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Want to catch the deals that you have set your eyes onto for Amazon Prime Day?

Well, here are 23 top hacks for Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals.

These hacks will not only make you faster on catching the deals, they will also make you save a ton of money.

But before we proceed, let’s get your basic set up done.

Sign up for a free 30 day Prime membership trial account.

so that you don’t have to face any problem participating in Prime Day Shopping.

Now that it’s set, let’s look at the hacks to catch the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020.


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1. Sign up for a free 30-day Prime trial and gain Amazon Prime Day access – later cancel if you want to.

Not a Prime member, no problem. 

You can still gain access to Amazon Prime Day deals by signing up for a free 30-day Prime trial account.

You already knew that, don’t you?

Well, here is the interesting part…

You can sign up for free and then cancel the account immediately.

You’ll still have 30 days Prime access and you will still be eligible for Prime Day deals.

With Prime Day you will get deals on millions of products on Amazon and the deals will mostly be better than any average day.

You will also get special offers across Amazon services and also in Whole foods.

2. Download and install the Amazon App to get a $1o credit for your first login

Want some free cash to use on Prime Day?

Make sure to download and install the Amazon App.

The first time you login to the app, you will get a $10 credit from Amazon.

You can use that cash to use for shopping on Prime Day.

Also, one more advantage of having the app on your phone is that, all the deals will be at your fingertips all the time.


You can set alerts, watch deals and give them a quick glance as they go live.

3. Install Amazon’s Assistant Browser extension to get a credit of $5 to use on Prime Day

Want some more cash?

Install Amazon’s Assistant Browser plugin.

You will instantly get a $5 credit from Amazon.

With this browser extension, you can keep a close watch on all the deals.

Also, you will be able to discover products and compare prices across the web.

4. View deals 24 hours early and plan a better shopping strategy

I can’t be serious right?


It’s true that you can view the Prime day deals 24 hours early.

You just have to hit the “Upcoming” link to view them.

This way you will have plenty of time to create you shopping strategy or implements hacks that we will present below.

5. Use your shopping cart as a Lightning deal catching device

You wait and watch…watch how fast they are going…going…and poof…gone!

Lighting deals are available to you 24 hours earlier for viewing and watching.

However, once they go live, they are there for a very short period of time.

And once they sell out, they are gone.

If you want to catch a Lighting deal, then start following you preferred one beforehand.

So that you don’t have to waste time to scout for your favorite deal once they go live, select the one you like and save it in your shopping cart.

It will not only save time when the deal goes live, but will help you to catch the deal faster.

Essentially, for such deals, your shopping cart is your best tool. 

6. Add items to “Your List” to get notified when the sale goes live

This is a nifty little trick that I learnt sometime back.

You find some deals you like (24 hour prior they go live)

Select those and add them to your list

With this feature you will be able to get a notification when the deal goes live.

This little trick can help you to stay ahead of the crowd and catch the deals faster.

7. Want to get the best discounts? Catch the spotlight deals.

Spotlight deals provides you with popular items and top brands.

Most of them are bestsellers of sorts. However, these deals are available until the stock lasts.

But mos of the time, Amazon maintains a huge inventories of these products and the deals tends to last longer tan the lighting deals.

However, once they are gone, they are gone. You will never get that deal back.

So, keep an watch on these deals and hop on early.

How to find them?

Check the “Shop All Deals” link in Amazon. 

8. Best deals should be in these 4 categories

Last year the deals were provided in these following categories:



✅ Check Deals!


TV & Video

✅ Check Deals!


Toys & Games

✅ Check Deals!

Smart Homes

Smart Homes & Devices

✅ Check Deals!

We are expecting that this year also there will be similar deals available.

So, make sure to check out these categories to find the best deals in the celebrated products.

9. Here are the deals that you should wait until Black Friday

Although for the above categories, you will get best deals on Prime Day, however, there are some where you should get better deals on Black Friday.

Here are some of the categories, we found to have better discounts on Black Friday:

10. Focus on deals bearing Prime logo to get a better delivery experience.

Amazon is gradually rolling out there 1-Day free shipping for Prime Members.

Also, this transition should be complete by the time Prime Day arrives.

Anything bearing a Prime logo is a promise from Amazon that they will ship it in 1-Day.

That means, if you order on Prime Day, like magic, the goods will be delivered to you next day.

However, if you shop something without the Prime logo, you may or may not receive it the next day as some sellers take time to ship.

Also, in case you need to return such a product, it may become a hassle and it will only result in frustration.

11. Alexa has exclusive and better deals for you.

Amazon is heavy on promoting its own product like Echo Plus.

However, none of the promotion will be effective if nobody buys it.

So, as a way to show that you will get additional benefits if you purchase their products, Amazon has become creative.

If you shop through Alexa you have a greater chance of getting a better deal as a token of appreciation from Amazon.

12. Sign-up for an Amazon Credit Card to get 5-10% discount on all your purchases.

Just think about it..

On Prime Day you will already have a lot of discounts on your favorite product.

Now a 5-10% discount on top of that is really the best deal that you can get.

Why not sign-up for an Amazon Credit Card and save that amount.

For Amazon Credit Card you have two options.

1. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card – You will have a privilege to use it everywhere. Also, this card is available for both Prime and non-Prime members (though the reward is lesser for non-Prime customers). Plus there is no Annual fee.

