It is NOT me, it is YOU.

Well this is not a breakup statement.

This is how most runners feel when they are out for a run in the early morning.

More than setting a running goal or sticking with it, it is more important to stay safe.


Is it safe to run in the early morning?

The simple answer to this ‘NOT ALWAYS’!

Truth is bad things happens.

It may be because of you (unlikely) or the other person.

Also, it may be some other mishap.

It is not always that your safety is threatened by a person, it may be some unfortunate accident.

But whatever may be the case, we should always be very vigilant about our safety.

So, take precautions and do whatever is within you reach


Is early morning running on your mind? Here are some safety tips if you are running early in the morning. If you are serious about becoming a morning runner, do not ignore these safety tips.

Is early morning running on your mind? Here are some safety tips if you are running early in the morning. If you are serious about becoming a morning runner, do not ignore these safety tips.

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How to stay safe during the early morning runs?

Here are some tips that work for early morning runs  – they will work during other times as well

1. Let someone know when to expect you back

When going out for a run, let a close friend or a family member know, when to expect you back or how many miles you plan to run.

God forbid, if something unfortunate happens, you family members will be able to provide a timeline from when you went missing.

Also, knowing when you will be back, will stop them from worrying for you too soon.

If you are staying alone, or don’t want to bother others, you may leave a note at your home, just before leaving for a run.

2. Switch up your routes

This is one mistake that many early runners make.

They become too predictable. They take the exact same route, the same time of the morning every single day.

This makes them an easy target since during wee hours in the morning, there are very few people on the roads.

To ensure your safety, don’t be predictable.

Switch up the routes since varying time may not be possible for you. (assuming you are a busy individual as you are running during the early morning)

But for that you first have to research the new route that you will be taking.

I won’t write about it here again as I’ve already covered researching safe running routes in this post. Also, you will get a list of most effective safety devices for runners.

3. Choose a well-lit route

 When running in the morning don’t venture out in the dark.

Choose a well lit route.

You should be able to see what is there in front of you or who is at your back.

It is easier to take advantage of you, if you are running in the dark.

Also, God forbid, if you get attacked, you should be able to see the person and the surroundings.

You may get an opportunity to identify the perpetrator to the authority later.

Such kind of people should not get unpunished. 

4. Wear a ID tag

Though we can try everything we can to avoid mishaps, sometimes they will happen.

In today’s world, all people have a smartphone. It helps you in almost every possible situation.

But if you are unconscious, these password protected phones will do little to save your life.

So, you want people to know your absolute essential details in such critical situations.

You should wear a ID Tag. Road ID Official Medical Alert Bracelet are my choice.

You will have laser engraved information like, your name, whom to contact with contact number, any allergies you have and anything else you see fit.

They can be a real life saver.

5. Get a running partner

Many love to run alone. But if you don’t mind, get a running partner.

You will have someone to turn to immediately, in case of emergencies.

You can either try to partner up yourself or join a running club in your area.

Running club is a great idea, but most of the runners there will not want to go for a run 4:00 AM in the morning.

So, trying to find your own buddy will be your best bet.

6. Carry a cell phone

This may seem counter intuitive, but it is not.


It may not be useful when you are unconscious, but it will help in all other situations.

Like, in case you get lost. You will be able to call your loved one to inform that you are safe.

Otherwise, they may start worrying if you are taking longer to return.

Also, you will be able to call 911 in case of emergency.

Morning runners are easy targets for attackers. If you are running in the morning, here are some running safety tips that will help you to avoid potential dangers. Also, there are some running safety product recommendations that may help you out.

Morning runners are easy targets for attackers. If you are running in the morning, here are some running safety tips that will help you to avoid potential dangers. Also, there are some running safety product recommendations that may help you out.

7. Don’t run with the flow

How many times have a car honked from behind while you were running?

For me, it is a lot of time.

At one point of time it bothered me so much that, I started running against the traffic.


No more honking.

That made me realize that it is way more safer to run this way.

If you can see a car coming, you will not be on its track.

So, chances of accidents minimizes.

8. No music on the run

This is essential, when you are running in the morning.

You must be as focused and attentive as possible.

You are more prone to attack, if you are too comfortable.

Running with music will distract you and you will lose your focus and attentiveness.

However, if you must run with music, be sure not to use any head phones.

