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The work of delivery is tedious and you have to be on your feet for a lot of time. When you are not on your feet, you will be driving around the city to deliver that important package to someone.

For this, you need a running shoe that is resilient, comfortable, and will not fall apart easily.

Brooks Glycerin 20 is one such shoe that will provide you with all these facilities and will make your life as a delivery person a tad bit easier.

Although we love this shoe, there are other companies that manufacture similar running shoes that will provide you with the utmost comfort in your day-to-day work.

We have short-listed 10 such shoes which are the best running shoes for delivery drivers. They will provide you with all-around comfort and will help you to have a good on-job time delivering.

We have included all types of shoes that can be suited for most situations and most feet. One should match your work and style.

Best running shoes for delivery drivers

Best Running Shoes For Delivery Drivers (Detailed Review)

Brooks Glycerin 20

Brooks Glycerin is one of the most comfortable running shoes that are present in today’s market. Its sole is very forgiving and provides you with day-long comfort.

If you are a delivery driver, this is a good shoe for you. It has a thick cushioning that can absorb almost any kind of shock.

Also, it will not cause any problems for you while driving. If you are driving for long hours and do delivery then this shoe can be great for you.

Its cushioning is soft and will keep your feet fresh throughout the day. The in-shoe environment is smooth and comfortable and will not cause shoe bites or blisters.

Also, if you do delivery of heavy stuff and need stable footwear to be part of your day job, then this is the perfect one for you.

The outsole is grippy and is made from highly durable rubber. This doesn’t get eroded easily with the daily friction from the delivery vehicle controls or from walking around in them.

It is spacious and in general, the width of the shoes that are being produced by Brooks nowadays has slightly more width than the previous versions.

This will not cramp your feet and allows ample space for toe splay while pushing down the vehicle controls.

Also, it doesn’t need breaking in and you can use it for your work right out of the box.

Best for: Long hours of driving, lifting heavy items



  • Not waterproof.
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

This is a good shoe for someone who drives a delivery truck but has overpronation. If you have overpronation, and use something like the previous shoe mentioned, although your feet will not complain, your knees will surely do.

The above shoe is a neutral shoe and doesn’t prevent your feet’s inward movement. This makes it bad for delivery drivers with overpronation.

Their feet will invariably turn inward and when they are doing a delivery, this will happen at every step of their walking. By the end of the day, this may cause you to have a painful knee just because of this added movement.

If you use Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22, then you will not have to deal with this problem. Your feet will not turn inward as they will be controlled by the Holistic Guiderail system that is present in this shoe.

It will bring your feet back into the line of motion and will provide you to have a more comfortable delivery experience.

The midsole of Brooks Adrenaline is made up of DNA LOFT. The midsole is made from 100% DNA LOFT and provides you with excellent cushioning.

It has ample space in the toe-box allowing your toes enough space for the toe-splay when using the clutch control, brake, or accelerator. Also, it will support the toe splay when you are walking to do the delivery.

The cushioning of this shoe is great and will keep you comfortable for a long time, even if you have to stand all day.

It is a high-drop shoe and is great if you are suffering from Achilles issues. Also, it is great for preventing blisters.

Best for: Overpronation, cushioned comfort, anti-slip


  • Good for long hours.
  • Controls pronation.
  • Enough space for toe-splay.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • Good for sesamoiditis.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Not good for uneven terrains.

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New Balance 1080 v12

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is one of the most comfortable shoes around. The cushioning of this shoe is simply exceptional. It is soft, shock-absorbing, and provides you with excellent comfort.

The outsole has an excellent grip and provides you with good traction when you are out for delivery.

It provides you with a good grip on almost any kind of surface except for the mud, sand, and trail-like terrains. Then again this is a shoe that is meant for the urban lifestyle and not so much for the trails.

The comfort of this is improved as it has been upgraded from a Fresh Foam midsole to a Fresh Foam X midsole. This type of foam is lighter and is excellent for cushioning.

The cushioning aspect of Fresh Foam X is a bit more than that of Fresh Foam. However, you will not feel the ‘lack of feel’ of the controls when you are driving.

It has a jacquard mesh which makes it very breathable. The breathability of this is really good and you will not feel suffocated while wearing this shoe.

Also, when you are out delivering, this shoe will ensure that you have a stable grip on the ground and will provide you support when you are lifting and carrying things.


  • Responsive.
  • Good for all-day-wearing.
  • Prevents blisters.
  • Well-cushioned.
  • Stylish.


  • Not good on muddy terrains or sandy paths.

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New Balance Fresh Foam X Vongo is good for delivery drivers. It is an even-shaped shoe when it comes to the midsole.

The cushioning of Fresh Foam X is very thick. It is plush and absorbs shocks very easily.

When you are driving for delivery, there are a couple of things that are required. Firstly, you should be able to get a feel of the controls of your vehicles.

The sole of the shoe should not skid even on the controls of the vehicle. This happens when you have a hard outsole that is not grippy.

Also, since you will be picking up things that may or may not be heavy, your shoes must work and have good cushioning to take some of the load off you.

Not only that, it should provide you with a stable platform to walk on.

Fresh Foam X Vongo takes care of all these factors. It has a very stable midsole and is not wobbly. Also, the sole is not stiff and will provide you with decent adaptability with each step.

The grip of Fresh Foam X Vongo is also excellent. It provides you with a good grip on the controls of the vehicle, plus while you are walking, out for delivery. It has a good grip on asphalt, cobblestone, concrete, etc.

However, this show will not perform well on muddy terrains or on sands.

The cushioning aspect of Fresh Foam X is excellent. It provides you with a soft plush feel while simultaneously providing great shock absorption.

Also, if you are not driving a truck and do your deliveries using a two-wheeler, maybe a bike or a scooter, or even a moped bike, these shoes are great. They will bend on the controls as required or will firmly grip the ground when you put your feet down for extra balance. 

Overall, Fresh Foam X Vongo is a stable and comfortable shoe for anyone who needs to drive around and do delivery.


  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Good shock-absorption.


  • The toe-box feels snugger than the previous version.

If you mostly do shorter deliveries or work for it as a part-timer, then you may not need that huge cushioning of the shoes mentioned above.

Although the cushioning of Asics Gel Quantum 180 is not less it is not as high as Vongo, 1080, or Glycerin.

It will provide you with excellent cushioning and a firm grip on the ground and the foot controls. It is anti-skid by nature, which is essential when you are out on deliveries.

It will provide you with good cushioning and shock absorption. Also, it is good for walking around as it has both forward and lateral support.

However, it is a proper urban or city shoe and it is great on surfaces like asphalt, cobble roads, and concrete.

You may not find it so grippy although workable on the grass surface. Although it will not skid on grass, however, the grip is not as high as on the surfaces mentioned above.

Also, on muddy or sandy roads this shoe will not provide you with a good grip. In short, if you are vising any house for delivery that has a trail-ish path or area you have to cross, this shoe may not be the best fit.

For such roads, the outsole of the shoe is too much smooth and will not grip the ground that well. This may result in rocks or stones shifting under your steps and you need to be a bit more careful with your delivery.

Otherwise, this is a lightweight shoe, that will be less costly on your pcoket.


  • Shock absorbing.
  • Good for short distances.
  • Stylish.
  • Lightweight cushioning.


  • Not good on grasses or sand.
Asics Novablast 2

If you are looking for something that has excellent cushioning and is yet stylish, Asics Novablast can be a good choice.

It will provide you with good shock absorption and will provide support to the load you are carrying.

Since it is a road running shoe, it has a smoother outsole. You will be able to feel the foot controls of the vehicle easily.

Also, it has a good amount of space in the toe box. It will not restrict your foot for toe-splay.

This is one of the most stylish shoes on the market today. The heel area has excellent cushioning and laser cuts for that edgy look.

Also, the heel area has maximal cushioning and will protect your heel and feet by providing excellent cushioning.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Edgy look.
  • Can work on multiple surfaces.


  • Expensive.

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Hoka Clifton is one of the most successful running shoes from Hoka. It is decently cushioned, sturdy, and will provide you with an overall great experience.

But will that help you with your driving and delivery?

Let’s find out…

Hoka Clifton is a road running shoe and has a flat outsole. This helps you while driving as you can feel the foot control easily. Also, it has excellent grip while walking on the roads and this will keep you stable while doing your deliveries.

The toe box of this shoe is wide enough so that whenever your toes splay it will have enough room to expand.

The cushioning of Hoka Clifton is thick and shock absorbing. This will help to take some of the load off your feet while you are picking up or carrying parcels.

The upper of the shoe is breathable and will keep your feet comfortable and cool. You will not feel sweaty wearing these shoes and will not have to deal with blisters.

Also, the grip of the shoe is very good on the roads or on the different kinds of surfaces on the urban streets. However, these shoes will not perform well on muddy or dusty roads and you will feel the loss of grip on such surfaces.

These are completely city shoes and if you only use them there, you will not have anything to complain about.


  • Cushy and shock absorbing.
  • Excellent responsiveness.
  • Good for multi-sport.
  • Stylish.


  • May show wear and tear early.
  • Expensive.
ON Running CloudFlow

ON Running Cloudflow is a style statement in itself. It is totally different to look at and feels amazing on the feet.

It is very shock absorbing and will provide you with ultimate comfort and cushioning. Also, it will surely make you stand out from the cloud.

But is this good for a delivery driver?

Let’s find out…

The feel of the sole is good and is impact resistant. It has cloud units that are specially designed to provide you with a feel like clouds.

Although soft, you will be able to feel the foot controls using this shoe. This will help you to control them properly and you will have good control of your vehicle.

Also, due to the cloud, while walking also, your feet will not feel tired…plus it will help you with sharing the load and will keep you steady on the feet.

It has an excellent grip on the ground and you will not feel wobbly while walking around. The mesh area is very breathable and will keep your feet cool in general.

However, these shoes are not good on muddy or uneven, or tail-like roads. You can even go a longer distance while walking with these shoes.

Overall, these shoes are great for driving, walking, or standing all day.


  • Good for even longer driving distances.
  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • Lightweight.
  • Very stylish


  • Tongue padding can be improved.

Topo Athletic also makes good trail running shoes. These shoes you can use easily as a delivery driver of the technical trails.

These shoes are good if you are delivering the remote areas and need to cross trails by foot.

Having a trail running shoe while driving will not make much of a difference. However, they will make all the difference when you pick up the parcel from your truck or the two-wheeler and walk up the rocky trails.

If you are wearing a shoe that is not that good or may be meant for smoother roads, then you will constantly feel unstable or about to slip.

However, with Topo Athletic Terraventure you will not have to deal with all these problems. The lug sizes of the Terraventure are long enough to penetrate the soft ground and provide you with a very stable step.

Also, it will protect your feet from the stones that may jump up due to pressure.

The cushioning of Terraadventure is also good. It provides you with excellent shock absorption and impact resistance.

It will also share the load when you pick up any heavy parcel and will provide you with good support.

The toe space that is present in the shoe is good. It will provide you with enough space for toe splay.

This makes it even easier for you to perform your tasks as it will not make your feet feel cramped and painful. Both during driving and walking you will feel comfortable.

If you are working in a area where you have to deal with trails, this may be a good choice for you.


  • Good for longer distances.
  • Rounded shoe tip.
  • Good arch support.


  • Heavy.

Not that all delivery drivers will be working in the city. There are many who work in the hilly regions or on the trails.

If you are delivering essential commodities into the remotest of areas, you may have to work in extreme conditions like snow or heavy rain.

In such conditions, you would need a shoe that will work great on the trails and is waterproof.

La Sportiva Bushido II is a good shoe for this. It is great for long or short distances and is excellent with shock absorptions and cushioning.

Also, since it is a trail running shoe, it will provide you with excellent grip and safety for your foot on the trails.

This shoe also has a GTX or Gore-Tex version. If you are someone who works in a rainy or snowy region, then this version of Bushido will be suitable for you.

Although it has big lugs for providing you with stability, this will not hamper the feel of the foot controls. You will be able to feel the foot controls with ease and will be able to control them easily.

The toe-box has a decent width. Your toes will have enough room for toe-splay while you are pushing down the foot controls.

While walking also, this additional toe space will help you to remain comfortable and not feel cramped.

However, although the ventilation of the normal version is still ok, the ventilation of the GTX version is not great. You may feel sweaty while wearing this shoe.


  • Great for technical trails.
  • A good amount of cushioning.
  • Prominent lugs for a more grippy feel.


  • Ventilation is not that good.


What are the best running shoes for Amazon or UPS delivery drivers?

A running shoe that has good cushioning, spacious toe-box, and good outsole grip is best for Amazon or UPS drivers.

Although there is not much of a difference in the shoe that you will be using for any kind of delivery…however if you are delivering something which is heavy a maximal cushioning shoe is good.

Also, the grip of the shoe needs to be good. If you have a shoe that doesn’t have a good grip, you are bound to trip and fall.

That is not good for your body nor is it good for your business. So, when you are selecting a running shoe for doing deliveries be it UPS or Amazon or anything else, make sure you are checking the grip and cushioning.

top and best running shoes for delivery drivers
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