Blisters are a nuisance. Those fluid-filled bubbles are annoying, to begin with, and when they pop, they become painful…And takes days to heal and leaves nasty scars…

Plus, with them, you can hardly run as they will constantly remind you that they are there with their pain and persistent irritation…

However, if you have to stop walking or your regular exercise because of that, the problem is twofold….first you have to bear the trouble of having a blister plus your health goals will suffer…

Then again, you really cannot do much, if you have blister-prone feet…or can you?

If you think that this is a lost cause, then take a look at New Balance 874v4…I’m not saying that it will take away all your blister problems, but it will surely minimize them…This is an effective solution if you have blister-prone feet…

However, if you are not a fan of New Balance or you want to try out some other shoe or you are just simply curious, check out the rest of the walking shoes in our below list of “best walking shoes for blister-prone feet“. Hopefully, they will help…

Best Walking Shoes For Blister-Prone Feet (Detailed Review)


The first walking shoe on the list is New Balance 847v4. I always like New Balance shoes due to the comfortable width that they provide.

New Balance 847 is also not an exception…

But why is required if you are trying to avoid blisters?

First of all, if your toes are cramped in a smaller toe-box, they will rub against one another. This friction will generate heat and will create blisters.

Also, a similar thing will happen with the walls of the shoes that will get rubber against the sides of your feet. This increases the probability of getting a blister.

However, with a wider toe-box like that in New Balance 874, such a problem will not occur and your toes can easily splay without getting rubbed against the walls of the shoe.

Also, the overall fit of the New Balance 847 is wideish and it doesn’t rub against your feet to cause irritation and blisters.

The inner lining of this shoe is smooth and doesn’t have any stitches. This makes it very comfortable and doesn’t irritate your skin.

Also, the heel cup area is decent and locks in your feet. It doesn’t slip to cause excessive friction. The padding of the tongue and collar also is an added protection to the skin of the feet.

That is why it is a very good walking shoe to protect you against blisters.


  • No-sew upper.
  • Different widths are available.
  • Engineered mesh for added breathability.
  • Smooth interiors.
  • Good stabilization of feet.


  • Boring to look at.

Brooks Addiction Walker has been a crowd favorite for some time now. They are roomy, comfortable, and have great cushioning.

But will they work for your blister-prone feet?

Let’s find out.

Brooks Addiction Walker comes in different styles of upper with essentially the same midsole and outsole.

It has a mesh version and a leather one. One of the versions even comes with a velcro strap instead of laces.

What is common in all these uppers is that all of them are very comfortable…

The toe-box of this shoe is roomy and accomadates your natural splay easily. This way you won’t feel cramped and suffocated. Your toes will have enough space to wiggle and they won’t rub against each other avoiding any friction between them.

This will help in avoiding any potential blisters that may form in between your toes.

Also, having enough wiggle space helps in not rubbing off your feet against the walls of the shoe. This way, the sides of your big toe and little toe are safe from blisters.

It has some stitching on its upper. However, you won’t be able to feel them from the inside of the shoe. In other words, the stiches will not irritate your skin to cause blisters.

However, there is one concern that you may have with this shoe, which I also had. The upper is made from a leather like material. This restricts the breathability of the shoe to certain extent.

If you have a naturally sweaty feet, then it is best to avoid this type of upper. Go for the one which has mesh in the upper and you will be able to not have to worry about the beathability of the shoe.

Brooks Addiction has a well-padded collar and tongue and will provide you with excellent comfort and stability. This also minimizes any further mivement. Also, the heel cup is good and holds your heels in place.

All these measures help you to avoid any potential blisters that may occur.


  • True to size.
  • Wideish overall fit.
  • Good for standing all day.
  • Squarish front area for more room.


  • Needs to be broken in.
  • Makes a squishy sound.
New Balance 577v5

New Balance 577v5 is not only a walking shoe and can be used for everyday training as well. It is stable and comfortable.

The cushioning of this shoe comes from CUSH+ midsole and memory insert that provides you with ultra-soft underfoot cushioning.

