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What is the one quality of a treadmill that qualifies it as the best treadmill for tall runner?

Yes, you have guessed it right.

It is the length of the workout area and of course the motor.


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Length of the treadmill belt should be at least 54 inches.

Any shorter than that, the treadmill is unusable by a 6 footer 🙁

Based on the above criteria, we found NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill Series to be the best.

However, feel free to do some research on our other treadmills as well.

best fitness tracker for runners

Our Top Picks For Today

Why it is the best choice?

  • 4.25 CHP commercial grade treadmill for home.
  • 350lbs maximum weight limit.
  • 1 year iFit membership included.
  • Automatic incline matching technology.
  • Foldable.

Best Treadmill for Tall Runners in 2020

Editor Rating:
NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill Series

Want to have a holistic workout?

Then this treadmill is for you. 

This treadmill is not only perfect for running/jogging or walking, it is capable of providing you with

  • Global running
  • Cross Training
  • Beginner running training
  • Interval Training, Yoga
  • Boot Camp
  • Incline Training
  • Run and Lift
  • Full-Body training and many more.

Basically it is a complete gym solution and you can get all these from the comfort of your home.

Also, with this treadmill, you get 1 year of iFit subscription where you get on-demand instructor led sessions right inside your home.

These instructor led sessions are follow along and they treadmill will automatically adjust itself to the instructions of the instructor with out you having to lift a finger.

Also, you can simulate a road running experience by just turning a knob.

What a more cushy running experience?

Turn the knob in the other direction.

Also, with the huge 22 inch Smart HD touchscreen display you can track your stats like heart rate, elevation, intensity, etc. in real time.

But the primary question remains – Is this treadmill suitable for a tall runner?

You bet…

 The running belt is 22 inches by 60 inches which is more than enough for runner of any height.

Now let’s check some specifications for the treadmill.


  • 22 inch Smart HD Touchscreen
  • iFit Coach ready
  • Bluetooth Audio Capabilities
  • 4.25 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor
  • 22 inches by 60 inches running/walking belt
  • Runners Flex Cushioning
  • -3% to 15% decline/incline
  • 300 lbs user capacity
  • SpaceSaver Design with Easy Lift Assist
  • Dual Auto Breeze Workout Fans
  • 40 On-Board programs (16,000+ with iFit)
  • EKG Grip Pulse
  • Tread belt firmness knob
  • Real time stats
  • 73.75 H x 39.25 W x 37.25 D 


Lifetime frame and motor warranty, 5 years parts and electronics warranty and 2 years labor warranty

  •   Sturdy and commercial grade.
  •   High Quality parts.
  •   Quiet 4.25 CHP DurX motor supporting up to 300 lbs of weight.
  •   Commercial long lasting tread belt.
  •   Runners Flex cushioning
  •   -3 to 15% automatic decline/incline
  •   22 inch Smart HD Touchscreen display.
  •  Foldable making it ideal for storing away.
  •  Real time stats.
  •  Complete workout solution.
  •  Lifetime warranty on frame, motor. Five years warranty on parts and electronics, two years on labor.
  •   Big treadmill even after folding.
  •   Expensive.
  •   Some user faced long boot time when changing workouts.
  •   Side rails are short and may not be suited for elderly people.
  •   iFit will charge you a monthly subscription after 1 year. With this kind of a treadmill, we would have expected a 3 year free subscription at least.
Editor Rating:
3G Cardio Pro Runner Folding Treadmill

Tall runners due to their stride length requires a treadmill which has a length of at-least 58 inches.

3G Cardio PRO perfectly fits this profile with a tread belt of 20.5 inches by 58 inches.

This is a orthopedic belt which is soft on your joint and especially knees which are at most risk for most of the runners.

Even if you are on the heavier side of the scale, this treadmill will give you an effective workout and is capable of handling weight of up-to 350 lbs.

Also, as you know that working out in the 80% of target heart rate zone is best for weight loss.

3G Cardio Pro Runner helps you to do that as well. You simply need to grab the console grips and find out your heart rate.

This way you will always know when you are going off track. 

Also, varying workouts is very effective for your overall fitness level. However, it becomes a overwhelming task if you try to figure out new workout routines every other day.

You can leave that also to your treadmill which comes with 8 built-in programs, 2 custom programs (great for any specific type of training you are working on) and Cool Down Program.

You may choose any one with just touch of a button. Also, it comes with some built in fitness tests like Gerkin/Cooper/BMI, Heart rate interactive, etc.

