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OMG! This hurts so bad…

I’ll not run tomorrow again…ever…

Why nobody told me that this will so bad…

If this is you, then compression tights are your answer.

If you are no sure if compression gears are for you or not, I’ve discussed this in great detail in an article.

You will get to the point answer about should you wear compression tights during running.

Here is an assortment of 10 best compression running tights in 2020.

Also, be sure to check our Buyer’s Guide to make the right decision for you

Best Compression Running Tights in 2018

✅ Tips: We think 2XU Men’s Recovery Compression Tights is the best choice for men

Find out what customers have to say about it

✅ Also, CW-X Women’s Mid Rise 3/4 Capri Stabilyx is the perfect compression tights for women.

This is what the customers have to say

Best compression running tights in 2020

Editor Rating:
2XU Men's Recovery Compression Tights
2XU Men’s recovery compression tights is a graduated compression tight.

Hence, it promotes maximum blood flow.

The PWX POWER fabric of this compression tights generates more pressure.

This helps you to recover faster as it improves blood circulation.

As a result, your muscles speedily recovers and you have less soreness.

One of the features of this compression tights is that the compression is more in the lower part of the leg.

This improves the return of the blood to the heart and effective removal of lactates.

It also, keeps your legs cool by upto 3 Degree Celcius as this fabric is very breathable

This fabric is anti-bacterial. So, you will be bad odor free for longer period of time.


8o% Nylon

20% Lycra




Running, Training

Special Feature


  •   Lightweight PWX POWER fabric which gives you a graduated compression
  •   Multi-directional stretch
  •   Moisture wicking capacity and keeps you dry
  •   UPF 50+ Sun protection
  •   Recover faster from IT band and general hip problems
  •   Feels like a second skin and can be worn for long hours without feeling claustophobic
  •   Perfect fit for most of our users
  •   Some of our users found that the stiches of the waistband is a bit irritating
  •   You may find this overpriced
  •   You may feel less roomy near the groin region

My Final Opinion

2XU Men’s Recovery Compression Tights is a great compression tight.

It gives you graduated compression in the right places.

You can wear them discreetly under your pants.

And, play and go on with your regular activities while your muscles are recovering.

Also, these will keep your legs cool and has antibacterial properties to keep you fresh for a longer period of time.

You may find these expensive, but, I always believe in spending on quality materials when it comes to sports gears.

This saves spending a lot of money in the future on gears and doctors and also mostly delivers on their promises.

Editor Rating:
Sub Sports Mens Compression Leggings Tights Running Layer Sweat Wicking Fabric
These compression tights have a 4 way stretch which gives you a great fit.

Materials of this tights have excellent sweat wicking capacity.

The seams are flat locked hence you will have a chafe-free experience.

This material fits tightly to the skin and provides a targeted compression to your key muscle groups.

It regulates your body temperature and prevents the build up of lactic acid.

The price is very affordable but that doesn’t affect the quality.

Also, you can machine wash these bad boys at 30 degrees


82% Nylon

18% Elastane




All Kinds Of Sports

 Special Feature


  •   High sweat wicking capacity keeps you cool and dry.
  •   Right amount of compression on the key muscle groups
  •   Extremely affordable
  •   Prevents build up of lactic acid and minimizes soreness
  •   Great fit with 4 way stretch
  •   For some the material may feel a bit restrictive in the groin area
  •   Not water proof
  •   No sun protection
  • Appearance of the elastic waistband resembles that of undergarment and may not be acceptable for some

My Final Opinion

Don’t want to blow a fortune on a pair of tights, then Sub Sports Men’s Compression Tights is for you.

Apart from being extremely affordable, the material has excellent sweat wicking properties.

This controls your body temperature and keeps you cool and dry.

Though it has some shortcomings but at this price, the quality is unbeatable

Editor Rating:
Under Armour Men's ColdGear Leggings
These tights are meant for colder weathers.

So, they are made in such a way that they retain the body heat to keep you warm.

The fabric is dual layer, with a warm brushed layer and an extremely soft exterior

The material is also fast drying keeping you dry during those high intensity workouts

For a proper ventilation these pants have stretch-mesh gusset and inseam panels

It is ultra light and feels like a second skin.

It has anti odor technology.

This prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes, giving you a fresh feel always.


87% Polyester

13% Elastane


Not Graduated


All types of sports

 Special Feature

Anti-Odor Technology

  •   Anti-Odor technology prevent microbe build
  •   Quick drying material keeps you fresh
  •   Very Light weight
  •   Fits perfectly
  •   Warm and vanishes under any regular pants. Now you can recover while you work
  •   4 way stretch will give you better flexibility
  •   No sun protection
  •   Durability may be not as expected

My Final Opinion

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Armour is a decent compression tight at a very affordable price.

