Look, I get It! Finding a good headlamp is like searching for a needle in a haystack.Too many options and you don’t know what to choose.

So, we have brought to you 10 Best Headlamps for Running 2020.

Our selection criteria were strict and here are some of the parameters that we have used:

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Selection Criteria

  1. Type of Light
  2. Balance
  3. Weight
  4. Charging Ease
  5. Climate Proofing
  6. Special Features

So, look no further and dive into our set of selections. We assure you that you will not have to look anywhere else.

Best Headlamps For Running 2020

The decision to choose a headlamp is very personal. Honestly, there is no single headlamp which we can recommend to you. Hence, we came up with this list. If you know of a better headlamp, feel free to suggest in the comment section below. We will be happy to write a review for it, provided it passes through our selection criteria.

1. Black Diamond Sprinter – One Touch High Beam, Essential for safety, Stormproof

Editor Rating:
Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

Our first headlamp is from a company that started with a backyard anvil and a hammer in 1957 known as Black Diamond. Black Diamond headlamps are no doubt one of the most popular in the market today with Black Diamond Sprinter being the frontrunner. It has a couple of unique features, which made it the number 1 on our list.

Let’s check out what are those.

One Touch Technology

One of the best features of Black Diamond Sprinter is that it has One Touch Technology which makes it extremely easy to handle. The high beam can be turned on with the one-touch. This makes it an essential safety feature. Why? Let’s say, you are running on the road. A car is fast approaching you. You realize that the driver is not paying attention. With one touch you can turn the high beam on and off. This will give the driver a signal of someone else’s presence on the road. An accident can be averted.


With 1 TriplePower LED, this headlamp provides very bright light and has a dispersed beam. Under max settings, it produces an oval beam of 200-lumen brightness, giving a wider spectrum of vision. This headlamp is programmed to turn on at a 60% power. It also has an optional brightness memory that you can choose to program. Max setting gives clear visibility of up to 50 m, which makes it ideal for both urban and trail running. It also has a very bright red taillight which gives clear visibility in the urban area. It can be turned off/on as required. Also, whatever was the last option selected for the taillight, it remembers.


The Black Diamond Sprinter has a small battery unit at the back and an LED headlamp at the front. This evenly distributes that and makes it an extremely balanced set. Also, since it has an extra “overhead strap”, which keeps the headlamp right in its place. Since the straps are adjustable, you can fit it as per your need and it never wobbles.


This Black Diamond headlamp is extremely lightweight (3.7 Ounce). Hence, this unit is extremely comfortable to wear during the run.

Battery and Charging

This headlamp comes with a rechargeable lithium-polymer and USB Charger. This makes it extremely convenient to charge as well as makes it extremely portable. With one charge, used under the max setting, it can last up to 5 hours which makes it ideal for those long trail runs.

Climate Proof

The Black Diamond Sprinter comes with IPX4 technology. This makes it very durable under extreme conditions like rain, snow, stormy weather. It has been tested to withstand rain and sleet from any direction. Also, this headlamp is waterproof. It can withstand a water level of more than 1 meter.

The flap covering the micro USB port is not very tight. Hence, it tends to open up during running. In case of rain, water can seep into the micro USB port.

Overall, Black Diamond Sprinter is the best headlamps that I’ve used so far and is the best headlamps for running 2020 in the market today. The built quality is great along with its extra over the headband, USB charger, 200 Lumen, and lightweight. Other than that it has superb safety features with a bright taillight and one-touch high beam which makes it’s quintessential for those evening trails or city running.

  • Light Weight
  • Well Balanced
  • Superb Brightness of 200 Lumen
  • One Touch High Beam
  • Essential for Safety
  • Reasonable Price
  • USB Charging
  • Up to 5 Hours burning time
  • Waterproof
  • IPX4 Technology makes it Storm Proof
  • Loose Micro USB Flap
  • Burning time can be improved

2. Fenix HL60R 950 Lumens – Better color rendering, Five output modes, Red light alert mode

Editor Rating:
EdisonBright Bundle Fenix HL60R 950 Lumen
Fenix HL60R is one of the best headlamps that are there in the market today.