Also, it includes an optional HR chest belt. 

It is a very quiet treadmill with a 3.0 HP continuous duty DC motor.

This motor comes with a lifetime warranty which is great in case you have to get a fix done.

Also, other warranties include: 5 years part warranty.

You can also fold and easily store this treadmill as it has a compact folded dimension of 40 inches by 35 inches.


Motor: 3.0 HP Continuous duty DC motor 

Running belt size: 20.5 inches by 58 inches

Roller: 2-inch roller

OrthoFlex Suspension System:  

Orthopedic belt:  

Speed: You may accelerate by 1 mph in 1.5 secs 

Fans: Hi/Low built in fans

One touch speed:  

One touch incline:  

Speed range: 0.5 MPH – 12 MPH

Pre-Set Programs: 8 Built-in programs, 2 Custom program, 1 Cool down program

Fitness Tests: Gerkin/ Cooper / BMI

Contact Heart Rate:  

Wireless HR Chest Belt: Optional

Machine Weight: 216 lbs.

Folding/Non Folding: Folding

Dimensions: 74″ L X 35″ W X 58.5″ H

Folded Dimensions: 40″ L X 35″ W X 65″ H

Audio Speakers:  

Max User Capacity: 350 lbs.

Warranty: Residential / Home Warranty Drive Motor Lifetime Frame Lifetime Parts 5 Years Labor 1 Year

  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Very sturdy even at higher speed.
  •   Silent 3.0 HP Continuous duty motor.
  •   Good for heavier people and an support up to 350 lbs.
  •   Incline can be adjusted up to 15% with an increment of 1%.
  •   Speed adjustment up to 12 mph by increments of 0.1 mph.
  •   Fan can be adjusted based on height of the user and is of good quality.
  •   Great warranty and good customer service.
  •   Reading of heart rate from contact sensors increases slowly but steadily to your heart rate. Some user find the wait annoying.
  •   Speakers are not available.
  •   Only basic stats can be monitored.
  •   No holders to keep your phone or iPod.
Editor Rating:
Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

Many are of the opinion that treadmills can damage your knees. 

That is not entirely true. If you are using a treadmill with proper cushioning, you will not have to deal with this problem.

For example: Sole Fitness F80 Folding treadmill uses a proprietary Cushion Flex Whisper Deck. 

As per studies, this kind of deck has shown to reduce the impact on joints by 40%.

Also, if you are using a treadmill at home, you don’t want to annoy others by the grueling noise of your running machine.

This way this piece of equipment is very quiet but yet powerful.

It comes with a 3.5 CHP, DC Type motor and is capable of supporting an user weight of up to 375 lbs.

Also, you can do any kind of running workout using this machine as it has a maximum speed of 12 mph. 

If you wish to make your workouts more challenging, you may change the incline to up to 15% and all these at the touch of a button.

The running surface is also pretty spacious with a dimension of 20 inches by 60 inches.

If you are a runner of above average height, this machine is ideal for you as you will not have to restrict your strides and have an effective workout.


Product Dimensions: 85.4 X 37 X 17.3 inches

Weight of the machine: 265 lbs.

Motor: 3.5 CHP, DC Motor

Deck: Cushion Flex

Running Surface: 22 inches by 60 inches

Belt: 2-ply

Roller: 2.75 inches

Display: 7.5 inch LCD display

Wireless Chest Strap:  

User weight support: 375 lbs.

Built-in Programs: 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs and 2 heart programs

Cooling fans:  

One-touch speed control:  

One-touch incline control:  

Sound system:   (mp3 compatible)

Tablet holder:  

Folding/Non-folding: Folding (EasyAssist)

Residential Warranty: 5 years parts, 2 years labor

Light Commercial Warranty:  

  •   22 inch wide and 60 inches long track having CushionFlex, makes it ideal for tall runners.
  •   Can support up-to 375 lbs.
  •   3.5 CHP DC motor for almost noiseless operation.
  •   Easy to assemble
  •   Very sturdy even at high speed and can go up to 12 mph.
  •   Affordable and ‘almost’ commercial grade.
  •   Hydraulic mechanism makes lowering the deck smooth, gentle and really easy.
  •   Side bar is short.
  •   Limited programs.
  •   There is a speed jump from 6 mph to 9 mph and nothing in between.
Editor Rating:
Schwinn 870 Treadmill

This is what I call a family treadmill. 


It comes with a feature to setup 4 profiles and has 26 built-in programs suitable for users of any fitness level.