Get some small speakers as I mentioned in an earlier post

They get attached to your running gear and your will still be attentive as you will be observant about your surroundings.

9. Wave at other runners

There are very few runners on the road in the early morning.

So if you wave at them and say hi, they will more likely remember you.

If something unfortunate happens they are more likely to be able to provide help to the authorities.

However, this will not be as effective if you are running during a more busy hour.

10. Don’t try to be a smarta**

If you sense a danger, or even get a hint of it, change your running route immediately.

Don’t try to be a smarta** and wait to see what happens.

Your life and safety is more important than being a hero.

And there is no shame in fleeing a potential dangerous situation.

Remember ‘survival of the fittest’ and in most situation you the fittest here.

So run, run away.


Why run in the morning anyway?

After seeing the dangers running in the morning, you may question, why run in the morning anyway?

I used to question that as well, but the serenity and tranquility of those empty roads are nothing short of addictive.

But that is not the only reason. If you are still doubting, here are the reasons: 

You learn to adapt

Maintaining a morning running schedule can be a challenge.

You need to adapt yourself, sometimes on the fly when you get up.

There may be rain, or a severe chill or you may be unwilling to wake up due to prior late night.

No matter what, once you are up, you adapt your running plan, route or yourself accordingly.

Focus and mindfulness

When you are running in the morning, most of the time you are with yourself.

Due to safety reasons, you will not be playing music. So, you have no other reason to be distracted.

Your only option is to focus on yourself. So, you become more mindful of the activity that you are doing.

You become more aware of your being.

Be fit

Our lives have become very busy and fast. For some individuals, the only time of the day for exercise is in the morning.

If the don’t utilize morning time, they will never be able to get their workout in.

So, to be fit, they choose this wee hour of the morning.

Become more determined and committed

Getting up everyday around 4:00 in the morning takes major commitment and determination

If it is a hot summer day, getting out of bed may not be any trouble . But think about when it is cold dry winter or the monsoon. 

Also, there may be days when life gets into the way.

In those days getting out of bed is nothing short of heroism.

If you consistently do so everyday, your determination, commitment and focus increase in other areas of life as well.

How to run early in the morning without being grumpy?

Running in the early morning is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

But there may be many reasons that you want to give it a try.

Whatever it is, these below tips may make it a tad easier.

Set the intention 

Before even getting up in the morning, you must decide to get up.

For that you set that intention within yourself

It may sound funny, but I used to tell myself that I’ll get up at 5:00 in the morning.

This I used to say 10 ties loudly and just before going to bed.

Most of the time I was awake by 5:00 AM

I know people, who actually whispers in their pillows.

They request their pillows to wake them up at 5:00 AM.

This is extremely funny to think of in the first place.

But this is nothing other than programming your subconscious mind.

You are setting the right expectation and your body will happily oblige

Prepare the night before

Whatever you need to get out of the door next morning, get it arranged last night.

It can be your running shoes, your running gears and your workout wear.

If you have those in order, it will be more easier for you to get outside of your house without thinking twice.

Start Small

When I started to run, I tried to run 5K in one day and without any training.

The next day I felt like giving up.

If I would have continued to do that, I would have given up.

So, I switched to a shorter duration.

First I tried to run for 10 secs straight, then gradually I went over to 1 min.

Once I could do that, I started measuring the distance and now I’ve already run my couple of 5Ks.

Summer or Spring is the best time to start

If you have never run in the early morning, trying to start during winter or rainy season is a bad idea.

You don’t have the determination to get out of bed yet.

So, start when the weather is less harsh.

Perfect to start is in summer or spring.

I love spring because you can see a lot of blossoms along the way.

Be safe

No matter how safe your neighborhood is, it is a very good idea to invest in good reflective and safety gears.

You will never regret it.

Eat a fruit

Before heading out of the door for your morning run, make sure that you have eaten something.

Your body needs fuel for this intense workout. A high carb meal is the best.

If you don’t get have time to prepare something, eat a fruit.

I generally have an apple or a banana as a pre-workout meal


Running in the morning may not be safe for various reasons but you can improve on your safety if you follow the precautions provided above.

However, there is no guarantee that they will keep you 100% safe.

But they will improve your chances of getting away from those situations or to avoid them totally.

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