Best low drop stability running shoes…

They help them to strengthen your feet and helps with shin splints and other foot trouble.

But which one should you pick?

We have separated the cream of the crop and here are the 6 best running shoes to choose from.

We think Brooks PureCadence 7 Running Shoes is the best but feel free to check out the rest in the list.

Our Top Picks

For Women:

Brooks PureCadence 7 Running Shoes

“Best lightweight stability shoe with great adaptability.”

For Men:

Altra AFM1845F Provision 3.5 Running Shoes

“Stabilipod and Varus Stability for overpronation support.”

Best Low Drop Stability Running Shoes in [current_year]

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Brooks Women's PureCadence 7

Brooks PureCadence is an almost minimalist shoe. 

It doesn’t have as much cushioning as other models of Brooks.

However, it provides you with a decent cushioning which is very dynamic and adaptable.

Also, it has built in lightweight Guide Rails. These Guide Rails keeps your body in natural alignment and protects you from any kind of knee injury.

It has a flexible sole and it disperses impact away from your body and provides you with a plush under foot feeling.

The mid-sole is made from BioMoGo DNA and it is very soft and durable.

It lends its adaptability to the running shoe, and it provides you with proper support with every stride.

It comes with rounded heels which provides you with better alignment and minimizes stress on joints.


  •   Good for runners for flat feet and overpronation.
  •   Light weight Guide Rails for knee protection.
  •   Fore foot flexibility for effective force dispersion.
  •   Rounded heels for better alignment.
  •   Very good cushioning
  •   For some, the inside of the heel area is a bit tight.
  •   Less lateral support.
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Saucony Women's Kinvara 9 Running Shoe

This is a legendary shoe which has changed trends in the running shoe industry.

After the minimalist shoe revolution, people sought out for something which will be low drop but will have some cushioning.

At that time, Saucony produced Kinvara to match this demanding market.

From there Kinvara has come a long way and this is the 9th generation in the picture.

It comes with a bouncy top sole, called EVERUN and provides you with a very responsive running experience.

The mid-sole is made of a plush cushioning from EVA+ and provides you with superb support and comfort.

The upper has a breathable mesh and lace up closure provides you with a secured and comfortable fit throughout your run.

  •   Good cushioning and great support.
  •   Responsive and lightweight.
  •   No breaking in needed.
  •   Good for feet pain.
  •   Great for multi-sport.
  •   Feels a tad smaller than the previous version.
  •   Forefoot cushioning seems less.
Editor Rating:

This is an innovative shoe from New Balance. 

It is built on a single piece of foam platform called Fresh Foam.

This gives you excellent cushioning and support and makes this running shoe very light weight.

It comes with Outsole Channel and Dual Density rubber. Combining both of these, this shoe helps to slow down your rate of pronation.

For additional mid-soot support, the upper has 3D screen print.

The out-sole is very flexible and provides you with an easy heel-to-toe off.

Also, it has blown rubber placed almost throughout the sole. This provides you with good grip and stability on the running surface.

The bootie is soft and feel s like second skin. It provides you with a very good in shoe experience.

  •   Good shock absorption due to single foam.
  •   Good for people with big toe arthritis.
  •   Can support even heavier built people.
  •   Wide toe-box.
  •   Some felt minor discomfort in he Achilles area.
  •   Some felt that this shoe is a bit bulky.
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Altra AFM1845F Men's Provision 3.5 Road Running Shoe

This is an Altra built to provide support to the overpronators.

It comes with Varus Stability which is essentially a built-in full length wedge which slopes down from the medial to the lateral side of the foot.

This provides extra support to the overpronators.

If not for some minor things, we would have easily voted this as the best low drop stability running shoes.

Like other Altras, it also has Footpod Technology where the out-sole and the mid-sole pattern maps the bones and tendons of your foot.

It allows you to naturally flex your foot when required.

It also has Stabilipod which are three stability-enhancing zones.

They together act as a tripod to help prevent excessive foot collapse and pronation.

It is a zero drop running shoe and helps in low impact landing.

Along with the FootShape Toe-box and the A-Bound cushioning this helps you have a superb running experience.

  •   GuideRails and Zero Drop for a pain free running experience.
  •   Good support and cushioning.
  •   Great for people with bigger shoe sizes as well.
  •   Good for long distance running.
  •   Some felt the quality is not up-to the mark.
  •   Some felt he Stabilipod is not that effective.
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HOKA ONE ONE Men's Arahi 2 Running Shoe

This is a stability shoe from Hoka which comes with a lot of cushioning.

It is one of the most comfortable shoes for long distance running and are perfect for overpronators.

It comes with meta-rocker technology which will help you with easy heel to toe transition.

This makes your run very comfortable as you will not be putting too much stress to your forefoot.

It comes with the J-Frame design and will provide your feet with a bucket seat experience.

This means you will feel more supported upder foot.

It is a maximal cushioning running shoe (not to the level of Bondi 6) and you are sure to get that pillowy running feel.

The upper has 3D puff print frame which is very lightweight.

Also, the mesh material of the upper is very breathable and helps you remain ventilated throughout run. 

Overall, you will have an awesome comfortable running experience.

  •   Good for people with over-pronation.
  •   Good cushioning and shock absorption.
  •   Built of J-Frame design for a bucket seat experience.
  •   Well ventilated.
  •   Durability seems to be less.
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Saucony Liberty ISO

Saucony Liberty ISO is meant for people with moderate pronation.

It comes with a plush cushioning which is flexible and responsive.

The upper is made from engineered mesh which is stretchable, dynamic and lightweight.

On the inside it has ISOFIT which is a soft sleeve and floating support cage combined to create a dynamic fit.

It automatically adapts to the shape and motion of your foot.

It comes with a traditional lace up closure for a more secure fit.

The padded tongue and collar ensure that your feet stays in place.

Also, the smooth fabric lining offers a great in-shoe experience.

The EVERUN top-sole supplies superb energy return and you get a superb responsive ride.


  •   Very comfortable even for the heavy runners.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Very stylish to look at.
  •   Great for long distance running.
  •   Not a good fit for wide-feet people.
  •   For some the cushioning felt less.


Q) What are the best running shoes for stability?

A: Running shoes that have good arch support and control your inward rolling are best for stability.

There are many shoes that provide these capabilities, however, each of them employs some different technology.

Like ASICS uses I.G.S whereas Altra uses Stabilipod.

If you cannot decide and feel confused, any running shoe from the above list will help you out.

Also, if you need still more options, here are a couple of posts that you may heck out.

Q) What does low drop running shoe mean?

A: A running shoe with 0-4 mm height difference between heel height and ball of the foot height is called low drop running shoe.

Altra went one step ahead and most of their running shoes are zero drop.

Q) Why do running shoes have a drop?

A: Running shoes have this drop because it impacts the way your muscles will be stressed during running or walking.

A low-drop encourages more fore-foot and mid-foot strike, whereas drops greater than 4 mm encourages heel strike.


Low drop running shoes are great for strengthening the muscles of your foot.

If you overpronate then these shoes can help you with a lot of feet and leg conditions.

Here are the best low drop stability running shoes that will help you to take your running to the next level.

However, we thing Brooks PureCadence 7 Running Shoes is the best of the lot and is also more affordable.

Feel free to choose your best option.

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