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Best running shoes for wide feet and plantar fasciitis…

I agree they are difficult to find.

But actually they are out there…

We found them and have put into a top 6 running shoe list.

However, Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes is the best of all.

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Our Top Picks

For Women:

Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes

“Excellent cushioning for the heel and the entire foot with arch support. Must-have features for runners with plantar fasciitis. Wide fit available.”

For Men:

Brooks Glycerin 17 Running Shoes

“Plush cushion to give you a cloud-walk feeling. Exceptionally comfortable for plantar fasciitis. Comes in the wide fit also.”

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet and Plantar Fasciitis in 2020

Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.8)
Brooks Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Runners with plantar fasciitis need a running show which will provide them with ample amount of heel support.

Also, they should be able to provide good comfort and support throughout their feet.

Brooks Ghost 11 excels in all the department. 

They have good amount of heel support made of DNA LOFT. This material is exceptional in absorbing impact.

Your heels will remain protected and will not endure any kind of shock.

Also, it comes with continuous cushioning from BioMoGo DNA mid-sole.

This material is soft, comfortable and responsive. It serves as a excellent buffer between shock and your feet. Thus your plantar fasciitis will not aggravate.

It also comes with ample arch support which is great for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Now, if you are wondering if you will get this cushy shoe for your wide feet – let me tell you this…

It is available in 4 fits including wide fit. So, give it a try and get some relief from your pain.

  •   Great cushioning for a very comfortable experience.
  •   Highly shock absorbent and best for plantar fasciitis.
  •   Well formed heel area protects from further any damage to your plantar fascia tissue.
  •   Good arch support and continuous cushioning.
  •   Available for wide feet as well.
  •   For some, the toe-box area is small.
  •   Some reported that the shoe is high for Achilles area.
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear.
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.7)
Brooks Womens Glycerin 17 Cushioned Road Running Shoe

Runners with plantar fasciitis needs a lot of cushioning. This running shoe has the highest level of cushioning from Brooks and is very stable.

A wider heel base and DNA LOFT material makes sure that your heels don’t have to deal with any shock or impact.

This in turn keeps your already inflammed plantar fascia tissue protected and you don’t end up with additional pain.

Also, it has continuous DNA LOFT cushioning throughout the foot and keeps you very comfortable.

It is also highly shock absorbing and protects your feet from any kind of impact.

The arch support also contributes towards relief of your plantar fascia pain.

To reduce further stress on your feet, the fore foot comes with a segmented transition zone.

This helps you to do heel to toe movement with minimal effort and also keeps your feet stress free.

  •   Great cushioning with very good shock absorption.
  •   Responsive and lightweight.
  •   Good arch support.
  •   DNA LOFT transition zone for effortless heel to toe movement.
  •   3D print fit mesh upper and an interior soft liner for a more customized fit.
  •   Great for long distance, treadmill and road.
  •   The fit is not as comfortable as the previous version.
  •   Some are not very happy with the sock like feeling of the upper.
  •   Minimal color choices for wide fit.
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)
HOKA ONE ONE Men's Bondi 6 Running Shoe

Want ultimate underfoot comfort?

Then go for Hoka One One Bondi 6. This is one of the best cushioned running shoe available and your feet will feel on clouds.

The EVA Foam is thicker at the heel providing your heel are area with additional cushioning.

Also, this keeps your inflamed plantar fascia protected and will not let any kind of shock impact it further.

It also has continuous cushioning till the tip of the shoe.

This provides you comfort throughout your feet. Also, this gives cushy protection to your entire feet.

It is excellent in shock absorption and keeps your feet fatigue free throughout your exercise duration.

Also, the early stage meta-rocker makes your heel to toe movement virtually effortless and reduces any kind of stress on your feet. 

  •   Pillowy responsive cushioning.
  •   Early stage meta rocker for easy heel to toe transition.
  •   No break-in period needed.
  •   Wider toe-box available for runners who need it.
  •   Great for plantar fasciitis.
  •   Some felt the toe-box area is tight.
  •   Limited color choices for wide fit.
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear.
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)
SALOMON Men's Xa Pro 3D

This is a trail runner which will provide you with great amount of cushioning and shock absorption.

Both of these are very much required for people with planter fasciitis.

It comes with 3D Advanced Chasis which welds together multiple layers of protection.

With this technology, the heel area itself has 5 layers of cushioning and super stable and comfortable.

They also provide you with superior shock absorption and your heel area remains protected.

This also protects the plantar fascia tissue and helps to keep your feet pain free.

The multiple layer of cushioning extends till the tip of your shoe and thus provides awesome level of comfort.

This also, absorbs a lot of shock and doesn’t let it impact your feet in any way.

Also, for additional stability, it also comes with contragrip out-soles. This keeps you stable in any terrain.

  •   Very comfortable and excellent with shock absorption.
  •   Wider toe-box keeps will keep you comfortable.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Very stable
  •   Some mentioned that the durability of this version is not as high as the previous versions.
  •   Limited color choices for wider fitting.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)
New Balance Women's 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

Fresh foam is manufactured to provide maximum cushioning and comfort to the runners.