It comes with a 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (Fenix ARB-L18-2600 18650 battery included in the pack).

Also, you get two backup EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries during the time of purchase.

This headlamp is USB rechargeable and produces a maximum of 950 Lumen from Cree XM-L2 T6 Neutral white LED. It has a maximum lifespan of  50,000 hours


It has one switch at the side of the headlamp which is easily accessible and is a breeze to use.

When you turn it on, initially the red-light will be glowing. With the next press of the button, the headlamp will glow at a very low intensity of 5 lumens.

This is called the eco mode, another press it will go into the low mode.

The intensity of the light will keep on increasing until you reach the Turbo mode of 950 lumens.

Also, this same switch will give you an indication of how much charge is left in the headlamp. You need to tap the switch and observe the light that is being produced.

  • white LED flashes, that means you have 75% charge
  • White and red LED flashes back and forth, that means it has 30% to 70% remaining
  • If only two Red LED flashing, then you have less than 30% of charge remaining.

Running Time

This headlamp has 5 output modes and 1 red light alert mode. When fully charged,

  • Turbo mode produces 950 Lumen and the running time is for 48 min
  • High mode  produces 400 Lumen, running up to 3 hours
  • Mid produces 150 Lumen, running up to 10 hours
  • Low produces 50 Lumen, running up to 29 hours
  • Eco mode produces 5 Lumen, running up to 100 hours
  • Red Light mode produces 1 Lumen, running up to 100 hours


Since this headlamp comes with Li-ion 18650 battery, it is rechargeable. This can be done using a micro USB cable that comes with the unit. Hence it is extremely convenient to charge it.

Also, this comes with two CR123A for backup purposes. These are also lithium batteries but are not rechargeable Fenix also gives you a guideline of which battery works with this device and which one doesn’t.

So, be sure to check the instruction manual before using any other battery. When you connect this headlamp with a charging device, let’s say your computer, the red LEDs starts blinking.

This indicates that the device is charging. Once this red light becomes steady, you know that your headlamp is fully charged.


It is made up of high-grade aluminum. So it is impact resistant up to 1 meter and is waterproof for almost 2 meters. This gives it a rating of IPx8.

Other features

  • Utilizes Cree XM-L2 T6 Neutral White LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • 87mm (3.4in.) length x 46mm (1.8in.) width x 51mm (2in.) height which falls under the smaller dimensions
  • 121 grams (4.3oz.) excluding battery. This makes it extremely lightweight.
  • The digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness.
  • If you use the battery in an incorrect way, you headlamp is protected because it has reverse polarity protection
  • Side switch makes it fast and easy to operate
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
The piece of material on which this headlamp unit sits, is made up of plastic. Though it is not super uncomfortable, I would definitely like a rubberised material. Also a strobe mode is missing which I would expect from a headlamp of this price
Overall, an excellent headlamp with all the necessary features in place. 950 Lumens, 6 modes of operation, charge indication and easy to operate. Thumbs Up to Fenix for this great product.
  •  Ultra bright and produces a maximum of 950 lumens
  •  5 Modes of operation along with red light mode
  •  Comfortable to use
  •  Waterproof  and impact resistant (IPx8)
  •  Rechargeable battery
  •  Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  •  Aluminum body makes it light and anti-abrasive
  •  Light Weight at 4 Ounces
  •  Easy to recharge with micro USB
  •  Comes with one 18650 battery and two backup batteries (CR123A).
  •  Beam throw of up to 116 meters
  •  Headlamp sits on a plastic piece which is a bit uncomfortable
  •  No Strobe mode
  •  The side which contains micro USB does not contain any additional cover. Water can go inside from heavy rain
  •  Pricey.