It is perfect for tall user as the belt length of this running machine is 20 inches by 60 inches.

If you are a runner above 6 ft height, you would need a treadmill of at least 58″ in length.

Since this one is 60 inches, you will be very comfortable with it.

When you run on a treadmill, since your underfoot surface is moving, you tend to bounce a lot.

This up and down motion tends to cause a lot of injury to your knees.

You may avoid this problem by selecting a treadmill with a lot of cushioning.

Schwinn 870 comes with SoftTrack 6 cell cushioning which makes it excellent with shock abosorption.

Also,this reduces the bouncing movement and your knees will be safe.

It comes with  DualTrack two LCD window system which helps you to track your data for up to 13 sessions.

This is excellent if you are trying to check your history. You can also track your progress with SchwinnConnect and also save the data to and/or 


Motor: 3.0 CHP 

Treadmill Belt: 20 inches by 60 inches with 2-ply belt, 2.0 mm thickness

Cushioning: SoftTrack 6 cell cushioning

Roller: Large 2.5 inches crowned roller

Power requirement: Standard 110v

User weight: 300 lbs.

Display: DualTrack two LCD window system (Blue back-lit)

Speed: 0 – 12 mph (Quick access speed button)

Incline: 0 – 15% (Quick access incline button)

USB charging port:  

Data backup: and/or

Built-in programs: 26 programs – 1 manual, 3 quick goals, 6 training, 5 weight control, 4 heart health, 3 interval and 4 custom.

Folding/non-folding: Folding (SoftDrop fold up deck design)

Stability: Oversize crossbar tubing

Transport: Wheels for easy transport

Contact heart rate: ✓ 

Chest strap:  

Sound-system: Acoustic chambered speakers for big quality sound

Fan: 3-speed fan to keep you cool

Warranty: 10 years frame, 10 years motor, 2 years mechanical, 2 year electrical, 90 days labor.

  •   Easy to assemble.
  •   The fan is great
  •   Holder for small objects like smartphones, remote, etc.
  •   Great for tall people.
  •   Noiseless 3.0 CHP motor.
  •   Very good shock absorption
  •   Affordable.
  •   Professional gym quality.
  •   It takes up a lot of space.
  •   The sidebars are short.
  •   The fan is not that good.
Editor Rating:
Proform 9000

This kind of treadmills you will find more in the gyms. These are commercial grade machines and ProForm PRO-9000 comes with 4.25 CHP Mach Z commercial plus motor.

It is iFit enabled and comes with a 10 inch full-color touch screen.

It has 38 workout apps and is suitable for any fitness level.

You can also plugin you iPod as this model is iPod compatible.

To make your workout more challenging you may change the incline of the treadmill from 0-15%.

Also, with the of a button, you may also decline the treadmill up-to -3%.

If you are a tall person, this treadmill will serve you well as the treadmill belt is 22 inches by 60 inches.

Also, it can go from 0 – 12 mph with the Quick Speed control and will give a very efficient workout.

You may also monitor your heart rate using the EKG heart rate monitor with wireless chest strap.

It comes with DualCoola ire workout fan and is of very high quality.

It has a capability to manage a user weight of almost 300 lbs.

Also, it has a SpaceSaver design with easy lift assist and comes with integrated tablet holder, integrated CrossFit tray.

Also, the balanced roller is 2.5 inch for a smooth operation.


Motor: 4.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor

Dimension: 77 X 39 X 70 inches

Weight: 295 lbs.

Roller: 2.5 inch balanced rollers

Holders: Integrated tablet holder, Integrated CrossFit tray

Cushioning: Proshox cushioning

Belt: 22 inches by 60 inches (non-stretch)

Incline control: -3 – 15 % Digital Quick Incline and Decline Control

Speed Control: 0 – 12 mph Digital Quick Speed Control

Display: 10 inch Smart HD Touchscreen.

Foldable/non-foldable: Foldable

On-board workouts: 40

Audio: Audio Auxiliary Port w/ Dual 3 inch Speakers

User Weight: 300 lbs.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on Frame and Motor, 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor.

  •   Very sturdy even at higher speed.
  •   This machine is virtually noiseless.
  •   Slick interface even via tablet.
  •   40 workout programs to take care of any fitness need.
  •   Spacious workout area.
  •   Can compete with Gym quality treadmill.
  •   Very heavy.
  •   No Bluetooth.
  •   Basic console.
Editor Rating:
ProForm 2000 Treadmill

Proform Pro 2000 treadmill is designed for any kind of runner and is a long term investment if you are starting out.