2. Amazon.com Store Card – You will receive a $10 gift card upon account opening and 5% return on every purchase. Plus this doesn’t have any annual fee and is exclusive to Prime members.

However, to get extra discount on the above cards, you must become a member of Amazon Prime.

I would suggest that for Prime Day, you enroll for Amazon.com Store Card. Any big purchases you can do with this one, get 5% discount, plus access to 0% interest for 12 months Equal Pay.

13. Want a faster delivery? Use Amazon Prime Now and get it in an hour

Want to find more deals on Prime Day?

Go ahead and start browsing in Amazon Prime Now.

There you will not only get more and sometimes better deals, you purchases will be delivered to you within an hour.

14. No rush to get the delivery? Then get a $5 Amazon Prime Pantry Credit when you choose free No-rush shipping

Now that you don’t need your delivery immediately, why not earn few extra bucks from it?

Choose a free No-Rush Shipping and you will receive a $5 Prime Pantry Reward.

However, you will receive this credit only after your product is shipped.

So, you may have to wait for this credit a bit.

15. Are you sure you are getting lowest price for your offer? Be double sure with CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel CamelCamelCamel


Prime Day rocks…and we all know that.

But are you getting the best deal for the product of your choice?

Not sure?

Then use CamelCamelCamel. This is a free tool to check the price of any product on Amazon.

When you enter the URL of a product, it will show you the historical prices of that product.

This way you can be double sure of the deal you choose.

Buyers remorse is a very bad thing and no one wants to deal with it 😉

16. Use Prime Day Coupons and Codes to get better discounts

Amazon Prime Day provides you with superb deals.

However, there is no harm in making the deals better for you and save more money in the process.

Keep your eye open for special Prime Day Coupons and Codes.

You may have manually enter the coupon codes, or just have to click apply.

Check the product page for details before adding them to your shopping cart.

If such a deal exists, you will get the Subscribe and Save coupons for Prime day on this page.

Using these coupons you can sometimes save as high as 50% on your selected products.

17. Want to make your home smarter? Do that now

We all know about echo and other Amazon devices.

They are great to make your home smarter.

To be honest, they are good but we don’t like to pay the whole price.


These products are at a huge discount on Prime Day from Amazon as they want to promote them better.

Look out for such deals, you will get the same products at a heavily discounted price.

18. Save the date…

Imagine how embarrassing it will be if you suddenly remember at the end of the day that it is the Prime Day.

Not only that, the deals that you wanted to catch are long gone and you no have to pay more to get those products as you cannot delay it any more.

Why to go through that?

Instead save the date on your phone when the date is actually announced.

Bookmark this page and come back early July. Amazon would have announced the date and we would have already update.

Once you get the date, update your phone with the actual date.

Set two reminders…one a day early than Prime Day so that you can review the upcoming deals and plan.

Second, early in the Prime Day window.

Using this with all the steps we have given above, we assure you that you will get the best deal that is out there. 

19. Save your payment information and correct address for a better shopping experience

You shopping will go way faster if you don’t have to hunt for your credit card information at the end of the checkout process.

Also, you may have bad shopping experience if you have outdated credit card information.

Make sure all your payment information and shipping address is proper in Amazon.

You want to get the goods delivered to you after purchase, don’t you?

20. Watch out for the early deals

Before Prime Day starts, many vendors starts to sell at a discounted price.

You will see such deals couple of days prior to Prime Day.

These deals are comparable to Prime Day’s deals and you will also have to tackle with less competition to win the deal.

So, watch out for those deals and enjoy a fulfilling shopping experience.

21. Get best deals from Whole Foods and stock up your pantry

Not only you will get great deals at Amazon, Whole Foods also provides excellent deals on Prime Day.

However, to avail those deals, you will have to be a member of Amazon Prime.

It works, even if you are on your free 30-Day trial of Amazon Prime.

Here is a sample deal from last year:

  • Boneless chicken breasts, $3.99 per pound, (40% off)
  • Icelandic cod fillets, $8.99/lb., (save $6 per pound)
  • Organic strawberries, 1 pound container, 2 for $5
  • Allegro bagged coffee, buy one, get one free
  • MegaFood Vitamins & Supplements, (30% off)
  • RXBAR Protein Bars, all flavors, 2 for $3
  • Waterloo Sparkling Water (12 pack 12 oz. cans), 2 for $7
  • Honey Nut Cheerios, buy one, get one free
  • Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps, $4.99
  • Self-serve tea cookies by the pound, (40% off)

Also, if they spent $10 or more at Whole Foods, they were offered a $10 credit to use during Prime Day extravaganza.

22. Take advantage of amazon reload and earn a 2% reward

If you are a Prime member, then every time you reload from you designated debit card, you get a 2% reward.

Take advantage of this amazon reload and shop more.

23. Turn on 1-Click Ordering so that your shopping goes faster and you can capture more deals

Take full advantage of 1-Click Ordering.

This will make your shopping way faster and you will be able to capture more deals.


Everybody will be watching Amazon Prime Day deals like a hawk.

You are in a much better place as you know these nifty hacks to get better deals faster.

The only glitch that can happen now is that you forget to enroll for Amazon Prime.

Don’t be that person, sign up now and get a fully functional Prime membership comes with 30 day free trial.

Happy Shopping!

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