The quick drying material and anti-odor technology, keeps you fresh even after a heavy workout.

The durability is not wow, but not bad also.

Also, at around a very affordable price you are getting a tights which keeps you warm, is decently flexible and lightweight.

Editor Rating:
Zoot Sports Men's Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRX Tights
This is one of the most versatile compression tights that is there in the market.

To make it odor-free it has been integrated with a 99.9% SilverTECh anti-odor barrier.

For a better muscle alignment there are inbuilt DynamicX panels

It also delays lactic-acid build up by improving the return blood flow to the heart

The material which is responsible for this is the Compressrx.

These tights also have a heel opening. This ensures that it doesn’t ride up during your exercises.

Another feature which is very much needed for runners is sun protection.

This tights comes with UPF 50+ sun protection




70% Polyester

30% Spandex with SilverTECH


Non Graduated


All kinds of sports

 Special Feature


  •   Well made recovery tights
  •   Excellent compression with the fit being firm and comfortable
  •   Great stretch
  •   SilverTECH layer for an odor free experience
  •   UPF 50+ sun protection
  •   DynamicX for better muscle alignment
  •   Compressrx delays lactic acid production by improving return blood flow
  •   Some find putting it on a bit difficult
  •   If you are not wearing a socks, the stitches can become uncomfortable
  •   The seams are not very durable

My Final Opinion

Zoot Sports Men’s Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRX is one of a kind compression tight.

It is Unisex, which is uncommon in compression tights.

The great stretch and lightweight along with odor free SilverTECH technology makes it a must have.

I agree that the durability of the tights are not very high.

However, the price and the features it comes with, makes it a must have.

Editor Rating:
Anthem Athletics - 10+ Styles - HELO-X Grappling Spats Compression Pants Tights - BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai
The compression materials that these pants are made of is strong, durable and lightweight

They having excellent moisture wicking capabilities.

Hence, they keep you dry during those high performance activity days.

The construction is multi panel. This makes the pants very durable.

To make these pants skin irritation or blisters free, the inside stitching of these pants are flat-locked.

The waistband sports an innovative double lock, which gives these tights, optimal fit.

Also, the graphics and logo are fully sublimated.

So, they will never peel off with usage.


80% Nylon

20% Spandex




Running, BJJ, Kickboxing, MMA

 Special Feature

Double lock Waist Band

  •   Great quality at a very affordable price.
  •   Can be used for high performance sports like BJJ/Grappling other than running
  •   Great compression around the legs
  •   Extremely durable
  •   Fits great
  •   The material has a good stretch
  •   Very breathable
  •   The drawstring comes out after washing, if not removed before
  •   Some of our users felt that the material is too stretchy

My Final Opinion

Anthem Athletics HELO-X is a multipurpose compression tights

It is light weight and the fit is extremely comfortable.

It gives proper compression around the legs and keeps them warm during workouts.

If your size falls somewhere in the middle of two waist sizes, the brand recommends you purchase one size up

Overall, a great looking stylish tights and at this price is a must have.

Editor Rating:
Under Armour Women's Fly-By Printed Run Capri
This is an ultra-tight compression pants that fits like a second skin

This is a HeatGear fabric and is ultra lightweight so it will not weigh you down

It has superior moisture wicking capabilities and keeps you cool and dry throughout your workouts or running

The fabric has a 4 way stretch and gives you a perfect fit and improves mobility.

It is made from antimicrobial technology which keeps your gear fresher and odor free for longer.

The Seams are held in place with Flatbed lock which gives you a chafe free experience.

Also, the waist band is wide and has internal draw cords for secure fit.



80% Polyester

20% Elastane


Non Graduated


Running, Jogging, Cycling

 Special Feature

Anti microbial

  •   Very durable and shows no signs of wear and tears even after multiple washes
  •   Conveniently located side pockets are water proof and have zips
  •   There are mesh leg panels which makes these Capri extremely breathable
  •   Reflective logos makes you visible even in low light
  •   4-way stretch for better flexibility and agility
  •   For most, fit is as expected
  •   For some of our users, the fit is not tight enough

My Final Opinion

Under Armour Women’s Fly-By Capri are a favorite of our lady gang.

They provide extremely good stretch and flexibility.

With 80% Polyester and 20% elastane, the fit is optimal tight.

Also, the side mesh panels makes the Capri extremely breathable.

The anti odor technology keeps you fresh throughout your workouts.

Our women readers loved working out in this Capri, and I’m sure you will love it too.

