Brooks Beast is a very good running shoe for runners with overpronation.

It will support you even if you have severe overpronation.

However, you may be more comfortable in other shoes providing the same features.

Or, you just want to give another running shoe a try.

So, we did our homework and came up with some Brooks Best alternatives.

Here you will find 11 alternatives which has comparable features to that of Brooks Beast.

So, let’s dive in and find out what are they…

The Best Brooks Beast Alternative

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Why it is the best match?

  • Highest level of cushioning from Brooks.
  • Motion-control shoe, same as Brooks Beast.
  • Excellent stability due to padded collar and tongue.
  • Good price point.

Let’s understand Brooks Beast

Before looking into the alternatives of Brooks Beast, you need to understand what exactly this running shoe is all about.


This will equip you to select a decent alternative for yourself so that you can have a very comfortable and stable ride.

Brooks Beast is a motion control shoe. These kinds of shoes are geared towards runners with severe overpronation.

Essentially, this running shoe has PDRB or a Diagonal Roller Bar which doesn’t let your feet roll inside the shoe.

This protects you from injuries and also provides you with a more neutral-ish ride.

Another great feature of Brooks Beast is that it is supremely comfortable. Once you step into this running shoe, you will be in 7th heaven.

One thing that I don’t like about this running shoe is its looks. It is hellishly boring to look at and is a tad heavier than its peers.

However, this is one of the best motion control shoes that you can get and you will not regret your purchase.

Now let’s look into what the Brooks Beast alternatives that we have selected for you based on the features that we have discussed so far.

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

When it comes to best stability running shoes, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 is probably the best. Although I truly feel that, there cannot be an alternative to Brooks Beast, but this one is as close as it gets.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 is a superior quality shoe in its own right and provides you with the right kind of support and stability. This is very much required for a runner with overpronation.

Your requirement for a motion control shoe like Brooks Beast or Brooks Adrenaline will increase with the distance.

For shorter distances like 5K you may not feel the need (if you are not a severe overpronator), however, anything above that will make you wish more from your shoes like more stability, more comfort, more support.

Adrenaline fares in all these aspects as it comes with a balanced cushioning of DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA. They together will cushion your feet for an adaptive ride.

Also, it has a well-padded collar and tongue for additional stability. 

If you are a long-distance runner you will be able to feel the difference running in these shoes as they are responsive, supportive and very stable.

Also, your knees will remain protected (a feature not present in Beast) due to the presence of improved guide rails. These GuideRails will keep your excessive motion in check and will keep your knees in the line of motion.

This will help you to run longer and stronger while taking away all the stress from your knees.

  •   As per some users, these running shoes are lighter than their previous versions.
  •   Some users mentioned that these shoes are good with responsiveness.
  •   One user mentioned that these shoes can sustain a year of running (5 days a week).
  •   They have a level 2 cushioning as per Brooks with 3 being the highest.
  •   These shoes are meant for long-distance running, treadmill and roads.
  •   Some users mentioned that the color choices are limited.
  •   According to one user, this version seems to be a bit stiffer than the previous version.
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Saucony Omni ISO 2 Running Shoes

Saucony has always been a go-to brand for many runners. They have very good quality and many of their models are quite affordable.

But will their Saucony Omni ISO 2 matchup? Let’s find out.

Brooks Beast as we know is a very good running shoe for overpronators. Also, it provides you with a great level of comfort.

 Saucony Omni ISO 2 also is one of the stability shoe models from Saucony. So, here it can match up to the Beast.

Now let’s consider the comfort part.

Brooks Beast has a maximal cushioning of DNA LODt which is an air-infused EVA midsole material. This makes them bouncy, but still soft and cushy.

The midsole of Omni ISO 2 is made form PWRFOAM which is very good at shock absorption and is responsive.

For additional cushioning, you have the EVERUN top-sole which provides you with consistent comfort with pressure relief.

Overall, Omni’s comfort is comparable to Brooks Beast.

Another feature that makes these running shoes more suitable for overpronators is the additional firm medial support.

This helps you to have a more stable and neutral-ish step every time.

  •   Two levels of cushioning is very comfortable according to some users.
  •   One user mentioned that these shoes have very good stability.
  •   It may provide you with comfort in plantar fasciitis as per some users.
  •   According to most of the users, these shoes are true to size.
  •   Some users mentioned that they are great for walking as well.
  •   One user mentioned that these shoes are good for ever a high arch.
  •   Some felt, the color choices are limited.
  •   Some users mentioned that these shoes are not waterproof.
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Brooks Ravenna 10 Running Shoes

This is another running shoe from Brooks which is made for overpronators. They are supportive and provide you with great stability.

