Brooks Bedlam vs Adrenaline. Both of these running shoes are for runners with overpronation. They are similar in weight, price, and use. Then what is the difference?

We have gathered all the required information for you to make an informed choice and our comparison baseline is Brooks Bedlam 3 and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21.

If you don’t know the answer yet and want to zero in on a choice, then read on.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the detailed comparison of Brooks Bedlam vs Adrenaline.

Brooks Bedlam Vs Brooks Adrenaline GTS-min

This is our winner

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Why it is better?

  • Excellent cushioning.
  • Good amount of protection.
  • Great comfort.
  • Truly customized fit.
  • Good for both long and short distance running.
  • Knee focused design.
  • DNA LOFt for entire midsole.

Brooks Bedlam Vs Adrenaline – An Overview

Both Brooks Bedlam and Brooks Adrenaline are both meant for the same set of runners. If you are a runner with overpronation, you can comfortably use both of these shoes.

Then the obvious question is, how are these two running shoes different from each other?

The main difference between Brooks Bedlam vs Brooks Adrenaline is that Brooks Bedlam has DNA AMP in its midsole whereas, for Brooks Adrenaline, it is DNA LOFT in the midsole.

Other than this, there are still a lot of differences between these two running shoes that we will cover in the following sections…

So, without further ado, let’s begin…

Brooks Bedlam Vs Brooks Adrenaline GTS – Features at a glance

Brooks Bedlam 3 Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Brooks Women's Bedlam 3 Running Shoe - Black/Blackened Pearl/White - 8 Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 21 Supportive Running Shoe - Black/Blackened Pearl/Nocturne - 7 Medium
Find on Amazon! Find on Amazon!
Type Support/Stability Support/Stability
Heel-to-toe Drop 8mm 12mm
Weight 9.5oz / 269.3g (Women)
10.8oz / 306.2g (Men)
9.1oz/258g (Women)
10.4oz/294.8g (Men)
Arch Support Medium, High Medium, High
Midsole Type Energize Cushion
Technology GuideRails, DNA AMP 3D Fit Print, Segmented Crash Pad, DNA LOFT, BioMoGo DNA
Sizes 5.0 – 12.0 (Women)
7.0 – 15.0 (Men)
5.0 – 12.0 (Women)
7.0 – 15.0 (Men)
Width Normal (Women)
Normal (Men)
Normal, Narrow 2A, Wide D (Women)
Normal, Narrow B, Wide 2E, Extra Wide 2E (Men)
Use Long Distance, Speed / Track, Cross Training, Treadmill, Road Long Distance, Road Running, Cross Training, Treadmill
Editor’s Rating 4 star rating-92X25-min 4 and a half star-92X25-min
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The main differences between Brooks Bedlam Vs Brooks Adrenaline

  • Brooks Bedlam is a stability running shoe that provides you with great energy return. Brooks Adrenaline is also stability running shoe meant to provide you with cushioning.
  • You can use Brooks Bedlam for every type of running including running on the tracks. Brooks Adrenaline, however, cannot be used on the tracks.
  • The latest version of Brooks Bedlam is 3 and that of Brooks Adrenaline is 21.
  • Fitwise, Brooks Bedlam comes in only one toe-box width, whereas Brooks Adrenaline has the full range of widths for toe-boxes.
  • Bedlam 3 uses DNA AMP in the midsole whereas Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 uses DNA LOFT in the midsole.
  • Brooks Bedlam uses energize level 3 cushioning. Brooks Adrenaline on the other hand comes with cushion level 2 cushioning.
  • The sole unit of Brooks Bedlam 3 is a bit stiffer than Brooks Adrenaline 21.
  • Brooks Bedlam has a wraparound sock-like fit around the ankle whereas Brooks Adrenaline comes with a more traditional padded tongue and collar.

Brooks Bedlam Vs. Adrenaline – A head to head comparison

In the above, we have provided you all the differences between Brooks Bedlam and Brooks Adrenaline.

However, these are not all the differences…These two running shoes are so different like cheese and chalk and cannot be covered only with highlights.

Below I’ve taken up each aspect of Bedlam and Adrenaline and have compared them side by side.

There will be a lot of information covered in the below sections. If you are not keen on reading, you can check the below images for details.

Now, let’s read on…


Both Brooks Adrenaline GTS and Brooks Bedlam 3 have the same kind of blown rubber in the outsole. However, the way it is spread across the sole surface is a bit different.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 comes with a segmented crash pad whereas Brooks Bedlam 3 only has proper grooves for optimal grip.

The benefit of a segmented crash pad is that, no matter how your feet land, it will absorb the shock and will keep your feet protected.

No segmentation contributes to the overall stiffness and responsiveness of Brooks Bedlam. However, with Brooks Adrenaline, it is far easier to transition from heel to toe.


Also, another big difference between these two running shoes is that Brooks Bedlam can be easily used on the tracks. However, with Adrenaline, you cannot run on the tracks.

Brooks Bedlam Vs Adrenaline Pros and Cons-min


Now, let’s move on from the outsole to the midsole.

This is where the key difference lies for Brooks Bedlam and Brooks Adrenaline.

The midsole of Brooks Bedlam 3 has DNA AMP. In this version, DNA AMP is 20% lighter although the amount of cushioning that it provides is similar to the previous version.