3. Princeton Tec Remix – 125 lumens, 200 hour burn time

Editor Rating:
Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp

Princeton Tec Remix actually surprised by the amount of light it can produce.

For 125 lumens, this headlamp is really small. It has an extremely good build quality. My last one lasted for around 2 years which is not bad at all for a headlamp of such low price. What I love the most about this headlamp is its simplicity. It produces two types of light, white wide beam and high power white spot beam.


The headlamp is made up of two types of LEDs.  3 small ultra-bright LEDs, 1 max bright LED. Both types of LEDs are capable of burning in low and high-intensity mode.  


When you first time turns the light on, the headlamp will produce a red light which is enough to light up somewhere around 12 yards.  Tap it twice in quick succession and the light will turn brighter. It can cover up to 40 yards.  Press and hold it and the headlamp will burn with its full glory which is 125 lumens.  

NOTE: Another version comes with a green lamp instead of red. You can choose the suitable one for your purchase.   

Power source

I’m a person who is bad at maintenance. So, anything which is plug and play is suitable for me. This headlamp is just that. The light is powered by 3 AAA Alkaline batteries. With these batteries, it can burn up to 200 hours producing 100 lumens. At its max brightness, it is cable of burning for 60 hours which is awesome for the headlamp of this size. 

Climate Proof

These headlamps are meant to be used outdoors, so if they are not waterproof or at least water-resistant, there is no point in purchasing them. This headlamp comes with IPx4 water protection which is sufficient to make it resistant to heavy rains. However,  if you are planning to take it for swimming, you must select a different one. This one cannot withstand that much water.  


It comes with a single elastic band which is adjustable. So it sits on the forehead properly without creating much fuss. However, I would have preferred to have a cross band also. 


The light is extremely small and this is the thing that I love about it. It is 2 X 1 X 1 inches and weighs 1.6

ounce. This is the lightest one on this list.

Two things, I don’t like about this headlamp

  1. It doesn’t have a strobe mode
  2. It doesn’t come with a taillamp

Other than that, this is pretty much my favorite.

  •  The brightness of 125 Lumen
  •  Comfortable to use
  • Waterproof (IPx4)
  •  3 AAA battery
  •  Ultralight at 1.2 ounce
  •  Lock feature prevents from accidental switch-on
  •  3 Modes, Low, high and red light
  •  2 Types of beams, Wide-angle, Spotlight
  •  No indication of how much charge is remaining
  •  No taillamp
  •  Strobe mode is absent

4. Zukvye Super Bright –  Bright, Solid, Great Value

Editor Rating:

Rechargeable LED headlamp, Zukvye Super Bright 5 LED Headlight Zoomable Waterproof CREE Headlamps Flashlight

The next in line for review is Zukvye Super Bright. It has a great design and color. A shiny golden exterior with an adjustable strap and a red light at the back for extra safety. It is lightweight and rechargeable. Zukvye claims that the brightness of this headlamp is 8000 Lumen. However, I couldn’t verify this claim. However, truly it is extremely bright.


It is made up of high-performance CREE XML-T6 LED bulbs and 4 XPE bulbs. XM-L LEDs offer the unique combination of very high efficacy at very high drive currents, delivering 1000 lumens. This is the reason that XM-L LED is used for very-high-lumen applications such as high-bay, indoor commercial or roadway lighting.

At its max setting, this headlamp can brighten up to 500 meters.
There are 4 modes that this light operates.

  • Energy Saving Mode: Only one T6 LED is on
  • Medium Brightness: 4 XPE LED is on
  • Super Brightness: 1 T6 LED and 4 XPE LED is on
  • Strobe Mode: 1 T6 LED and 4 XPE LED is on
The bright red light at the back ensures your safety as it is visible from a long distance.

Power Source

It comes with two lithium 3.7 V 2500 mAh, rechargeable batteries, and a USB cable.

With a full recharge, this headlamp can last up to 9 hours under medium light and up to 6 hours under maximum usage.

Also, the best thing is, it can be charged from any device that has a USB port.