According to Brooks, they have a level 2 cushioning which is the same as Adrenaline GTS 20. However, with Adrenaline GTS 20 the midsole is a mixture of BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT.

However, Ravenna 10 has a midsole made from BioMoGo DNA. 

Does that make it less cushiony?

This is very subjective to the runner who is using it.

Some like the Ravenna more whereas others are in favor of Adrenaline. So, you really need to try it out to see which one you like.

However, if you compare Brooks Beast with Ravenna, they seem to be very comfortable and also, caters well to your overpronation.

To protect your knees (the most injured joints of a runner), Brooks a couple of years back came up with their GuideRail technology. 

These running shoes are equipped with these GuideRails to take the stress off from your knees. This is a similar feature to the Adrenaline.

Also, at the time of publishing this post, Ravenna’s price point was much lower than Adrenaline and Beast. So, this makes for a much cheaper alternative to the pricey Beast.

Another thing that I like about Ravenna is its looks. It is way more contemporary than Beast which I always found to be very boring.

So, all in all, this may be able to serve you as well as Beast while being lighter on your pocket.

  •   As per Brooks these running shoes are suited for both running and training.
  •   They are a stability shoe which seems to have good responsiveness.
  •   Brooks has used GuideRail technology to protect your knees.
  •   Due to the mesh upper, this running shoe seems to be relatively lighweight.
  •   I loved the smart look of these running shoes.
  •   Some users mentioned heel slip. (may be rectifiable with alternate lacing techniques)
  •   Some users felt that the cushioning is not optimal.
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Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoes

When it came to springy and bouncy movement, Mizuno did something a little different with its running shoes. It added a new technology called CloudWaves.

They are very visible from the outside in the Mizuno Wave series and Mizuno Wave Inspire is no different. You can see the CloudWaves near the heels as expected and as per Mizuno, it provides you with that responsiveness and bounce.

Apart from being responsive running shoes, Mizuno Wave Inspire is a stability shoe as well. It will help you with your overpronation and will keep your feet stable.

This is what is expected of these running shoes as you are looking for some alternatives to Brooks Beast. Also, comfort-wise, these running shoes also very good.

The midsole is made from U4ic material which is Mizuno’s proprietary technology. It is good with shock absorption and seems to be a durable material.

Also, the toe-box has a decent room and mostly it will not squish your feet.

So, all in all, these running shoes are comparable in stability and comfort with Brooks Beast. 

  •   As per some users, the cushioning is plush and responsiveness.
  •   Some elderly users mentioned that these running shoes seems to help with lower back pain.
  •   Midsole material is durable.
  •   This is a stability shoe and is suitable for overpronators.
  •   Can be used for long distance running, treadmill and roads.
  •   Some users felt that the width of these shoes are a bit less than their previous version.
  •   Some users mentioned that these shoes may need to be broken in.
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Brooks Bedlam Running Shoes

This is another support running shoes from the house of Brooks. It is a stability shoe and may help with your overpronation.

However, is it as good as Brooks Beast? Let’s find out…

This running shoe comes from the same manufacturer as Brooks Beast and is of good quality.

It is a newer launch from Brooks in the stability category and has become quite popular.

The cushioning material of these running shoes is a bit different than that of the Brooks Beast.

You will get to experience Brooks DNA AMP midsole with these running shoes. This material is comfortable and responsive.

Is the comfort level the same as Brooks Breaks?

Well, I cannot say that… Whether you will love Bedlam or Beast will be completely your personal choice and the way you experience comfort.

However, to be very subjective, I can only say that Brooks has mentioned the cushion level of Bedlam as 3 which is the highest level of cushioning from Brooks. 

Also, this is the same level of cushioning that you get in Brooks Beast. So, in that way they are comparable. Stability-wise also, Bedlam does a good job according to the users.

Another striking difference between bedlam is its contemporary look. It is very different from the rest of the Brooks and kind of refreshing in its own way.

If you are considering a new purchase, you may as well try Brooks Bedlam.

