Last Updated: October 20th, 2020

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If you are looking for ankle supporting running shoes, Brooks has some of the best running shoes in the market.

We thought to to look it up and found these 6 best brooks running shoes for ankle support.

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoesis our preference, however, feel free to pick any one from the list.

Our Top Picks

For Women:

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes

“Best cushioning and ankle stability.”

For Men:

Brooks Beast ’18 Running Shoes

“Best for motion control.”

Best Brooks Running Shoes for Ankle Support in 2021


Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.8)


Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.7)


Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)


Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)


Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.0)
Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.8)

As I’ve told earlier, Brooks Ghost 13 is the most versatile running shoe around.

It caters to the majority of runners’ needs and in this case of ankle support also, it does extremely well.

It comes with a plush collar and tongue which provides additional support to your ankles.

Also, it clutches your heel to keep it more steady. Wearing this your ankles will definitely feel stabler. 

Apart from the ankle support, it provides you with a lot of cushioning and responsiveness due to the mid-sole.

The mid-sole is made from BioMoGo DNA material which is very soft and durable.

 DNA LOFT which is sturdier and keeps you steady on the ground extends from the heel to forefoot.

It also protects your heels from impact and keeps your joints in great shape.

The forefeet have a segmented transition zone which makes it easier for you to do heel to toe-off.

Overall, it is a great running shoe that will keep your ankles stable and will provide you with great running experience.

Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.7)

This is a motion control running shoe with exceptional ankle support.

It also has the padded collar and tongue to keep your ankles steady.

Also, it clutches your heels for additional stability.

Other than that, it has external heel counter which further reinforces stability.

The mid-sole is made from Super DNA which is 25% more adaptable than Brooks standard DNA.

This makes you feel more comfortable and provides you with better cushioning.

Also it has extended progressive diagonal rollbar or PDRB. This guides your body to your natural line of motion with additional support.

The out-sole has blown rubber which enhances the durability of this running shoe.

Also, it provides you with more stability and grip on the running surfce and helps you to move forward with more ease.

Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)

From a ankle support point of view these running shoes are very good.

They have a very well padded tongue and collar. This makes your ankles steady and saves you from any running mishaps.

Also, it has Progressive Diagonal Rollbar or PRDB. This helps to bring your body back to your natural line of motion.

This way it helps you to deal with your overpronation.

Also, the mid-sole is made from BioMoGo DNA. This is a lightweight material which provides you with ample cushioning and support.

This material is also very responsive. So, you will be able to get that springy bounce with your every stride.

The upper is made from engineered mesh and is very breathable. This keeps the shoe well ventilated and your feet, cool and dry.

The out-sole is made from blown rubber which is placed strategically to enhance the lifespan of this running shoe.

Editor Rating: 4 and a half star rating(4.5)

This is a newer model from Brooks and will provide you with a lot of support and stability.

It keeps your ankles stable using the cushioned tongue and collar.

Also, due to the traditional lace up closure, you will have a lot of stability from this running shoe.

With this model, Brooks has improved its mid-sole. Now we have DNA AMP as the mid-sole material which is much more responsive than BioMoGo DNA.

It basically controls, captures and returns the energy to help you propel faster.

Also, it comes with GuideRails technology which proactively guides you feet to its natural alignment.

This helps to reduce stress on your knees, heels and shins and nullifies most of the causes for injury.

The hammock saddle present in the upper helps the shoe to be securely fastened to your feet.

 Also, the Flyknit upper contour your feet to give you maximum comfort.

Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.3)

This is a minimalist shoe and you will not find the pillowy cushioning like other running shoes.

Being said that, the tongue and the collar are well padded for ankle stability.

These running shoes are flexible, lightweight and supportive.

They also, provide you with ample stability and just right cushioning.

The special feature of these running shoes are their rounded heels.

This helps you with better alignment and minimizes the stress on your joints.

It comes with BioMoGo DNA mid-sole which adapts to your every stride.

Also, in the out-sole it has a transition zone which disperses the impact when you feet touches the ground.

Overall you will get a very good and lightweight running experience. 


Editor Rating: 4 star rating(4.0)

Plush collar and tongue provides you with a lot of ankle support.

The mid-sole is made from BioMoGo DNA material and keeps your feet well cushioned and stable.

Also, this material is great at shock absorbing and helps to reduce any kind of impact on your feet and joints.

The out-sole is made from blown rubber and it enhances the life of these shoes.

On the upper you have mesh material which is very breathable and stretchy.

This keeps your feet cool and dry during your entire period of running.

This way you don’t have to deal with nasty blisters and any other sweat related discomfort.

It comes with traditional lace up closure and will remain securely fastened to your feet.



Q) What are the best running shoes for bad ankles?

A: Any running shoes that has decent amount of padding in the collar and tongue can support bad ankles.

In the above list, all the running shoe fall under this category.

Also, if you are specifically looking for stability running shoes, here are some:

Q) Why do my ankles hurt when I run?

A: You may be suffering from tendinitis.

If you run on the same side of the track always, or in the same direction, or you wear worn-out running shoes, then the tendons at the ankles may get inflamed.

In such cases you may feel pain during running.

Try to take some rest, till the pain or swelling if any, comes down.

Q) Can I run with ankle tendonitis?

A: Yes you can. However, it is not advisable to do so.

You should take rest and start once the pain has come down.

Otherwise you risk further worsening your condition.