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Did you decide on her gift? 4th of July is just around the corner. If not, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of gift that is perfect for her adventurous heart.

Here some of the gifts like Outdoor Survival Kit for Camping Hiking Hunting starts under $11.00.

Then what are you waiting for? Go pick a gift for her now…

Hiking and Camping Gifts for Women

Hiking And Camping Gifts from Under $10 to $25

This is the sweet spot.

These gifts are not only extremely affordable but also incredibly useful

Don’t let the price fool you. In the outdoors these can be game changer for her.

Outdoor Survival Kit for Camping Hiking Hunting Travel Selfhelp SOS Gear
Light and portable, this is a 7 in one survival gear. It contains:

  • Stainless steel versatile tool card
  • Fire Starter
  • Compass
  • Wire saw
  • Emergency whistle
  • Multi-functional Pliers
  • Carabiner

The credit card gear in itself can act as a multi-tool that can serve the purpose of 10 tools

This is extremely cost effective and truly a hikers friend.

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Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports
This is a multipurpose sports towel which is 40″ long and 12″ wide.

The chilling can be instantly activated by soaking it, wringing it and snapping it.

The highly absorbent material of the towel, retains the water and acts as a cooling agent giving you that chilling.

It comes with a waterproof pouch and a carabiner clip.

It also gives you a 50 SPF sun protection.

Dries quickly and is a must for any outdoor activity.


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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
This lifestraw acts as your personal water filter.

It can filter up-to 1,000 liters of water and doesn’t use chemicals like iodine.

It is capable of removing almost 99.99% of microbes.

The long list of microbes include Escherichia coli (e-coli), campylobacter, vibrio cholera, pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella, salmonella, giardia lamblia (beaver fever), cryptosporidium parvum, entamoeba histolytica and many more.

It has no shelf life and can be stored indefinitely even after use.  

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Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Lensatic Tactical Compass
This compass is made of high grade engineering material and can work under extreme weather conditions.

It has a built in bubble level which improves its accuracy and reduces the margin of error.

Also, it is fitted with fluorescent light which glows in the dark.

Hence, you can conveniently use your compass both in the morning and at night.

This is waterproof and shake-proof and is ideal for hiking, mountaineering, boating and camping.

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Squeeze Pod Travel Size Toiletry Kit
Outdoors doesn’t have to be unhygienic when you have your own convenient, portable toiletry kit.

This toiletry kit contains 24-single use pods.

The pack has 

  • 2 Single-Use Pods of Color-Safe
  • 2 Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  • 2 Conditioner and Body Wash
  • 3 Single-Use Pods of Facial Cleanser
  • 3 Shave Cream
  • 3 Moisturizing Lotion
  • 3 Hand Purifier
  • 3 Hair Gel
  • 3 Toilet Odor Eliminator

It also comes with a TSA compliant travel bag for convenient carrying of these cuties.


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Hiking And Camping Gifts from $25 to $50

Ah! now comes the heavy lifters.

High Trek Trekking Poles
These trekking poles are made of aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum.

So, they are not fragile like carbon fibers.

They can be easily adjusted with a flip lock and hence suits any height.

The grips are made of EVA foam which are very comfortable and ergonomically designed.

Also, the adjustable wrist strap ensures that you don’t drop the trekking poles accidentally.

Tackle any terrain with the tungsten-tipped ends, removable rubber ferrules, and mud/snow baskets and with a 1 year warranty.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

Unigear Traction MIcro Spikes

The rubbery frame of these micro spikes, is made of stretchy thermoplastic elastomer.

It is flexible, anti-abrasive and anti-tearing.

They fit on a variety of footwear to give you a quick and secure fit.

The long lasting soles are equipped with heat-treated, corrosion resistant stainless steel.

It has 18, 1/2 ” spikes per foot with 12 spikes at the forefoot and 6 spikes at the heel.

The heel plates are wide with 3 spikes and gives a secure downhill traction.

With adjustable straps it is very easy to wear.

They also have a 60 days 100% money back policy so your gift is secured.

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The clarity of this binoculars is of HD quality.

It provides you with a 10X magnification and has 50 mm lens diameter.

It gives you 25 feet close focusing distance and weighs 27 ounces.

The eye relief is 9 mm with 5 mm exit pupil.

It provides you a 300 ft field view at 1000 ft yards

It has a durable design and rubberised abrasion resistant finish.

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One of the best First Aid Kit in the market, containing 326 pieces.

Its quality is approved by FDA and meets or exceeds the standards of OSHA and ANSi 2009 guidelines for 100 people

All the supplies comes fully organized in a sturdy box which is impact resistant.

It contains two separate layers segregating the small and large components.

This makes it easy for taking a product out or refilling it.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

It comes with a Built-in 25000mAh L-polymer battery equipped.

Attached with it is the compact solar panel which can be used to charge any mobile phone

It has 2 built in 2.1A USB and allows fast charging of two devices simultaneously. 

Other than mobile phones, you can use it to charge various other electronic devices as-well.

It comes with a inbuilt LED flash light, which comes very handy during the night/dark.

