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If you have high arches and you overpronate then your are facing some unique challenges as a runner.

Also, you have very limited number of shoes that can provide you with proper arch support and stability.

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Here are the best running shoes for high arches and stability in 2019 that can help you to run comfortably.

I love Brooks men’s beast ’18 road running shoe but there are some great alternatives below.

Also, make sure to check the FAQ section below.

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Our Top Picks For Today

For Women:

Brooks Women’s PureCadence 7 Running Shoes

Soft on joints and comes with a smooth running experience

For Men:

✅ Brooks Men’s Beast ’18 Road Running Shoe

“Great shoes for marathon training and speed work with exceptional stability”

Best Running Shoes For High Arches And Stability in 2020

Editor Rating:
Brooks Men's Beast '18

Brooks bast 18 is made to provide you with maximum support and cushioning.

It has roomier and proper arch support which is needed for a person with a high arch.

Also, this is a stability shoe, so you’ll get a perfect stable ride every time.

It is bio-mechanically engineered to provide you with progressive support for both running and walking.

You can take this beast out for a ride even if it is raining outside.

Overlays are no-sew. This gives you maximum support at the mid-foot.

The upper is made from engineered air mesh. This gives you maximum breathability.

Also, due to proper ventilation, your feet will remain cool, dry and odor free.

It is very soft and has a spacious toe box, structured saddle, and an external heel counter for maximum stability. 

The midsole is made from super DNA which is 25% more adaptable than Brook’s standard DNA mid-sole.

It has extended progressive diagonal roll-bar or PDRB which will guide your body back to its natural path.

Also, PDRB will provide you with additional support.

It has a mid-sole drop of around 12 mm weighs around 13.3oz/377g

Even if you are on the heavier side of the scale, they will provide you with maximum support and cushioning.

There is separate fit available for wide feet. If you need EEEE, then go for an ‘XW’ fit.

No break-in is needed and you can run a marathon right out of the box.

  •   Soft and  supportive cushioning.
  •   Good stability
  •   Comfortable and lightweight
  •   Available in extra wide (XW) fit as well
  •   Generous toe box
  •   Great for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis
  •   Mesh upper gives you a custom fit
  •  May show early signs of wear and tear
  •  The insole is very thin
Editor Rating:
Saucony Men's Ride 10 Running-Shoes

Saucony Ride 10 is improved to give you a better fit and a more stable ride.
It has not only improved the upper, but also the out-sole.
Now the mid-sole comes with PWRFoam which makes this shoe lighter and durable.
It also ensures that you get a high energy return every time you go out for a run.
These running shoes are specially built for longer races.
The SRC landing zone provides you with a lot of shock absorption.
This ensures that you perform at your best even in the longer races.

Also, it comes with proper arch support and stability.
These are very important for anyone with high arches and pronates.
You get a much easier and smoother heel-to-toe transition.
This is due to the presence of Vertical flex grooves in front which also increases the flexibility of these running shoes.
The Flex film Overlays provide you with a better fit combined with the engineered mesh upper.
You will get a glove-like fit and will be very comfortable throughout your run.
It comes with different fits ranging from narrow to wide. This ensures that you find your match.
The out-sole has TRILEX technology and it helps you with better gripping and flexibility of this running shoe.
The heel area has XT-900 carbon material which is very durable and provides you with a good grip.
The cushioning of this running shoe comes mainly from the mid-sole which is made up of PWRFoam.
To improve it further, you now also have the EVERUN top-sole.
This layer is placed just under the insole and gives you a very responsive ride.
It comes with traditional lace-up closure which is easy to tie and untie.
Also, you can adjust the fit with one pull of the lace and you are good to go.

  •   Soft cushioning and improved performance
  •   Perfect for high arches
  •   Improved heel stability
  •   Improved flexibility through TRIFLEX
  •   No break-in needed
  •   Lightweigt
  •   Narrower toe-box
  •   Upper may show early signs of wear and tear
Editor Rating:
NIKE Mens Air Zoom Odyssey Run Easy Training Running Shoes

This running shoe is made from 100% Synthetic material.
The upper has breathable Flymesh with Dynamic Flywire cables.
This gives you a secured and lock-down fit.
Also, the breathability of this running shoe is improved and your feet stay cool and dry throughout the entire duration of the run.
The out-sole is made from rubber, which gives this running shoe its superior grip on roads.
If you have a high arch and is looking for stability then this is shoe can cater to your needs very well.
Shaft measures approximately 2.8″ from the arch.
Dynamic Support platform combines with dual-density foam in the mid-sole.
This provides you with soft cushioning and proper support to get the maximum performance out of this running shoe.
Duralon rubber in the forefoot for additional cushioning and high-abrasion rubber in the heel for durable traction.


