Last Updated: October 27th, 2020

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Long-distance running hoes for high arches…

Fed up of searching for your match?

Every running shoe that promises to pamper your high arches you go head and spend a small fortune.

But alas, you end up in pain again.

You are frustrated and you MUST find your match now

Well, look no further, here are the 10 best long-distance running shoes for your high arches.

Make 2019 be the year where you painlessly conquer all your running goals.

We found Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe to be the best option overall.

However, we have also reviewed some other running shoes for runners with other needs like performance, trail running, etc.

The rest of the list will provide you with all the options that you can choose from.

Our Top Picks For Today

For Roads (Women & Men):

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

“Best all rounder for marathon running shoes. Superb for people with medium to high arches”

For Trails (Women & Men):

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 MX

“I.G.S technology to enhance your gait efficiency and protect your knees”

Best Long Distance Running Shoes for High Arches in [2020]

Editor Rating:
Brooks Ghost 13

This is a lightweight running shoe geared towards making you and your feet comfortable.

It is suited for runners with medium to high arches.

The mid-sole has BioMoGo DNA, a highly cushy foam that will provide you with ultimate cushioning in your long rides.

The heel has a DNA LOFT crash pad that softens your landing and keeps your joints safe and sound.

It is present all through the sole and makes landing to toe-off comfortable and quick.

This is a very responsive sole and provides you with a balanced bounce and a stable ride.

It is durable and will not wear out easily.

The fore foot has segmented crash pad  which will absorb the impact of shock and will give you a smooth heel to toe off.

Brooks has placed stretch and structure strategically where you need it the most. So, you not only have optimal breath-ability, but also great support from the upper as well.


  •   Good running shoe for medium to high arch
  •   Good for Plantar Fasciitis pain
  •   Available in extra wide (EE) as well
  •   True to size
  •   Lightweight
  •   Some customers doesn’t like the shape of the toe-box
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear
Editor Rating:
ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

This running shoe is an ASICS bestseller.

They are capable of handling any terrain. They will provide you with proper grip no matter how the ground beneath is.

The forefoot and the rear foot has gel cushioning and provides you with proper shock absorption.

This is very much required if you are going for long distance running.

Otherwise you will end up having sore feet and knees.

Also, they are made for medium to high arches and will provide you with the right kind of support.

The AHAR of ASICS High Abrasion Rubber out-sole is placed strategically on the out sole.

This gives these running shoes exceptional durability.

Also, the sock liner is removable and you can replace it with a medical orthotic if needed.


  •   Forefoot and rear foot get cushioning for maximum shock absorption
  •   Removable sockliner
  •   Reverse lug AHAR out-sole for rocky trails
  •   Great for high arches
  •   Breathable upper mesh
Editor Rating:
Saucony Men's Ride 10 Running-Shoes

These running shoes can be used for both road and tracks and suitable for runners with high arches.

If you want to run long distances also, these shoes will provide you with optimal cushioning and support.

The out-sole is made from TRI-FLEX and gives proper flexibility and protection.

To maximize your comfort, there is an additional top sole called EVERUN. This provides you with continuous cushioning.

The upper is made from engineered mesh and is stretchable.

This gives you a lightweight and dynamic fit. Also, due to a lot of holes in the mesh, your feet can breath.

This will keep them cool and comfortable throughout your running sessions.



  •   Very comfortable and supportive
  •   No breaking in needed
  •   Excellent cushioning
  •   Good for medium to high arches
  •   Lightweight.
  •   Sizing seems a bit off
  •   For some the quality is not up to the mark
Editor Rating:

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

[Spoiler Alert: This is running shoe for flat to medium arch and NOT high arches. I included for my other set of audience if they stumble upon, just in case.] 

Most of the time, people with flat feet suffer from overpronation.

Adrenaline GTS 19, helps you with that. It stabilizes your feet and minimizes your inward rolling.

Also, it now has additional GuideRails which helps to protect your knees.

The cushioning of this running shoe comes from BioMoGo DNA and DNA  Loft mid-sole and heels respectively.

