Newton running shoes are great. They are lightweight, stylish, and provide you with that extra pep with every step. But are they good for losing weight?

Newton running shoes are good for weight loss because due to the price one will want to put an additional effort into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, to buy this shoe, for additional savings, one will have to cut corners, which most of the time ends up with healthier choices.

Why Are Newton Running Shoes Good For Weight loss

Reasons that Newton Shoes are good for weight loss

If you are planning to purchase Newton shoes and think that they will help you with weight loss, and are not sure why…

Here are 10 different reasons that Newton shoes will help you with weight loss…

Are Newton Shoes good for weight loss

Letting go of your expensive coffee

Let’s face it, the Newton running shoes are expensive. You need to save up money for that. Even if you buy the shoe on EMI, still you need to pay those monthly installments.

This is a substantial amount of money. Now if you don’t want to break your monthly budget, then you have to do something, to arrange this extra fund.

You can make this happen by arranging this extra money by adjusting your lifestyle. One way maybe you will adjust the price that you are paying for your coffee and settle for something cheaper or smaller than you are currently having.

You may also be taking fewer coffees outside to achieve this. This will eventually help your metabolism to adjust and help you to lose weight.


Because if you have a habit of drinking coffee on empty stomach, your metabolism will peak up only to find that there is no calorie to burn. It will then eventually slow down, aiding in storing extra weight.

Eating less outside

Another way you may be arranging the funds for your Newton running shoes is to visit restaurants less frequently.

This not only saves you a lot of money but also a lot of calories.

The plates that are served in these restaurants are huge. Also, the ingredients that they use to make it tasty are also packed with a lot of calories.

This alone has the potential to make you bloat like crazy.

However, since now you are in saving mode and want to buy that shiny Newton running shoe, you are willing to sacrifice these outside meals and may engage in activities that are outright fun but less expensive on the pocket.

As a side effect, it will reduce your calorie consumption, which will help you in your weight loss.

This is merely a side effect of you wanting to buy that shoe. In other words, this is another way that Newton Running Shoes will help you to lose weight.

Newton shoes good for weightloss

Stopped drinking calories

Maybe you don’t want to sacrifice the restaurants but want to do it in a different way. You may have pledged to give up on the sugary drinks that you feel so good to consume.

This will also not only save you money, but also a lot of calories.

Since your average calorie intake reduces due to saving up for your Newton shoe, you will be able to lose some weight because of this.

Eating more veggies to reduce the cost of your meal

Veggies will cost you less than other kinds of food ingredients. They are cheap and you can load up your plate with a lot of nutrients.

If you are planning to buy an expensive shoe like Newton, then you have to cut the corners to have that extra cash.

If you can reduce the overall cost of your daily meals and also have more nutritious meals then who wouldn’t do that?

This will reduce the overall calorie intake, save money and get you a new shoe like Newton.

In other words, this will help you to lose weight as a side effect of buying a Newton shoe.

Newton running shoes for weight loss

Having more home-cooked meals

Another way for saving up for that Newton shoe of yours is to cook more meals at home. This will help you to save up the money for your Newton shoe much faster.

This way you will not only save up money but also will be consuming a lot healthier food.

Also, the volume of the food that you are consuming, if it has more veggies will be more and will keep you fuller for a longer time.

This way, you will be less prone to craving and impulsive snack-buying and eating.

This has two advantages, your money will be saved and you will be eating way fewer calories which will, in turn, help you to lose weight all because you want a Newton shoe.

Eating more protein to keep you fuller for longer

Now you need to save money for your Newton, for that, you are focused on your money-saving goal.

One way to achieve that is to reduce your cravings and be full for a longer period of time. One way to do that is to have more protein in your meal.

Protein gets digested slowly. Also, its thermic effect or the number of calories that are required to digest it is more.

So, when you consume more protein, not only that you will feel full for longer but also will eat fewer calories.

This will help you to lose weight, just because you want to have a Newton running shoe.

Newton running shoes and weight loss

Using the shoe since you have brought it anyway

How many times it has happened to you that you have bought something, but you did not use it?

But if you have bought a Newton shoe anyway, it will pain you more to not use it at all…after all, you have put so much effort just to purchase it…

So, you will end up using it anyway…and by that, you will probably go out running…because this is the reason you have bought the shoe anyway.

However, if you do that, you will probably lose weight as running is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Combined with any of the above things, you will be able to lose weight almost guranteedly…

Improved performance

Newton has a different structure attached to the sole of the shoe. This provides you with swifter propulsion and overall improved performance.

This will help you probably burn more calories and lose those pounds faster.

However, the rate at which this will happen is not as high as you may imagine. It will be slightly faster than it usually is…

This will happen only because you have used a Newton running shoe.

Hitting the Gym

Now you have a good running shoe that you have always wanted. However, the Newton is a low-drop shoe that is actually great for a gym.

Since you have already spent so much money on this shoe, you would want to maximize the gain from it.

So, after running, hitting the gym is the next logical choice as it will help you utilize this shoe more.

Now, you are running as well as going to the gym, just because of your Newton running shoe. It is obvious that you will lose weight.

Newton Running shoes good for weight loss - myth busted
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