Editor Rating:
SKINS Women's DNAmic Compression Long Tights
These are gradient tights which provides you with premium compression

The panels and seams are strategically placed to wrap around your most active lower body muscles like calves, hamstrings, gluts and quads.

Skins sizing system is based on BMI.

This ensures that you get a proper compression no matter whatever is your size.

The tights are made of propreitery yarn, which reduces muscle vibration and oscillation.

As a result the wear and tear is minimal.

It also reduces DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) after workout.

The fabric has superior moisture wicking capability and provides 50+ UV protection. 

You will also have an internal key pocket and a wide waist band. This ensure that you get a secure fit.

The fabric is super breathable and provides great durability.

It can be worn discreetly under pants for post workout recovery.


75% Nylon

25% Elastane




Running, Training

 Special Feature

50+ UV protection

  •   Very comfortable to wear
  •   Great fit
  •   Keeps you cool and dry
  •   SPF 50+ sun protection
  •   The material is soft and extremely breathable
  •   Can be worn under pants for post workout recovery
  •   Super sweat wicking capabilities
  •   For some, the compression is not up-to the mark
  •   Comparatively expensive
  •   For some, the material is scratchy

My Final Opinion

These tights are one of the best compression tights available in the market.

They wraps around all the large muscle groups giving you the right amount of compression exactly where you need it.

SPF 50+ protection is present for most part however, the side transparent panels doesn’t have it.

So if you are a sun sensitive person, a better choice will be Zoot Sports Women’s Ultra 2.0 CRX Tights

Other than that Skins Women’s DNAmic Long is an excellent compression tights

Editor Rating:
2XU Men's Refresh Recovery Compression Tights
Power-Weight-Flex or PWX is the signature fabric of 2XU.

It provides graduated compression and support to the muscles.

Hence the strain on the muscles are less and it improves their agility.

Using this tights you will also get optimum blood flow towards the heart.

This aids in faster muscle recovery and reduced swelling

The waistband is wide. Hence you can wear this comfortably for extended period of time.

The superior stretch of this fabric comes from Invista Lycra.

This kind of material gives you multi-directional stretch, exceptional fit and support 

Apart from a great fit, this kind of fabric also wicks away moisture very easily and keeps your temperature regulated

Hence you are cool and dry even after running long miles or high intensity workout.

If you are sun sensitive, then also you are protected, as this fabric offers a protection of 50+ SPF

Also, the seams of these tights are flatlocked. This prevents your skin from getting chaffed.


65% Nylon

35% Elastane (Invista LYCRA®)




All kinds of Sports

 Special Feature

UPF 50+

  •   Lightweight and breathable
  •   Graduated compressioon
  •   Reduces swelling or fatigue of muscles
  •   Very comfortable cushioning due to the use of a variety of foam materials
  •   Invista Lycra gives a superior stretch and fit
  •   Great moisture wicking capability
  •   UPF 50+ sun protection
  •   Faster recovery when worn after workout
  •   The waist band looks like that of an undergarment which can be uncomfortable for some
  •   Comparatively expensive in the lot

My Final Opinion

Many of our users said that with 2XU Men’s Refresh Recovery, they felt less muscle soreness.

It is more prominent when they wore it after workout

You will also have less chafing and this fabric will keep you cool and dry.

However, you may not experience a significant boost in your performance and it is pricey

Overall a decent compression tight if you can overlook the price.

Editor Rating:
The fabric of this material is made up of recycled Jade which give you a natural cooling sensation

It has superior sweat wicking ability and regulates your body temperature by around 10 degrees Fahrenheit

So, you stay always cool and dry, even after a high intensity workout.

This tights provide you with greater support to big muscle groups and joints.

This helps in boosting blood circulation and reduces inflammation 

The fabric also has a four way stretch and fits nicely providing you with greater agility 

The nano-infused fabric also adds protection from mat borne infections and diseases.

Also, this keeps skin abrasion and injuries to the minimum.

For added protection it also has front protective mesh panel and internal mouth guard pocket


88% Polyester

12% Spandex




Running, Training, Grappling

 Special Feature

Recycled Jade infused fabric

  •   Jade infused fabric to regulate body temperature
  •   Very comfortable to wear
  •   More compression on the big muscle groups and joints
  •   Reduced inflammation and soreness
  •   Boosts blood circulation
  •   Extremely durable
  •   Protects from mat borne diseases
  •   Putting them on could be tedious
  •   For some the fit is not proper

My Final Opinion

CompressionZ Men’s Compression Pants is a decent compression tight.

It doesn’t have too much of fancy features and does best for what it is made for, which is compression

The fabric is recycled Jade infused and so provides a better cooling during workouts.

However, it has its fair share of shortcomings, like the fit is not proper for some of the users.