It is made up of durable aluminum alloy crust, abrasion-resistant. It is comfortable to wear with an adjustable strap.

Due to aluminum make, the weight of the lamp is only 3.68 ounce. Which makes it extremely light. Hence, it is perfect even for those longer runs.

Climate Proof

It is waterproof and has an IPx5 rating. Which means that it is protected against water jets from all angles. Hence, you need not skip your running routine due to a heavy downpour.

It doesn’t work with standard AA or AAA batteries. Instead, it uses 2 18650. So if you forget to charge it up, it will not work. Also, this headlamp does not come with a zoomable feature which can be a bit restrictive.

With very bright light, lightweight and weather withstanding material, it is extremely useful for any outdoor activities, especially night or predawn run. However, with so many features to boast from, this Zukvye Super Bright is really easy on your pocket making it ideal for those who are starting out and don’t want to spend a fortune on a headlamp.

  •   Light Weight
  •   Well Balanced
  •   Superb Brightness
  •   Bright red taillamp
  •   Budget-friendly
  •   USB Charging
  •   Up to 6 hours burning time
  •   Aluminum alloy body makes it corrosion free
  •   Waterproof
  •  Lacks zoomable feature

5. InnoGear 5000 Lumens – Super Bright, budget-friendly, Reader’s Choice

Editor Rating:
InnoGear 5000 Lumens Headlamp LED Flashlight Bright Headlight Torch with Rechargeable Batteries and Wall Charger
This headlamp is much like Zukvye Super Bright with only one difference. It produces 3000 lumens less than Zukvye. However, you will not be able to tell much of the difference with that. So let’s see, what other features that InnoGear 5000 Lumens has to offer, which makes it our readers’ favorite. This is a well-made headlamp and is stylish to look at with a black exterior and silver rings on the headlamp


The headlamp is made of 3 super bright XM-L2 T6. Hence together they are capable of producing around 5000 lumens. It is like a flood of light. Also, it comes with a green color taillamp for safety.


The headlamp is capable of operation in 4 modes. High, Medium, Low and Flashing or Strobe.

Power source

This headlamp is powered by twp 18650 heavy-duty batteries. Hence you can understand, how reliable it can be. Also, since these rechargeable Li-ion batteries, they can be replenished through different types of chargers, like a wall charger, USB cable connected to Computer. Whenever you are charging, the LED on the wall charger or the smiley face on the USB charger will become red. Once the batteries are fully charged, these red lights will turn green. Also, once fully charged, these batteries produce 200mAh 3.7v each.

Rotatable head

This headlamp comes with a rotatable feature. You can turn the light at a maximum of 90 degree.


This light is around 10.6 ounces. This makes it heavier than the other headlamps like the one immediately below. If you don’t like that, you can wear a cap beneath the lamp. This will solve the problem.

Climate Proof 

The headlamp is waterproof, hence you can safely take it out, if you are planning for a run during rainy season Also, since it is made up of aluminum, it is anti-corrosive. Also, the battery compartment is sealed with a rubberized lid. Hence that is also waterproof.

This headlamp does not come with a zoomable feature which can be a bit restrictive. Also, this headlamp is on the heavier side
This is the best option available at this price.
  •   Well Balanced
  •   Superb Brightness of 5000 Lumen
  •   Budget friendly Price
  •   Multiple charging options
  •   Up to 150 Hours burning time
  •   Waterproof
  •   Impact resistant
  •   Doesn’t incle zoomable feature
  •   Heavy

6. Princeton Tec Apex – long-range, wide-angle, or close-range lighting

Editor Rating:
Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp


In 1975 Bill and his wife started Princeton Tec in a Dive Shop on the outskirts of the town in Princeton, New Jersey.

He used to work in a day job in the morning and work on his inventions at night.

He was passionate about scuba diving and was trying to invent an automatic dive timer.

When his day job tried to shift him to Indianapolis, far away from the Atlantic Ocean, the scuba diver in him made him quit his day job and set up a manufacturing plant.

