guide 14 Running Shoes

shoes comparable to brooks ghost-min

Saucony Guide ISO 2 is a more reasonably priced neutral runner. 

Nonetheless, they are comfortable and will provide you with a good amount of comfort and makes for a good alternative to Brooks Ghost 13.

The EVERUN top sole will provide you with a decent amount of bounce to your feet and will help you to have a more comfortable ride.

The upper has an engineered mesh and this running shoe is decently breathable and comes with medial arch support.

The PowerFoam midsole is cushy and comfortable. It will provide you with a lot of impact protection.

It is a low drop running shoe and will provide you with a more natural running experience if that is your thing.


  •   Comes with ISO 2 fit.
  •   Additional bounce thanks to EVERUN top sole.
  •   PowerFoam midsole for good impact protection.
  •   Low drop design.
  •   Affordable.


  •   Some users mentioned that the tongue of this version is not as padded as the previous version.
  •   The sole unit seems to be firmer than the previous version.

6. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost Comparable shoes-min

Nike’s Pegasus model is really celebrated and today we are comparing the Nike Aizoom Pegasus 37 with Brooks Ghost 13.

Pegasus is a neutral running shoe and comes with the Airzoom midsole.

This midsole is lightweight, cushy, and provides you with the kind of speed you are looking for.

The Airzoom midsole is full length and provides you with a smooth and responsive ride.

It provides you with a comfortable and conforming fit and makes your running comfortable.

Also, the Zoom Air Unit at the forefoot provides greater energy return adding a pop to your every step.

It comes with exposed Flywire cables which provide you with a firm midfoot fit even when you are running at a higher speed.

The cushioning of this running shoe comes from Cushlon ST foam which provides you with firm yet responsive cushioning.


  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Additional midfoot support due to Flywire cables.
  •   Cushlon ST foam for a firm yet responsive cushioning.
  •   “Airzoom” unit runs the entire length and adds an extra pop to every step.
  •   Sharp looking.


  •   Some users mentioned that this shoe is not as durable.
  •   Forefoot cushioning could have been better.

7. Adidas Ultraboost 22 Running Shoes

Shoes similar to Brooks Ghost women's - brooks ghost alternative-min

Adidas Ultra Boost 20 is as of now our last one in the list of running shoes that are alternatives to Brooks Ghost 13.

It is last in the list but not the least.

It is a very good running shoe in its own right and is cushy and responsive.

It is a neutral running shoe much like the Brooks Ghost.

Also, sockliner molds according to your feet.

This provides you with a great step-in comfort.

The upper is made from Adidas PrimeKnit+ material and provides you with good durability and a customized fit.

It is also responsive and provides you with a nice comfortable running experience.

What we love about this one is its exceptional durability. It has continental rubber in its outsole.

This is the same rubber that Continental Tires use in their tires. So, these running shoes are almost as durable as them.

In some of the forums that we frequent, some of the runners have mentioned that these running shoes last for 4-5 years even with regular use.


  •   Low drop running shoe for a more natural running experience.
  •   Good cushioning for impact protection.
  •   Sockliner molds to your feet.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   PrimeKnit+ textile upper makes this durable.


  •   Some users felt that the upper is a bit tighter than they expected.
  •   Needs some time to break in.

8. Asics Gel-Nimbus Lite Running Shoes

This is a new neutral running shoe from Asics and can serve you as the perfect alternative to Brooks Ghost 13.

Asics Gel-Nimbus Lite has a softer and lighter foam than that of Asics Gel-Nimbus 22 and will make you fall in love with it.

It has a heel-to-toe drop of around 13mm which is very close to that of Ghost.

Nearly the entire Asics Gel-Nimbus Lite is made from recycled material while the FLYTEFOAM midsole uses Cellulose nanofiber.

This nanofiber is sustainable and makes these running shoes more durable.

The upper is made from soft material and will move with your feet. To make the outsole durable, this running shoe also uses the AHAR rubber and is very durable.


  •   Made from recycled materials.
  •   Good cushioning for impact protection.
  •   Great for heel-strikers.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Removable sockliner for added cushioning.


