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Read the updated version of the comparison of Brooks Ghost 14 Vs 13.

Brooks Ghost 13 is just launched a couple of days ago and people are raving about it already. The comfort is great, the running experience is great…Is that so much different than Brooks Ghost 12? What is the difference between Brooks Ghost 13 vs 12?

Below you will find everything you need to know about both the shoes and how Brooks Ghost 13 fairs against Brooks Ghost 12.

We have gathered as much information as possible so that you can choose the one that is suitable for your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the detailed comparison of Brooks Ghost 13 vs Brooks Ghost 12.

Brooks Ghost 13 Vs Brooks Ghost 12 – Key Differences

  • Brooks Ghost 13 has more cushioning in the forefoot than Brooks Ghost 12 as the forefoot now has DNA LOFT.
  • There is a minor difference in heel-to-toe drop. Brooks Ghost 13 has a drop of around 11.5mm and Brooks Ghost 12 has a drop of 12mm. (As per Brooks’ site).
  • Brooks Ghost 13 has the “new engineered air mesh upper” which is very much different than the 3D Fit Print engineered mesh of Brooks Ghost 12.
  • Brooks Ghost 13 is 300 to 500gms lighter than Brooks Ghost 12.
  • Very few color choices in Brooks Ghost 13 than in Brooks Ghost 12.
  • Brooks Ghost 13 feels roomier than Brooks Ghost 12.

Brooks Ghost 12 Vs Brooks Ghost 13 HI-min

Introducing Brooks Ghost 13

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Brooks Ghost 13

What is different?

  • Full-length DNA LOFT midsole.
  • Drop is reduced to 11.5mm
  • New engineered air mesh upper for a secure breathable fit.
  • Good for both long and short distance running.
  • Roomy toe-box.

Brooks Ghost 13 Vs Brooks Ghost 12 – An Overview

Both Books Ghost 13 and Brooks Ghost 12 is both neutral running shoes. No surprises there. However, Brooks has improved the level of cushioning in this version of Ghost.

So, you will feel a great softness under your forefeet also, when using Brooks Ghost 13. This was not available in Brooks Ghost 12 which had DNA LOFT in the rear foot area only.

Do they vary in energy return?

I doubt it…

Brooks Ghost 13 and Brooks Ghost 12 will provide you with cushy comfort and will provide you with a good amount of energy return.

However, since these running shoes are on the cushier side, energy return will not be as higher as the DNA AMP midsoles.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two generations of the same running shoes.

So, let’s start right away…

Brooks Ghost 13 Vs Ghost 12 – Features at a glance

Brooks Ghost 13 Brooks Ghost 12
Brooks Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe - Primer Grey/Pearl/Black - 12 Wide Brooks Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoe - Shark/Violet/Bel Air Blue - B - 7.0
Find on Amazon! Find on Amazon!
Type Neutral Neutral
Heel-to-toe Drop 11.5mm 12mm
Weight 8.8oz / 249.5g (Women)
10.1oz/286.3g (Men)
9.3oz / 263.7g (Women)
10.4oz/294g (Men)
Arch Support Medium, High Medium, High
Midsole Type Cushion Cushion
Technology Segmented Crash Pad, DNA LOFT 3D Fit Print, Segmented Crash Pad, DNA LOFT, BioMoGo DNA
Sizes 5.0 – 12.0 (Women)
7.0 – 15.0 (Men)
5.0 – 12.0 (Women)
7.0 – 15.0 (Men)
Width Normal, Narrow 2A, Wide D (Women)
Normal, Wide 2E (Men)
Normal, Narrow 2A, Wide D (Women)
Normal, Narrow B, Wide 2E, Extra Wide 2E (Men)
Use Long Distance, Cross Training, Treadmill, Road Long Distance, Road Running, Cross Training, Treadmill
Editor’s Rating 4 and a half star-92X25-min 4 and a half star-92X25-min
Find on Amazon! Find on Amazon!

Core Specifications: Brooks Ghost 13 Vs Ghost 12

In this section of Brooks Ghost 13 vs 12, we will take a look at the technologies that are being used in these shoes.