The upper is made from breathable mesh. This keeps the airflow in the shoe proper during your walking. Also, the material is sweat-wicking, keeping your feet dry. This helps you to avoid blisters due to moisture and heat generated during workouts.

You find some overlays on the upper of this shoe. These overlays, however, are no-sew, which means that you will not have to deal with irritation due to exposed stitches.

The inner lining of the shoe is smooth and will not rub against your feet to create hot zones that later convert into blisters.

The overall fit is also comfortable and provides your feet with enough room to expand without being squished. This is why you may not have to deal with blisters while wearing this shoe.

Also, this is available in wide as well, providing comfort to runners with wide feet.

The heel cup and the overall heel area are also decently padded and smooth. It will not slip and slide and will not cause blisters on your heels or your ankle area. I would have loved the collar padding to be a bit more, but the price range at which this is available provides good enough padding and stability.

The skin of the top of your foot is protected by the decently padded tongue which sits in between the foot and the flat laces. The padding of the tongue could have been better, but, nonetheless, it provides ample protection for you against the rubbing of the laces against your feet.

Overall, I like the shoe and it has all the measures in please to avoid any blisters during walking or training.


  • No-sew overlays on the upper.
  • Available in standard and wide fit.
  • Stylish and breathable.
  • Multipurpose.


  • Not enough arch support.

I know I know…

This is not a typical walking shoe, for that matter, it is a proper running shoe and yes it is…

However, you can comfortably use it for walking and you will not be let down. Plus, this is a motion control shoe which is a bit hard to find in a typical walking shoe.

Nonetheless, Brooks Ariel speaks for itself…

It is a well-made, highly cushioned workout shoe that will provide you with excellent stability and great comfort.

Can you avoid blisters in them?

Well definitely…Let me tell you how…

First of all, Ariel has a roundish and wideish toe-box…this is one of the primary requirements of any shoe in which you want to avoid blisters. The shoe should not rub your toes, nor it should squish them.

Brooks Ariel’s toe-box has enough room for you to comfortably splay your feet. It will not restrict your movements and will not create any hot zones or additional friction. This makes it perfect for someone with severe overpronation and blister-prone feet.

Another great aspect of Brooks Ariel is the mesh upper. It is very breathable and will provide you with a cool and dry space within the shoe. Also, the temperature of your feet will remain controlled during the walking session.

The material of the inside of the shoe is also moisture-wicking. It will help to dry the sweat very easily.

The tongue is very well padded and the lining of it is very smooth. It is also breathable making the top of your feet very comfortable and dry. It will not move around your feet while you are walking and will not create additional friction to cause any blisters.

The same goes for the heel area. The heel cup is very well made and will not slip which is one of the primary reasons for blisters at the back of the heels.

Also, the ankle cut height is just right. This doesn’t rub against the bone of the ankle joint to create any blisters.

Overall, I like the shoe for its smoothness and stability. You may not have to deal with blisters at all if you are using this shoe.


  • Breathable mesh.
  • Roundish and widish toe-box.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Excellent stability.


  • Heavy.

New Balance 877 is a proper walking shoe. You won’t be able to run in them. It can be used for training to a certain extent but, it is not made for such activities.

However, it does a fabulous job as a walking shoe and is get for even walking long miles or standing all day.

But will it protect against blisters as the are overlays that are stitched on the upper?

If you are concerned about that, there is nothing to worry…You won’t be able to feel those stitches from inside the shoe. So, there is very minimal chance of them rubbing against your skin.

This is good news if you have sensitive or blister-prone skin. This will not irritate your skin and will not cause further blisters.

Also, the width of the shoe is very comfortable and will not squish any part of your feet. This is great as any kind of constriction will basically create hot zones which will get converted to blisters.

The same goes for the heel area. It has a smooth lining and moisture-wicking material. This will not let your heels sweat. Also, the heel cup will keep the heels in place and will not let them slide.

This way you will be able to avoid blisters on the heels.