Also, a warranty of 18 months makes this product a must try.

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Hiking And Camping Gifts from $50 to $100

This is a internal-frame backpack with 65 L capacity (60 L + 5 L extension collar) and is made of durable polyester.

There are a lot of pockets and compartments along with one large sleeping-bag compartment and comes with multi-directional compression straps.

The back straps are padded and adjustable for a comfortable fit. 

The lumbar pad is made of open-cell foam and molded channels for lower back support and airflow. 

The exterior has a waterproof coating with integrated water resistant rainfly for light rain.

A waterproof cover included for heavier rain in your choice of color.

It is 30 inches long and is backed by AmazonBasics’ limited one-year warranty.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

This spacious polyester dome shaped tent is easy to setup.

It has WaetherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams.

This keeps the moisture from getting in.

Large windows and floor ventilation gives ample amount of breath-ability.

It measures 9 x 7 feet with 4-foot 11-inch center height.

It is snag-free and has continuous pole sleeves for easy setup.

The RainFly gives you proper shade and rain protection and has storage pockets to keep your gears organized.

The Insta-Clip™ Pole Attachments stand up to wind.

It comes with a carry bag for ease of portability and a 1-year limited warranty.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

X-PRO has a built in GPS which uses satellite to track your position. 

It self adjusts itself with worldwide timezone and has built in barometer, thermometer, compass.

It let’s you know any environmental changes quickly so you will get time to prepare.

You can track any kind of outdoor activity with it, including hiking, running, Triathlon, etc.

It clearly displays mobile texts, call alerts, steps you took, calories you burnt through your phone or GoFIT App

Waterproof grade is 5 ATM and can stand a level of 50 m which is good for swimming but not for diving.

Warranty of this product is 12 months.

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Want boiling water fast?

This one can get it rolling in 100 seconds saving time and fuel.

It comes with the 1 Liter FluxRing cooking cup and insulating cozy.

Lightweight and easy to carry with a new lid which is much lighter than the original.

The lid also has a built in strainer.

The igniter has been improved to give it a easier operate-ability.

It is thermochromatic and changes its color to indicate when the water is about to boil.

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Hiking And Camping Gifts Above $100

This sleeping bag is made of 70D 100% polyester which weighs 2.2 oz/yard

The lining is also of the same material and is very comfortable

For insulation you have Spirafil® 60 which is capable of providing warmth till 15 Fahrenheit.

It comes in two sizes. The regular one is 66″ and the long one is 70″

Hence it is a good fit for most of the people.

This sleeping bag is designed especially for women, so, it is wider at the hips.

This gives us a better fit and wiggle room.

The weight of the sleeping bag is only 1956 g. So it can be carried easily.

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This stylist jacket is made of 100% Nylon.

The Pertex Shield+ is made up of 30D ripstop nylon and the inner lining is made up of 22D ripstop nylon.

The 800 fill power goose down insulation can keep cold at bay.

This fully breathable jacket is waterproof and windproof.

The seams are fully taped for avoiding skin irritation.

This lightweight jacket has bonded down channels and a helmet compatible hood.

Dynamic reach underarm panels with double separating front zipper Hook.

The cuffs are also closed to refrain cold entering the jacket and has elastic drawcord hem.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

These sunglasses have a metal frame and plastic lenses with Polarized Iridium.

The lenses blocks the UV rays as the glasses comes with a 100% UV protection coating.

The lens width is 59 mm, the bridge width is 18 mm and the Arm length is 120 mm

They come along with a carry case

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

After a tiring day’s hike, your leading lady may not be in a mood to prepare any meal for herself.

Don’t let her go to bed empty stomach.

With Jetboil Flash Cooking System she can easily boil some water and pour it in this easy meal pack.

Here dinner will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Though not a perfect solution, but nonetheless a workable one.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

It has a 2.2″ 65K color sunglight readable display with a resolution of  240 x 320 pixels.

It is a small device of 2.1″ x 4.0″ x 1.3″ dimensions

With a large internal memory of 3.7 GB, and microSD card slot, you can load a variety of maps like TOPO 24K, HuntView, etc.

It comes with preloaded basemap with shaded relief.

eTrex 30x has a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass and a barometric altimeter.

This pinpoints your precise altitude and you can even use it to plot barometric pressure over time.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

This is the #1 Bestseller in the DSLR category. This Photo4Less Camera And Lens is supplied with accessories Kit which includes:

  • Camera Body which is 18-55mm EF-S f/3.5-5.6 IS II
  • 58mm High Definition Wide Angle Lens
  • 58mm 2x Professional Telephoto Lens
  • A Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card
  • A Transcend 16GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card
  • Photo4less DC59 Camera Case P4L-CCS-30
  • Photo Video Quality Tripod

Built-In Wi-Fi with NFC Scene Intelligent Auto Mode Basic+ and Creative Auto Modes gives you are lot of flexibility in photography.

Read More Owners’ Reviews on Amazon!

Which one did you choose?

Make this occasion of 4th of July memorable for her.

Wishing you and your family, a very happy 4th of July

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