Since Brooks Ghost 13 is the successor of Brooks Ghost 12, there is not much of a difference in the technologies that are being used.

However, there have been some changes and we will discuss those today.

First, we will discuss Brooks Ghost 13, then we will discuss Brooks Ghost 12.

Brooks Ghost 13 Specifications

The Brooks Ghost 13 is a good running shoe and can be used for your daily runs or marathons alike. It will provide you with a cushioned run and a decent amount of responsiveness.

This is the 13th generation Brooks Ghost and as always comes with a completely different look.

There are two key differences between Brooks Ghost 13 and Ghost 12. One is the midsole and the other being the upper which we will discuss in the following sections.

Brooks Ghost 12 Specifications

Brooks Ghost 12 doesn’t differ a lot from Brooks Ghost 13 in terms of technology.

So, we will be discussing all the technologies that are used by both the versions of Brooks Ghost here.

The technologies that are being used by Brooks Ghost 12 and Ghost 13 are:

  • 3D Fit Print
  • Segmented Crash Pad
  • BioMoGo DNA

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these technologies one by one.

What is Air Mesh?

In Brooks Ghost 13, Brooks introduced an improved mesh for improved breathability.

It is a 3D Fit Print mesh and doesn’t block the airflow in any way.

Also, it has a good stretch and structure and since it is a printed mesh, it doesn’t have any seams.

This makes it very comfortable as it will not cause any kind of irritation to your skin.

3D Fit Print

3D Fit Print may be one of the coolest and dependable technologies that Brooks has come out with.

If you are wondering, Brooks Ghost’s upper is made with this technology and this is actually screen printing technology at its best.

3D Fit Print is an engineered mesh it provides you with a more customized fit.

This kind of mesh is seamless and provides you with irritation-free construction.

Also, breathability-wise, these meshes provide you with unrestrictive air-flow and you will remain comfortable throughout your entire run.


DNA LOFT is one of the most forgiving midsole components and is very shock absorbing.

It is an upgrade from Super DNA and provides you with a cushier feel.

What is DNA LOFT is exactly made of?

DNA LOFT is a blend of EVA foam, rubber, and air. 

Each component has its own usage, in this particular blend.

EVA foam, as we know is the industry standard for midsoles. It is great at absorbing shock and will protect your feet from the impact.

The durability of this material is provided by the rubber in the material and the softness comes from the air blended in the material.

This material is present in both the Ghosts making both of them very comfortable.


BioMoGo DNA is an adaptive material that blends BioMoGo and DNA material from Brooks to create a more dynamic cushioning.

This material adapts to yourself and provides you with a plush ride.

Segmented Crash Pad

This is present in the forefoot area of Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13.

The forefoot of these shoes is pasted with segmented blown rubber. This makes the forefoot flexible.

They will stretch and bend at your will and will provide you with a good heel to toe transition.

This also enhances the overall durability of your shoes and makes them last longer.

Now that we understand the core technologies used to build the shoes, let’s understand the differences between each of the shoes when compared side by side.

We will start from the bottom of the outsole of the shoes and will gradually move towards the upper.

Brooks Ghost 13 Vs. Ghost 12 – A head to head comparison


If you compare Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13 there is not much difference in the materials that have been used for outsole.

Both have blown rubber which is pasted on the outsole in a specific design. However, if you look closely, you will find that there are some subtle differences between the two.

For ease of comparison, we will compare the right foot shoe. 


In the above picture, for Brooks Ghost 12 you will see that the segmented crash pad is up to the midsection of the shoe. However, for Ghost 13, you will see that the right half is extended to the first section of the heels.

This helps tho maintain the continuity of motion and helps in an easier transition from midfoot to forefoot.

Also, there are more vertical grooves in Brooks Ghost 13. Also, the groove types are different. Some are shallow and some are deep.

Also, if you look at the heels, the vertical band has been widened a bit and also has small vertical grooves.

This will provide you with an easy heel to toe transition for Brooks Ghost 13.

Is it better than Brooks Ghost 12?

Not necessarily. Although it may feel a bit more stable, that difference is not a deal-maker.