There he manufactured the first automatic dive timer called “Bottom Timer”.

This was the beginning of Princeton Tec. Over the years, Princeton Tec’s adapted themselves to fulfill the needs of scuba divers.

Their main focus was safety and comforts for the divers. Gradually, Scuba Lights started to take over the lineup.

Eventually, Princeton Tec expanded their lighting solution to help other athletes like runners.

With such a history and experience under their belt, no wonder that they have produced such an amazing light which is not only one of their best selling products but also one of the best in class.


Previously, Princeton Tec Apex used to come with 200 lumens, however, recently the company has stopped this product line and is selling a more updated product under the same name Apex.

It produces a light of 350 Lumen which is suitable for any outdoor activities like running, hiking, caving, etc.

The lamp is made up of 1 Maxbright LED and 4 Ultrabright LEDs.

It combines a 3-watt max bright LED with four ultrabright LEDs for constant brightness on all modes.


It has four levels of light, one of which is safety flash mode.

An easy dual switch system allows you to independently control long-range lighting, the wide-angle, or close-range lighting.

Multiple settings give the flexibility to adjust brightness or beam settings to conserve battery power depending on your needs.


Also, this lamp has “Heatsink” technology, which makes the LEDs to burn longer.

What is HeatSink?

A HeatSink is a passive heat exchanger, which transfers the heat generated by a device, to a fluid medium This fluid is usually air or a liquid coolant.

It helps the device to maintain its proper temperature at optimal levels.

Any LED’s performance and lifetime are dependent on its temperature.

So, a heatsink attached to it, absorbs the heat, thus extending the lifetime of the LEDs.


This headlamp supports multiple types of batteries. Like AA alkaline, lithium and NiMH rechargeable.

The number of batteries that are required by this lamp is 4.

It also has a battery meter which can inform you about the level of charge that is remaining.


The weight of the product is around 8 ounce and 2 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches in size.


The real test of a headlamp happens when taking it out in a bad condition like rain, snow, etc.

But this is not the case with this Princeton Apex. Princeton Tec has done a fabulous job of making it waterproof.


The switches are slightly recessed beneath the lenses of the LED light on each side of the lamp.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been taking it to every adventure I went to. I generally carry it in my bag pack along with my other things.

I’ve never had any occurrence of the lamp getting “accidentally” turned on by incidental contact.


One of the best parts of this product is the customer service provided by the company.

They have a no ‘bull****’ policy and will replace the entire product during the warranty phase.

To top it all, this one comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The headlamp is not sturdy enough to survive a massive fall. Hence it is ideal for running or jogging. However, you should avoid using this in survival situations like caving.
To summarize, this is one of the best headlamps you can find in this price range. It is lightweight, waterproof and impact resistant. Supports multiple Battery types and is at a reasonable price. No wonder this is the most favorite of our readers.
  •  Well Balanced
  •  Superb Brightness of 375 Lumen
  •  Recessed Switch to avoid accidental turn-ons.
  •  Reasonable Price
  •  Supports AA Alkaline, NiMH rechargeable, and Lithium batteries
  •  Up to 150 hours burning time
  •  Waterproof
  •  Heatsink Technology makes the LEDs burn brighter and longer
  •  Impact resistant
  •  Not suitable for survival situations
  •  All plastic

7. GRDE Zoomable 3  – Rechargeable Batteries, works with Car Charger, Wall Charger, USB

Editor Rating:
GRDE Headlamp

GRDE Zoomable Headlamp is a no fuss headlamp. It provides all the features that we have come to expect from a headlamp but at a better price. It has solid build quality with the body made up of durable polymer. The headlamp itself is hosted in a socket made out of aluminum and is one of the best headlights for running.


The headlamp contains a single CREE XML T6-LED which boasts of producing at least 1000 Lumen which can go up to a maximum of 1800 Lumen


The headlamp pack includes two 3.7V 18650 rechargeable batteries, one wall charger, Car charger, USB Cable and a User Manual.