So, though a decent product, I would recommend you to try and then buy.

Editor Rating:
CW-X Women's Stabilyx Joint Support 3/4 Capri Compression Tight
The fabric is a combination of Polyester and Lycra Spandex

This gives you a great stretch and fit

There is an ab support panel which provides extra support to lower abs hips and back.

The seams are flat stitched. This gives you an abrasion free experience.

This also helps you to have a better fit.

Patented Exo-Web helps the muscles and ligaments band together to stabilize knee joint

This fabric also provides great moisture wicking capability and keeps you cool and dry

You are also protected from UVA/UVB sun rays since the fabric provides a UPF 50+ protection


80% Coolmax Polyester

20% Lycra Spandex


Non Graduated


Running, Jogging, Cycling

 Special Feature

UPF 50+ protection

  •   4 Way Stretch for a very comfortable fit
  •   Lower abs, hip and back support
  •   Great Sweat wicking capacity keeping you cool and dry
  •   UPF 50+ protection
  •   Patented Exo-Web to stabilize knee joint
  •   Affordable price
  •   For some the knee fit can be a bit low
  •   If your thighs touch each other when you move, there will be a rubbing sound due to the presence of extra stabilyx in that area

My Final Opinion

A decent pair of tights. However, CW-X Women’s Mid Rise 3/4 Capri Stabilyx may not give you that outstanding experience you are looking for.

Though it provides proper support and stability, however for some the fit is a bit awkward as they find the knee area is a bit lower.

However, if you are on a budget or you are a beginner, I would suggest to go for it before trying a more expensive one.

Buyer’s Guide

Now let’s look into basics of a Compression Tights

Why should you wear a compression tights?

Compression tights help you in many ways. You will be able to run longer, and better.

They also help you to recover faster by reducing the amount of lactic acid production and improved return blood flow to the heart.

They also provide you with better muscle support and helps in reducing muscle and skin vibration.

For this, the amount of muscle wear and tear is also less and you will be less sore after the workout


Benefits of Compression Tights

  Improved blood circulation

  Less production of lactic acid

  Faster recovery

  Greater support to the muscles

  Reduced inflammation

  UPF 50+ protection (Mostly)

  Keeps you dry for a longer period of time, even with hard workout sessions

  Makes you look sexy

What should you should look for when purchasing a Compression running tights?

Here are some guidelines…

Polyester/Lycra Mix

The compression of the tights come from Lyra/Spandex

More the Lycra the tighter the fit

So, if you don’t like too much tightness then you should go for a lesser amount of Lycra.

Some tights with less amount of Lycra is VIRUS PERFORMANCE Men’s Stay Cool (RX8) for men and  CW-X Women’s Mid Rise 3/4 Capri Stabilyx for women


What is graduation?

Not all the tights are made the same.

Some of the tights like 2XU Men’s Recovery Compression Tights are made to provide more compression for the big/key muscle groups.

This is called graduation.

So, while picking your tights, be sure to check this.


Many companies have tried to create a compression gear which is gender-neutral

Zoot with Zoot Sports Men’s Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRX  has some success.

But given the old school I’m, I would recommend you go for a gender-specific compression tights


The reason is very simple.

Physiologically, Men and Women are different.

Men needs more room in the Groin Area and Women have wider hips.

So, stick to your gender


This is obvious and is completely dependant on you

However, if you are just starting out, I would suggest that you should stick to some inexpensive ones like Anthem Athletics HELO-X

However, you are free to choose your own


Should I wear compression tights when running?

Yes, you should wear compression tights when running.

This is truer if you are running longer distances like a marathon.


While there are a lot of benefits of wearing compression gears, one major advantage is that it reduces muscle oscillation.

This mean that you will have to deal with less pain after your running.

However, you should not wear your tights long after running.

Otherwise, it may create blood pool in your foot and may cut off circulation.

What are the best men’s compression tights?

There are a lot of running tights that are great for men.

If you are looking for something durable and multipurpose, then you can go for Anthem Athletics Halo X.

They are not only durable but also are very affordable. Also, they come in edgy, lively prints and will give you a break from those black and grey boring tights.

However, if you still want more options, you can always check the complete list of running tights above.

I’m sure you will find you perfect fit.

Do tights help running?

Yes, tights help running. However, if you are looking for performance enhancement, then they may not be the answer…

They will reduce DOMS and muscle oscillation during running.

However, there is no conclusive evidence that they will increase your performance.

In other words, it helps to deal with the impact of your running.


The above recommendations are no way exhaustive. There are so many other tights that are great for running.

However, I’ve tried my best to find the cream of the crop.

Feel free to do your research and let me know your results.


According to you, Which is the best compression running tights in 2020?

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