The tongue of this shoe is also well-padded and breathable. It has a smooth lining along with moisture-wicking material. This will not let the top of your feet sweat and rub against it to cause blisters.

This is a good shoe for standing all day or walking and you will not have to worry about breaking out in blisters.


  • Stitches are not exposed inside.
  • Available in 4 different widths.
  • Looks vintage.
  • Good for all-day standing and walking.


  • The length of the shoe feels small.

I love the look of Newton Kismet 8. This is ultra-stylish stability running shoe that can be used for walking as well.

It has a gender-shaped fit and is very lightweight.

To make it lightweight, one of the primary contributors is the engineered mesh upper. This upper apart from being very stylish looking is very practical and breathable.

It is a no-sew upper and doesn’t have any stitches exposed on the inside of the shoe. This way, your feet will remain comfortable and they will not rub against your skin to create hot zones and blisters.

The width of the toe-box is also comfortable, it will not restrict the natural splay of your toes and is great for people who have blister-prone feet.

It will not rub against your skin and will not squish your toes, two of the primary reasons for blisters.

Also, the shoe itself is roomy and will not constrict you in any way. This way, your feet remain separated from the walls of the shoes and will not rub against them even when they expand.

This is good to avoid blisters because this is when they typically get formed.

What about the heel area?

It is very smooth and has moisture-wicking material. This will keep your heel area dry and will not let blisters form. Another reason that you may not have heel blisters is that the shoe heel doesn’t slip and locks in your heels and minimizes any type of heel movement.

Also, the overall breathability of the mesh is high, keeping your feet cool and dry during walking. This helps to avoid blisters mostly, if not completely…


  • Plush and stable.
  • Very stylish.
  • Can be used right out of the box.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good for foot issues like metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, etc.


  • Length may be slight of a problem for long toes.

Ryka Devotion Plus 2 is a workout plus walking shoe. It has a good amount of cushioning and there is a circular zone under the ball of the big toe to add a little bit of extra pep.

The shoe is comfortable and wide and has a smooth interior. This is good for walkers who have blister-prone feet.

If the stitches are exposed inside, they will inevitably rub against the skin of your feet. This will create heat and subsequent blisters no matter the type of feet.

Having a smooth interior of Ryka Devotion Plus 2 helps you to avoid this situation.

One thing I love about Devotion Plus is that the toe-box of this shoe has a lot of depth. This means the top of the shoe will not rub against the skin of the toes. Although having a lower toe-box depth is not a problem generally, but for a person whose feet is prone to blisters, this may create a problem.

This is where Ryka Devotion Plus shines.

Also, the padded tongue and collar along with the smooth heel area protect the heel area and the top of the foot from any kind of friction that can create blisters.

It is well-ventilated and is excellent for keeping your feet cool and dry. With reduced friction and dry feet, blisters can be totally avoided, if not they will be at a minimum.


  • Good depth of the toe-box.
  • Additional pep due to the kind of midsole and outsole.
  • No breaking-in period is needed.
  • Excellent for walking and cross-training.


  • Bulky.

Skechers GO Walk Joy-15641 is a proper walking shoe. It is a lightweight shoe that is good for walking. However, if you want to walk long distances, it is not that helpful as cushioning is not that supportive for longer distances.

However, for shorter distances and for evening walks, they are perfect and comfortable.

The upper of Skechers GO Walk Joy is made from mesh. It is breathable and comfortable and doesn’t let your feet remain damp.

The inner of the shoe has more of a velvet kind of feeling rather than a silky soft feeling. However, that is not rough against your skin to generate heat or friction.

It will not rub against your skin to irritate it and create blisters. This is true throughout the length of the shoe and provides you with a comfortable experience.

Due to good airflow in the shoe, your feet will not become hot and sweaty. The inner lining of the shoe absorbs sweat fast and dries easily.

This keeps your feet dry and reduces the chances of blisters developing due to dampness.

The heel cup and the tongue are is padded decently. The padding is not very high but is decent enough for keeping your feet in place.

This invariably reduces further friction and will help you to keep blisters at bay…


  • The upper doesn’t have any stitches.
  • Good for short-distance walking.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not long-lasting.