Together the provide you with maximum cushioning and comfort even on your long runs.

The upper is made from engineered mesh and 3D Fit Print. This provides the structure and proven fit of this running shoe.

On the out-sole you have high abrasive blown rubber. This provides you with good grip on the roads and provides you with a nice stable ride.


  •   Maximum cushioning
  •   Good for long distance running
  •   Suitable for people with overpronation
  •   Very comfortable
  •   Some felt the quality is not up to the mark
  •   Some doesn’t like the way it looks
Editor Rating:
HOKA ONE ONE Womens Clifton 6 Running Shoe

Hoka One One Clifton 6 is a maximal cushioned running shoe.

It gives you with maximum protection and keeps your feet fatigue free even on the longer runs.

It is built on the HOKA ONE ONE’s proprietary mid-sole geometry and provides you with a consistent cushioning throughout your feet.

 Hoka as improved the breathability of these running shoes.

The engineered mesh now comes with a more open construction and fewer overlays.

So, you will have more breathability and a healthier in-shoe environment.

Stinky feet is a thing in the past. 

You will have a easy heel-to-toe transition as this running shoes come with early stage meta rocker.

This ensures a more smooth ride.

Also, these running shoes are very stable as it has a flat-waisted geometry and provides you with a full ground contact.

High abrasion rubber on the out-sole gives you proper grip on the roads while running.

  •   Great shock absorption from heels and mid-sole
  •   Early stage meta rocker for easy heel-to-toe transition
  •   Good grip on the roads
  •   Improved breathability.
  •   Fit is different than the previous version
Editor Rating:
ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 20 Running Shoes

There is a difference of opinion when it comes to Asics Gel Cumulus 20.

Some feels this running shoe is not supportive enough.

However, the opinion changes completely when you have a high arch and you underpronate.

For them, this shoe is what it says it is. 

It enhances their natural gait using the I.G.S or Impact Guidance System.

The FLYTEFOAM mid-sole gives them the bounce that they need and since it uses natural organic super fibers it doesn’t pack out.

The Rear foot and forefoot gel cushioning system absorbs the shock of impact and helps you with your natural gait cycle.

It comes with seamless construction and reduces the chance of irritation and friction.

Wear these running shoes you will be able to your hearts content without the side-effects of your underpronation

  •   Gel shock absorption from heels and forefoot
  •   Very supportive of your underpronation
  •   Has SpEVAFOAM 45 for a soft platform feel
  •   Plush cushioning
  •   Some feel the shoe is stiffer overall.
  •   Width seems to be a issue for some.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Women's Glycerin 17

These are a neutral running shoe and will provide you with a lot of cushioning and support.

The mid-sole has a drop of 10 mm and is excellent for those who may be suferring from Achilles tendonitis.

This is crucial if you are dealing with knee issues.

The softness of the cushion comes from DNA LOFT mid-sole.

These mid-sole not only gives you with plush feeling underfoot but also is very responsive and durable.

It comes with the same Plush 3D Fit Print mesh upper as in other models of Brooks and they adapt to your stride.

The forefoot has a DNA LOFT transition zone and helps you with a much smoother heel to toe off.

The out-sole has high abrasion rubber and provides you with a good grip on the roads.

  •   Good running shoes for Plantar Fasciitis
  •   Supportive and lightweight cushioning
  •   Good for long distance running
  •   Very comfortable
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear

Do you have wide feet?

Do you often feel squished inside the shoe?

Do you often end up having blisters on your toes?

Then Altra Torin 3.5 is your answer.

Also, it is perfectly suitable for runners who have high arches.

It has a foot pod and has a separate space for each of your toes.

Each of your toes will be able to spread out individually.

It is also very cushy as it comes with the A-bound cushioning and reduces the ground impact.

Also, it adds spring to each step.


  •   Nice cushioning and integrated tongue.
  •   Supportive and lightweight.
  •   Wide and spacious.
  •   Very comfortable.
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear
  •   Sizing seems to be a bit off

If you have high arches, then most probably you supinate or underpronate.

This means your feet rolls outside when it touches the ground.

