I did it again 🙁

Munched like crazy…After such long hard work to lose weight, I again went on binge eating.

Why can’t I control myself?

Relax my friend

These are holidays and you are meant to be out of control.

But since you don’t want to throw away your years of hard work, here are a couple of strategies for you.

I’ve made an intentional dietary change for this year. I’ve included The Red Tea Detox Program in my routine…

I really want to enjoy my Christmas and want to look fab as well 😉

I’m digressing, let’s get back to the point

How To Eat Healthy During The Holidays in 2021?

This is the strategy, that we will follow:

  • Increase your meal’s protein content
  • Control your appetite
  • Skip meat for one meal a day
  • Eat slowly
  • Eat only when you are hungry
  • Don’t go out hungry
  • Have a healthy snack handy
  • Use a smaller plate
  • Choose your Indulgences

1. Increase your meal’s protein content

Holidays are meant for indulgence. All the parties will have a huge spread of dips, chips, and platter to choose from.

Choose something which has a lot of protein in it.

Protein is proven to increase satiety and will leave you more satisfied

Also, it will keep you full for a longer period of time.

Some options to try:

Pulse based dishes, egg-based dishes, meat-based dishes.

Also, while choosing meat-based dishes, it is better to choose Turkey, Chicken or Fish. 

Avoid Beef and Pork if possible.

2. Control your appetite

Protein will keep you satisfied and full for longer hours.

But in the process, you will also cut down on the food which you love.

And maybe you indulge yourself in those kinds of food only this time of the year.

Then try this.

Have some kind of tea between your meals.

I love red tea due to its sweetness and detoxification qualities.

However, they are the most effective in cutting down your hunger pangs and will stop you from going on a binge.

Some options to try:

Try this Red Tea Detox Program which is very effective to keep your appetite in check.

Also, it will help you sleep much better at night, which further improves your impulse control.

Red Tea doesn’t have Tannin and Catechins. So, it will not cause any kind of increase in your blood pressure and hence is safe for blood pressure patients also.

Other than that, since it will control your appetite, you will also see a healthy weight loss, with its regular usage.

3. Skip meat for one meal a day

Go meatless for one meal a day.

It will increase your choice of food and your pallet will have more variety to try from.

Also, this will trick your body and mind which is used to eating meat.

Thus with a higher level of metabolism, you will be able to breakdown the carbs faster.

This way you can enjoy the carbs you love.

But do this occasionally and in limited quantity.

Some options to try:

Topping salads with chickpeas, use a black bean stuffing instead of a beef patty.

Have vegetable stir fry, instead of fried chicken. Be creative with this. 

4. Eat slowly

Eat slowly.

Don’t be gluten and shove down your food like there is no tomorrow.

Enjoy it, its texture, smell, flavor, etc.

This way you will appreciate the food more and you will be able to more in sync with the stomach’s stop signal.

Some options to try:

Before putting the food inside your mouth, observe its color, texture, and smell.

After putting it in the mouth, how does it feel?

Any change in aroma? Is it sweet or pungent…

Then start slowly chewing it. Chew it more and some more…

Then only swallow it. This way you will eat less and be more healthy.

What I mean by this is, be mindful when you are eating. 

5. Eat only when your are hungry

This is a no-brainer.

But this simple principle, we break so often, especially during the holidays.

We eat, and eat and then eat some more.

Then by the end of the Holidays, we have already gained 5 kgs.

Don’t be that person. Eat only when you need to.

And if you are using Red Tea Detox, then you will be less like to indulge.

Some options to try:

Before eating something ask yourself: “Am I Hungry?”

If the answer is no, then don’t eat.

Also, to keep yourself from binge eating, sip red rea in between meals.

6. Don’t go out hungry

Another no-brainer.

When you are out and suddenly feel hungry, you tend to make the worst kind of food choices.

Here your brain’s decision-making capacity is clouded by the discomfort of hunger.

It wants solace and will select the one which will provide it quick relief.

And mostly, they are the worst kind of food.

Some options to try:

Have a fruit or some kind of nuts, before you head out of the door.

This will save you later heart burns of bad food choices. 

7. Have a healthy snack handy

As I’ve told you earlier if your brain has to decide when your snack when you are hungry, it is very bad for your health.

My strategy is to keep some nuts handy so that I can reach out to them when needed.

Some options to try:

Keep some fruit of your choice with you. Other options can be nuts, or boiled eggs or a lean meat sandwich.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing a sandwich or bling eggs, you can keep some protein bars handy.

I like Amrita Protein Bars. They are Gluten-free, Soy-free, and Dairy-Free. Also, they are non-GMO certified with no added sugar. They are safe for Vegans as well.

Amrita Foods

8. Use a smaller plate

This is a rule that you should not ditch even during the holidays.

The bigger the plate, the more you will consume. This is our psychology.

So, use a smaller plate. This will automatically cut down on the portion size.

Some options to try:

Use a smaller plate.

9. Choose your Indulgences

Maybe you have a ‘cheat day’ every week, when you indulge yourself a bit.

But this time of the year is special. So, don’t waste your cheats by having something you can have throughout the year 😉 

Some options to try:

Make those special dishes you crave the entire year which are unique to this season like some of your mother’s dishes or your grand mom’s recipes.

Make yourself and your family feel special. That is the whole point of the holidays. Enjoy it to your heart’s content.


Holidays are fun time to be enjoyed with your friends and families.

However, you should not feel guilt of indulging yourself during that time.

So, the best way is to choose your eats wisely like having some healthy snacks handy or including red tea between the meals

With a little care you can beat the post-holiday blues and can truly enjoy it.

And with that I’m signing off…

Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Madhusree Basu

Madhusree Basu

Author, Admin

Blogger and a fitness enthusiast. She loves running and Yoga and everything in between. She started running to manage her weight and to eat to her heart’s content. A true foodie at heart she shares whatever knowledge she has gained throughout the years about weight management and fitness.

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