1-mile run or smile run…

You are not running too long, not dropping dead at the end of the run, and you have the stamina to smile.

And it is not that you are not benefitting out of it.

Now isn’t that a reason to smile!

Even a mile run can make a huge difference…


Well for that read on to know the benefits of running a mile a day…

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Running a mile a day benefits

15 Benefits of running a mile a day

1. Friendly for beginner

Oh! how much you want to run but don’t know how to start?

This is exactly what you need to try.

The 1-mile run is not the very long run.

And it is perfect to start for a beginner.

The goal is achievable and even if you run at a low to moderate intensity, you should be able to do it.

This is also the best for those who have their favorite excuse always ready “I do not have time”.

Running at a low pace as less as 4 mph, you should be able to complete it within 15 min.

Come on, you can do this.. so no excuses next time.

It doesn’t take much time and trust me it is going to do wonders if you run for just 4-5 days a week.

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2. Improves Running Form

Running form plays a vital role in building up the running endurance and injury-free running.

When you run for longer distances, and if you do not concentrate, your running form can go for a toss.

1 mile is a small distance run.

Here you are not running to add on the mileage.

You can focus on the quality of the run.

Try to run the 1 mile with the aim to improve on your form, overcome the shortcomings. 

3.Minimize the chances of Running Injury

Frequently running long distances, over a period of time makes you more prone to running overuse injury.

The prime cause of these injuries is too much stress and inadequate recovery.

A 1 mile run will relatively put less stress on your feet than 5k or 10k run.

And if you are just running a mile, you get enough time to recover.

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running 2 miles a day

3. Weight loss

Running is the simplest, easiest and inexpensive way to burn calories.

In fact, 50% of the people chose running for weight loss.

When you run your heart rate goes up, burns more calories which acts as a fuel.

When you are running at a moderate pace, you are working in the aerobic zone.

In the aerobic zone, the fat is burnt to supply energy for running.

So if weight-loss is your goal, next time chose the low-medium intensity running. 

4. Improves mood

Have you tried out the morning walk or going for a sport or just a Zumba class?

Doesn’t it feel great after that – fresh and happy?

The same is for running.

When you do any physical exercise, the endorphin is released in the brain.

Endorphin is a natural drug that makes you happy, energetic, and relieves stress.

It is also referred to as “Runner’s high”. 

5. Improves Heart Health

Your heart is the most important muscle of your body.

The faster you run, the heart rate climbs up and the faster it works.

Now, this makes the walls of the heart stronger.

Secondly, running reduces the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the HDL (good cholesterol) level.

Better heart health can minimize the chance of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and blood pressure.

6. Improves the Lung Capacity

The lungs’ capacity can be defined as the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use.

When you are running, your muscles demand more oxygen.

Now with a proper breathing technique, you should be able to inhale more oxygen.

This improves the lung’s capacity overtime.

7. Tones Muscles

When you are running, the hips, glutes, hamstring, quadriceps, and calves are in action.

Running on a regular basis is a great workout for these muscles.

The muscles are toned and strengthen.

And if it is your dream to have those super s**y legs, this is what you can do. 

Skinny but slow runner-74-min

8. Better Bone Density

A recent study has proven that running regularly improves bone strength. 

The bone density is directly related to bone strength.

An improvement in your bone strength leads to higher bone density.

The decrease in bone density is the primary cause of fractures.

With age, there is an onset of poor bone strength.

It is best to start running as early as possible. 

9.Leads to better sleep

Are you suffering from a sleep disorder – insomnia, lack of quality sleep or duration of sleep?

Then, running a mile is the best remedy for it.

Running relieves stress and anxiety, which is a common cause of sleep-related problems.

It also helps in getting a sound sleep and for a longer duration. 

10. Improves Metabolism

 Metabolism is a natural process that breaks the food and drinks you consume into energy.

This energy is utilized by the body in doing a natural activity as well as any physical activity.

And this is what you refer to as the famous “calorie burn”.

Now running( and any other form of exercises) boosts up your natural metabolism, so the calorie burn faster.

Improved metabolism has several advantages:

  • More energy to work
  • Faster weight loss
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduce aging effect 

Running a mile a day

11. Improves Stamina

Constant running even for a small distance adds to your stamina and you can build-up over time.

Let’s say when you initially started running, you may be running at a lesser pace may take around 15 -20 min to run a mile.

Now with time, your body builds up the stamina to run faster.

Maybe after a couple of months, you could improve the time by 4 min.

With practice, you may still improve.

Now, what is making you faster?

 Of course your endurance!

There is no over-night change is your stamina.

But, definitely with consistency, your stamina will boost.

12. Excellent Abs workout

Who doesn’t want the perfect sculpted Abs?

Now, isn’t it a piece of good news that when you run, you are working on your abs too??

The right form of running requires you to stand tall and pull in your belly button.

This way you keep your core engaged.

This imparts more stamina to run as well as a great workout for your abs.

 Doesn’t that give you all the more motivation to run?

13. Light on pocket

As compared to other sports, running is relatively light on the pocket.

Let’s say you want to lose weight.

There are options for hitting the gym getting the equipment.

And if you compare running with these, it is definitely a cheaper option.

Or just in case you plan to start with a new sport.

Be it any sport, it will cost you more than running.

All you need for running a mile is an appropriate pair of shoes!! 

14. Boosts confidence

When you run, there is an amazing feel-good factor post-run.

If your goal is 1-mile run, you can easily accomplish it.

There is a complete change in your attitude.

You are happy, positive and brimming up with confidence. 

15. Improves Life Expectancy

A recent study shows that running reduces premature death risk by almost 40%.

Now, it is hard to predict about life and death.

However, you can try your best to increase your life expectancy.

Some study also says that an hour of running adds 7 hours to your life.

Running makes your heart strong and protects you from

  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Lower the risk of cancer

All the more reasons to enjoy running.

running a mile a day benefits may not be as you have expected. However, it can benefit both beginners and pro runners alike. If you are running a mile a day then after sometime you will be astonished by the amount of change you have gone through.

running a mile a day benefits may not be as you have expected. However, it can benefit both beginners and pro runners alike. If you are running a mile a day then after sometime you will be astonished by the amount of change you have gone through.