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Our running coaches are the ones who helped us to achieve our success. They are the people who cheered us up, pushed us to the limits, and let us bask in our glory while staying away from the limelight.

And we are all grateful to our coaches for all that they did for us. There is truly nothing in this world to express our gratitude to them.

But nonetheless, here are some gifts that will convey your sentiments perfectly to her. These are the best gifts for a running coach we could find. We really hope your coach likes them.

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The Best Gifts for a Running Coach

1.Garmin Forerunner 945

Show how much you appreciate your running by gifting her the Garmin Forerunner 945. This is the most advanced Garmin Forerunner until now. She will be able to store up to 1000 songs and can even download her workout playlist from Spotify, Amazon Music, or Deezer.

She can monitor her performance, using VO2 Max and other training statuses. These get adjusted automatically heat, altitude acclimation, training load focus, recovery time, aerobic, and anaerobic training effects.

Keep her safe while she pays her bills in the supermarket using the Garmin Pay which is completely contactless.

It has full colored onboard map guides so that she can find her way and doesn’t get lost in a new route or city.

Battery life is also good with 2 weeks in smartwatch mode, 10 hours in GPS mode with music, or up to 60 hours in UltraTrac mode.

If you are thinking of a fitness watch for her, then the option will also be good for her.

2.Fitbit Versa 2

With more than 6 days of battery life and capable of tracking activities, sleep, heart rate, and more, Fitbit Versa 2 can be of paramount utility to your running coach.

It has an always-on display mode. To check her performance all she has to do is take a glace during her workout. 

It is capable of supporting 100s of apps like a timer, weather to Spotify, and Strava which she can download right into her watch.

She can even personalize the clock face to her own taste and is downloadable from the Fitbit app.

It has 15+ goal-based exercises like running, biking, yoga, and more to choose from. Also, it is capable of monitoring your real-time pace and distance using her phone’s GPS.

She can compose and send text replies to her text messages by just speaking to the smartwatch.

It comes with the Fitbit app, using which she can track data, motivation, and guidance. Also, she can track her female health data like periods, symptoms, gauge ovulation, and discover patterns in her cycle. This will help her to stay healthy and prepared.

Also, it supports guided breathing and she can use it to find her own moments of calm throughout the day.

3.AfterShokz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

It is awful to workout using an earphone. You will have a sore ear throughout the day. This must be a constant annoyance for your running coach who workout so very often.

Take that discomfort away from her by gifting her this AfterShokz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones.

This will sit on the space between her ear and cheek and will use bone conduction to transmit the music.

It is sweat-proof and durable. She can play music and take calls and this has a battery life of 6 hours. Also, this is a dual noise-canceling.

4.MPOW Flames Bluetooth Headphones

Also, you can go for this more traditional earphone and your coach will surely love it.

This is a waterproof wireless headphone and the waterproofing comes from IPX7.

This will provide her with deep bass and HD stereo. It also has a playtime of 7-9 hours.

The noise-canceling mic comes with cVc 6.0. This headphone is great for a home workout, running, and gymming.

With such feature-packed headphone your running coach will fall in love with it.

5.ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell

Some days are different than others. Although your running coach is a pro, she may not want to go all out with weight sometimes. 

Having an adjustable dumbbell at her disposal may be all that is needed. Dumbbells are very good for strength and weight training. 

ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbells can be adjusted and will provide a weight from 5.5 lbs to 27.5 lbs.

This is perfect for any athlete to weight train. Also, since this will be for her personal use, she will be safe in this current contactless world.

6.Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

Is your couch a new mother? Then she will be extremely thankful to you for this thoughtful running gift.

This will help her to get back to running faster and will not have to worry about the kid at home.

She can take care of the baby while running. This is a foldable jogging stroller that accepts all Graco infant car seats.

It takes hardly a second to fold it and is self-standing while folded.

This is a 3-Wheel stroller with air-filled rubber tires and offers suspension. This a dream of any new mother and she will be very happy with this gift.

