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Best Spinning Shoes For Wide Feet in a bit hard to get.

Most of them a more towards the narrower side causing you to deal with a numb foot with less blood flow in your feet.

However, there are some spinning/cycling shoes that you can use comfortably if you have wide feet.

Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe is our first choice and it is very comfortable for wide feet.

However, this is not the only one…in this post, we have reviewed 15 top shoes for wide feet in 2022 that will keep your spinning sessions comfortable.

Our Top Picks

For Women:

Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe

“Suited for any terrain. Best value for money.”

For Men:

Sidi Genius 7 MEGA Cycling Shoes

“Supportive cushioning for ultimate comfort.”

Best Spinning Shoes For Wide Feet in 2022


Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.8)
Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe


Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)
Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.8)
Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe

Lake CX237 Cycling shoes are not the high end super expensive shoes. However, they are as comfortable as they get.

It is a competition-grade cycling shoe, with an ergonomic full-grain leather mesh upper. This makes these shoes good with breathability.

Also, it comes with dual-boa closure which makes it easy for you to adjust the heels and the forefoot independently.

In other words, you can tighten the heels without squishing your forefoot and thus maintaining better blood flow and comfort.

The toe-box for these shoes is wider and it lets your forefeet expand under heavy pedaling.

The entire shoe is held together by the stiff race carbon fiber outsole from Lake.

This makes these shoes very comfortable and efficient. Also, as the toe-box is wider, it will keep your feet comfortable even when you pedal hard for longer distances.

Also, this cycling shoe comes with 3-hole cleat compatibility.

  •   Carbon fiber sole with cleat compatibility.
  •   Roomy toe-box for wider feet.
  •   Very comfortable.
  •   Full-grain leather with good ventilation.
  •   Dual-boa closure.
  •   You may have to go a size up.
  •   Expensive.
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.7)
Sidi Men’s Genius 7 MEGA Cycling Shoes

SIDI Genius 7 Mega is at least 4mm wider in the forefoot, providing your feet with more room for expansion.

The heel is also a bit wider and comes with SIDI fit making it very comfortable on your feet.

The sole is made from carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon and delivers lightweight strength and rigidity. This makes these shoes very efficient.

The upper is made from abrasion-resistant synthetic material and comes with strategic mesh panels that encourage good airflow.

This prevents overheating and the SIDI heel cup positions your foot for optimal performance.

Also, the Caliper Buckle 2-way ratchet is easy to adjust even at the peak of competition and the soft instep 2 padded top-foot strap makes these shoes a non-slip.

  •   Good for wider feet.
  •   High quality and good support.
  •   Good ventilation.
  •   Carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon sole provides strength and rigidity for optimal performance.
  •   The ratcheting material seems harder and may make some riders slightly uncomfortable.
  •   The insoles may not be the best in class.
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)
Five Ten Freerider Pro Bike Shoes

This is a synthetic cycling shoe with a full S1 dotty outsole.

This makes it slip-resistant and provides you with a better grip.

Also, the midsole is made from EVA foam which is compression molded.

The upper is made from synthetic material and is lightweight.

The sockliner is removable and is of Ortholite type.

These cycling shoes are reasonably priced and are perfect for beginners who are just starting out.

The toe-box is impact resistant and will provide you with a good amount of protection while cycling.

The upper is breathable and dries quickly.

  •   Reasonably priced.
  •   S1 dotty outsole provides you with a good grip.
  •   Roomy toe-box for wider feet.
  •   Lightweight.
  •   Compression-molded EVA midsole provides you with good comfort.
  •   Some users mentioned that these shoes are a bit small.
  •   Insoles may not be up to the mark.
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)
Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe

This is a beautiful looking shoe that makes you stand out.

The Fizik R5 Road is good for even wider feet and the outsole is made from Nylon Composite and provides you with a balance of comfort and efficiency.

It comes with a Tempo R5 Powerstrap which is a velcro closure and wraps your foot for an enveloping fit.

The upper is made from Microtex upper and is good with breathability.

It also has a BOA IP-1 B closure which lets you adjust your shoe for a more comfortable fit.

The Microtex upper has a supple yet strong and durable construction for a comfortable and customized fit.

  •   Comfortable and stylish.
  •   2 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  •   Cleat compatible.
  •   Good for wide feet.
  •   May not be as durable as the previous version.
  •   Breathability is not as high.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)
Giro Trans Boa HV+ Cycling Shoes

Giro Trans BOA HV+ Cycling Shoes comes with microfiber and mesh material. 

It has perforations and the mesh material also makes these cycling shoes breathable.

The closure is Dial and Hook-and-Loop. Combining these two provides these efficient shoes a stylish look.

The footbed is made from molded EVA. This makes these shoes comfortable.

Also, the outsole is made from Elaston EC70 which is a robust carbon composite making these shoe efficient and durable.

The heel has replaceable heel pads which help you get the most out of your pedal strokes but simultaneously doesn’t sacrifice the long 4-term durability of these shoes.

