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How to lose weight while resistance training?

To lose weight while resistance training you will have to start at a resistance that is a bit challenging for you but not too much. When that gets easy, you will have to increase the resistance. You can do this by actually increasing the value of the resistance or increasing the number of repetitions and/or sets.

To lose weight resistance training is not difficult, but you will have to understand some basic things.

First of all, to lose weight, or more importantly, to lose your fat, you will have to focus on challenging yourself. You can include cross-training if the need be.

However, you should not be overdoing it or you should not start with something that is very difficult for you to follow through.

Instead, start with something that is challenging but not too much. Also, you should not use some resistance that is too easy for you.

This will not do you any good and you will not lose any weight and after some time you will lose motivation, due to lack of progress.

But how to decide on that?

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say, you are doing standing side leg raises. First, do a set of 20 without any resistance. If that is too difficult for you, practice that until that becomes easy.

Next take a mini resistance band and wrap it around your ankles. Go with the lightest resistance there. Again, follow the above process. If this is too easy for you, then go up to the one where it is a bit challenging but not too much.

After a couple of weeks, you will be able to feel the toning and firmness of your thigh and the hip area.

How long does it take to lose weight with resistance training?

To lose weight with resistance training takes from 4-12 weeks. In 4 weeks, you will be able to feel the changes to your body, however, for a lasting change to be visible to others, it will take 12 weeks.

If you take care of your nutrition, you will start losing weight, from the first week of resistance training itself. However, for you to feel the change, it will be around 4 weeks.

Also, for others to see the changes, it will be around 12 weeks.

There is a catch here.

Although, you might be doing resistance training and will be feeling some changes. However, you may not lose weight at all.

Also, it may so happen that you gain some weight…



There are primarily two reasons for that. First, you are eating more than you are burning. This may be one of the primary reasons that you are not losing weight.

If this is the situation, you will have to go on a calorie deficit. You can either do it by portion control or counting the calories.

Another reason that you may be gaining weight could be because of your muscle mass.

When you will be doing resistance training, you will start losing fat, however, you will also start gaining muscles. However, muscles are denser and heavier than fat and that will make you gain weight.

This is not a bad thing and you will actually look more toned if this is the case.

How does resistance training help to lose weight?

When you do resistance training, you will start losing fat and gaining muscles. Also, it will increase your body’s fat-burning capacity for the next 24 hours. Also, the more muscle you gain, the more efficient your body becomes with fat burning. This is how resistance training helps you to lose weight.

When you resistance train, your body is in a fat-burning mode for the next 24 hours. Although there are some contrasting ideas to this as well and this after-burn is also dependent on the intensity of the workout.

Due to this intense fat burning, you will start losing weight if the other parameters are the same.

Can you lose weight with just resistance training?

You can lose weight with just resistance training. When you resistance train, you will burn more calories than you did previously. Even if your calorie intake doesn’t change, your bodyweight will change, just because of the additional calorie burn.

However, this process will be slower, as it takes more time to build muscles. Plus, if you are not going into calorie deficit, then the process of burning fat will also be slower.

In a nutshell, you can lose weight with just resistance training. However, it will be slower than if you combine cardio and resistance training.

Do resistance workouts burn fat?

Resistance training burns fat as it forces the muscles to grow through something called muscle hypertrophy. However, such a thing doesn’t happen with fat which melts due to the intensity of the workout.

Although this is what generally happens, a lot has to do with your nutrition as well.

When you are going into a calorie deficit and don’t have a good amount of protein intake, then after some time when your fat store is no more, your body will start breaking down the muscles.

To stop that you have to supply your body with enough amount of protein so that your muscles don’t break down. 

How does resistance training burn fat?

Resistance training burns fat as it increases the after-burn after the exercise Also, it increases the muscle’s size which increases the number of calories that we burn during rest.

With resistance training, you increase something called RMR or resting metabolic rate. RMR is the number of calories that are required by the body to function properly when it is resting.

Also, this RMR is the maximum energy expenditure for any person. Also, in this situation, the body will burn the fat supply as this is its preferred energy source.

Also, this RMR is dependent on the amount of muscles you have. The more muscle you have the higher is your RMR. So, when you increase your muscle mass with resistance training, you are increasing the RMR and thus your fat loss.

Is resistance training good for weight loss?

Yes, resistance training is good for weight loss. It will increase your muscle mass and provide you with a toned body plus, it will increase the after-burn.

Resistance training is very effective in losing weight as you it increases your RMR and also improves your metabolic rate.

However, for weight loss, your resistance training must be challenging. This will help your body to change for the better.

Also, if you want to see your body change, you will have to train each muscle group of your body. The general theme of your resistance training should be to train each muscle group at least 2-3 times a week.

Also, go for 20 repetitions for each exercise. This will make it enough challenging and you will be able to see faster results.

Lose Weight with resistance training. This for of strength training will help you with your weight loss easily. Losing weight is easier with resistance training.
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