  •   Plush cushioning for good comfort and responsiveness.
  •   Some users mentioned that they are good for CrossFit as well.
  •   Some users seemed to be happy with the quality of these shoes.
  •   Some users mentioned that these shoes fit perfectly for their flat feet.
  •   Suitable for long distance running, treadmill and roads.
  •   Refreshingly different to look at.
  •   Some users did not like the fully stitched tongue of these shoes.
  •   Some users mentioned that the fit seems to be big.
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Nike Zoom Structure 22 Running Shoes

Nike Airzoom Structure is a member of the Nike Airzoom family. It gets its name from the Airzoom sole unit and as per Nike, this is a very lightweight sole unit that helps you with your performance.

So, in a way, it may contribute to your improved performance.

Being said that, let’s compare it with Brooks Beast as this is the subject that you are currently interested in.

This is a stability running shoe and it will suit you well if you are dealing with overpronation.

So, in that way, it is a running shoe that is comparable with Brooks Beast. But what about comfort?

The Airzoom unit provides you with a low-profile cushioning which is shock absorbent and responsive.

Also, it provides additional support in the midfoot due to the presence of the flywire cables. 

Overall, you will have a decently stable ride even if you overpronate.

  •   As per some users the support and stability of these shoes are very good.
  •   For some users, who work for long hours on feet, mentioned that they are comfortable even after their entire shift.
  •   They can be used as a walking shoe as well.
  •   Good amount of cushioning and responsiveness.
  •   Suitable for long distance running, treadmill and roads.
  •   Great for people on the heavier side.
  •   Some users mentioned that breaking in is needed.
  •   Some felt that the sole unit is a bit stiff.
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ASICS GT 2000 is a running shoe for overpronation and the current version is ASICS GT 2000 8 or the 8th generation of this running shoe.

It comes with forefoot and rearfoot gel technology to provide you with a lot of shock absorption.

But how does it level up with Brooks Beast?

This is a running shoe for overpronators as I said previously. This is the same pronation type that Brooks Beast deals with.

Apart from that due to all the various built-in technologies, these running shoes a very comfortable.

For example, it comes with Flytefoam Midsole which provides good bounce back and responsiveness. In this midsole technology, ASICS is using organic super fibers which is more durable than the normal softer midsoles.

Due to the organic super fibers, this material tends to hold its shape for a longer duration.

To provide you with enhanced stability and support, this running shoe comes with Dynamic DuoMax Support System. As per ASICS, this not only enhances the stability of these shoes but also makes them lighter.

This is one thing that is different than Brooks Beast. These running shoes seem to be lighter whereas Brooks Beast is on the heavier side. This is a plus if you are a long-distance runner. This may not only improve your performance but probably will also help you to last longer in the race.

  •   Forefoot and rear-foot gel cushioning for shock absorption.
  •   Can cater to both neutral and overpronate runners.
  •   Seems to be lightweight as per users.
  •   Improved DuoMax system for better support.
  •   Stylish to look at.


  •   As per some users, some breaking in is needed.
  •   As per some user, you may have to order a size up. Check the size chart before purchasing.


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To provide athletes with a lot of cushioning and comfort, a couple of years back, New Balance came up with their Fresh Foam technology for their midsole. This type of midsole material was developed after taking inputs from a lot of athletes like you and then filtering in the data into their midsole.

So, the comfort and shock absorption that this midsole provides are comparable to that of Brooks Beast.

But what about stability?

These running shoes are meant for overpronators. However, if you have severe overpronation, they may not be very helpful.

In this aspect, they fall a bit behind Brooks Beast, but nonetheless they support a lot of overpronators expect the severe ones.

Another way it differs from Brooks Beast is in its weight. Since the midsole unit is made from a single piece of foam, these running shoes are lightweight.

Indirectly this helps you to improve your performance and may help you go farther, faster.

Also, this running shoe doesn’t use the traditional medial post for support…Instead, the outsole, the midsole, and the heel work together to provide you with support and stability.

  •   Cushioning is provided by a single piece of thick fresh foam.
  •   These running shoes seems to be lightweight.
  •   As per some users, the toe box has ample space.
  •   Comfortable as per some users.
  •   Some users did not like the look of this running shoe.
  •   Some users felt that the running shoe is a bit longish.
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ASICS Gel Foundation is a running shoe that may help you with your overpronation. At the time of publishing this post, the price of this running shoe was lesser than Brooks Beast. If you are looking for a more affordable pick then this is the running shoe you should go for.

But how does it fares against Brooks Beast?

Well, what I found is, this is a no-frill running shoe and if you don’t like the fancy stuff and is perfectly happy with a basic shoe, then this running shoe will not disappoint you.