7.Brooks Glycerin 19 Running Shoe

You might need to know a little more about your running coach before purchasing this gift. 

Since you are a runner, you will also know that there are three types of pronation. Over, Under and Neutral.

Glycerin 18 will happily accommodate runners with neutral or mild underpronation. Select this gift if your running coach has one of those pronations.

This is an awesome running shoe and will provide her with great cushioning and comfort.

Also, the heel to toe transition is so smooth that she will feel like running on the clouds.

8.ASICS GT 2000 8 Running Shoe

However, if she is an overpronating runner then you should gift her a running shoe that will support her gait and will provide her with stability.

One such running shoe that is great with overpronation is ASICS GT-2000 8. 

It has DYNAMIC DUOMAX SUPPORT SYSTEM that enhances the stability and support, with reduced weight and increased platform support.

Also, this is a lightweight running shoe with FLYTEFOAM technology and provides excellent shock absorption using the forefoot and rearfoot gel technology cushioning system.

9.Brooks Dyad 11 Running Shoe

If your running coach suffers from severe underpronation then she lacks flexibility in the ankle.

In other words, she is very much prone to injuries in the ankle area. In such cases, shoes like Glycerin won’t cut it and she needs something that can support her severe underpronation.

Brooks Dyad 11 will be excellent in such cases and will provide her the required ankle support and will control her underpronation.

Also, it will provide her with exceptional cushioning as the midsole is made from BioMoGo DNA and also it will adapt to her every stride.

10.OOFOS OOlala Active Sport Recovery Sandal

Your coach goes through a lot while training you. She is literally on her feet during the entire time.

Also, being an active person herself she works out a lot. She probably doesn’t get enough time for her own recovery.

OOFOS has come up with these recovery sandals that will help her recover actively.

It absorbs 37% more impact than the foam of regular footwear foam and will give her the break she needs.

It is designed to allow natural motion and is also machine washable.

11.Salomon Agile Wind Vest

Providing you training during chilly winds can be challenging. She needs to have something that can block out that chill and keep her warm.

This will help her to be comfortable and she will not fall sick.

Salomon Agile Wind Vest blocks out wind while remaining breathable. It also helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

This is a soft yet technical fabric that will perform and will also feel great against her skin.

12.Hydro Flask Water Bottle

This is a cool water bottle that can be a very good gift for your running coach.

It keeps cold drinks icy cold and hot drinks piping hot. So, your coach can utilize this for her hydration whenever she wants.

This is a BPA-free water bottle that is also phthalate-free and is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel.

It has a slip-free powder coating and doesn’t sweat and also is dishwasher safe for easy clean.

This is a sustainable water bottle with a clean design and will make up for a better planet.

This flask also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

13.Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask

Want to gift something awesome yet useful to your running coach?

Then this insulated flask may be one of the best choices for you.

It is an 18 oz. double-walled, hi-visibility insulated reflective hydration flask that will keep her hydration fluid cooler for longer.

It comes with an adjustable hand strap with a thumbhole that will help her to have a grip-free running.

It also has a large expandable zipper pouch attached to it and can store away the phone, keys, ID, and other running essentials.

Overall, a great piece of a flask that can serve your coach very well.

14.Healthyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat

What is the best gift for your running coach other than a running shoe?

A fitness mat. We all know how important it is for your coach to workout.

A mat makes it far more comfortable for your coach to workout.

However, don’t be fooled by thinking that it is a yoga mat.

It is…

But it can be used for any other kind of workout as well.

Now what is the speciality of this mat?

It is a non-slip, eco-friendly mat that comes with the body-align system. This makes it far easier to make the required adjustments, be it yoga or other workouts.

15.Roku Premiere

Your coach is relentless to push your limits. So, much so, she many times doesn’t relax.

Gift her a good time with her family so that she can also unwind after a long and tiring day.

Roku Premiere comes with incredible picture quality that is optimized for TV and she will always have ‘that new show’ to relax with.

