I’m pretty new to the blogging world. Well, that’s a lie! I mean if you consider a 2-page blog with around 10 unique visitors/month a successful blog attempt, then I’ve two of them. In a couple of months when nothing happened, I quit. Apparently, my job needed more attention.

Haha…I was such a fool. If only I would have seen the near future, I would’ve stuck to it. Better late than never…This is what happened next…

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The monotony of my job was killing me. I stopped seeing anything worthwhile in that job. I felt like a zombie who was just putting in the attendance.

I wanted a way out. I was getting depressed day by day and knew I cannot continue for long.

Also, I was further unhappy that I was not giving 100% to my job.

One day, I have it enough and called it quits. So, at the end of May 2018, I resigned. 

I had already registered this domain in March 2018. So, I could easily get started. Or I thought I could…

Initially, I did not focus on traffic at all. I wanted to have a solid number of articles for my audience.

Also, I was under the false impression that, good articles will draw the audience automatically.

My mistake. Everyone on the internet has good content.

Anyways, by end of June 2018 when I’d 40+ articles I thought my blog was finally ready for my audience.

At that time I had only 996 page views.

Well, considering there was not much of a push to generate traffic, it was not super bad. But I wasn’t happy. Who could be? I was putting in almost 12 hours every day.

So, in July 2018, I started on a new mission to generate massive traffic. I did some social sharing and site commenting but that did not push the traffic much.

So, I started focusing more on only one social network, Pinterest which was seemingly doing better than the other networks.

Below I’ve given you the entire ordeal of July month.

You will get my successes, my failures and the mistakes I committed.

So, let’s start…

June 2018 traffic Statistics:

As I’ve told earlier, in June, I did not see much of a traffic. The page views were around 996 that is 33 (approx.) per day.

Total unique visitors were 231 or 7.7 per day. That surely pinched me hard.

As every novice would think, I thought that writing long-form content was enough.

I was putting around 10-12 hours per day behind this blog with no result.

So, I started voraciously gobbling up everything I could on traffic generation.

Here is my report for June so that you will know what I’m talking about:

June 2018 Traffic Report

July 2018 Traffic Statistics:

In July, my main focus was to generate traffic to my site. After some research and a look at my analytics, I found Pinterest to be an extremely valuable source for traffic.

So, I committed to this traffic source and started investing a lot of time trying to master it.

I followed the manual pinning method as was described by Carly in her Pinterest Strategy e-book.

It cost me around $32.00 and I was worth every penny.

This is what, you see as a result. And this is in only 30 days.

Pinterest Strategies

July 2018 Traffic I highly recommend this e-book, if you are just starting out as a blogger.

It will literally explode your traffic and will give you the required social proof to approach any affiliate network (don’t be a dumbass like me :P)

Apart from this I also invested in an online course by Lisa Irby Pinterest: Increase Website Traffic With Images

Combining these two strategies gave me this traffic explosion.

Pinterest Image Avalanche


Though I have a lot of traffic now, there is actually not much of an income. There are a lot of reasons for that.

But most of them are my fault…

I was only focused on Amazon Associates for monetization. I did a lousy job in placing their links appropriately.

Also, I got rejected by ShareASale and some of the networks did not accept me as the traffic was low.

Anyways, I’m focused to improve it this month.

So, what follows may be disheartening for you, but I’m very sure that I can turn this around.


Hosting service: $4.95/month

Mailing service provider renewal: $16.15/month

Optin monster expenses are not included as that was made last year for my other blogs and is not yet renewed.

Same goes for Elegant Themes. I use Divi

Also, the best part is, I got the themes and the related downloads with a one-time payment.So, there is no hassle of renewal.

Pinterest Strategy e-book: $32.00

Pinterest: Increase Website Traffic With Images: $25.00

Total Expenses: $78.10

elegant themes logo


Amazon Affiliate: $1.30 ( I never expected this. I surely did everything wrong. Need to figure out how I can optimize the conversion)

Bluehost: $0.00

I just enrolled as a Bluehost affiliate. So, I cannot complain

Elegant Themes: $0.00

Same with Elegant Themes. Need to see how this month goes.

Total Income: $1.30

Net profit: $1.30 – $78.10 = -$76.80

A word of advice. I know we all want to generate tons of money from our blogs, but approaching it in the wrong way will only screw our chances of success.

Don’t approach any monetization network before you have a decent traffic. Otherwise, they will outright reject you.

This is a lesson that I learned the hard way.


Did I meet the July Goals?

Well, as you can see, the outcome of the July 2018 month was not at all promising.

The income was not existent but the effort level was super high.

You must be thinking that I’m discouraged. Well, such kind of result will make anyone want to run away.

But on the contrary, I’m pumped to make this blog a success.

So, let’s see if I met the July 2018 goals or not:

GOAL#1: Write 10 articles of at least 1200 words each

Outcome: Success!

I actually wrote 13 articles this month averaging 1200 words each.

  2. 21 Best Hiking/Camping Gift for Adventurers (Women) From Under $11
  3. Gifts For Runners Who Have Everything
  4. How To Insulate A Tent For Winter Camping
  5. Dangers Of Hiking Alone
  6. How To Deal With Hiking Knee Pain?
  7. 23 Bestselling Gears For Running
  8. How To Prevent Throwing Up When Running?
  9. Self Conscious While Running: Things Every Runner Should Know
  10. What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather: Summer Hiking Outfits
  11. 10 Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners in 2018
  12. Hip Flexors Strengthening For Runners & Non-Runners:Why & How?
  13. How do hiking boots improve hiking?

Goal#2: Increasing my pageviews to 3500 from 996

Outcome: Success!

Currently, my page views are at 9,487 which is almost a 10X increase than last month.

July 2018 Traffic

Goal#3: Acquire 5 subscribers

Outcome: Failed!

I acquired 0 subscribers. I was too busy writing posts. In place of 10, I actually wrote 13.

Also, understanding and implementing the Pinterest strategies took up a lot of time.

But since this was my first month, it was expected. My mistake was that I underestimated the effort required and overbooked myself.

Lesson learned!

Goal#4: Earn $100

Outcome: Failed!

I failed miserably at this. My total income is $1.30 🙁

To be honest, I was very depressed after realizing it for the first time.

But I slept over it and the next morning I was fine 😀

Another lesson learned: Sleep more often 😛

So, in total, I scored: 50 out of 100 OR  ‘D’

Now comes the exciting pat.

I’ve put together my next set of goals.

So, wish me luck!

Goals For August 2018


  1. Get 30,000 Page Views (Fine tune Pinterest strategy based on my experience)
  2. Make my first $100
  3. Publish 8 Posts of 1500 words each
  4. Acquire 5 email subscribers
  5. Acquire 500 Pinterest followers
  6. Apply to an Ad network (Got approval from Media.net)
  7. Start writing my first e-book
  8. Better SEO optimization for the pages that are already on the first page of Google
  9. Revise the headlines to be more catchy (I blatantly admit, that they are hellishly boring)
  10. Reduce the bounce rate to 75% (Currently, it is around 89%)


So, to summarize. This month has been a mixed one with some success and failure.

The income was poor and I ended up in a loss.

The best thing that happened this month is I could generate a massive amount of traffic to the blog.

Pinterest Strategy e-book and Pinterest: Increase Website Traffic With Images are responsible for this.

The downside was that the conversion rate was really low and the bounce rate is high.

So, will I be able to turn this around? Stick around to find out.

Wish me luck as I embark on my new adventure.

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