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Best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis.

Both these conditions are painful. If you don’t wear a proper running shoe you will end up in extreme pain.

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Worse case, you will not be able to do any load bearing activities.

Based on the criteria described later in the post, here are the 6 best shoes for your foot condition.

Altra AFM1837F Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoes is our favorite due to the amount of cushioning, zero-drop and wide toe-box.

If you are not able to decide, you can always pick this one and get on with your running without any worry.

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Our Top Picks For Today

.For Men:

Altra AFM1837F Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoes

“Wide toe-box, zero-drop and great cushioning”

For Women:

New Balance 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoes

“Supportive cushioning of Fresh Foam developed from statistics gathered from athletes.”

Best Running Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis in 2020

Editor Rating:
Altra AFM1837F Men's Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoe

Restrictive toe-box or a big difference between heel to toe can be your primary reason for Morton’s Nuroma.

Also, if you have a stressful work like standing all day or you do too much of exercise, your plantar fascia may develop minor tears.

This is mostly due to over use of the tissue. In other words, you may develop plantar fasciitis.

In such cases you need something with cushioning and arch support.

Torin has all these criteria built in with a wider toe box, excellent cushioning and zero drop.

The toe box is of FootShape which helps your toes to naturally relax and spread.

The mid-sole has InnerFle or grid-like flex grooves. These grooves helps your shoe to expand at required places at higher speed.

Also, the unique out-sole has FootPod Technology where all your bones and tendons are mapped to let your foot flex naturally.

  •   Good for runners with plantar fasciitis and morton’s neuroma.
  •   Zero drop shoe for a more natural running experience.
  •   Extra padding at the collar and the tongue to make it more steady.
  •   No breaking in needed.
  •   Good for even wider feet.
  •   Shows early signs of wear and tear.
  •   Look wise, it is not at all stylish. 
Editor Rating:
New Balance Women's 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

This is also a running shoe which has wider toe-box and good arch support.

They are built on a single piece of specialized foam which is called Fresh Foam.

Fresh Foam is geared towards providing maximum comfort to the athletes.

New Balance has manufactured this special kind of foam after gathering statistics from athletes.

So, this foam is cushy, responsive and supportive.

Also, this is a very stable shoe and has extra padding at collar and tongue.

The out-sole has blown rubber at high abrasion zones and makes these running shoes very durable.

It comes with a traditional lace-up closure which keeps your feet securely fastened to your feet.

This helps you to get a very pleasurable running experience despite long distance.

  •   Good cushioning and support.
  •   Responsive and lightweight.
  •   Good for people with knee issues.
  •   Good for morton’s neuroma and planta fasciitis.
  •   Good for even high arches and wide feet.
  •   Wears out faster than previous version.
  •   Toe-box seems to be low in this version.
Editor Rating:
Merrell Trail Glove 4 Men's

This is a vegan friendly shoe which has all materials made from synthetic or textile.

It may seem a bit odd choice for morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis, but let me assure you that it is not.

This has decent amount of cushioning and arch support provided by 3 mm insoles and 3 mm lugs.

Also, it has TrailProtect pads which provides your feet with ample protection.

It is a lightweight shoe which will never bog you down with its weight.

Also, the upper is made from mesh material which keeps your feet breathable.

This controls the temperature inside your running shoe and keeps your feet cool and dry.

It is a minimalist running shoe, so, you will have a more natural running experience wearing these shoes.

  •   Good shock absorption and decent arch support.
  •   Minimalist running shoe for a more natural running experience.
  •   Dries quickly if it gets wet.
  •   TrailProtect to keep your feet safe in the trails.
  •   They are not as durable as previous versions.
  •   Some did not like the tongue design as they need to be adjusted repeatedly.
Editor Rating:
New Balance Men's M980 Boracay Running Shoe

This is the second New Balance on our list today and we found that these are very comfortable.

It is a low-drop shoe with a differential of 3 mm. This makes it a very stable running shoe.

Mid-sole is made from New Balance’s proprietary Fresh Foam material and is very responsive and cushy.

This is also very supportive and provides you with a very comfortable running experience.

The padded collar and tongue along with the traditional lace up closure, keeps this running shoe in place, thus helping you to have a very stable ride.

The out-sole is made from blown rubber which enhances the lifespan of this running shoe.

Also, the OrthoLite footbed, provides your feet with a comfortable in-shoe experience.


  •   Very comfortable and cushy.
  •   Good for wearing for long hours.
  •   Good for longer runs.
  •   Great for even heel-strikers.
  •   Runs a bit small.
  •   Fore-foot is stiffer than the previous version.
Editor Rating:
Saucony Men's Hurricane ISO 2 Running Shoe

This is another running shoe which is very responsive and cushy.

It has the EVERUN top-sole which provides that extra bounce to the shoe.

Also, the PWRGRID+ platform makes it very cushy and supportive. It also makes these running shoes very stable.

The collar has additional lining called RUNDRY and this makes it easy for it to get dried quickly.

Also, the out-sole is flexible and is of type TRIFLEX. This helps you to propel forward easily, without stressing your feet.

The is ISOFIT and features inner sleeve and floating support cage.

This provides you with exceptional fit and keeps your feet very comfortable.

The EVERUN top-sole also provides your feet with continuous cushioning and provides you with a very comfortable running experience. 