  •   The fitting seems a bit off.
  •   For some, the toe-box may seem a bit high.

9. Brooks Launch 7 Running Shoes

If you want running shoes similar to Brooks Ghost 13 but with a little more responsiveness, then Brooks Launch 7 is a very nice alternative.

Brooks Launch 7 has a good cushion level but the type of cushioning that is being used is called Speed. This is made for those shoes that you will use for speed or track practices and will run less than 10K in them.

The upper of these shoes has a single layer mesh and a soft internal bootie. This makes these running shoes very breathable and will help you to remain comfortable throughout your running.

The heel-to-toe drop of these running shoes is around 10mm which is a bit less than that of Brooks Ghost which stands around 12mm.

The outsole of Brooks Launch has blown rubber and will provide you with good grip and durability.

Also, it has an arrow pattern that will help you to have an easier heel-to-toe transition. However, since these are meant to be a bit more responsive, the sole unit is a bit stiffer than Ghost.


  •   Single mesh and soft internal bootie for great breathability.
  •   Good cushioning for impact protection.
  •   Good for speed days.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Midfoot transition zone for a quick transition.


  •   The fitting seems a bit off.
  •   For some, the collar may rub the ankle area.

10. Saucony Kinvara 11 Running Shoes

The next running shoe that is suitable to be an alternative to Brooks Ghost 13 is Saucony Kinvara 11. It is a well-cushioned running shoe that will provide you with ample comfort and protection.

The midsole is made from PWRRUN cushioning and maintains lightweight responsiveness.

This is your perfect companion for your daily runs. The sole is decently flexible and will help you with an easy heel to toe transition.

The “FORMFIT” takes the shape of your foot and provides you with a truly customized fit.

However, there is one significant difference between Brooks Ghost and Saucony Kinvara.

Brooks Ghost 13 has a heel to toe drop of around 12 mm whereas Saucony Kinvara has a 4 mm offset.

However, both of these running shoes are bound to provide you with a great running experience.


  •   “FORMFIT” technology for that perfect fit.
  •   Good cushioning for impact protection.
  •   Good for daily runs.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Flexible sole for an easy heel to toe transition.


  •   Heel slip may happen for narrow heels.
  •   The sizing seems to be a bit off.

11. Asics Novoblast Running Shoes

This is another new running shoe from Asics. Asics Novablast has excellent cushioning and will provide you with a great running experience.

It has a thick cushioning called FLYTEFOAM BLAST. It is a lightweight material that will provide you with an energetic and highly efficient ride.

There is Ortholite Lasting material that features plush underfoot comfort which providing excellent moisture management capacity.

The Outsole is made from AHAR Plus which is 50% more durable than AHAR and provides you with a great grip and durability.

Also, it has good reflectivity or special reflective material designed to enhance visibility in low light conditions.

The upper is made from engineered mesh which is a multidirectional mesh material that improves ventilation and stability.


  •   FLYTEFOAM BLAST for a pillow cushioning.
  •   Excellent durability due to AHAR Plus.
  •   Good for daily runs.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Multidirectional mesh material that improves ventilation and stability.


  •   The sizing seems to be a bit off.


Is Brooks Ghost a stability shoe?

No, Brooks Ghost is not a stability shoe. It is actually a neutral shoe.

In other words, it is suitable for neutral runners or runners with neutral pronation.

Also, to use Brooks Ghost, you must have a medium to high arch.

If you have low to flat arches, then you cannot use them as it may end up in foot pain.

However, it may suit you, if you have mild underpronation ad neutral running shoes can help runners with underpronation.

Will all neutral runners provide you with the same amount of comfort?

Mostly no. Even two shoes of the same model will not provide you with the same level of comfort.

However, the level of comfort you will get may be dependent on the amount of price you pay for the shoe.

Obviously, a $40 shoe will not be the same as a $100 running shoe.

However, if you go higher upper in the price ladder, there is no significant increase in comfort.

Also, running shoes in a similar price range will provide you with a similar kind of comfort based on my experience.

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