With a charging of 6 hours, the battery can last up to 100,000 hours which is pretty impressive. 


It has 3 modes of operation.

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Strobe

All the modes are operable with one button. It can light up an area of around 40 feet.

This Headlamp is zoomable which is absent from most of the headlamps of its class.

Also, it can be used as a headlight or a Waist light and the head is turnable to 90 degrees.


Waterproofing is an essential feature for any headlamp and this one does a decent job. This makes it one of the best budget headlamps in its class


The GRDE Zoomable 3 is a comfortable headlamp to wear. The straps are made out of thick flat elastic and are adjustable.

It also has a cross strap which gives you a very comfortable fit.

Also, the battery pack is made out of rubber. Hence, it sits comfortably behind your head.

The materials out of which the lamp is made of are pretty sturdy to hold it in place.

Hence, the pivoting is just right. This makes it a well-balanced set which is essential if you go walking, jogging or running.

It weighs 12.8 ounce which is significantly higher than its counters parts.
Overall, this is a great headlamp from GRDE and gives a tough competition to its expensive counterparts.

If you are a beginner then this should be your go-to headlamp.

Also, check our Buyer’s guide, before making any purchase.

  •  Well Balanced
  •  Superb Brightness of 1800 Lumen
  •  3 Modes of Operation, Mid, Low and Strobe
  •  Budget Headlamp
  •  Lithium rechargeable batteries
  •  Up to 100,000 hours burning time with a single charge
  •  Waterproof
  •  Great Built Quality
  •   Heavier than the rest

8. Black Diamond Storm – Zoomable, great fit for trail runners, a lightweight headlamp for running

Editor Rating:
Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

This is our second item from Black Diamond on this list.

Of late Black Diamond has become a very popular brand in sports gear.

And why not? Their products offer great quality and durability.


When you hit the trails, the worst thing that can happen to you is that your headlamp goes off.

This can happen due to a loose connection between the exposed wire or a plethora of reasons.

Now you are nowhere, going forward is risky and so is coming back. This is where a good headlamp like Black Diamond Storm can make all the difference.

The Black Diamond Storm contains only one unit, which hosts the entire circuitry and hence such chances of accidental loose connection from jerking are minimal.


With one Quad Power LED and one Double Power LED, this headlamp produces a max of 350 Lumen.

I find the design of this product to be very thoughtful Black Diamond has taken care weather detail possible.

It comes with a “PowerTap” technology. This means that you can just use one finger tap to control the different modes.

Not only that, it is built to remember your last setting. Hence, it will never reset after you have turned it off.

It has improved peripheral lighting with the Red, green and blue Single Power LEDs for night vision.  Also, it has dimming and strobe settings and you can activate it without cycling through white mode.


This unit is Waterproof and Dustproof.

It can withstand a water level up to 1 meter for about 30 min.

Which makes it an ideal partner during bad weather conditions. 


It is extremely lightweight with only 3.2 ounces with a dimension of 1X2X1 inches. This makes it extremely compact and portable.


Also, it works with 4 AAA batteries which come with the headset. Hence, there is no hassle to find a charging point for your headlamp. But you have to carry extra batteries.


The elastic attached to the headlamp is broad and super comfortable. This band is adjustable, making the headlamp to sit on your forehead properly.

It makes a buzzing sound which can be annoying

To conclude, this is an excellent headlamp which can withstand almost any condition. Hence, you will never have to hold yourself back. Go out and Play Hard!

  •  Light Weight
  •  The super brightness of 350 Lumen
  •  3 Modes for Night Vision, red, blue, green
  •  3 modes of operation, High, Low, Strobe
  •  Power Touch Technology
  •  Waterproof
  •  Great Built Quality
  •  Operating the battery compartment is tricky
  •  Can feel bulky due to 4 batteries in one compartment
  •  Makes a buzzing Sound

9. Coast HL8R– Pure Beam Focusing Optic with Twist Focus Technology

Editor Rating:
COAST HL8R 800 Lumen Rechargeable Pure Beam Focusing LED Headlamp
From the house of Coast Products, here comes another cool headlamp which is a masterpiece, The HL8R.