Having a Roku Premiere is like having a stream of endless entertainment at home.

16.Trailheads Running Gloves

When the weather is chilly, Trailheads running gloves can provide your coach with the much-needed warmth and comfort when out on the tracks.

This is a touchscreen ready gloves. So, to operate her phone, she will not have to take them off.

Also, there are silicone palm grips that enhance the grip and dexterity of these running gloves.

 There is a terry cloth brow wipe at the back of the gloves. She can wipe off sweat and not feel uncomfortable with a sweaty forehead.

It has an inner layer providing maximal thermal efficiency and this material is also moisture-wicking.

In other words, these gloves are very comfortable and will not make your coach’s palm sweaty.

17.TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

This is a patented foam roller that provides superior, multi-density exterior and has a rigid, hollow core.

It is made from quality material that will not breakdown over time and repeated use.

Although she may not need it, this comes with free instructional videos on foam rolling best practices.

The foam roller will provide her with good muscle recovery, pain relief, and improved flexibility.

It has a standard density, 13X5.5 inches, 500 pounds weight capacity, and 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty.

18.Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn

You don’t want to lose your coach’s voice while you are training.

She can provide you instruction while standing away from you. Also, you will be able to hear her loud and clear with this Pyle megaphone.

It produces 30 watts of sound that can cover around 800 yards,. Also, it is lightweight.

In this new culture of social distancing, this megaphone will keep both of you safe while working together and yet maintaining distance.

It is lightweight and comes with a siren alert mode. Also, it works with just 4 D batteries so maintaining it is also not a problem at all.

19.PowerBar PowerGel Original

This power gel will provide your coach to maintain her competitive edge.

This gel has a scientifically developed formula and is called C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix.

This is designed for high intensity workouts, marathons, long runs, and exercises.

It ensures that your coach gets the nutrients she needs to maintain her energy levels.

It comes with a 2:1 ratio of glucose, fructose mixture that is capable of providing 50% more energy to the muscles and improves performance by 8%.

20.Electronic Whistle

To keep the athletes focused, any coaches’ one of the most important tool is her whistle.

But blowing a whistle throughout the day is too much of a task, and also can be a source of germs.

So, gift her this electronic whistle which is loud and produce a consistent sound.

The best thing is, it is handheld and will provide her with the same result, and also she will remain protected from germs and other things.

Also, the maintenance for this whistle is minimal and uses two Cr2032 lithium batteries.

It is made from ABS environmental protection material which is non-toxic, tasteless, and healthy. 

Anti-split strong design makes this electronic whistle create strong consistent sound.

21.Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks

Another great gift for any athlete and also for the coaches are these trail running socks.

These socks are crew-cut and come with arch support. These socks are made from durable material and will survive even the ultramarathons and obstacle course races. 

It is made from 100% recycled material. The high-quality nylon yarns are made from old fishing nets and nylon waste collected from the oceans.

These running socks are antiblister and will not chafe you. It comes with ventilator zones and also has moisture-wicking capabilities.

Also, this has anti-odor performance cushioning that will keep your coach fresh and supported throughout her training sessions.

This makes a great gift for coaches.

22.Rymora calf compression sleeves

Calf pain is very common among runners and your coach is no exception.

It can be annoying and frustrating. Calf pain can be caused by a lot of running injuries like shin splints, muscle strain, muscle tightness, Achilles tendonitis, etc.

These compression sleeves will provide immediate support and will make her feel relaxed.

This will reduce inflammation and swelling and prevents cramps and lessen fatigue.

They are made from high-quality materials and has a blend of 54% nylon, 39% polyester, and 7% elastane.

These are perfect for post-run recovery and will get your coach ready for the next session in time.

23.Smartish iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

When out on the tracks, the lighter you are the better it is. But cards and cash are necessary.

Your coach may be carrying them to the fields as well. However, she may lose it and also, carrying it always is a bit problematic.

This wallet smartphone case is the answer.

It will let her carry cash and cards conveniently inside the case and she will not need to carry her wallet again.