These shoes are cleat compatible and come with three-hole road compatibility.

  •   Good for wide feet.
  •   EC70 Carbon Composite makes these shoes durable.
  •   3-Hole road cleat compatibility.
  •   Molded EVA footbed for comfort.
  •   May not be as breathable.
  •   You can fine-tune only near your ankle as there is only one BOA closure.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)

Pearl iZUMi Men's Select Road V5 Cycling Shoe

The Pearl Izumi Select V5 Road Cycling Shoes comes with a seamless 3 layers composite upper. It provides you with good breathability and eliminates hotspots by adapting to your feet.

It has 1:1 anatomic 3-Strap Closure that removes pressure from your instep.

This is a low drop shoe and comes with a foam sole. It has got SELECT 1:1 Composite Power Plate with nylon forefoot insert. 

This makes these cycling shoes to have improved lightweight stiFULL FINGERness and durability.

The EVA foam in the footbed and the rubber heel bumper provides you with stability and comfort while walking.

Also, the SELECT Insole provides excellent longitudinal and transverse arch support.

  •   Good for people with wide feet.
  •   Lightweight and comfortable.
  •   Affordable.
  •   Stylish.
  •   You may have to go a size up for a better fit.
  •   Some users mentioned that the quality of these shoes is not up to the mark.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)

SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoes are made from a combination of fabric and mesh.

They are made from a combination of fabric and synthetic materials and provides you a very comfortable riding experience.

The upper is made from synthetic leather which is supple. This bends and stretches with your foot and are perforated.

This makes these cycling shoes well ventilated. Due to the stretchiness of the synthetic leather, it provides you with a very good fit.

It has got lightweight and rigid carbon fiber reinforced midsole.

This provides you with the right stiffness that you need for optimal performance.

It has Mini Power Strap Shoe Lacing that securely holds your foot.

Also, the exclusive Michelin high-traction, mud-shedding tread keeps the shoe outsole cleaner.

The rubber anti-slip arch support pattern keeps you steady whether you are riding or walking. 

  •   Comfortable and good built quality.
  •   Mud-shedding tread keeps your shoe cleaner.
  •   Good for gravel riding.
  •   Well ventilated.
  •   Some users found the lacing to be a bit tricky.
  •   Some users faced some heel slippage.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)

Upper of Giro Empire Acc Road Cycling Shoes is made from Evofibres. 

It has been perforated at different places to encourage breathability. This helps your feet remain cooler and drier during your entire cycling journey.

It comes with a traditional lace-up closure with 7 points of adjustments.

You may adjust them as you need and you will remain comfortable throughout the ride.

The sole is made from Easton eC90 ACC full carbon sole which provides you with the correct stiffness for any kind of cycling.

Also, you will be able to feel the pedals easily as it has got a minimal stack height of 6.5 mm.

It has the SuperNatural Fit footbed which lets you fine-tune the fit and arch support for better performance.

  •   Comfortable and stylish.
  •   Good for performance.
  •   Cleat compatible.
  •   Good breathability.
  •   Some users did not like the stiffness of the shoe.
  •   You may need to go up one size.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)

SHIMANO SH-TR9 Cycling Shoe is a synthetic shoe that has breathable mesh in the upper and a synthetic sole.

This 3D mesh makes these shoes well ventilated and keeps your feet cooler and drier.

Also, the T1-Quick strap and extra-wide collar help you to put on the shoe easily.

This also helps in your transition. 

The asymmetrical heel loop makes it easier to get your finger through the loop and adjust the shoe on the go or during the transition.

The sole is made from lightweight, super-stiff carbon fiber sole which efficiently transfers power and may help you to perform better.

  •   Comfortable and lightweight.
  •   Anatomical toe-cap maintains rigidity.
  •   3D breathable mesh for optimal ventilation.
  •   As per users, good for the triathlon.
  •   Not a looker.
  •   Some users mentioned that the sole is not as rigid as they expected.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)

Upper of Pearl iZUMi X-Alp Divide is bonded and seamless which provides you with a lightweight and durable riding performance.

It comes with a reinforced toe-cap which provides additional protection.

Anatomic 2-strap configuration improves fit and comfort.

Full-length nylon plates deliver on-bike performance.

Aggressive outsole pattern provides excellent traction and durability.

  •   Cleat compatible.
  •   Strap closure.
  •   The footbed is made from compressed foam for better comfort.
  •   Had traction treads
  •   Some users mentioned that the quality is not what they expected.
  •   Sole seems to be a bit flexible.


Finding a wide spinning shoe for your wide feet can be a challenge.

We found that Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe is the best and the most versatile in the lot.

However, not only Lake, but there are at least 15 best spinning shoes for your wide feet.

So, go ahead and select the best one and have a blast in your spinning class in 2022.

Best Spinning Shoes For Wide Feet-min

Best Spinning Shoes For Wide Feet-min

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