This is produced after gathering data from athletes.

The cushioning comes from a single piece of fresh foam and provides you with continuous cushioning.

Also, the maximum cushioning is at the heels which are more prone to impact and shock.

This helps to protect and doesn’t increase your planar fasciitis pain.

Also, it comes with a decent amount of arch support which is also needed for people with plantar fasciitis.

Even if you are a person with wide feet, these shoes will fit you properly as they come in a wider fit as as well.

The out-sole is made from blown rubber and is good for enhanced longevity of your shoe.

Also, the well formed heel and collar area makes these shoes great with stability, and you get a very comfortable and effortless ride.

  •   Fresh foam cushioning for the entire length of your shoe.
  •   Lightweight, comfortable and responsive.
  •   Good shock absorption.
  •   Can be used as a multi-purpose shoe.
  •   Spacious toe-box even for people with wide feet.
  •   Some felt this running shoe to be on the softer side.
  •   For some the ankle is higher.
Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.0)
ASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 21 (4E) Running Shoes

This running shoe comes with fore-foot and rear foot gel cushioning which is great for shock absorption.

This keeps the impact of running away from your heels and it remains safe for any kind of pain and injury.

Also, this lets your plantar fascia at peace which in turn relives you off your pain.

This is one of the lightest running shoe from ASICS as it blends in a lot of technology to provide you with the best comfort without the additional weight.

The mid-sole has FLYTEFOAM LYTE TECHNOLGY which is the lightest material for mid-sole.

Also, the SPEVAFOAM 45 Lasting material provides you with a soft platform feel and improved comfort.

For additional stability, there is heel clutching system. This locks in your heels and minimizes its motion.

Also, the AHAR out-sole is a type of high abrasive rubber which makes your running shoe long-lasting. 

  •   Very comfortable even for the heavy runners.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Spacious toe box.
  •   Available in different widths and is suitable for even wider feet.
  •   Mid-soot seems to be too narrow.
  •   Color choice is less for wide footed people.
  •   Some felt the sole to be sitffer.


Q) What are the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis?

A: When picking a running shoe plantar fasciitis, look for the following features in the shoe:

  • Good heel cushioning
  • Good support and cushioning to the entire underfoot
  • Decent arch support

If any running shoe has all the above features, they are a good fit for you.

By now you might have already gone thorough out “best running shoes for wide feet and plantar fasciitis” list.

All these shoes have the above features.

Also, we found that some of our readers have some other feet condition also, along with plantar fasciitis.

We thought, you may also find our those articles useful: 

Q) Is running good for plantar fasciitis?

A: Running can increase your plantar fasciitis, in the following situations: 

  • You have tight calf muscles
  • You suddenly increased your running mileage
  • You have started speed training
  • You are wearing worn out running shoes
  • You are wearing wrong type of shoe for running
  • You are running on asphalt or concrete

Q) Can Plantar fasciitis last forever?

A: Plantar fasciitis may not last forever. With a bit of care, you can get rid of it within a couple of days or weeks.

However, if yours is a sever case, its better to consult a doctor.

If you catch plantar fasciitis early, you can follow the below home remedies to resolve the problem:

  • Apply lavender essential oil.
  • Wear running shoes/shoes with the above features.
  • Use orthotics.
  • Wear a night splint.
  • Replace your running shoes at regular intervals.
  • Do exercises mainly stretching.
  • Message your feet.
  • Do ice compress.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Take rest.
  • Take some NSAIDs like ibuprofen (consult your doctor).
  • Use athletic tapes.
  • Use heel cups.
  • Use walking cast or boot. 

Q) What happens when plantar fasciitis goes untreated?

A: If you don’t treat plantar fasciitis, then this temporary problem can turn into a more persistent condition.

In severe cases, that may lead to restricted normal activities.

Q) Can stretching make plantar fasciitis worse?

A: Not at all. Before starting any exercise, make sure you stretch your legs especially your calf muscles.

This way, your plantar fascia tissues will not be subjected to any kind of additional pull.

Here are some exercises that you may follow:

Q) Why does plantar fasciitis hurt in the morning?

A: When you work throughout the day, your muscles stretches and gets elongated.

That is the reason, you will may not feel much pain with plantar fasciitis after a short while of working.

However, in the morning, your muscles are shortened including plantar fascia as you are not using them.

This is the reason you feel more plantar fasciitis pain in the morning.

Q) Is it OK to massage plantar fasciitis?

A: Messages are one of the least effective ways to treat plantar fasciitis.

In other words, don’t spend much time with this.

Q) What is the best exercise for plantar fasciitis?

A: If you perform exercises to strengthen your calf muscles and foot, you will get relief from Planatr Fasciitis faster.

Here are some best exercises for plantar fasciitis:


Running with plantar fasciitis is difficult. Accidentally you may aggravate your condition.

And it gets more challenging if you have wide feet. Getting a running shoe for your feet seems next to impossible.

However, the best precaution against such type of feet condition is your running shoe.

The best one for this kind of problem which comes with wide fit is Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes

Checkout our “best running shoes for wide feet and plantar fasciitis” for other options as well.

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