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Achilles Tendonitis can pause your exercise and running.

It can be very painful and can take weeks if not months to heal.

However, if you want to continue to be a runner then take some precautions.

I’ve described them in the FAQ section.

Also, replace your running shoes with any of these 6 Best Running Shoes for High Arches and Achilles Tendonitis in 2020

Old shoes lack proper cushioning and you will make your condition worse.

Salomon XR Mission Running Shoe is the best. But the rest 4 is not also far behind.

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Our Top Picks For Today

For Women:

✅ Asics Gel nimbus 20 Running Shoes

“Good heel stability for Achilles Tendonitis. Gender specific cushioining for arch support”

For Men:

Salomon XR Mission Running Shoe

“Best heel stability for Achilles Tendonitis”

Best Trail Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis in 2020

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe

Editor Rating:


When looking for a trail running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis, the first thing I look for is the heel cushioning.

After that the arch support and stability of the running shoes.

Another thing that is very important for any trail running shoe is aggressive lugs.

Otherwise you risk the chance of slipping on those tough terrains.

This running shoe comes with great cushioning in the heel region.

This cushioning is from EVA foam and provides extra protection to heel strikers.

EVA foams are meant for their shock absorbing capacity and is a standard in any good running shoe.

Also, the over-sized tendons helps you with an easy heel-to-toe transition.

The midsole is also made from molded EVA foam which works towards making this running shoes superior for shock absorption.

This also makes it lightweight.

You get a very good grip on the muddy trails as the outsole has Contagrip treads. It helps you to move forward quickly and also provides proper traction on slippery surfaces.

The heel and the ankle is held in place, thanks to the minimalist one-pull lacing system, extra padded tongue and collar.

This way you take you any kind of shock from your Achilles Tendonitis and get a comfortable running experience.

  •   Good for people with Achilles Tendonitis
  •   Great for metatarsalgia
  •   Comfortable and lightweight
  •   Contragrip out-sole for traction on slippery grounds.
  •   True to size
  •   EVA heels for maximum shock absorption
  •   Toe-box seems narrower in this latest version
  •   Pricey

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Merrell Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe

Editor Rating:

Amazon 4 Stars(4.7)

These running shoes has extended heels and this gives you extra support and shock absorption at the heels.

The heel gets locked into the heel counter and keeps it secure.

This improves the heel stability and you don’t have accidental twisting.

I would have loved if there was more arch support However, you can replace the insole with a more supportive orthotics anyway.

The EVA midsole also acts as a great shock absorbing layer and you get a very stable shoe for your Achilles Tendonitis.

Also, the upper of this running shoe is made from engineered mesh. This makes this running shoe very breathable.

It has a traditional lace up closure and is very lightweight.

The aggressive lugs in the out-sole helps you to get a lot of traction on the muddy trails.

Vegan friendly.


  •   Great shoe for people with high arches and/or Achilles Tendonitis
  •   Suited for multiple running surfaces.
  •   EVA midsole for maximum shock absorbtion
  •   True to size
  •   Wider toe box

ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

Editor Rating:


These running shoes gives you with exceptional heel stability.

It has FLYTEFOAM technology which provides exceptional bounce back and responsiveness.

Your heels are protected as the rear-foot and the forefoot has GEL technology to attenuates shock during impact.

 Also, the external heel clutching system or the exoskeleton heel counter provides improved support.

This way you get an enhanced fitting and your inflamed are protected from any kind of extra shock.

They have a great arch support and the aggressive lugs keeps you balanced on the slippery trails.

Overall you will have an excellent running experience everytime you take out these shoes for a ride.

  •   Good arch support
  •   Roomy toe-box
  •   Heel clutching system for extra heel stability
  •   Gel cushioning at the heels absorbs more shock
  •   Aggressive lugs for balance and traction on the trails 
  •   Narrow toe-box and lesser insole cushioning.
  •   Sizing is a bit off

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adidas Originals ZX Flux W Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

Editor Rating:

Amazon 4 Stars(4.0)

The heel counter of this running shoe is made from thermo-palstic and is at the outside of these running shoes.

This keeps your feet from rolling. The TORSION SYSTEM provides you with a lot of support and stability.

Hence, your Achilles are protected for any kind of extra shock and it will prevent your Achilles Tendonitis from getting worse.

Also, the midsole sole is made from a special foam material and absorbs shock very effectively.

The out-sole is made from blown rubber and has aggressive lugs.

This makes it extremely easy for you to run on the trails.

They will penetrate in the soft mud and will maintain your balance and stability.

  •   Good for Achilles Tendonitis
  •   Stability shoes good for overpronation
  •   Affordable.
  •   Light weight
  •   Runs 1/2 a size bigger
  •   Lesser arch support

Salomon Sense Ride Running Shoe

Editor Rating:

Amazon 4 Stars


Molded EVA heel base absorbs all the shock from heel strike.

This super padded heel area will never let any shock travel upwards to your feet and legs.

This will protect your Achilles from extra stress and your condition will never worsen.

It has a generous cushioned mid-sole and will make your feet very comfortable.

It has a 8 mm drop and this gives a lot of relief, if you have Achilles Tendonitis.

 Premium Wet Traction Contagrip out-sole will never let you slip on any muddy or slippery grounds.