As with other models of ASICS, this running shoe also comes with forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning.

This makes the shock absorption good and also the SpEVAFoam Midsole material makes this running shoe lightweight.

As far as comfort goes, this one is decently comfortable, however, you will not feel like on cloud 9 as you may feel with Brooks Beast.

Now let’s talk about the stability of this running shoe.

This model of ASICS also comes with DuoMax support system. So, if you are an overpronator, these running shoes will provide you with proper stability.

  •   SpevaFoam midsole for cushioning and responsiveness.
  •   Fore foot and rear-foot gel cushioning for good shock absorption.
  •   DuoMax support system for stability.
  •   Made from quality material.
  •   Some users mentioned that it is good for flat foot.
  •   One user mentioned that this shoe is stable.
  •   I felt the look to be boring.
  •   Some users mentioned that there is a squeaky noise produced by this running shoe.
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This is another stability running that you may try out as a Brooks Beast alternative.

They have good cushioning and will provide you with proper support and stability during running.

In the midsole you have PWRFoam which is the cushioning present in most of the Saucony running shoes.

They are shock absorbent and is comfortable.

To enhance the cushioning, this running shoe comes with the EVERUN Topsole which is an energetic cushioning as per Saucony.

They will provide you with a good amount of responsiveness and you running will be more comfortable.

For stability, this running shoe uses 2ND density medial post. This helps you to have a more natural gait cycle.

Comfort wise also, this running shoe does a decent job. Since the upper comes with ISO 2, the upper takes up the shape of your feet, giving you a truely customized fit.

Overall, a decent, affordable and comfortable running shoe which will provide you with good stability. 

  •   Most of the users found this running shoe to be comfortable.
  •   May reduce hip, Achilles and foot pain as told by some users.
  •   As per some users the toe box is roomy.
  •   Good support and stability.
  •   Good for long distance running, treadmill and roads.
  •   Good for people on the heavier side.
  •   Some felt, that these running shoes may not be as durable.
  •   Some users mentioned that the sizing may have changed since the last version.
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This running shoe comes from the House of New Balance and is meant for runners with overpronation.

Unlike the fresh foam technology, these running shoes uses two different technologies in the midsol – FuelCell and Abzorb.

This makes these running shoes good with cushioning.

These shoes will provide you with stability and support and will help you to run with an improved gait.

When we are comparing Brooks Beast with New Balance 1260, New Balance fares well as it is supportive, stable and provides you with good amount of cushioning.

What else?

As per some users, the toe box is decently wide and you will have plenty of room for your toes.

  •   Some users with flat feet mentioned that they provide good support.
  •   Good shock absorption due to FuelCell and Abzorb.
  •   Roomy toe-box.
  •   Good looking shoe.
  •   Some users mentioned that the sizing may be smaller than the previous versions.
  •   For some users the tongue felt shorter.


Why do you call Brooks Beast as a motion control running shoe?

Brooks Beast controls your running motion and that is why it is called motion control shoe. Let me explain.

Brooks Beast has inbuilt PDRB or Progressive Diagonal Roller Bar.

If you are a runner with severe overpronation, you feet tends to roll inside your shoes. This not only impact your gait but also may cause you ankle twist.

However, this PDRB, stops your feet from rolling and improves your natural gait in other words, Brooks Beast controls your motion.

Are all running shoes for stability same?

No. All running shoes for stability are not same.

There are running shoes which are meant for mild overpronators and some supports severe overpronators.

If you are a mild overpronator, then you need a support shoe.

These running shoes are typically the ones which keeps your ankle joint stable. To do that, they generally use a thicker collar and padded tongue.

However, if your feet rolls too much inwards while running, you need something called motion control running shoes.

These running shoes will have somekind of a diagonal rollar bar which stops your feet from rolling internally.

Another thing is, both of these groups of running shoes may have additional stability provided by the traditional medial post.

What is a medial post in running shoes?

Medial post is a portion of the midsole that is firmer than the rest of the midsole.

Medial post is generally made from a denser version of EVA foam than the rest of the midsole. The other materials that may be used are thermoplastic urathrane, carbon fiber or some upgraded version of the basic EVA foam.

Also, the soles that have medial post is also called dual density midsole.

Running shoes alternative to Brooks Beast is hard to find. However, we came up with these running shoes as they are the best Brooks Beast alternatives.

Running shoes alternative to Brooks Beast is hard to find. However, we came up with these running shoes as they are the best Brooks Beast alternatives.

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