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What are some of the good running shoes for bunions and arch support?

Google it.

Or at least I did it and did no find an answer.

So, this post is dedicated to all those runners of my tribe, who have bunions and need arch support.

I love Brooks Ghost 13 as it is a very versatile shoe and can provide you with an ample amount of support.

However, I would recommend that try out shoes and zero in on the ones that suit you the most.

If you need help in selecting a shoe, follow this guide.

Best Running Shoes For Bunions And Arch Support in 2022

When looking for the best running shoes for bunions with arch support, check some of these things.

It should have a wide toe box and the wall of the shoe, should not rub with your feet.

Otherwise, there will be extreme discomfort and you may not be able to run for an extended period of time.

Also, it should have proper cushioning especially in the forefoot and should be specially designed to have a forefoot landing.

Thirdly, it shoe be designed keeping your gender in mind because men and women have subtle differences in their feet.

But these subtle differences can make a profuse impact on your running.

You can find some best running shoes for bunions here:

Our Top Picks

For Roads:

Brooks Ghost 13 Running-Shoes

“Lightweight, responsive and has a high arch support”

For Trails:

✅ ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

“Stylish, removable sock liner, gel cushioning”

Budget Pick:

✅ Saucony Cohesion 10 Running shoes

“Heel grid system for better stability”

Before going into the full review of the running shoes, here are some frequently asked questions about bunions

How to lace a running shoe for bunions?

I’ve already covered this topic in my post “how to choose running shoes?

But as a recap, you can follow this pattern of lacing for bunions.

This will help you to create more room in the toe-box and will give you a more stable ride.

How to lace your running shoes for bunions


Can running cause bunions?

It can aggravate your condition. It can only cause bunions if you are a child of fewer than 13 years.

Reason being, you have softer bone tissue which is more malleable.

So, with restrictive narrow shoes, you can develop bunions. (This is how I developed my bunions)

But if you follow these tips you will be able to run more comfortably even with bunions.

Will a bunion surgery make you a better runner?

I wish I could tell that.

Bunions surgery doesn’t have a huge success rate.

This may or may not improve the situation.

Surgery is the last option and should only be considered in extreme situations like, you are not able to walk.

Otherwise, refrain from surgery.

Can you develop blisters on bunions from running?

Yes, you can.

The reason is, you running shoes’ inner wall will rub against the side of the feet.

This will generate a little hit. With continuous running, this little amount of heat is sufficient to cause blisters.

So, it is always advisable to pick your running shoes properly, especially if you have bunions.

Can taping bunions for running help?

Yes, you can.

Check out this post for more details 

Can I use bunion corrector for running?

Yes, however, there are a lot of options.

Only thing is, you should always use a larger pair of shoes when using the bunion corrector.

Otherwise, your foot will be squished and you will end up in more pain.

In total, there are 12 types of bunion products that can serve as a corrector or can provide you with additional protection

Try out a couple of them, before settling on one.

Here is the complete list of best running shoes with bunions and arch support.

All these shoes have 3 things in common.

They are lightweight, have wide toe-box and have very good cushioning in the forefoot.

Best Running Shoes For Bunions And Arch Support in 2022

Editor Rating:

These Brooks will not weigh you down as they are very lightweight.

Plus they ensure that you have a smooth heel o toe transition.

If you are someone who needs neutral support with medium to high arch then these shoes are ideal for you.

The front portion of the shoe has DNA crash pad. Hence, you will have superior shock absorption when you land on your toes.

This has another advantage for you. Your bunions will never have to take any kind of pressure from landing due to the presence of this.

Also, BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT work together to give a soft cushioning that is just right without losing its responsiveness.

The 3D Fit Print gives a snugging fit and extremely lightweight.

Roomy toe-box makes it a good choice if you have bunions.

  •   Ideal for bunion protection and plantar fasciitis.
  •   Good shoes for Long Distance, Cross Training, Treadmill, Road.
  •   Comfortable and lightweight.
  •   Good for the high arched foot.
  •   Proprietary cushioning.
  • Some did not like the design of the toe box.
Editor Rating:
ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

Rearfoot Gel Cushioning reduces any impact on your heels and allows for a smooth transition to mid-stance.

It has trail-specific outsoles with reversed lugs. This makes these shoes suitable for all kinds of terrains.

Also in critical areas of the outsole, there is AHAR material which is a type of ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

For this, you will get exceptional durability from these shoes.

Also, if you want to replace the sock liner with orthotics, you can easily do that, as the sock liner is removable

The mesh upper gives you very good breathability and you will never have that sweaty, wet feeling while running.

Since the toe area is wider, it will also accommodate your bunions easily.

Also, it is very affordable and currently a sale is going on and you can get some of the options at a much cheaper price. Check it out here.


  •   Good for people with bunions and plantar fasciitis.
  •   Improved materials for better cushioning.
  •   Affordable.
  •   Wider toe box.
  •   Some breaking in is required.
Editor Rating:
Saucony Women's Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

These shoes are designed to improve your natural foot positioning and have a wide toe box

They are ultralight as the midsole is made from molded EVA foam.

The heel area has grid support and this gives you more stability and better shock absorption than any shoe of this class.

They are road running shoes and have a great traction on the asphalt.

The wider toe-box reduces any kind of friction on your bunions and gives you a very comfortable running experience

You can use these shoes as multipurpose shoes as they are ideal for running, training, walking, etc.

To give you a soft landing, the forefoot of these shoes is segmented and has very good cushioning.

This reduces any kind of pressure on your bunions.

  •   Suitable for multi-sport.
  •   Good for Achilles and knee pain.
  •   Wide toe box for more comfort.
  •   Good stability and cushion.
  •   Breaking in is required.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Women's Running Shoes

Upper has a new and improved look with breathable engineered mesh.

This keeps your foot cool and dry while running.

Also, it has 3D fit print and TPU saddle wrap. This keeps your foot locked down and secure.

To make these shoes more durable, it has a full rubber outsole with HPR Plus in the high wear areas.

This provides you with lightweight traction.

The midsole is made from Brooks DNA proprietary foam. This provides you with cushioning where you need it the most.

Also, the progressive diagonal roll-bar technology helps you to limit the pronation and provides you with a more natural heel-to-toe transition.

  •   Good for bunions and plantar fasciitis.
  •   Wider toe box.
  •   Good for overpronation.
  •   Lightweight.
  •   Firmer support over the arch.
  •   Cushioning below the balls of the foot is less.
Editor Rating:
Saucony Originals Women's Jazz Original Sneaker

The EVERUN top sole makes these running shoes more adaptable to your running needs.

Also, this additional level of cushioning will make your feet feel more comfortable.

The ISOFIT upper also has engineered mesh. This gives you a truly dynamic fit.

The sole comes with additional arch support and makes it perfect for people who have medium to high arches.

To give you a more lightweight experience, these running shoes has Power Foam midsole.

The TRIFLEX outsole design increases the force dispersion over a greater surface area while delivering optimal flexibility and traction.

This helps to reduce the pressure on your bunions to the minimal.

  •   Made for wider feet. So, it can accommodate your bunions very easily.
  •   Good fit, comfortable and breathable
  •   The roomy and rounded toe box
  •   Designed for over-pronates
  •   May show early signs of wear and tears.

Related Questions

Is arch support good for bunions?

Yes, arch support is good for bunions.

Bunions generally develop on feet which are flat or have low arches.

So, if you use an insole with cushioning will stop bunions from getting worse.


Because insoles like these better align your toes and thus prevents your bunions from worsening.

Do arch supports prevent bunions?

Yes, arch support can prevent bunions if you have a low arch or flat feet.

Also, this depends on the fact that you should not already have bunions.

If you have bunions, then this arch support may help to better align your toes as was mentioned above.

How does a running shoe with arch support help bunion?

Arch support running shoes like those provided above, work in the same way as the arch support insoles.

Arch supports are a soft bump-like cushion on the shoe bed.

They help to support your flat foot or low arch.

This means they give your flat foot a slight arch so that it behaves in its natural way.

Once you have this slight curve under your foot, your toes will spread and align properly.

This prevents your bunion from progressing and getting worse.

What will happen to my bunion if I wear a running shoe without arch support?

Your feet support the entire weight of your body.

When you move or run, your big toe supports and shifts your weight and distributes it properly among the other areas of your feet.

When you have a bunion, the big toe is misaligned.

So, it is not able to perform its natural function and the other tissues of your body compensate for it.

If you wear a running shoe without arch support, then your toes remain in their original state and don’t spread out.

This makes it difficult for your body to balance itself and you are more prone to injury.

If you use an arch support shoe, they will spread and will help your feet to balance your body weight.

Can I have bunions and high arches?

Yes, you can have bunions even if you have a high arch.

Bunions are more frequently seen in people with flat feet or low arches.

However, they can develop on any feet.

Some of the causes of bunion development are:

  • Heredity
  • An accident resulted in a broken big toe
  • Wearing closed shoes

To be sure if you have a bunion or not, check this.

Check if there is any swelling at the joint of the big toe.

It should be hard to touch as this is a bone development. 

What kind of running shoes should I wear I have bunions and high arches?

You should wear running shoes with the following features:

  • Arch support meant for medium to high arches
  • Wide fitting
  • Deep toe box

Keeping these things, here are a couple of running shoes that will suit your needs.

These are all good for high arches and the wide fitting will help you to be comfortable with your bunions. 

Which running shoes have the best arch support?

This is a very difficult question to answer because it all depends on the kind of arch you have.

If you have a high arch, any running shoe from the above question will suit you.

Otherwise, do some research and the top list of running shoes are a good place to start or you can also look in the list, Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet and Low Arches.

Do Salomon Shoes have good arch support and can they be worn with bunions?

Yes, Salomon shoes are good for arch support. However, not all of them are good.

Also, they come in wide fitting, so you can easily wear them even if you have a bunion.

One caution though, if you have wide feet and have a bunion, try out before purchasing.

One good Salomon running shoes for arch support and bunion is:

Salomon XA Pro 3D

Is New Balance good for flat feet and bunions?

Yes, New Balance shoes are good for flat feet and bunions.

However, not all of them are good.

For example, if you go for New Balance 1080 then you will have pain in your arch as they are targeted for runners with high arches.

But if you go for New Balance 990 then you will be very comfortable while running with your flat feet.

Also, they are available even in extra wide fitting, so even your bunions will also remain comfortable.

Can Hoka shoes provide good arch support? Are they wide enough for bunions?

Yes, some of the Hoka shoes are very good for providing with arch support.

One of the best one is Hoka One One Arahi 3 which will provide you with great arch support.

They are available in wide fitting also. However, some of the runners are of the opinion that they are not very wide.

So, if you are thinking of wearing them with bunions, then it is better to try them on.

If your bunion doesn’t turn into a rebel, then you are good to go.

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