The upper material has mesh and is very breathable.

This keeps your feet cool and dry, even during longer runs. 


  •   Great shock absorption from heels and mid-sole
  •   8 mm heel offset gives relief from your pain.
  •   Good for slippery surfaces
  •   Great breathability.
  •   Seems to be less durable than previous versions
  •   Sole seems to be harder

Evaluation Criteria For Best Trail Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

High Arches with Achilles Tendonitis is a pretty uncomfortable condition.

With a high arch your feet is not capable of absorbing the shock and may have underpronation.

Also, since you have a Achilles Tendon injury, you get limited support and stability from your feet.

As a result you are more prone to running injuries as you body will be out of balance.

Also, other parts of your body will try to make up for this and you may end up with more severe condition than you actually started with in the first place.

If you are running with these foot problem then choosing the perfect running shoes will be your best bet.

Here are some more guides you may be interested in:

Arch Support

This is the most important thing for both of your feet conditions.

If you don’t have proper arch support, your high arches will be stressed out more.

It will be painful and in severe cases you may end up having a stress fracture.

Also, if you overpronate or underpronate, you will put extra stress on your feet and Achilles.

If there is enough support from the shoes, this stress will distributed and your feet will not get fatigued or injured.

All the above shoes comes with good arch support.

However, if you don’t want to spend so much on a running shoe right away, try to use orthotics.

They will provide you will the much needed support.

If needed consult your doctor to get one prescribed for you.

Heel Cushioning

Any kind of stress on your heels will cause more stress to you Achilles.

This is especially a problem if you are a heel striker.

The more cushioning the heel provides, the better it is for for your Achilles.

The above shoes that we have recommended, provides you with all the heel cushioning you need.

Some have wave technology, some have gel or some have TPU band for the heels.

Overall, all of them are perfect for providing with heel cushioning.

Heel Drop

Research suggests that, if your heels are elevated to a certain level, then you may feel significantly less discomfort.

For you a low drop shoe can worsen the condition. Stick to shoes which has heels. Anything above 8 mm will be good for you. 


You will be running with these shoes in the trails. If your running shoe doesn’t grip the ground properly, then you will end up with accidents.

The out-sole of your running shoes must have aggressive lugs.

This way, they will penetrate in the soft ground and will keep you stable. 


Q) What causes Achilles tendonitis?

A: Achilles Tendon at the back of our feet is used for running, walking, jumping and all the activities related to feet.

If you put too much pressure on your tendons, they get inflamed and painful.

This condition is called Achilles Tendonitis.

Here are some common reasons:

  • Overpronation
  • Body weight
  • Wearing high heels
  • Weak calf muscles
  • Climbing stairs
  • Suddenly increasing the intensity of workout

Q) How to check if you have Achilles Tendonitis?

A: Lookout for these symptoms:

  • Pain, soreness or stiffness in the morning
  • Severe pain after exercise
  • The skin near the Achilles area is sensitive
  • Swelling in the Achilles area

Q) How long does it take to recover from Achilles Tendonitis?

A: Once you have injured yourself, it takes sometime to recover from this condition.

If you take proper rest, then it will take somewhere around 4-6 weeks to reduce the pain.

However, to fully recover it may take 4-6 months in total.

But you will have to give your body proper rest and should not keep on running.

Q) Can I keep running with Achilles Tendonitis?

A: Continuing to run with damaged tendons will worsen your condition.

First of all give yourself some rest. Once the pain reduces, start your running session.

However, make it less rigorous. Also, change your running shoe if needed.

This is more true if you are used to running in zero drop running shoes.

Q) How to deal with Achilles Tendonitis?

A: If you, unfortunately, end up having Achilles Tendonitis, then follow these tips:

R.I.C.E Therapy

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce your Achilles Tendonitis.

R.I.C.E is the short form of Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

So, first, start with Rest.

At this stage, you will avoid putting any pressure on your feet for a couple of days.

You can as well use crutches to completely remove pressure from your feet.

Once the pain comes down, move onto the second step, Ice.

Put some ice in a bag and put it on the affected area.

It will be painful as the cold from the ice will penetrate the area.

Do it for 15-20 min or until the area is cold.

Then wrap that area up with an athletic tape or crepe bandage to provide light compression to the area.

This will reduce the swelling and keep your feet in one place.

Then you will need to place your leg at an elevated level above your chest.

Doing this on a regular basis will help you to recover faster.

Use a more cushioned running shoe

If your running shoe has less cushioning or is packed out, replacing it with a more cushioned running shoe will definitely take off stress from Achilles Tendonitis.

Here is an entire article about best cushioned running shoes.

Along, with Achilles Tendonitis, another frequently occurring foot problem is metatarsalgia.

Although, most of the running shoe with cushion will help you out, however, there are some good running shoes made specifically for metatarsalgia.

Also, remember to replace your running shoe at regular intervals.

Here is what you need to do:

Choose the right shoes for your feet July 2018

 Heel To Toe drop should be at least 8 mm

If you are having issues with your Achilles Tendonitis, then using a low drop shoe will not help.

You need a running shoe which has a heel to toe drop of at least 8 mm.

If it is less than that, it will worsen your condition and in such case you may end up peranently damaging your tendons

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