Adidas Questar Flow Nxt is a lightweight shoe for short-distance running, walking, and training purposes.

It is functional and comfortable and will help you to get your workout in. It is a no-fuss bare minimum workout shoe that is stable and supportive.

The upper of this shoe is made from mesh material making it comfortable and breathable. This keeps the airflow inside the shoe high and will keep your feet dry.

This way, your feet have fewer chances of developing blisters as the dampness that contributes to this will not be there.

Also, the inner lining is smooth and is unlikely to create hotspots and friction. This will keep blisters at bay even if you have blister-prone feet.

One thing that I found maybe a bit of a concern for this shoe is the tongue area. The tongue area has light stitches. The stitches are soft and malleable and unlikely to cause blisters.

However, if you have a severely blister-prone foot, you may have a problem with this. In this case, proper socks may be good to use and be comfortable.

Also, the thickness of the padding of the tongue is not great. You will be able to feel the laces through it. Although that may not to sufficient to cause blisters, nonetheless the feeling will be there.

This Adidas is more like the ‘cades’ that we used to use in schools (I know, those were ancient days for me)…but they have additional padding in the heel area, which is more than ‘cades’. A little more would have been better.


  • No-sew upper.
  • Minimalistic.
  • Good breathability.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not enough padding on the tongue.
  • The tongue has stitches.

Under Armour Charged Assert 9 is the last shoe on our list. It is a comfortable workout shoe that is great for walking.

Also, it doesn’t have the problems that the workout shoe that was previously on our list. The tongue of Under Armour Charged Assert is well padded and doesn’t have stitches on the inside.

The inside of the tongue is smooth and will not irritate the top of your feet. This way you will be able to avoid blisters on the top of the feet as the tongue will not rub against your skin.

Also since it is between the top of your foot and the laces, the laces will also not rub against your skin and the chances of blisters are further avoided.

The inner lining of the shoe is also smooth and devoid of stitches. This is also great if you have blister-prone feet.

The last but final area of concern is the heel area. The heel area is lined with a soft lining and is devoid of stitches. It is unlikely that it will create any irritation and blisters.

Also, the upper is made from mesh material and is well ventilated. This further reduces the chances of blisters as your feet will remain dry and cool.


  • No-sew upper.
  • No breaking-in period is needed.
  • Lightweight.


  • Toe-box is a bit short.


How to select a walking shoe for blister-prone feet?

To select a walking shoe for blister prone feet, the toe box should have sufficient space, a smooth inner surface, and the heel area should be locked in.

I’ve already explained this in detail here.

Some of the things that I’ve missed there, I’ll include here:

Bunching of the insole

This is another major reason for blisters in walking shoes. Sometimes the insole may move around or may bunch up.

They rub against your underfoot generating blisters.

Old and worn shoes

If you are wearing an old shoe that is worn down, then you may get blisters. For example, the cushion of the heel area has developed a hole, and the fabric covering has come off and hanging.

Now, this may rub behind your heels creating heat and friction and a blister may develop.

How do I prevent blisters from new walking shoes?

To prevent blisters from new walking shoes, you need to select them properly so that it is overall spacious, has a smooth internal lining, a thick tongue, and collar, and good heel lock-in. Also, you need to break in the walking shoe properly.

Before purchasing online, if possible try out the shoe in a store, to check if you are feeling restricted anywhere while walking. If you are feeling restricted anywhere, then only it is a problem and blisters will surely occur. If not, then you are good to go.

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How do I prevent blisters on my feet when walking?

To prevent blisters on your feet when walking does the following:

  • Select your walking shoe carefully.
  • Gradually break in the walking shoe.
  • Apply a thin layer of moisturizer or petroleum jelly on the feet before starting to walk.
  • Wrap your feet with a soft bandage.
  • Use moisture-wicking socks.
  • Use socks that are specifically made to prevent blisters.
  • Stop walking immediately, if you feel any kind of discomfort or irritation.
Top walking shoes for blister-prone feet
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