The midsole of Brooks Ghost 12 and Ghost 13 uses the same material. However, the difference is the way they are used.

The main components of the midsole are BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT. DNA LOFT is the material that provides softness to these running shoes.

However, DNA LOFT extends from the back of the heels to the mid of the shoe for Brooks Ghost 12. For Brooks Ghost 13 it extends the entire length of the shoe.

So, as expected, the overall cushioning of the Brooks Ghost 13 feels more comfortable.

However, although not, this feels a bit heavy on your feet, probably due to the reduced amount of energy-return.

The drop in both of these shoes is almost the same. It is around 12mm in Ghost 12 whereas 11.5mm in Ghost 13.

This doesn’t make any significant difference in your running experience. Also, both of these shoes support runners with medium to high arches.

The responsiveness of both of these shoes is also decent. However, that is not wow which is typical of any running shoe with a good amount of cushioning.

This makes both of them very good marathon running shoes and will keep you very comfortable during your long runs.

Durability is also very standard for these two running shoes. They last somewhere between 300 to 500 miles which is typical of any running shoe from Brooks.


The upper of Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13 uses 3D fit print. While both of these are engineered mesh, however, Brooks Ghost 13 has a new air mesh.

This is more open and provides better ventilation. This will keep your feet cool and dry for a longer period of time.

Also, the patterns on the upper are bolder rather than subtle that we are used to seeing in Brooks Ghost 12.

Also, the Brooks logo is much bigger in Brooks Ghost 13 than in Ghost 12.

When you slip on this shoe, you will feel that same soft and smooth comfort that you are used to in Brooks Ghost 12, and the upper being so lightweight will practically disappear on your feet.

Brooks Ghost 13 has a similar padded tongue and collar and provides you with very stable running experience.

Since it is a 3D fit print, the upper will take shape of your foot, giving you a very nice customized fit.

Also, inside you will find good arch support that is capable of supporting any arch from medium to high.

However, if you have a lower arch or flat feet, it is better to avoid this running shoe as running in them will be a painful experience.


For the same size, Brooks Ghost 13 is a bit lighter than Brooks Ghost 12.

Brooks Ghost 13 weighs around 8.8oz / 249.5g for women and 10.1oz/286.3g for men. Brooks Ghost 12, on the other hand, weighs around 9.3oz / 263.7g for women and 10.4oz/294g for men.

This may be a bit of surprise as Brooks Ghost 12 feels lighter than Brooks Ghost 13 as mentioned by some runners.

This could be because of the fully extended DNA LOFT which dampens the responsiveness of the forefoot.

However, the comfort that it provides, is a win-win.


Obviously, price-wise  Brooks Ghost 12 is cheaper than Brooks Ghost 13.

When Brooks Ghost 12 was initially launched, it was selling at around $130.

Now, it is selling at a heavy discount as a new version i.e Brooks Ghost 13 is launched.

Take a look at Brooks Ghost 12’s discount. Last time when I checked, it was more than 15%.

However, as with any new product models, the price is steep. It is the same with Brooks Ghost 13 as well.

Currently, it is selling at around $140. You can find Brooks Ghost 13 here.

That’s all with the differences and similarities between Brooks Ghost 12 and Brooks Ghost 13.

If you want to look at some alternatives to Brooks Ghost, then read on…

Similar Shoes

Running Shoes Similar To Brooks Ghost 13 and Brooks Ghost 12

Brooks Ghost has some very good alternatives. They are comfortable and will last as long as your Brooks Ghost. Also, they will provide you with a similar quality of cushioning.

You can find all the running shoes similar to Brooks Ghost in this list.


We have tried to provide you all the similarities and dissimilarities of “Brooks Ghost 13 Vs 12 review”.

These two running shoes are not that different. However, no doubt, you will feel very comfortable in Brooks Ghost 13 with the enhanced forefoot cushioning.

Also, the newly designed engineered mesh is great to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout your running.

Hope you have got all the information that you need in this Brooks Ghost 12 vs Brooks Ghost 13 comparison.

Let us know if you have any further questions. We will be happy to help you out…

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