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Arghhh!!!! When it will end?

I’ll stop today…will do moe tomorrow….

I cannot continue anymore…This is too much….

I feel like a mouse stuck in a wheel….I’ll never do it again

Believe me there is hope… 😉

Here are my tried and tested ways to make treadmill running fun…

How To make Running on A Treadmill Fun?

There are too many ways to make this run fun. I’ll give you 3 ways that actually worked for me.

The rest were either too complicated or it did not produce any desired result for me

1. Power Hour Music

If you are not living under the rock, then you will know what is power hour.

But for us who are actually living under one, let me explain the concept.

Have a playlist of 60 songs. Each is 1 min. When the song changes you take

a beer shot.

Ha ha…don’t get your hopes too high.

We will try a different version. A more healthier one.

Have a playlist with 60 min of songs. This can be anything of your choice.

But make sure it is peppy, else you will sleep off on the treadmill.

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️: Sleeping on treadmill is hazardous to health. Any injury caused by it is completely the runners fault.

The treadmill should not be held responsible. 😛

So, once the song changes, you change your pace. Either make it faster or slower. This is completely up to you 

Also, give yourself, 10 min of warm-up and cool down before and after the running session.

If you have a heart-rate monitor, this workout should average about a tempo effort (85 to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate).

Plus, you get to listen to 60 of your favorite songs.


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2. Spin It

For this you would need 10-12 songs.

Don’t choose any songs which are more than 3 mins long.

Also, make sure that, half of them are fast numbers and half of them are soothing and relaxing

Create the playlist and hit the treadmill.

Start the playlist with random shuffle.

When the fast number plays, run faster ideally the effort should be that of 10K

When the slow number plays run slower.

CAUTION: Choose your pace carefully. You may have to run faster for more than 2 songs sometimes.

So make sure that you are not out of breath early due to your chosen pace.

Another thing you can try is changing the incline along with the pace.

This will give you an extremely effective workout without any making you bored.

how to make treadmill running fun? If you are getting super bored and need some treadmill running motivation, here are some ways to make running on treadmill fun.

how to make treadmill running fun? If you are getting super bored and need some treadmill running motivation, here are some ways to make running on treadmill fun.

3. Frog In Boiling water 

Did you hear the story?

If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out.

But if you put it in cold water and increase the heat gradually, you can boil the frog alive.

Eww! Creepy and false. The frog will jump out anyway.

This doesn’t stop us from trying a small experiment where the frog is you.

Don’t worry, I will not ask you to jump inside boiling water but do something similar.

First, start running at a comfortable pace. If it is conversational pace, then better.

Then every, 5 min, increase the pace by 10 sec. You can also, try to increase the incline by .5 percent as well

Do this for 30 min and you will soon be running minute-per-mile faster at an incline of 3 percent.

Once you have reached this, reverse this entire process till you reach your starting pace.


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How to enjoy running on a treadmill more – Some interesting ways

Want to enjoy your treadmill run more?

Here are some more interesting ways:

  • Watching a game and sprint when the players sprint
  • Listen to some interesting podcast while your leg do all the work
  • Do intervals
  • Concentrate more on the outside of the window than on the run
  • Watch the people working out in front of you
  • Use some entertaining running apps like Minion Rush or Angry Gran Run
  • Hide the timer with the tower
  • Use a trail app to pretend you are running in the woods
  • Race with the person next to you
Runing For Weightloss Beginners

Why to use a treadmill at all?

Treadmill can be excellent way to get your running miles in, even if the weather outside is bad.

Here are some of the reasons that you should use treadmill sometimes:


When the weather is bad outside or it is too dark to run safely, it is better to hit a treadmill.

This will help you to avoid any possible injury

Keeping the Workout rhythm:

If you cannot run safely outside due to weather condition or anything, then it is always better to run on a treadmill.

This way you will not be missing out on any of your workout routine if you are working with a particular schedule

Hill Training:

If you don’t have any hills in your neighborhood, then treadmills can help you to get trained with that as well

You can increase the incline to a desired level and you are good to go

Less chance of injury:

The belt of the treadmill is more accommodating than the hard pavement. It reduces the overall impact on your body and is easy on your body.

This is very beneficial for people with back problem.

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Running on treadmill has its own advantages, but I agree that it can be hellishly boring.

But it need not be. You just have to be a little creative and make it fun.

If you cannot think of any way to make it interesting, then you can always refer back to my “How To make Running on A Treadmill Fun?”  article

Now go, have fun.

How to make treadmill running fun? Here are 3 running tips that will surely make running on a treadmill fun. Make your treadmill running a lot of fun for any runner.

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