I love holidays…

Food, wine and fun. This is what my holidays are all about

Weight gain, heart ache, struggle…

This is the picture of my post holiday fun.

So, here I’m providing you the exact steps to lose all you holiday weight

So, chill and enjoy your heart out…

But before that, take some precaution…

How To Lose Holiday Weight Running?

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Christmas is a time for celebration. 

Where ever you go, you will find a lot to treats to eat.

And most of them are sweets and desserts.

They are loaded with carbs and is the easiest way to load up on calories.

In turn these sugary content will make your body release serotonin.

This feel good hormone will make you crave more sugar afterwards.


Because, once the serotonin level goes down, your body will again want to 

go back to that feel good mode.

As a result, you will go on a dessert binge afterwards.

There is no better way to control it other than to avoid those treats.

Some healthier options can be fresh fruits, smoothies, etc.

But again, this is holidays. You are meant to indulge yourself. 

So, you need a way to tackle this while still being able to enjoy your treats.


The Plan: Do a Speed Workout

Do six to eight 30-second rounds of sprinting at 90 percent of your top speed.

Allow you self to recover from every sprint with a two-minute recovery jogs in between.

When your do harder workouts, your body needs more calories to burn.

This is the only way they can fuel such strenuous run.

So, the only way for your body to do this fast, is to tap into your carbohydrate store.

Result? In less than an hour, you have already burned more than 700 calories.


Dinner Parties With Focus on Cocktails 😉

Cocktails and dinners…

What better way is there to celebrate Christmas.

You want to eat your heat out. Enjoy every sip with your loved ones.

But inside you feel guilty and force yourself to not eat.

Result, is you will go hungry and will ransack your kitchen before sleep

So, either way you will load up a lot of calories.

But if you do the first one, at least you will be satisfied that you have spent some good 

times with your loved ones.

So, relax and enjoy. I’ve have got your covered.

The Plan: Switch to something different

Before you try this, here is an important tip

Don’t skip your meals as you will be attending parties.

What will happen is, you will be terribly hungry and will go on an immediate binge.

Result will be worse than if you have had that full course dinner anyway.

So, have real meals and control the calorie that you will be having.

Also, I’ve found that sipping roiboos tea before or along with the meal helps to control the appetite.

Now the plan.

Do something different with your workout.


Your body will expect that you will go for a run after this heavy binge.

So, trick it to loose even more calories.

Go for weight training or swimming. And the next next day go for a interval workout

For the run, you first do warm-up for 10 min or two miles.

Select one based on your preference.

The do two five min interval at 50% of your top speed.

Give yourself time to recover with an easy jog of 1 min in between

Then do a cool down of 10 min or 2 miles based on your preference.

Dinner Buffet 

I tend to binge on dinner buffets on mostly meat.

I’m a hard core non-vegetarian and love my meats.

My vegetarian readers, please don’t punch on me. 

Anyways, so, generally the next day, I survive mainly on vegetables

and include some lean meat like fish or tofu in my meals.

This way it balances the high sodium content of meats but doesn’t

negate it completely.


The Plan: Tempo Run and Weight Training

You have consumed a lot of meat.

Hence, your body is in a perfect condition to do a speed work followed by weight training

This will crank up your metabolism.

Also, your goal is to reach your body’s proper lactate threshold.

First do a tempo run of 4 miles with your 80% capacity completed by 2 mile jog

Then do weight training to work all your major muscles of your body.

This way you will be able to burn off more than 1000 calories.


Christmas Holidays come once in a year. Don’t spoil the fun by being too strict with yourself.

Follow the above guide lines and you will be good to take on the holidays head on.

Madhusree Basu

Madhusree Basu

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