  •   Improved materials for better cushioning
  •   Good for multi-sport like cross training and walking
  •   Wider toe box
  •   Good for people with flat feet as well
  •   Very durable
  •   Provides you with ample stability
  •   For some the quality was not up-to the mark
  •   Some break-in is needed.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Women's PureCadence 7

This is one of the best running shoes for people with a high arch and needing stability.

The cushioning is a bit less compared to the other shoes in its category.

This will give you a more natural and healthy running experience.

The rounded heel will provide you with better alignment and minimizes stress on joints.

You will have a very comfortable in-shoe experience as the upper is stretch woven and has a soft internal bootie.

This also makes you feel unrestricted.

As with all Brooks, the midsole comes with BioMoGo DNA cushioning.

This lightweight cushioning provided you with a more plush feeling and you will get a very comfortable ride.

Near the at the junction of the sole and upper, you have Lightweight Guide Rails.

This helps to keep your body in the natural alignment.

The sole is very flexible and it disperses the impact away from body for a plush feel underfoot.
It is perfect for long-distance running and is true to size.
They are very comfortable and very lightweight.
At times you may feel that you are wearing nothing else other than our your socks.
They are supportive and durable. You will always get a very comfortable ride.

  •   Rounded heel to reduce stress on joints
  •   Wider toe box
  •   Decent cushioning
  •   Light weight
  •   Very stylish
  •   Heel may feel a bit stiff
  •   Sizing is a bit off
Editor Rating:
Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe

Upper of this shoe is made from textile and synthetic materials.

The outsole is made from rubber and gives you a very good grip on the road and concrete.

It is a low drop shoe and will give you a more natural running experience.

The heel comes with the proprietary Mizuno wave technology and gives you a very responsive ride.

It also provides you with protection against any kind of heel strike.

This is the best selling stability shoes from Mizuno and provides you with a very stable ride.

The textile material of the upper is engineered mesh. This gives you very good breathability and the material very durable.

You will also have a premium sockliner that provides you with additional comfort.

The midsole has U4ic foam which is very good for shock absorption and is very durable. It also gives you a superior ride.

  •   Very stable pair of shoes
  •   Good fit, comfortable and breathable
  •   Roomy toe box
  •   Lightweight
  •   Great shoes for multi-sport
  •   Sizing seems a bit off
  •   Durability is a bit less
Editor Rating:
HOKA ONE ONE Women's Gaviota Running Shoe

The Hoka One One Gaviota is a very supportive running shoe with a lot of cushioning.

It is a low drop shoe and is very lightweight.

It is a maximum stability shoe and is perfect for high arches.

This is a maximal shoe and you will feel like walking on clouds.

It is made from 100% synthetic material and is vegan-friendly.

No part of this running shoes is made from animal parts.

To give you superior support especially in the mid-foot, there are arch-lock wings.

This makes your every step very stable.

For additional support, you have 3D puff print frame.

This also makes this running shoe so much lightweight.

It comes with a late stage meta-rocker and this helps you in an easy heel to toe off.

Flat-waist geometry provides inherent stability.

It has a heel to toe drop of about 5mm

This makes it a low drop shoe and provides you with a more natural running experience.

  •   Good fit, comfortable and breathable
  •   Suited for multi-sport
  •   Lightweight
  •   Great shoes for everyday running
  •   To get a perfect fit you should order half size larger
  •   Durability is a bit less


1. Are high arches good for running?

Ans: The simple answer is no. High arch makes your running challenging and at times it can be very painful.

Your entire body weight is supported by the balls of your feet and your heels.

The side of the shoe has minimal to no participation.

So if you don’t have proper running shoes for high arches, then it will be extremely difficult for you to run.


High Arched feet

2. Is high arch overpronation?

Ans: High arch and overpronation are two completely different thing.

If the distance of your foot curve is more from the ground, then you have high arch.

Overpronation is when the arches of the foot roll inward or downward when walking.

If you have high arch, then you may have overpronation also as the muscles of your ankle are weak.

3. What running shoe has the best arch support?

Ans: There are many shoes that are specifically made for arch support.

I’ve several posts that tackles this along with other feet problems.

You can also checkout:

4. Do people with high arches overpronate?

Ans: People with high arches often have inflexible feet.

This actually minimizes the amount of natural motion when your foot lands on the ground.

So their feet doesn’t have much of natural shock absorption and can result in excessive inward ankle rolling or overpronation.

This mainly happens due to instability in the muscles of the lower leg.

    5. Are stability shoes good for high arches?

    Ans: Many people who have high arches tend to overpronate.

    The muscles in their lower leg are weak and this may force your feet to roll inward.

    So, if you have overpronation with high arches, stability shoes are a must.