Moreover, this is made from sturdy material and has a textured anti-slip finish.

This will last her for a lifetime letting her focus completely on the training rather than worrying about misplacing her wallet.

24.Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 cap

Provide your running with a little shade of her own. This cap will protect her from the harsh heat and the cold winds.

It is made from 84% polyester and 16% elastane and will fit anyone very well.

It features the pre-curved visor and structured front panels that maintain shape with a low profile fit.

Its re-engineered fibers will provide your coach with superior stretch and breathability.

It also has a built-in HeatGear sweatband that wicks away sweat and will keep her comfortable and dry.

25.Running Coach Coffee Mug

This may be a perfect gift for your running coach.

Who doesn’t like coffee in the morning?

Every morning when she pours her morning coffee, this gift will bring back many of her fond training memories.

She will cherish this mug forever.

It is made from high-quality material and is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.

26.LEAP Professional Digital Sports Stopwatch Timer

Other than whistles, what is another indispensable tool of a running coach?

Her stopwatch. 

It is like a compass for her and this will help her to guide you on your path to success.

This timer has an ergonomically design and will feel comfortable and flexible.

It also comes with a split mode feature that will allow her to view periods of time while continuing to run the total time.

It will provide her with accurate timings as this stopwatch ensures 1/100 the second accuracy.

It is a very durable stopwatch and the battery life is approximately 5 years. It also comes with a 46-inch black lanyard.

27.TRACK Coach Keychain Running Coach Gift

This is simple yet another thoughtful running gift for your coach.

This is a high-quality keychain which is high quality, Sturdy and durable. It also has high polished smooth surfaces and comes with a lead and nickel finish.

It is comfortable to hold and doesn’t have any rough edges.

This gift will be ideal for end of season gift, banquets, and birthday gifts.

28.ANCROWN LED Reflective Vest

The biggest problem for runners when they are running at night is visibility.

Visibility for them and also they should be visible. If your coach is a habitual night or early morning runner, this reflective vest will be extremely helpful for her.

This is one of a kind vest which acts both as a light for the runner and also makes that person visible in low light.

It comes with 2 types of light, white and red and three modes. Steady light, fast flash, slow flash.

Also, this is a battery operable and uses CR2032 battery for its operation.

If your coach is using this vest, she will be visible to runners from almost 600 ft away.

This will help her to avoid any kind of accidents and will also help her be safe.


When your coach is running outside, she needs to keep her hands free. Also, if she uses weights while running, it is difficult for her to carry anything else.

This Flipbelt will come in handy for her and it will be able to carry all her essentials.

It has multi-access pockets throughout the belt and has no buckles to cause uncomfortable chafing.

It is no bounce and comes with a reflective logo. Since it is machine washable and dryable, she can keep it in tip-top shape very easily.

30.MERRY’S Unisex Polarized Aluminum Glasses

These shades are very stylish and can be used both during running and during other outside works.

These are polarized composite lenses and has a width of 56 millimeters. Also, it has a bridge length of 16 millimeters.

It cuts glare and haze so that she can see better. Also, it is suitable for all face shapes.

31.Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Ripstop Tripod

Give your coach a moment of relaxation when giving you training. This oversized extra padded seat and backrest will provide her with that short relaxation to feel fully energized.

It also comes with a convenient cup holder and pocket and keeps the items off the ground.

Also, the integrated padded shoulder strap will help her to easily carry it.

It has a weight of less than 5lbs. and the steel frame provides added durability.

It has a capacity of 225 lb. and has an open dimension of 33 X 19.75 X 18.25 9in.

32.Crown Sporting Goods Stainless Steel Whistle With Lanyard

If your coach is more traditional, she may enjoy this steel whistle better than the previous handheld whistle.

It is made from stainless steel and will last her for ages.

It is loud and clear and requires less breath than other traditional pealess whistles.

Also, this whistle is corrosion resistant and comes with a braided black lanyard.

This is also way cheaper than the previously mentioned electronic whistle.

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