But what is DNA AMP?

To make a more responsive midsole material, Brooks wrapped the DNA LOFT in another layer of rubber. This immensely improves the snappiness of Bedlam and works like a rocket under your feet.

Not only that, but these running shoes also have full body GuideRails that not only protect your knees but also offer a smoother transition.

The midsole of Brooks Adrenaline has DNA LOFT which is a softer material than DNA AMP and helps you to get a more cushioned ride.

However, this running shoe is not as responsive as Bedlam.

Another important difference is the overall heel-to-toe drop of this running shoe.

Brooks Bedlam has a drop of around 8mm whereas Brooks Adrenaline has a drop of around 12mm.

This makes Adrenaline a preferred choice for runners with issues like Achilles Tendonitis or any other calf-related issues.


The upper of Brooks Adrenaline is made with 3D fit print technology and that of Brooks Bedlam is engineered flat-knit mesh.

Both of these upper technologies will provide you with a custom fit and will provide you with an irritation-free experience.

Brooks Bedlam has special breathable zones that will keep you cooler and drier during the entire duration of the run.

Also, Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a more traditional running shoe than Brooks Bedlam.

The former comes with a typical padded collar and tongue, whereas the latter comes with a wraparound socklike fit along with a pseudo-tongue that is stitched to the upper.

Due to this, some of the users don’t like Bedlam as it rubs against their Achilles area and may result in a blister.

However, since these running shoes come with a traditional lacing system, it provides a very secured fit at the mid-foot.

Look wise also, both Bedlam and Adrenaline are completely different. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is more traditional looking whereas Brooks Bedlam 3 has a more edgy look.

Also, another big difference is that the upper of these two shoes have a different number of widths available. Brooks Adrenaline 21 has a full range of widths for both genders. However, Brooks Bedlam 3 only has the Normal width available.

This makes Adrenaline a preferred choice for most runners.

However, arch-support-wise, both of these shoes are the same. Both of them support medium to high arches. If you don’t medium to high arch, you may have to deal with severe pain during running.

Look-wise, both of these shoes are very pleasant with Bedlam having a refreshingly new appearance. Brooks Adrenaline, on the other hand, flaunts a more elegant look and is more traditional in appearance.

The breathability of both of these shoes is also very good. However, I felt, Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a bit better than Brooks Bedlam. It feels much airier and you will not feel hot inside this shoe at all.

As mentioned previously, some of the runners mentioned that their Achilles rubs against Brooks Bedlam’s collar and you may develop a boil initially. However, after a couple of uses, you will not have this issue.

Brooks Adrenaline will not cause any such kind of irritation to your skin and you will be comfortable in it, right out of the box.

Brooks Bedlam Vs Brooks Adrenaline Core Specs-min


Weight-wise, there is hardly much difference between Brooks Bedlam and Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

Brooks Bedlam weighs around 9.5oz/269.3g for women and 10.8oz/306.2g for men whereas Brooks Adrenaline weighs around 9.1oz/258g for women and 10.4oz/294.8g for men.

So, there may seem a couple of ounces’ difference, you will hardly notice any difference in your performance.


Price-wise also, there is no difference between Brooks Bedlam Vs Adrenaline.

Each of them is priced at around $150 when initially launched. It is still almost the same.

However, many of us may not want to pay such a hefty price for a running shoe. If that is the case, then go for Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 and Brooks Bedlam 2 which is now selling at a heavy discount.

Both of these running shoes are great and will keep you company for a long period of run.

Above are all the differences between Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 and Brooks Bedlam 3.

If you want to look at some alternatives to both the shoes, then read on…

Similar Shoes

Running Shoes Similar To Brooks Bedlam 3

A lot of running shoes can serve as a good alternative to Brooks Bedlam.

However, we are still working on the list. For the time being, you can take a look at the running shoe mentioned below:

ASICS Gel Kayano 28
5,298 Reviews
ASICS Gel Kayano 28
  • Engineered mesh upper improves breathability:
  • OrthoLite X-55 sockliner: Improves comfort
  • AHAR Plus Outsole: Strategically positioned in critical areas of the outsole, this exceptionally durable compound is 50% more durable than standard ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

Last update on 2024-04-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Running Shoes Similar To Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 has some very good alternatives.

Here is the entire list of the Best Brooks Adrenaline GTS alternatives for you to try.

Also, here is one running shoe that we particularly like:

Mizuno Wave Inspire 17
1,680 Reviews
Mizuno Wave Inspire 17
  • Enerzy Foam: Mizuno Enerzy Foam is more responsive and has more springy qualities compared to former Running EVA technologies - U4ic and U4icX.
  • U4ic Midsole: Delivers optimal shock reduction, durability, and a superior ride. Innovatively light, well cushioned, responsive, and resilient.
  • X10 Outsole: Durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear.

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Brooks Bedlam Vs Adrenaline Durability-min


We have provided you with all the details of the “Brooks Adrenaline GTS Vs Bedlam review”.

You will get all the required information to make the correct decision for yourself.

However, we found that, due to certain characteristics like a probable initial Achilles rub by Brooks Bedlam, Brooks Adrenaline steals the show.

This is the reason we chose Brooks Adrenaline over Brooks Bedlam.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

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