This headlamp is one of the most popular headlamps on the market now and is suited for most of your outdoor needs.

This amazing headlamp produces a maximum of 800 lumens of light and comes with a Pure Beam and Focusing technology.

The best part is, to change the focus. You only have to twist the rotator around the headlight shaft, much like a camera lens.


This headlight produces three types of output

  • high
  • medium
  • low

It can be easily controlled with a control dial around the light.


It comes with a rechargeable battery pack and higher output.

This light operates with both standard alkaline batteries and our custom rechargeable batteries. Both battery packs are included.

The rechargeable pack can be charged on or off the headlamp, using a micro USB.


The Pure Beam Focusing Optic combines the largest Ultra View Flood Beam with the Bulls-Eye Spot Beam. This makes lighting up close or downrange highly effective.

Twist the head of the light to move between a flood and a spot beam. This makes it very easy to operate this light.

To the side of the headlamp, is a light dial. This allows for quick control of the light output at the turn of a knob.

All Coast headlamps include a hinged, tilting head to let you adjust the direction of the light beam.

This headlamp also includes clips for hardhat compatibility.


With Coast’s commitment to quality, the HL8R Headlamp is impact resistant, weather-resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable


The beam covers a huge area of 702 ft under maximum usage and 180 ft under a low beam.

Also, the burn time is above 4 hours for high beam and 62 hours for low beam


The HL8R Headlamp is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It is tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards

The unit is on the heavier side and weighs 12.8 ounces. The battery compartment is a bit clunky.

Coast has done a good job with this headlamp. The radial style zoom-in and zoom-out is a nice touch. The aluminum finished body makes this unit extremely sturdy and impact resistant. This makes it one of the best headlamps for running in the market.

Company History:

Coast Products is a 98-year-old, family-owned company that produces lights, knives and multi-purpose tools for work, recreation and everyday use.

Coast produces innovative, technologically advanced products backed by a lifetime warranty which makes the user’s life safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Whether for hard work or hard play, Coast has the right lighting and cutting tools to get the job done.

  •  The brightness of 800 Lumen
  •  3 Modes for High, Medium, Low
  •  Impact resistant
  •  Aluminum body, so corrosion free
  •  Waterproof
  •  Rechargeable battery
  •  Radial dial for mode change
  •  High Beam lights up 702 ft and low beam lights up 180 ft which is huge
  •  Running TIme: 4 hours, high beam and 62 hours, low beam
  •  Comes with Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects
  •  Heavier than others (12.8 ounces)
  •  The battery compartment is clunky
  •  Pricey

10. Petzl – REACTIK+ – REACTIVE LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY, Bluetooth Enabled, Energy Efficient

Editor Rating:

PETZL - REACTIK+ Headlamp, 300 Lumens, Bluetooth Enabled

Petzl Reactik+ is one of a kind headlamp and probably the best Petzl headlamp in the market. It comes with many unique features that are absent in its counterparts.

It was designed for high speed committing sports like trail running, hiking, mountaineering, and ski touring.

It produces a power of 300 lumen which is bright enough to tackle any kind of outdoor situation.


This headlamp automatically adjusts its brightness to the needs of the user.  It offers a maximum of 300 lumens.

Due to this, this headlamp burns longer providing visual comfort and minimal handling. This is one of those aspects that helped it made to this best running headlamps list.

The light sensor in the headlamp automatically adjusts the brightness and beam pattern in order to optimize battery use.


You have the ability to select your desired burn time and the headlamp will adjust accordingly.

It will automatically switch between three modes:

  • max power
  • standard
  • max autonomy

This helps to keep you going throughout the duration of your activity.


