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Saucony shoes are well-made shoes that have a rich history behind them. With more than 100 years of experience in the running shoe industry, they are probably one of the best running shoe manufacturers in the market.

They make very comfortable shoes like Saucony Triumph which are generous with the cushioning. There are also the outliers like Saucony Endorphin Pro which is an amalgamation of speed and cushioning.

In this article, we will look into some of the reasons why Saucony shoes are so expensive? So, let’s get started…

Why Are Saucony Shoes So Expensive

Why Are Saucony Shoes So Expensive?

Saucony shoes are so expensive because the materials that are used in these shoes are of high quality.

Also, to build the shoes there is a lot of research going on in the background. This is true for not only the new product range from Saucony but also for the existing shoe lines.

Saucony being one of the oldest brands of running shoes is very popular among runners. Due to their high demand, the price becomes steep.

If you are still curious about why are Saucony shoes so expensive, here are 15 reasons why:

1. High-Quality Material

There are a few reasons why Saucony shoes are expensive. One of the main reasons is Saucony uses high-quality materials for the construction of these shoes.

High-quality materials come at a higher procurement price. This impacts the overall pricing of the shoes.

However, this ensures that Saucony shoes are built to last. Also, using better quality materials ensure that, you are getting excellent comfort and support.

2. Precise design and construction

Another reason why Saucony shoes are expensive is that they are made with precision.

This kind of construction ensures that different kinds of runners find comfort in these shoes, without having to compromise.

Also, the top-notch design from Saucony ensures that the shoes are better in durability and comfort.

3. Cost involving Innovations

The expensiveness of the Saucony shoes is not only related to high demand or excellent construction quality…

There are a lot of innovations that goes on behind the scene. This although ensuring that you get superior shoes, also drives up the price tag.

Innovations are necessary but costly affairs. Since this is a regular part of the lifecycle of Saucony shoes, this gets factored into the price.

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4. Taxes and Duties

Not only innovations but there are also a lot of taxes that come into the picture when you are trying to sell a product and Saucony shoes are no different.

Some of the taxes that may be applicable are Sales tax, service tax, any kind of cess that is applicable in your country, import and export duty, customs tax, etc.

Also, there may be additional taxes that may be applicable to your specific country.

Taxes most of the time are calculated as a percentage of the product price and they add up to be a substantial amount. This also drives up the price and makes Saucony shoes costly.

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5. Brand Value

The perceived value of a brand drives up the price of a product. For example, a shoe from Saucony will cost you more than a shoe from a mom-and-pop shop.


Because of the trustworthiness of Saucony as a brand. They have built a reputation throughout the years and this shows in the price that they charge for their shoes.

You are also happy to pay as you know you are investing in a superior shoe.

6. High Demand

Saucony is one of the top shoe brands in the market. This makes their products high demand.

When something is in high demand, this alone drive up the price. This is a similar thing to when a new model of shoe is launched and the older models’ prices are slashed.

The new Saucony shoes will be in higher demand than their previous versions and thus a premium can be charged for that.

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7. Logistics Cost

Transportation, fuel cost, packing, loading, etc., everything costs money and Saucony has to spend on these to keep their business going.

However, the only source of income for Saucony is to sell the shoes to its customers. So, they have to generate enough revenue to sustain these business running costs as well.

This is another reason for the hefty price tag of Saucony shoes.

8. Cost related to expansion in new markets

Saucony is continuously expanding in new markets. However, when they enter a new market, there is no immediate profit.

However, they have to invest in developing the business there before the profit can roll in. This money is raised from the investors to some extent and through selling their shoes in the already established markets.

This also drives up the price point of the Saucony shoes.

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9. Marketing Cost

To build awareness of new products or to market the existing products in general, Saucony has to do some marketing of their shoes.

This is an additional cost to Saucony and it doesn’t directly generate any revenue. To cover this cost, the product price has to accommodate this.

So, this also gets adds up to the price tag of Saucony shoes.

10. Labor Cost

Manual labor is expensive. But a company cannot run without human beings. When you hire labor, you have to pay for their salary and provide some basic facilities on the company premises like water, electricity, toilet, etc.

Also, depending on the labor law of a country, if they are permanent employees they are entitled to get some kind of retirement funds.

This also is considered while pricing the product of a company and Saucony is no different.

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11. Cost of buying Saucony shoes from a country where the brand is not available

Saucony shoes are not available in all countries. However, they are great running shoes. If you want to own them and the brand is not yet there in your country, you may opt for getting it imported to your country if the facility is there.

Saucony does that and some of the e-commerce brands also do that. However, this comes with a hefty shipping charge to cover all the shipping and customs expenses.

