The anatomy of feet differs in Men and Women.

So, the running shoes throughout the years have adapted themselves to give both genders a special experience.

Also, if you suffer from bunions, it is very much needed that you choose proper running shoes for bunions.

In fact for women, I find Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes to be the best.

However, you may not be a neutral runner or a roadrunner ;), then your running shoe requirements will be different.

So, in the below list, you will find the best women’s running shoes for bunions in [current_year].

If you don’t choose a proper running shoe, you will only be making your condition worse.

Also, along with shoes, you will be more comfortable if you use bunion socks.

Now let’s find out, what we’ve selected for you…

Best Women’s Running Shoes For Bunions in [current_year]

When looking for the best women’s running shoes for bunions in [current_year], you need to keep two things in mind.

Our Top Picks

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Why it is the best match for roads?

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Wider toe-box
  • Extended DNALOFT cushioning till forefoot

Last update on 2024-04-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Why it is the best match for Trails?

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Wider toe-box
  • Stylish

Here is the complete list of best running shoes with bunions.

All these shoes are lightweight, responsive and most importantly accommodate your bunions.

So, feel free to pick one and run your heart out without the fear of tremendous pain.

Top women’s running shoes with bunions in [current_year]

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Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes

If you have bunions, the first thing you will observe that your feet need more space in the toe box area.

So, any shoe which is narrow in that area will not suit you.

Brooks Ghost 13 has done a good job here as they have a lot of wiggle space in the toe box area.

The next thing that you would need is the front region of the sole should be flexible and supportive. 

Also, it should be able to absorb the shock when your feet strike the ground so that no extra pressure is there on your bunions.

The forefoot of the outsole of this shoe has segmented Crash Pad which absorbs shock much better providing you with required feet protection.

For additional softness and comfort, the Midsole has BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT

This also makes the shoes very lightweight. The upper of these shoes made up of stretchy mesh material and it adapts itself as per your feet and keeps it cools and dry.

  •   Presence of Crash Pad in Forefoot makes it ideal for bunion protection
  •   Multipurpose shoes and can be used for HIIT workouts
  •   Comfortable and lightweight
  •   Good for high arched foot
  •   Good protection for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Less durable tan previous versions.
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Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe

Salomon tackles the forefoot in a little different way than Brooks Ghost 13.

It has two built-in technology, one is Sensifit which cradles the upper instep and promotes the natural rolling motion of the feet.

Due to this supportive design, it takes away a lot of stress from your bunions.

Also, the forefoot of the sole has SensiFlex which provides both lateral support and stretch. This is helpful when your forefoot expands during contact with the ground.

This extra level of support reduces further pressure from your bunions.

Apart from this, it has a breathable mesh upper and lightweight midsole molded with EVA foam.

You can also, comfortably use it on trails as it comes with contra grip traction which maintains its traction even on the slippery surfaces.

Also, as with all Salomon, this comes with the Quicklace system which gives you a customized fit.

  •   Good for people who suffer from bunions and plantar fasciitis.
  •   Suited for both roads and trails.
  •   It provides you with a lot of stability.
  •   Wide toe box.
  •   Some find the lacing system a bit challenging.
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New Balance Men's 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

You will get an incredibly stable ride in this fresh foam running shoes.

They have an engineered mesh forefoot and the mid-foot has excellent support.

They have great cushioning near the forefoot and the segmented forefoot makes it easier for you for a heel to toe transition.

This takes away any pressure from the bunions and it doesn’t worsen your condition.

The logo is non-sew and is made of a stretchable material.

So, it doesn’t cause your skin to get irritated.

The heel to drop is somewhere around 8 mm.

  •   Neutral running shoes with good cushion.
  •   Good for bunions, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain.
  •   Wide toe box.
  •   Good stability.
  •   For some, the padding seems to be less inside.
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ASICS Women's Gel-Foundation 13 Running Shoes

It has reinforced cushioning and stability and is built for severe to moderate overpronation.

The toe box is very roomy and you have ample space to wiggle your toes.

It is also more deep and wide in the midfoot and forefoot making it very comfortable to wear.

The ComfyDry sock liner provides cushioning performance and is anti-odor.

SpEVA midsole maximizes energy return and reduces the midsole breakdown.

DuraSponge® out-sole material in the forefoot delivers cushioning and long-lasting wear.

This also releases any kind of pressure that may develop and this keeps your bunions happy.

  •   Good for moderate to high overpronation.
  •   Wider toe box.
  •   Extra padding in the forefoot.
  •   Lightweight.
  •   No “breaking in” period.


  •   For some these shoes seems larger in size.
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Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

This is a pair of very comfortable shoes if you have bunions.

The wider toe box makes it very accommodating of your bunions.

Also,  it has a proven Cloud Wave platform. So, you will get a very smooth and responsive ride.

The midsole has Mizuno’s soft heel center making it more comfortable for you to wear.

The upper is engineered stretch mesh. So, it adapts itself with each footstep of yours.

The heel zone is also articulate. This gives you a smoother transition.

  •   Good for runners with plantar fasciitis, and bunion.
  •   Great for marathon running.
  •   Roomy toe box.
  •   Good arch support.
  •   The logo outside may feel a bit stiff.

Buyer’s Guide for best women’s running shoes for bunions

When selecting a running shoe for a woman suffering from bunions, the general principle is the same.