The Reactik+ headlamp uses an 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for universal charging with a micro USB port.

Each headlamp has a charge indicator to let you know the amount of charge that is left in the battery.

It is also compatible with a standard battery pack for use in remote locations.

This headlamp optimizes battery life by utilizing Bluetooth Smart technology to prevent the use of unnecessary battery power.


Petzl’s patented headband features two-part construction which ensures that your headlamp will remain in position during dynamic activities.

These headbands are washable and adjustable.

Also, it is designed to keep you dry by absorbing perspiration.


The MyPetzl Light mobile app allows you to customize light settings from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

Adjust the settings to find the perfect lighting for your specific activity needs.

The app also allows you to see the remaining burn time for your headlamp, activate one of the previously defined activity profiles, customize lighting and brightness to cater to your specific needs,

and doing all of that while optimizing battery life to keep you moving for hours without stopping to recharge

With a smartphone, you can monitor the battery charge in real-time, remaining burn time depending on your activity.

Adjust the burn time and power based on your immediate lighting needs

Write a message in case of an emergency which is then converted into a morse code light signal

This app provides you complete control of your power settings no matter what your needs are.

The headlamp has a 2-lumen red led that is that can be switched ON or switched to red strobe.


Many times the users of this headlamp complain of “accidental” turn on.

To prevent this, just press the button on the top and the button on the side of the headlamp and it will flash red, indicating that you just locked the lamp into the off mode.

Want it back on?

Just press both buttons again and you will return to normal operation.

This is a very handy feature which can save you a lot of trouble.

It is a hassle to try to use the Bluetooth feature. Also, though it is a very noble effort, I don’t think anyone will remember to write a message in case of an emergency to make the headlight flashing.

Overall a great product by Petzl and innovative. It has three beam types, Wide, Mixed and focused. Is it the start of smart headlights? Only time will tell. Until then wait and watch.

  •   Great Brightness of 300 Lumen
  •   Self-adjusting light
  •   Comfortable to use
  •   Waterproof (IPx4)
  •   Rechargeable battery
  •   Bluetooth Feature for pairing with a smartphone
  •   Lock feature prevents from accidental turn-ons
  •   Light Weight at 4 Ounces
  •  Operating it through the mobile can be a bit complicated
  •  Pricey

Running Headlamp Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a good headlamp is a difficult task, give the number of choices you have. Before making a purchase, please consider the following things

Running condition 

What are the typical conditions that you run on? Is it pre-dawn or dusk or night. Do you run in urban areas with low traffic or there is significant traffic or Do you prefer trail running? Rainy or Snowy? 


How much lumens it produces is an essential factor while deciding on a headlamp. If it is not bright enough, then it will not serve the purpose 


If you are just starting out or don’t like too much weight on your head, then an extra ounce can feel like a mountain after some time. If you still prefer to go for one, then consider wearing a cap beneath your headlamp 


The more sugar you add the sweeter it will be. This is not always the case with the headlamps. There are many extremely expensive and crappy headlamps out there. 

If you are just starting out and don’t know whether you will be able to continue or not, then start out with some inexpensive ones like Princeton Tec Remix or GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes. You can move onto an expensive one afterward if you want 

Lighting Modes

I prefer headlamps that contain Strobe and Taillight. They provide additional safety to the runner. However, choose something that you will feel comfortable with


See to it, that the headbands are adjustable. If they are not, then there is always a chance of it slipping down. This makes it super uncomfortable to perform any kinds of activities

Climate Proof

Do you want a waterproof lamp or a water-resistant lamp will work just fine? Think about it properly, before making any purchase.

If you live somewhere, where there is a lot of dust or rain, not having a headlamp to support you, will spoil your running experience. 

And Finally,

Charging Type

As I told, I’m not a person who is very good with maintenance. So, I prefer nonchargeable batteries. However, based on your temperament, feel free to choose.

Hope this guide helps you in selecting the best headlamp for you. Please let me know your questions and suggestions in the comment section below.

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