The anatomy of women’s feet is different.

So, when choosing a running shoe for your high arches and supination, be careful

Although you have a limited choice, here are the 6 best women’s running shoes for high arches and supination.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18 Running Shoes is the most suitable for your feet condition and is best for road running.

However, do check out the others as well.

Our Top Picks

For Roads:

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18 Running Shoes

“Comfortable and responsive. Great shock absorption”

For Trails:

Salomon Women’s X-Mission 3 W Trail Runner

“Supportive cushioning for ultimate comfort. Capable to take on any trails”

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If you have high arches and supination, then naturally your feet and your joints are not as equipped to absorb shock.

For this reason, your running shoe needs to have a lot of shock absorption capability and cushioning.

Brooks Glycerin 18 is the best in this matter. They are super cushy and is very responsive.

Also, the BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT materials of the mid-sole and the heels are very shock absorbent.

The out-sole has blown rubber placed at strategic zones of high impact.

Also, the DNA LOFT transition zone of the forefoot helps you shock absorption and also with an easy heel to toe-off.

The upper has 3D Fit Print mesh material. This is a stretchable mesh which makes it easy to adapt to your feet’s need.

The collar and the tongue are padded and this helps your feet to be stable, even in the longer runs.

  •   Plush cushioning and support.
  •   Highly shock absorbent.
  •   Lightweight.
  •   Good arch support.
  •   Good for people with arthristis or plantar fasciitis.
  •   The tongue width is reduced from previous versions.
  •   The width seems a bit off.
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Brooks Women's Ghost 11

Another highly cushioned shoe from Brooks. However, Brooks Ghost 11 is not as highly cushioned as Glycerin.

On Brooks cushion scale it is 2 on 3 with 3 being the highest.

The cushioning of this running shoe comes from the plush BioMoGo DNA mid-sole material from Brooks.

It is super comfortable and is greatly shock absorbent. This is a must if you have high arches and supination.

The out-sole has highly durable rubber placed at the high impact zones.

Also, the forefoot has a segmented transition zone. This makes it very easy for your heel-to-toe off.

The upper is made from engineered mesh and is very supportive and stretchy.

It gives you a comfortable fit and also keeps the inner environment of the shoe healthy.

  •   Good cushioning and support.
  •   Very responsive.
  •   Good or people with plantar fasciitis.
  •   Great for long distance running.
  •   Fit seems smaller.
  •   Wears out faster than previous versions with same amount of usage.
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Salomon Women's X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoes

This is one of the best trail runners around. They are super cushy and comfortable to run in.

Also, they provide you with ample arch support and is highly shock absorbent.

The shock absorption comes from the molded EVA foam mid-sole which is an industry standard.

It also makes these shoes lightweight and flexible.

The out-sole is made from blown rubber and has aggressive lugs.

These lugs penetrates on the soft ground to give you a stable ride.

This also makes you less accident prone.

It comes with one-pull quick lace technology for a faster put on and put off.

The out-sole has 3D Grip which helps your to get traction on various surfaces.

  •   Responsive and light weight mid-sole.
  •   Sesiflex technology for a custom fit.
  •   Quick Lace Technology for a faster put on and put off.
  •   Great traction on wet surface.
  •   The laces are very thin and rubs up the tongue. This causes the tongue material to fray faster.
  •   Back of the shoe seems to be narrower.
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Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe

Want to ride the waves then these running shoes are for you.

It comes with the Mizuno CloudWaves and are perfect to absorb any kind of shock.

Also, this makes this running shoe very responsive and you will have a great running experience always.

The mid-sole is made from U4ic material and is very cushy. They are also great in shock absorption.

On the out-sole you have high abrasion rubber which makes it very durable and provides it with a superior grip.

The upper is made from engineered mesh and is very breathable. 

This keeps the in-shoe environment very healthy. 

It also has very good arch support which help you support your high arches.

This is a low-drop shoe which will provide you with a very natural running experience.


  •   Great for Supination.
  •   Lightweight mid-sole with great shock absorption.
  •   Good Arch support
  •   Lasts longer than the other shoes of the same class.
  •   Quality seems to be not up-to the mark.
  •   Toe-box has become tighter.
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ASICS Women's GEL-Kinsei 6 Running Shoe

This running shoe has very good shock absorption both at the fore-foot and the rear-foot due to gel cushioning.

It dissipated the shock by using the Impact Guidance Line or the I.G.S System.

This keeps your feet protected as naturally high arched people have stiffer feet.

Also the upper is made from Fluidfit upper which is a stretchable mesh and adapts to your feet.

This helps you to get a more custom fit and also the mesh moves with your feet.

This makes you feel like a second skin on your feet.

It has a Discreet Heel Unit and Propulsion Trusstic technology. This helps you to have a comfortable and fluid running experience.

Also, this running shoe has a seamless construction. This provide you with an irritation free running experience.

  •   Very soft and cushy running experience.
  •   Great with shock absorption.
  •   Great arch support.
  •   Blister free running experience.
  •   Toe-box seems to be narrow.
  •   Some customers got sore Achilles. Try before you buy.


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Saucony Ride ISO Women's

Lightweight and cushy. These running shoes will provide you with ultimate running comfort.

The mid-sole is made from EVA foam and makes it great at cushioning and shock absorption.

Also, the out-sole is made from blown rubber. This makes it long lasting and keeps you stable on the roads.

The upper is made from high quality breathable mesh and is very stretchy.

This helps it to adapt to your stride and provides you with a great custom fit

It comes with a traditional lace up closure and this keeps these shoes securely fastened to your feet.

Also, for additional stability, these running shoes has padded collar and tongue. 

  •   Improved ISO fit.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Very good cushioning.
  •   Stylish.
  •   For some the toe box is a bit narrow.
  •   The tongue is attached on the inside. This may be uncomfortable for some runners.


Q) What running shoe has the best arch support?

A: The kind of arch support you require is completely dependent on your feet.

If you have a low to flat arch then you have one kind of requirement, whereas, if you have a high arch, you will have a different requirement.

Here are some running shoes that have the best arch support for:

Flat to Low Arch:

High arch

Q) Is high arch Overpronation?

A: High arch and overpronation are two completely different things.

Having one doesn’t guarantee the other.

Overproation is a feet condition where you feet rolls inwards upon touching the ground.

However, most of the times people who have overpronation tends to have flat feet or low arch.

High arch is when the arch of the feet caves upwards.

Most of the time, such people also suffer from a feet condition called underpronation or supination. 

Q) Is having a high arch in your foot bad?

A: To some extent ‘Yes’. Due to high arch, you foot will have lesser flexibility and will not able to absorb shock as effectively.

So, you will be more prone to foot, hip, knee and shin injuries. 

Q) How do you strengthen your foot?

A: If you have high arches, chances are, your foot is weak.

Here is an effective workout routine to stregthen your feet:


If you are a women with high arches and supination, you have a limited choice when it comes to running shoes.

However, we have found these best women’s running shoes for high arches and supination will help you to a great extent.

Also, we found that Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18 Running Shoes is the best and is ideal in an urban setting.

You may want to try it out.

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