This also adds up to the price and you have to shell out additional money for the same.

12. Pulling through the low-selling phases

The selling of Saucony shoes is not the same throughout the year. There are slumps that happen in some months.

Saucony cannot stop its operations during those phases and have to bear the cost related to running the business.

However, it has to compensate for this somehow. To do that, a high price paired with high demand during the peak season helps them to pull through this slump.

But then again, this makes the Saucony Shoes costly…

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13. Pulling profits for the investors

To run a business, you need funds. This is no different for Saucony and like most companies, they have turned to investors for funds.

However, investors need to see a return on their investment. To show them that, the revenue of the company needs to be high.

So, if you keep the price of your product high, the revenue will automatically improve.

14. Inflation

I consider inflation to be a curse of modern society. Every year for apparently no reason, prices of things go up.

That means, the cost of materials, labor, logistics, procurement, storage, etc. all go up.

To accommodate this, prices of the Saucony shoes also go up.

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15. Storage Cost

To store the finished goods Saucony needs warehouses. It has some of its own, and some rented or leased.

This is a considerable expense and combining that with inflation, drives up the cost further.

This also is seen in the price tag of Saucony and makes it so expensive.

Are Saucony Shoes Comfortable?

Saucony shoes are very comfortable, however, based on the model you choose and the kind of shoes you like, the level of comfort varies.

For example, if you are somebody who loves cushioning but chooses a Saucony shoe that is meant for speed, you may not like the experience.

Also, if you like responsiveness and choose something cushy, the dampened responsiveness of the shoe may not be according to your liking.

If you like speed and cushioning then carbon plated shoes like Saucony Endorphin Pro can provide you with ultimate comfort.

This is why the comfort that a shoe provides and the level of comfort you feel are very subjective. If your liking doesn’t match with the kind of comfort that the shoe provides, then you may end up disappointed.

However, if the opposite comes true, then Saucony may become the most comfortable shoe for you.

Where do Saucony shoes come from?

Saucony comes from Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 1898. However, now the major of the manufacturing is done in Vietnam to offset the ever-rising cost of production.

Saucony was started around 124 years ago in Pennsylvania. At that time, Saucony shoes were manufactured exclusively in the US.

Over the years the company took help from different athletes to perfect its shoes. For example, in 1984 Rod Dixon won the NYC Marathon wearing a Saucony shoe that he helped to develop.

However, gradually as the prices were moving north, the production cost was also increasing. Saucony had to come up with a way to deal with that.

So, now, the majority of the production happens in Vietnam which comes out to be way cheaper than manufacturing it in the US.

This helps in the profitability of the company and to keep the production cost relatively low without compromising on the quality.

Where to buy Saucony Shoes?

There are various options to buy Saucony shoes. You can buy them from:

  • Brand-owned stores.
  • Brick and mortar stores of brands like the running warehouse.
  • Online from e-commerce sites like Amazon.
  • Online store of the running warehouse.
  • Local offline stores that are available in your country.
  • Local online stores that are available in your like Flipkart, and Tatacliq in India.

To find out places to buy Saucony shoes in different countries please check here.

Where to buy Saucony Shoes for cheap?

You can buy Saucony shoes for cheap from the online and offline stores of Saucony and others in three different ways. Firstly when there is a sale, when they launch a new version of an existing product, or you have a coupon.

Since Saucony shoes are expensive, any person would want to get the shoes for cheap.

Although there are many ways that you can Google to get these shoes for cheap, I found that there are only three legitimate ways to get these expensive shoes for cheap:

On Sale

Saucony comes up with sales from time to time. If you keep a watch on their online store, you will get to know.

You will be able to catch a sale during the holiday season, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Also, you can catch a sale during any country-specific holiday in your country.

When Saucony comes up with a sale, the e-commerce giants also sell these shoes at a cheaper price. Also, sometimes some sellers just want to sell their old stock. At that time also, you can get these shoes for cheap.

The only thing is you will have to be observant and act fast.

Launch of a new version of an existing product

When a new version of an existing shoe is launched, a couple of weeks before that, the older model goes into the sale.

You can find that in Saucony’s online store. However, there may or may not be news of a launch, but the shoes may be available at a much discounted price.

Using a coupon

This is not an easy way to get a discount and most of the time the coupons don’t work. However, if they work, then you can get a 10-15% discount on the existing prices.

Try to find coupons from some reputable brands. Also, some of the apps like the universal payment gateways, sell coupons as a kind of brand promotion. You can check those.

Reasons for Saucony Shoes So Expensive
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