If you have severe supination, then you have an increased probability of getting an ankle injury along with others.

So, you need a running shoe which will support your high arches and also will reduce your supination.

Enter Brooks Dyad 10.

It not only delivers on those promises but also is a very comfortable, cushy running shoe.

The midsole has BioMoGo DNA cushioning which is very shock absorbing and will keep your feet protected.


  •   Good for runners with high arches.
  •   Supportive and lightweight.
  •   Perfect for long distance running.
  •   Wider toe-box than the previous version.
  •   May show early signs of wear and tear
  •   One user faced the peeling off of inner fabric faster than expected.

If you like springy comfort, then Mizuno Wave 2 will provide you with just that.

However, it is not as pricey as the other Mizunos but still comes with Mizuno’s ClodeWave technology.

Mizuno Wave Sky 2 comes with Aerohug engineered fit. This moves with your feet making it vanish on your feet.

It has an independent decoupling in heel making your landing softer and smoother.

Also, it is perfect for high arches and for longer distances.

However, if you are planning to run a marathon, then it may not be perfect as it is a tad heavier than its peers.

  •   Good for runners with knee problems.
  •   Great for heavier built people.
  •   Perfect for long distance running.
  •   Affordable.
  •   Heavier than its peers
  •   Some felt the fit to be smaller.


When you are planning to run a long-distance and you have high arches, your choice of running shoes will make all the difference.

You should select a running shoe that supports your arch and is cushioned enough.

We think Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe is the best. However, we also know that not all size fits all.

So, we have selected another 6 long distance running shoes for high archesThey will cater to all of your feet’ need.

Buyers’ Guide

When you are running over longer distance and for high arches these are the criteria that you should look for in your running shoe:


Cushioning is the most important criteria that will either end your run with a smile of satisfaction or a cry of pain and limp.

When you are running, you are subjecting your feet to a lot of impact. It is way more than any other kind of exercises.

So, the more cushioning you can get, the better. One of the best one with cushioning is Hoka One One Clifton 5.

It not only makes your run comfortable, but also keeps your feet protected as it absorbs most of the impact.

In that way, almost no shock travels upwards and your chances of sustaining an injury is less.


If your running shoes doesn’t support your feet and gait cycle, then you are in trouble.

For example, if you wear a running shoe which is meant for high arches, whereas you have flat feet, you will be in pain.

Again, if you have underpronation and wear shoes like Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 which is meant for overpronation you will end up injured.

If you cannot decide on your own, get a gait analysis done from a professional and follow his/her advice.

Always and I mean always, wear a running shoe which is meant for your feet. 


Now, you are wearing the right running shoe that is meant for your feet.

But it is smaller than you size or is narrower – what will happen?

You will end up in pain and/or blisters.

So,get a shoe according to you feet’s length and width.

And be careful when you are calculating your width.

If you have bunions or a bony bump under the base of your big toe, then your effective shoe width changes.

Then you should look for running shoes that can support your bunions


You running shoes should be cushioned enough to provide you with comfort.

However, the sole should be sturdy enough to protect your feet from the pebbles and debris on your track.

Otherwise, they will not only damage your shoe, but also will inure your feet.

Tips for running a marathon with high arches

Strengthen your feet

Your feet’s arches are high.

This means the distance of the majority of your sole from the ground is higher.

For this reason, most of your weight is being supported by your toes and your heels.

Also, you tend to supinate. In other words, your feet roll outside upon touching the ground.

So, the first thing you need to do is to strengthen your feet.


One of the easiest and most effective ways is to run barefoot.

This is the most natural method and your feet strength will be increased a lot.

Strengthen your calves

If you have strong calf muscles, a lot of your feet’s work will be supported.

Even if your feet are not very capable of absorbing shock, your calf muscles will come to your rescue.

Wear proper running shoe

This is paramount.

You should wear a running shoe which will support your high arches.

Also, it should be made for supination.

If you don’t want to purchase a new running shoe, any over the counter arch support will help you out.

The only thing is, check whether it supports high arches or not.

Otherwise, you may have to face arch collapse which is extremely painful.