However, since their feet are significantly different than that of men’s they should not settle for something which will not cater to their unique feet.

The anatomical difference of a woman’s feet:

The main difference between a woman’s and a man’s feet is the relationship between the heel and the forefoot.

Women tend to have narrower heels compared to the circumference of the ball of their foot.

Also, they tend to have higher arches than that of men’s feet of equivalent size.

So, in general shoes of women have a bit more space in the toe box and also are a bit more flexible.

This is the reason that you should not settle for a men’s shoe as it can potentially hurt you.

Other than this, here are the other factors that you should keep in mind while selecting a pair for your bunions.

Bunion running shoe characteristics to look for: 

  • Enough space in the toe-box
  • Upper should have mesh
  • A bunion window (It is a mesh layer over the bunion area)
  • Good cushioning at the forefoot
  • Good fitting at the heel (some have special technologies like heel clutching system)
  • Arch support (if required)
  • Shoe lacing can be altered (You should have two pair of holes near the tongue in place of one. This allows you to alter the lacing if required)


Many runners who suffer from bunions tend to have flat feet or low arches.

In such cases, you should use a running shoe that will provide you with good arch support.

However, this arch support should not be too high, otherwise, you will end up having achy feet.

Also, it should be able to control your pronation in one of the below two ways:

Stability – They are most effective in mild to medium pronation.

Generally, these running shoes will have more padding in the tongue and the collar and will keep your feet in place.

Motion Control – They are meant for people with severe overpronation. However, they can be used by other pronators as well.

This type of running shoe will not let your feet twist inside your shoe by using certain technologies.

In other words, they will control the motion of the feet.

If you are someone who is suffering from bunions and has flat feet, then these running shoes will be great a great place to start your research.


There is a general misconception that runners with bunions have flat feet.

It is true that a lot of runners with bunions have flat feet, however, there are others who are underpronators (or their feet roll outwards when they hit the ground).

In such cases, almost all the time they have high arches.

If you are someone who belongs to this section of runners, select something which has high arch support like Brooks Ghost 13.

Also, for further research, apart from the above running shoes, you can also check out the below lists of running shoes:


It may come as a big surprise that neutral runners may also have bunions.

However, this is true.

A bunion is a bony bump under your big toe base. Sure, it is a hereditary condition, but this is just one of the reasons.

Many women who wear pointed or tight-fitting shoes end up having bunions.

So, yes, neutral runners can also have bunions.

In such cases, you should select a running shoe that has the characteristics mentioned above.

Bunion Step-Over

Bunion runners need a lot of space in their toe box.

Sometimes wearing a wide running shoe doesn’t solve the problem completely.

In such cases, you can make additional space in your toe box by using a special lacing technique.

It is called bunion step-over.

Here are the detailed instructions of how to tie a bunion step-over:

Bunion Window

No matter how good your running shoe is or how pricey it is, your bunion just doesn’t care.

You will have to be in insufferable pain if the upper of your shoe is rigid.

When you run there will be brushing off the sidewalls and the bunions.

At that time the bunion will provide an opposite pressure on the shoe wall and vice versa.

During that time, if the walls of the shoe don’t make space for your bunion, then you are in trouble.

So, a bunion window or a mesh over the bunion area is ideal.

It creates enough space for the bunion and it will not rebel as often.


Altra women’s Intuition – Are they good for my bunions?

Yes, Altra Women’s Intuition Running Shoes are good for your bunions.


As mentioned above, one of the most important features of any running shoe for bunions is a wide toe box.

Altra intuition has that. Also, they have the FootPod and they keep your toes separated.

So, when you run, your toes will not cram, and also the sidewalls will not put any pressure on your bunions.

Hence, you will always remain comfortable and will not have to deal with the unpleasantness of a sore bunion.

However, if you are looking to purchase this running shoe, you should go for Altra Women’s Intuition 4.5 rather than 4.0.

4.5 has been significantly improved and according to most of the runners using them, they are way better than the previous version.

Glycerin vs Ghost – Which Brooks running shoe is good for my bunions?

Glycerin vs Ghost…

Well, that is a tough question to answer.

Both are great in their own right and it completely depends on what you like.


Because both Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17 and Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 are neutral running shoes and have wide fitting available.

However, the only difference is Glycerin 17 has more cushioning than Ghost 13.

I prefer Brooks Ghost that way, but the choice is completely up to you.

If you like more cushioning then go for Glycerin…they are one of the most comfortable running shoes around.

Are minimalist running shoes for bunions good?

Yes, they can be very good for bunions as the will gradually work towards strengthening your feet.

If you have strong muscles then it will stop bunions from aggravating.

However, there is only one thing that you should remember when you are selecting this kind of running shoe.

Go for a wider toe box. However, if you go for something like Vibram V fingers, then this problem will be solved.

Also, you will get a near barefoot running experience, which is best for strengthening your feet.

Looking for best running shoes for bunions for women? Here are the absolute top ones. These running shoes will help you to run without the problem of bunion pain. Also, they are specially selected for women so you will not have to keep searching.

Looking for best running shoes for bunions for women? Here are the absolute top ones. These running shoes will help you to run without the problem of bunion pain. Also, they are specially selected for women so you will not have to keep searching.

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