Running with flat feet without a suitable running shoe is a sure recipe for disaster.

You will end up injured and may take weeks if not months to recover.

But researching for the perfect running shoe takes a lot of time and effort.

So, we have done the heavy lifting for you, and here are the 6 best running shoes for men with flat feet in [current_year].

The winner of this category is Brooks Men’s Beast 20 Running Shoes.

It has a great amount of cushioning and a progressive diagonal rollbar (PDRB) to control your feet’ in-shoe rolling.

However, the rest in the list also are very good for your foot’s needs.

So, check out what we have in store for you. Also, don’t forget to check the FAQ section.

It has a lot of useful information and will help you to deal with your flat feet.


Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet and Shin Splints Reviewed

Our Top Picks

For Roads:

Brooks Men’s Beast 20 Running Shoes

“Best motion control shoe for flat feet. Excellent cushioning”

For Trails:

Asics Men’s Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoes 

“Good arch support for flat feet. Suited for easy trails”

Best Running Shoes for Men with Flat Feet in [current_year]

Editor Rating:

Brooks beast is a motion control with arch support for flat to medium arches.

It comes in 3 different widths. Normal (D), Wide (2E), and Extra Wide (4E)

Please ensure to check the width before you buy a new pair. Otherwise, you will end up in a lot of pain like this customer.

Let’s now talk about the cushioning.

The Midsole is designed using the BioMoGo DNA technology.

This gives ultra-soft cushioning and great comforts.

The softness and cushioning add a great deal to shock absorptions.

The sock-liner present underfoot add to the comfort.

An engineered mesh upper gives these running shoes very good breathability and secure fit.

The motion control of this Brooks comes from a progressive diagonal rollbar (PDRB).

The presence of Guide Rails controls the lateral motion of the foot upon landing and minimizes the chance of injury.

This guides your body back to its natural motion path. Also, the out-sole is made from durable rubber.

It provides you with a superior grip on the roads.

  •   Good arch support for flat to medium arches
  •   Comes in 3 different widths. Normal (D), Wide (2E), Extra Wide (4E)
  •   Comfortable and lightweight
  •   No break in needed
  •   True to size
  •   Your knees, shins and ankles will be protected
  •   Laces are short
  •   Pricey
Editor Rating:
ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

This running shoe comes with moderate arch support. It is a stability shoe and is made for overpronation.

You can use this versatile shoe on roads or on easy trails.

The structural support of this running shoe comes from  Integrated guidance line.

As a result you get a better gait efficiency and mid-foot structural integrity.

This running shoe provides you with very good cushioning and combines two technologies.

The FLYTEFOAM propel is responsible for the great bounce and FLYTEFOAM LYTE delivers lightweight cushioning.

This foam is 55% lighter than the industry standard EVA foam.

The out-sole is made from high quality rubber and gives you proper grip on roads or on trails. 


  •   Uses FLYTEFOAM LYTE midsole. It is 55% lighter than traditional EVA foam.
  •   Shock absorbing out-sole
  •   Moderate arch support.
  •   Good for overpronation
  •   True to size and width
  •   For some the cushioning under the ball of the feet seems less.
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear
Editor Rating:
Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 19

This running shoe is perfect for people with flat to medium arch.

It is a support shoe which will provide you with right amount of cushioning at every step.

BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT combined provides you with right amount of cushioning and softness.

The new DNA LOFT crash pad absorbs the impact from hard landing and keeps your feet protected.

The mid-sole materials are very responsive and helps for a easy heel-to-toe push off.

Also, these materials can withstand a lot of wear and tear and as a good lifespan.

One main focus of this running shoe is to protect your knees.

It comes with GuideRails and keeps excess movement in check.

This helps in reducing any kind of shock on your knees.

  •   New crash pad for improved shock absorption
  •   New GuideRails to protect your knees.
  •   Support for flat to medium arch
  •   Good responsiveness
  •   True to size
  •   Some felt that this shoe is heavier than other models
  •   For some the sizing seemed a bit off
Editor Rating:
ASICS Men's GT-2000 7 Running Shoes

ASICS GT-2000 7 is a versatile running shoe and provides support for normal to low arches.

This stability shoe will help you with if you overpronate. These are meant for neutral to overpronate people.

The rear foot and forefoot has GEL band technology and the all new FLYTEFOAM LYTE.

This not only makes these shoes bouncy and shock absorbent, but also lighter by 55% than traditional EVA mid-sole.

The upper has breathable mesh and keeps your feet cool and dry for a longer period of time.

The out sole has DUOMAX SUPPORT SYSTEM technology. It further reduces the weight of the shoe.

To make it more durable, it comes with AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber).

They are placed in critical areas of the out-sole for exceptional durability.

  •   Normal to low arch support
  •   Comes in 4 widths. Narrow (B), Standard (D), Wide (2E), Extra Wide (4E)
  •   True to size
  •   Light weight
  •   For neutral to overpronation
  •   For some the cushioning felt less than previous versions.
  •   For some the sizing seems a bit off.
Editor Rating:
New Balance Men's Vongo V3 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

This is a contemporary running shoe and New Balance has used a data driven approach to create mild stability.

If you overpronate, then it will slow down your overpronation.

It has used overstuffing of a key location on the medial side as well as dual-rubber outsole materials.

Together they effectively slow down your overpronation.

If you severely overpronate, then this shoe may not be right for you.

The upper has 3D screen print. This provides you with mid-foot support.

The cushioning of this running shoe comes from Fresh Foam mid-sole.

It is an innovative one piece lightweight foam to provide you with a very soft and cushy experience.


  •   Great shock absorption
  •   Slows down overpronation
  •   Dual rubber out-sole material
  •   Single piece foam in the mid-sole for utmost comfort
  •   For some the fit is tighter
  •   Quality seems to be not as per the previous versions
Editor Rating:
 New Balance Men's M1260gb7

These stability running shoes are suited for those with flat feet  and low arches.

These will provide you with good arch support that help with your overpronation.

The ABZORB crash pad gives more stability and control while running.

It has TPU T-beam which also helps with arch support and the Ortholite isole is removable. 

So, you can replace it with orthotic insoles if needed.

The upper has engineered mesh which adapts to your feet and is also very breathable.

They also come with Fantomfit technology, which helps to reduce the irritation near the ankle.

  •   Meant for heavier built people
  •   Good fit, comfortable and breathable.
  •   Data driven design for flat feet
  •   Forefoot padding seems less
  •   May show earl signs of wear and tear


Q) What are Flat Feet?

A: Flat flat also called pes planus or fallen arches is a deformity of the feet.

In this situation, the entire arch of your feet collapse and the entire sole of your feet are on the ground.

This is how your foot impression will look like:

Choose the right shoes for your feet July 2018

Q) What causes flat feet and how to tackle it?

A: There can be many causes of flat feet. Here are some common ones:

  • Heredity
  • Weak arches
  • Foot Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Any kind of damage to the posterior tibial tendon
  • Nervous system
  • Muscular diseases

If you have flat feet, then chances are you may have weak feet muscles.

So, you need to make them stronger in order to avoid further problems like Plantar Fasciitis.

You need to perform the following exercises regularly, once a day, till your muscles get stronger:

Roll A Tennis Ball:

  • Sit straight on a chair
  • Place your left foot on a tennis ball
  • Roll the under your arch
  • Do this for 2-3 mins
  • Repeat with the other foot

Toe Curls:

  • Sit straight on a chair
  • Place a towel under your left foot
  • Try to pickup a towel with your toes
  • Ensure that the mall of your foot is on the floor
  • Do this 20 times
  • Repeat with other feet
  • Do for 2-3 sets

Heel Raises:

  • Stand straight facing a wall
  • Stretch your hand and place your palms on the walls
  • Raise your heels as high as you can
  • Count 5 under your breath
  • Lower your heels
  • Do this for 20 times for 2-3 sets

Calf Stretch:

  • Stand straight facing a wall
  • Place the toes of your left leg on the wall just above the wall and floor joint
  • Your heels are still on the floor
  • Now start leaning forward maintaining your feet position
  • Lean forward until you feel a stretch on your calves
  • Hold the position
  • Count 5
  • Go back to the starting position
  • Do this 15-20 times with each leg

Plantar Fascia Stretch (Skip if you have pain in plantar fascia)

  • Stand straight facing the wall
  • Place the toes of your left foot on the wall and heel on the floor
  • Start bending your knees until you feel a stretch on your plantar fascia.
  • Hold the position and count 5
  • Go back to the starting position
  • Do this for 15-20 times with each leg

Q) Do I have flat feet?

A: That you can find out easily. 

Do a wet water test. First, wet your feet. Then stand on a color paper.

If you see an impression of your foot like the above picture, then you have a flat feet.

Q) What are the problems related to flat feet?

A: Flat feet can give birth to multiple feet problems like:

Overpronation – Here your feet roll inwards when walking or running. This is due to lack of arch support.

Strained or sprained ankles – Due to excessive inward rolling your ankles can become sprained or strained.

This also affects your knees and hips.

Bunions – A bony bump (mostly painful) develops at the base of your big toe. This can cause excruciating pain at times.

If you want to run with this condition you have to select some specialized shoes.

Plantar Fasciitis – These are micro tears that develops on your plantar fascia. They can be extremely painful especially when you wake up.

You will have tough time, placing your feet on the ground.

If you suffer from some of these conditions, here are some recommendations: 

Q) Can I run with flat feet?

A: Of course you can. You just need to get a running shoe with ample arch support.

Any of the running shoes in the above list will be able to help you out.

Q) Will my flat feet make me run slower?

A: Absolutely not. Your pace has nothing to do with your flat feet.

However, due to excessive pronation you may develop weak ankles, shin splints and/or plantar fasciitis.

If such a problem occurs then consult a doctor.

Otherwise, you can run as much as you want.

Q) How to select a running shoe for flat feet?

A: When you are selecting a running shoe for your flat feet keep in mind these 3 things.

Motion Control, Stability and Arch support.

Motion Control – Motion control as the name suggests, controls the motion of your feet.

It encourages you to follow your proper gait and restricts the ankles from rolling and overpronating.

These kind of running shoes has some built in features that helps you to achieve this.

For example the heel counters ensures that your feet doesn’t land on the ground at an angle.

However, there are still chances that your feet will twist within the shoe itself.

This is controlled by anti-roll bars.

Brooks Men’s Beast 20 Running Shoes is a prominent example of this.

It has extended progressive diagonal rollbar (PDRB) which prevents your feet from twisting inside it.

Stability – Stability shoes essentially performs the same function but in a slightly different way.

They will lock in your foot and keep it in place. Along with it, it will also have a more rugged out-sole.

This way they will be able to stabilize you, if your feet hits the ground at an angle.

Here also, heel counter are used to lock in your heels. 

However, in general, the soles of these shoes are broader than others and this plays the major role in footfall management.

Asics Men’s Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoes is the best one in this category.

Arch support – This is the second most key aspect of any of the running shoe for flat feet.

If an arch is too high, you will end up injured and in a lot of pain. 

If the arch is low, you will not get proper amount of support and you foot will overpronate. 

This will cause you to develop other foot conditions like, bunions, plantar fasciitis and others.

So, take particular care of this, when you are choosing the shoe.

It will decide, whether you will end your runs in ecstasy or in pain.

Most of the companies nowadays will upfront tell you that.

You can do your own R&D or you can just choose a running shoe from the above list and get busy running.

Q) Will any of the above running shoe help me with my severe overpronation?

A: Yes, they will. Pick any of the first 4 shoes from the above list.

All of them are meant for mild to severe overpronation.

Q) Is stability/motion control shoes must for running with flat feet?

A: Most of the times this is the case. However, many flat footed runner gets away with a neutral running shoe.

However, if you have severe overpronation, then this may not work for you.

My advice will be to start off with a stability or a motion controlled shoe.

Then once you are comfortable and know what works for you, start experimenting.

Once you are satisfied with your choice then stick to it, until your body tells otherwise.

Q) Along with stability/motion controlled shoe, will I need orthotic inserts also?

A: If you have selected a running shoe, which is suited for your flat feet, then you will have all the arch support you need.

In that case you don’t need to use another orthotic insert. It will only make you uncomfortable.


Flat foot is a manageable foot condition.

If you take some precautions and do the above exercises regularly, then you will be able to avoid any injury or discomfort.

However, your choice of running shoe is also paramount in this situation.

Based of our research the best running shoe for men with flat feet is Brooks Men’s Beast 20 Running Shoes

However, the other running shoes in the above list also do a commendable job.

Do check them out and let me know which one suited you best.

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