    They can protect you from a lot of running injury.


    6. Do I need arch support for high arches?

    Ans: High arched feet doesn’t absorb shock. 

    So, you should always choose a running shoe with a lot of cushion

    Also, to provide proper support to your high arches you need to have a running shoe which has a lot of arch support.

    If you cannot get one, use arch support insoles instead. 

    7. Is having high arches a good thing?

    High arches can bring a lot of challenges for you, like:

    • Metatarsalgia
    • Lateral ankle instability
    • Hammertoes or claw toes
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Calluses on the ball, side, or heel of the foot.
    • Knee, hip, and low back pain

    So having high arches is not a good thing

    8. Is it better to have high arches or flat feet?

    Both high arches and flat feet come with their own set of challenges.

    If you have flat feet, you are more susceptible to:

    • Achilles Tendonitis
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Metatarsalgia, Bunions and Calluses
    • Knee Pain and Back Pain

    Whereas, if you have high arches, you may have to face these problems:

    • Metatarsalgia, Bunions & Calluses
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Achilles Tendonitis
    • Knee Pain & Low Back Pain

    So, both the feet conditions present you with the same set of challenges and none is better than the other.

    9. How do you tell if you have high arches or low arches?

    If you want to test if you have a high or low arch, perform a wet water test.

    You will clearly understand which kind of arch your feet has.

    Here you will get detailed instructions of how to perform a wet water test.

    10. How do you strengthen your high arches?

    As per Silver Foot Clinic, you can perform these 5 exercises to strengthen your high arches:

    Band Stretch 

    • Sitting on a hard surface
    • Stretch your feet in front of you
    • Loop a towel or any kind of band around the ball of your foot.
    • Flex your foot
    • Now gently pull back the towel to stretch your toes.

    Wall Stretch 

    • Stand a foot from a wall with your palms flat against it.
    • Keep your heels flat on the ground.
    • Now bend both knees and lean your whole body forward slightly
    • Use the wall to balance.

    Toe Squeeze 

    • Stick your fingers between each of your toes.
    • Squeeze your toes together as hard as you can for ten seconds
    • Now relax
    • Repeat 10 times

    Toe Rolls 

    • With your feet flat on the ground, raise just your toes up
    • Slowly lower your toes one at a time so they “roll” back down to the ground.

    Pick-Up  ball

    • Using just your toes, try to pick up a small ball from the ground.
    • Now put it into a bucket.
    • If this to too hard to start, use a wash cloth and marbles first

    11. How can I strengthen my fallen arches?

    You can perform the following exercises:

    Heel stretches

    • Stand with your hands resting on a wall, chair, or railing at shoulder or eye level.
    • Keep one leg forward and the other leg extended behind you.
    • Press both heels firmly into the floor.
    • Keeping your spine straight, bend your front leg and push yourself into the wall or support, feeling a stretch in your back leg and Achilles tendon.
    • Hold this position for 30 seconds.
    • Do each side 4 times.

    Tennis/golf ball rolls

    • Sit on a chair with a tennis or golf under your right foot.
    • Maintain a straight spine as you roll the ball under your foot, focusing on the arch.
    • Do this for 2–3 minutes.
    • Then do the opposite foot.

    Arch lifts

    • Stand with your feet directly underneath your hips.
    • Make sure to keep our toes in contact with the floor the entire time
    • Roll your weight to the outer edges of your feet as you lift your arches up as far as you can.
    • Now release your feet back down.
    • Do 2–3 sets of 10–15 repetitions.

    Calf raises

    • Stand on a hard surface
    • Lift your heels as high as you can.
    • You can use a chair or wall to help support your balance.
    • Hold the upper position for 5 seconds
    • Now lower back down to the floor.
    • Do 2–3 sets of 15–20 repetitions.
    • Then hold the upper position and pulse up and down for 30 seconds.

    Toe raises

    • Standing on a hard surface
    • Press your right big toe into the floor and lift up your other four toes.
    • Then press your four toes into the floor and lift up your big toe.
    • Do each way 5–10 times, holding each lift for 5 seconds.
    • Repeat with left foot

    12. Can high arches cause back pain?

    High arches can cause back pain.

    Not only that you can also have knee and hip pain.

    13. Do I need a stability running shoe?

    If you suffer from pronation, then you need stability shoes.

    Check here to find if you have pronation.

    If you are suffering from pronation then Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes are the best stability running shoe. 

      14. Can neutral runners wear stability shoes?

      If you are a neutral runner then wearing stability shoes will cause your problems.

      Stability shoes changes your gait.

      This will prevent you from pushing off with your big toe.

      If you continuously do so, you will end up have all kinds of pain in your feet.

      So, if you are a neutral runner, avoid stability shoes.

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