Also, in the beginning most of the newbies tend to be overweight. This treadmill is perfect for them and can support a weight up-to 300 lbs

It also comes with a host of additional features that makes this easy to use and very user friendly.

The display of this treadmill is 7 inches and will provide you with information like mileage, speed, approximate calorie burn, heart rate and time.

For easy visibility, this display is back-lit and you can check your stats just at a glance.

It comes with ProShox cushioning which reduces stress on your joints and keeps them protected.

It comes with a 3.5 CHP  Mach Z Commercial Motor which is great with performance and is not as noisy.

Warranties include Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty, a 5-Year Parts Warranty and a 2-Year Labor Warranty.



Motor: 3.5 CHP  Mach Z Commercial Motor

Dimension: 84 X 25 X 38 inches

Weight: 210 lbs.

Roller: 2.5 inches rear and 1.9 inches front, precision balanced, non-flex

Holders: Integrated device shelf

Cushioning: Proshox cushioning

Belt: 22 inches by 60 inches (commercial 1 ply non-stretch)

Incline control: -3 – 15 % Digital Quick Incline and Decline Control

Speed Control: 0 – 12 mph Digital Quick Speed Control

Display: 7 inch LCD with racetrack display

Audio: Audio Auxiliary Port w/ Dual 3 inch Speakers

Heart rate: EKG Grip Pulse Sensor w/ included chest strap

User Weight: 300 lbs.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on Frame and Motor, 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor.

  •   ProShox cushioning for reduced stress on joints.
  •   3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor
  •   15% Quick Incline and -3% Quick Decline control
  •   Heart rate monitor included.
  •   36 workout programs.
  •   Compatible with iFit Live Technology.
  •   Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 Year Parts and 2 Year Labor.
  •   Can support up-to 300 lbs. .
  •   Some people find iFit advertisement to be annoying.
  •   Fans are a bit noisy.
  •   The console is not as accurate as some users wanted it to be.


Q) What size of treadmill do I need?

A: Size of a treadmill is dependent on the tallest person using the machine.

Normally a belt size of 48 inches long to 18 inches wide will be sufficient.

However, if you are taller and over 6 feet then, the length of the treadmill should be at least 54 inches for running.

If walking, you can do away with 52 inches.

Another thing to consider is the weight bearing capacity of the treadmill and you should purchase one which matches your weight.

If you are on the heavier side, you may want to check out these 16 Best Treadmill for Heavy Runners.

Q) What is the best treadmill for an apartment, if I’m a  tall runner?

A: If you are looking for a treadmill for your apartment, I’ll give you two options.

NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill Series is the best treadmill that you can get for money. 

It has commercial quality and stability, durability and host of training programs.

You will never run out of new workouts as there is virtually 1000s of them.

Also, with minimal maintenance, this treadmill can serve your family for years to come and turn out to be your best investment ever.

However, it is a big machine even after folding. So, if you want to fit in your treadmill into limited space, go for Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill.

Q) Is treadmill a good investment?

A: Opinions vary but I use treadmills regularly so I think it is a good investment.

It can give you a break from your regular running sessions. Also, you will not have to skip your daily routine for a bad weather.

Also, you can try out different programs to achieve your target faster.

In short, it is a good investment.

Q) How much does a good treadmill cost?

A: It depends on your requirement.

However, a decent treadmill that you can buy for your home may start from around $700 and can go up to $2500.

You should not buy anything below that price as most of the time it turns out to be a peice of unusable junk. 

Q) How long should a treadmill last?

A: Most of the treadmill comes with a electronic warranty of 5 years.

So, it should last you a minimum of 5 years. However, if you maintain it properly, then it can virtually serve you indefinitely.

Q) How can I reduce the noise in my apartment treadmill?

A: If you are dealing with treadmill noise and want to reduce it somehow, here are couple of things that you should do:

  • Use a rubber mat
  • Move your treadmill to a carpeted area
  • Use treadmill isolation pads
  • Do a routine maintenance of your treadmill
  • Use treadmill anti-vibration pads
  • Use noise reduction mats


Tall people have longer strides, so they need a treadmill which is longer in length.

The optimal dimension of the belt should be somewhere around 54 inches by at least 18 inches.

Any less and the treadmill will not be usable for someone above 6 feet.

Based on our research, NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill Series is the best for tall runners.

However, here are 5 more best treadmill for tall runners.

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