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It’s a pain to research for a quality running shoe. You will have to check pronation, arch, flexibility, cushion and a lot more. 

I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and testing the best running shoes on the market. Theses items are performance tested and recommended without any hesitation.

While going through the lists, keep in mind that these items are not necessarily the highest-end shoes. I’ve tried to strike a balance between the price and yet maintaining the highest quality. My goal for this page is to recommend gears which are reasonably priced yet perform at the highest level. 

Recommended Running Gears-min

Best affordable running shoes 

Running shoes can be very expensive. Also, they have to be replaced often. So, the cost of running can add up quickly and can burn a huge hole in your pocket.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that as there are plenty of good quality affordable running shoes available.

Here are some of them:

For heavy runners, running shoes needs to be very cushioned. They should be able to provide extra protection to your knees.

Also, they should not squish out under your weight.

Here are some of them:

Running injuries are a part of a runner’s life. They can make you so cripply disabled with pain that at times you may not want to run at all again.

However, you are stronger than that. If you pick the right running shoe, a lot of your problems will just go away.

Here are the best running shoes for running injuries: