Narrow flat feet…

Well, there are not a lot of options for you.

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Some of the companies do manufacture running shoes for flat and narrow feet.

Here are the 6 best Men’s Running Shoes for Narrow Flat Feet.

ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoes is our first choice.

However, feel free to poke around  bit to find the one of your choice.


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Our Top Picks

For Trails:

ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoes

“Comfortable and responsive.Works on an surface and great for trails.”

For Roads:

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoes

“Supportive cushioning for ultimate comfort. Protects your knees.”

Best Men’s Running Shoes for Narrow Flat Feet in 2020

Editor Rating:
ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoe

If you have a flat feet, you want your running shoe to have arch support.

Otherwise you will have to deal with a lot of stress and your feet may end up injured.

Also, since you have a narrow feet, you should not be wearing shoes which are wide or wobbly.

This will interfere with your stability and you may end up having accidents.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 20 provides you with proper amount of arch support.

Also, it comes in widths ranging from narrow to extra wide. So, you will not have to deal with the pleasantries of accident due to your shoe.

You also, have a great trail runner which has the lightest mid-sole, thanks to FLYTEFOAM Technology.

Also, the FLUIDRIDE technology of the mid-sole, provides exceptional bounce back and cushioning to your feet. 

  •   Great for people with flat feet.
  •   Comes in widths ranging from narrow to wide.
  •   Very comfortable.
  •   Very responsive and has a good bounce back.
  •   Good for trails
  •   Some felt the cushioning is less. 
  •   Toe-box seems to be narrower.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 19

These running shoes are best suited for road running and comes with an excellent arch support.

Also, it comes with additional GuideRails which minimizes your excessive movements, thus protecting your knees.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 comes in a wide variety of widths and is suited for people even with narrow feet.

Also, the additional padding at the collar and the tongue, makes these running shoes very steady.

The mid-sole is made from BioMoGo DNA and is one of the softest and the most durable mid-soles available in the market.

It also, makes it very cushy and comfortable.

The heel area has DNA LOFT and is firmer than the mid-sole.

This is guaranteed to keep your heels protected from any kind of impact.

The out-sole has blown rubber in high impact zones and this enhances your running shoes’ life.

  •   Good cushioning and support.
  •   Very responsive.
  •   Good for overpronate runners.
  •   Good for even aged people.
  •   May not be suitable for high speed runs.
  •   Sizing seems a bit off.
Editor Rating:
Saucony Men's Omni 15 Running Shoe

Saucony Omni is also a road running shoe which is great for people with flat feet.

Also, most of the people who has flat feet also have overpronation.

This running shoe helps you to deal with that as well.

Also, it comes in narrow fit also, making it perfect for people needing a more sleeker fit.

The fore foot has TRIFLEX, which makes it effective in dispersing the force of impact over a larger surface area.

It also, help to make these running shoes flexible.

To make the upper more durable without adding additional layers, a strong, flexible and lightweight FLEXFILM in melded to he upper.

It is a low drop shoe with and offset of 8 mm. So, you feet stays comfortable and balanced with every foot strike.

The out-sole has blown rubber strategically placed to enhance the longevity of this running shoe.

  •   Responsive and light weight mid-sole.
  •   EVERUN top-sole for extra bounce.
  •   TRIFLEX forefoot for additional flexibility.
  •   Very stable.
  •   Quality doesn’t seem to be same like previous models.
  •   Sole seems to be stiffer.
Editor Rating:
New Balance Men's 940v3 Athletic Shoe, Thunder/Energy Lime, 8 B US

This is one of the most stable running shoes in the market. It will give you an extra bounce, as it comes with an ABZORB top-sole.

It has decent arch support and is great for people with flat foot.

Also, it comes in a narrow width. This makes it perfect for your narrow feet’s need.

The mid-sole is made from high density EVA foam which is not only lighter, but also is very durable.

You get right amount of cushioning and support underfoot and you running will be a pleasurable experience.

It comes with rubber out-sole which has blown rubber strategically placed to enhance the durability.

Also, the fore-foot is segmented, which enhances the flexibility of this running shoe.

Upper has a mesh material which makes it very breathable and comfortable for you.

Overall you will have a great running experience in these.


  •   Great arch support and cushioning.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   No breaking-in needed.
  •   Comes in a narrow fit as well.
  •   Toe-box seems to be narrower.
  •   The sole sees to be stiffer than previous version.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Men's PureCadence 7

Great running shoe for flat to medium arch people.

This running shoe is borderline minimalist and makes it a great choice for people wanting to have a minimalist experience.

Also, mid-sole is made from BioMoGo DNA and is great for cushioning and underfoot comfort.

It also, adds to the responsiveness of this shoe and makes it ideal for any distance run.

It comes with GuideRails to keep your body in its natural alignment, thus protecting your knees from any kind of injury.

The fore-foot is also flexible, and it disperses the impact away from your body.

Also, it helps with easy toe-off and makes you to propel forward easily.

Special feature of these running shoes is their rounded heels.

It provides better alignment and minimizes stress on your joints.

The upper has a stretch oven upper, and soft internal bootie. This allows your feel to be very comfortable wearing these shoes.

  •   Very soft and cushy running experience.
  •   Kind of minimalist.
  •   Good arch support.
  •   Well made shoe.
  •   Toe-box seems to be narrower.
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear.
Editor Rating:
Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe

Ready to ride the wave?

Well, then here is your chance. Mizuno Wave Inspire comes with the built in Mizuno Cloud Waves and gives you a very responsive ride.

Also, it comes with good amount of arch support which makes it great for people with flat feet.

Even if you have narrow feet, don’t worry…

These running shoes come in a variety of widths, starting from narrow.

The upper of these shoe is made from engineered mesh and is great for breathability and stretch.

Also, the mid-sole is made from U4ic material which provides you with good amount of cushioning and support.

The out-sole has blown rubber and provides you with a lot of grip on the roads.

It also enhances the lifespan of your running shoe, so that you can ride the waves for a long time to come.


  •   Improved fit.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Can be used as a multi-purpose shoe.
  •   Comes in a lot of widths.
  •   For some the toe box is a bit narrow.
  •   The sole seems to be stiffer.


Q) Which running shoes are best for flat feet?

A: Flat feet runners doesn’t have an arch in their feet.

This can cause extra stress to the feet and can increase your chances of having stress related injury.

However, if you have the right kind of running shoes, you can avoid these problems.

Your running shoes must have:

  • Arch support
  • Proper cushioning
  • Should support neutral to overpronate runners

Not that every runner with flat feet suffers from overpronation, many many times they do.

Notice, how your feet rolls when it hits the ground while running or walking. If it rolls inwards, you have overpronation.

In that case, you must have running shoes, which not only has arch support and cushioning, but also supports overpronation.

For overpronation there are two types of running shoes:

  • Stability
  • Motion Control

In a way, both of the methods stabilizes your feet and minimizes your inward rolling.

However, the way they handles it is a bit different.

Stability shoes

These shoes have firmer sides to strengthen the arch side of your feet.

This is very effective if you have arches of medium height.

But since, you have a flat feet, these kind of shoes may not be good for you.

You need a motion control running shoe.

Motion Control shoes

These running shoes have a stronger heel area.

They will provide your heels with the extra support that they need.

Also, they will have wider fore-foot to help you land properly and dissipate the impact over a wider surface.

These are more suitable for runner with flat to low arch.

Q) Is running good for flat feet?

A: Running is good for flat feet as it strengthens your feet.

This is very much required as you don’t have a arch and your feet inherently is weak.

However, with flat feet, there comes some challenges especially if you have overpronation.

With overpronation, sine your feet rolls inwards, you are more susceptible to shin splints and knee injury.

You may also, end up having hip injury.

So, when running with a flat foot, you should select running shoes that will help you to stabilize your feet

Q) Do flat feet runners need arch support?

A: If you are not experiencing pain or discomfort of any kind, you my not need a running shoe with arch support.

However, otherwise, you must have arch support built into your running shoe.

This takes away any kind of pressure from your feet and provides you with more stability.

If you have any additional condition to deal with along with your flat feet, here are some more articles that may help you: 

Q) Can flat foot be treated?

A: You may not able to cure flat feet, but you can definitely take measures to reduce the discomfort.

You can get over-the-counter arch support insoles for your shoes.

Also, if you don’t want to use insoles, then you may as-well select a running shoe with arch support.

This will significantly reduce your pain and will gradually strengthen your feet. 

Q) Do flat feet make you run slower?

A: This statement is not correct.

Runners with flat feet doesn’t necessarily run slow.

However, most of the time, their feet pronates or rolls inwards.

Now, this will also not make you a slow runner.

However, you may be more prone to injuries such as shin splints and plantar fasciitis. 

Q) Can running cause flat feet?

A: This is a question which doesn’t have a clear cut answer.

Some of the runners have mentioned that, running has given them fallen arches.

Whereas others said their foot structure remained intact even after running for years.

I’m personally running for almost a year now, however, I’ve not felt any issue with my arches.

Q) Does running barefoot help flat feet?

A: To certain extent ‘Yes’.

When you are running barefoot, you tend to land on your mid-foot or your forefoot.

This engages the muscles of your feet which in-turn will strengthen your arches.

Q) Is Flat Foot bad?

A: Flat foot in itself is not bad.

But when you are walking or running with your flat feet, it is like you are on gelatin.

To maintain your balance and to provide you with stability, your feet overpronates (rolls inwards).

This overtime can give rise to ‘overuse’ or stress related injury like shin splints or plantar fasciitis.

Also, you may develop back pain and knee pain.


Q) Is arch support good for flat feet?

A: Since you don’t have an arch, your feet may not be strong enough and you may have some balance related issue.

To provide you with balance, your feet rolls inwards. This is called overpronation.

As told earlier, it an give rise to a plethora of issues.

If you use an arch support, you can easily get that balance back. Also, you feet will be more stable.

So, in that way, arch support is good for your feet.

But a continuous usage may further weaken your feet and your actual problem may not be solved.

So, you need to simultaneously strengthen your feet with exercises. 

Q) Can you fix flat feet with exercise?

A: Exercises may not fix fallen arches, but it can definitely strengthen your feet.

Here is a set of exercises which can definitely help you to get around this problem: 


Running with a flat feet with narrow width can be a challenge.

Especially you may struggle to find balance.

You running shoes are of paramount importance in this matter.

Here are the best men’s running shoes for narrow flat feet.

ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoes is the best of the lot.

It provides you with great deal of stability and can work on any kind of surfaces.

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