  •   Will provide you with a plush ride.
  •   Great for long distance running.
  •   Good for flat footers and overpronates.
  •   Very responsive.
  •   Smaller than previous versions. Go half size up.
  •   Heel slipping is there.
Editor Rating:
ASICS Women's 33-DFA Running Shoe

This is a minimalist shoe which provides a decent amount of cushioning and protection to your feet.

 The upper is breathable and keeps your feet cool and dry throughout your running session.

The collar and the tongue is lightly padding making these shoes steadier.

You will have a great in-shoe experience as the inner lining of the shoe has a soft fabric lining.

The sockliner is ComfortDry and offers a lightweight cushioning. It is also anti-odor, keeping your in-shoe environment more healthier.

The mid-sole is made from Solyte and is very lightweight material.

However, this also provides a great deal of comfort and cushioning.

The out-sole is made from AHAR or ASICS High Abrasion Rubber and keeps you steady on the ground.

Also, this makes these running shoes very durable and helps you to get maximum mileage out of these shoes. 


  •   Very comfortable even for the heavy runners.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Bold and bright colors.
  •   Great multi-purpose shoe.
  •   Durability is less as per some customers.
  •   Sizing is a bit off. Order half size up.


Q) What are the best running shoes for Morton’s toe?

A: Any running shoe which has:

  • Arch Support
  • Cushioning
  • Wide Toe-box
  • Low to Zero drop is perfect for Morton’s Toe.

The running shoes provided above all has the above criteria.

You may chose any of them or feel free to do your own research.

However, while picking your running shoe, you must check if they fit all the above criteria.

Otherwise you will again end up in pain.

Q) Do arch supports help Morton’s neuroma?

A: Yes, arch support help Morton’s neuroma. 

You can do it in two ways. Either you add an insole or you get a running shoe with arch support.

Arch support helps in reducing the pressure in that zone.

Hence, it helps in reducing the pain.

In fact, this is one of the selection criteria for our running shoes.

If you are picking one by yourself, you should pick your running shoe with arch support.

Q) Are Birkenstocks good for Morton’s neuroma?

A: Yes it is good. It is a combination of cork and leather.

Due to the nature of the material, they mould themselves according to your feet.

However, they are not used in running shoes. But when you are not running these can be perfect for your feet condition.

Q) Can Morton’s neuroma go away by itself?

A: Morton’s Neuroma will never go away by itself.

The pain may subside or comeback depending on the type of foot wear you are wearing.

Also, if you spend too much time on your feet, then also this condition can become more prominent.

It is always good to talk to your physician about it and take necessary precautions if needed.

Q) What is the best treatment for Morton’s neuroma?

A: Here are some of the ways to treat Morton’s Neuroma:

  • Use insoles or metatarsal pads
  • Use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Get corticosteroid or sclerosing alcohol injections
  • Get a surgery done

The best treatment will depend on the severity of your condition and as prescribed by your physician. 

Q) Can you walk after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

A: Yes you can walk but you may have significant trouble in the first week.

Your feet may get sore and swell up. You may also see minor bruising and some dry blood.

So when not walking, you should keep your foot elevated.

Q) Does Morton’s neuroma get worse?

A: Yes Morton’s Neuroma can get worse.

When it starts, it is just a tingling sensation between the third and the fourth toes.

Then the pain starts to increase as the condition begins to progress.

If left untreated, you will eventually not be able to do any weight bearing activity. 

Q) Is walking barefoot good for Morton’s neuroma?

A: No, walking barefoot is not good for Morton’s Neuroma.

It may aggravate your condition. 

Q) Do cortisone shots help Morton’s neuroma?

A: Yes cortisone shot can help Morton’s Neuroma.

Your pain will go away within a short period of time.

However, this relief is temporary and lasts for a few weeks.

Also, if you decide to take these shots, please contact your physician first. 

Q) Is Morton’s neuroma permanent?

A: If not treated in time, this condition can become permanent.

More problematic is, it can result in permanent nerve damage and you may loose your capacity to do any load bearing exercise. 

Q) Can Massage Help Morton’s neuroma?

A: Yes messaging can help with Morton’s Neuroma.

It can reduce nerve compression and can significantly reduce the pain.

Here are some effective message techniques for Morton’s Neuroma. 

Q) What causes a Morton’s neuroma?

A: Here are some common causes of Morton’s Neuroma:

High Heels: If you wear high heels or tight fitting shoes, it can put a lot of pressure on the balls of your foot. This may eventually cause Morton’s Neuroma.

Certain sports: Participating in high-impact athletic activities such as jogging, running, skiing, rock-climbing, etc. can put a lot of pressure on your toes.

Foot Deformities:  If you have bunions, hammertoes, high arches or flat foot, you are at higher risk of developing Morton’s Neuroma. 


Both Plantar Fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma are very painful conditions especially if you are wearing wrong kind of footwear.

This my cause more problem if you are a runner as high impact activities are one of the most common reasons for Morton’s Neuroma.

Having the right kind of running shoe can reduce your problems and pain significantly.

Here are the best running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis.

These shoes will help you to deal with the pain more easily.

Also, if you are unsure, go for Altra AFM1837F Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoes.

This is the best shoe to address both of these problems. You will not regret your decision.

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