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To be honest, I love Brooks running shoes.

They provide a lot of cushioning, stability and being a woman, the fit of the shoe is also perfect for me.

If you are planning to start running in 2020 or have been a runner for a long time you can also benefit from these running shoes.

So, here are 6 best Brooks Neutral Running Shoes For Women below.

Also, we found that Brooks Launch 6 Running Shoes is the best in terms of cushioning, support and the overall price range.

You may blindly select it if you don’t like the idea of doing hours of research.

Our Top Picks For Today

Affordability Pick:

Brooks PureFlow 7 Running Shoes

“Affordable and supportive. Rounded heels for better alignment and less stress on joints.”

Premium Pick:

Brooks Levitate 2 Running Shoes

“Lightweight and comfortable. DNA AMP cushioning”

Top 6 Best Brooks Neutral Running Shoes for Women in 2022

Editor Rating:
Brooks Men's Launch 6

If you are a neutral runner who wants to have a more efficient run, then Brooks Launch 6 will be perfect for you.

One thing we like about this shoe is, the sole is not super soft and has the right amount of spring and bounce.

Also, this shoe is lightweight due to the BioMoGo DNA midsole.

This midsole material provides you with more cushioning. In fact, as per Brooks, it has 30% more cushioning than traditional EVA foam or Gel cushioning.

Also, this material provides you with twice as much energy return which results in a more enjoyable ride.

So that you can move quickly from heel to toe, this running shoe comes with a mid-foot transition zone for quick transitions.

The upper is made from a single piece of air-mesh and internal bootie.

They are light and breezy and will provide you with an ultimate comfortable fit. 

  •   Responsive and comfortable.
  •   It provides 30% more cushioning than EVA foam or Gel cushioning.
  •   The sole is not super soft which adds more pep to your runs.
  •   Good long-distance running shoes.
  •   Lightweight and supportive.
  •   True to fit.
  •   Great for neutral runners.
  •   Some customers feel the cushioning is lesser.
  •   Some felt the colors are too bright.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Women's Ghost 11

Ah! this is the crowd favorite and also one of our favorite shoes.

This neutral running shoe is not only supportive but also has a good amount of arch support.

However, one word of caution.

The arch support may not be suitable for people with flat to low feet.

It is more suitable for runners with medium to high arch.

Also, the midsole is very soft and lightweight. It is made from BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT.

This makes it extremely cushy and responsive. However, they are also very durable.

The outsole is made from blown rubber and provides longevity to the shoe. Also, the forefoot is segmented.

This makes it easy for you to do heel to toe movement easily.

  •   Lightweight and responsive running shoe.
  •   Very cushy.
  •   Good for any kind of running except trail running.
  •   Upper is made from engineered mesh and provides you with an irritation-free wearing experience.
  •   Good arch support for medium to high arches.
  •   Toe box area is small.
  •   Some users claimed that the upper material is thinner than previous versions.
Editor Rating:

Brooks Womens Revel 2 Running Shoe

This neutral running shoe has more of a boot like or formal shoe like appearance.

Observe the heel area. How stylish it looks…

Overall also, this running shoe looks very stylish and will make you stand out in a crowd.

However, this running shoe is not only about looks but also about performance.

This is a lightweight running shoe that is very cushy. The midsole of this running shoe is made from BioMoGo DNA material.

This kind of cushioning adapts to your stride, weight, and speed.

Hence, the impact of running is deflected away from your body and you don’t get injured easily.

The upper also has got a fresh and premium look. The flat knit is very visible and makes it perfect for any kind of activity, even work. 

  •   Good shock absorption and cushioning.
  •   Responsive, supportive, comfortable and lightweight.
  •   Very stylish to look at.
  •   Good for any running distance or for training.
  •   It can be worn for work as well due to its look.
  •   The toe box seems to be narrower.
  •   You may have to pay some extra bucks for darker colors.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Women's Glycerin 17

If you like plush cushioning, you will love Brooks Glycerin 17.

This is a neutral running shoe that is heavy on cushioning, thanks to DNA LOFT.

According to Brooks, this is the highest level of cushioning that they provide in any running shoe and you are bound to feel walking on clouds.

Also, the outsole has blown rubber in strategic places. This makes it durable and grippy.

Along with this, there is a DNA LOFT transition zone which makes your heel to toe movement smooth like butter. (;) well in my language its called “Makkhan ki Tarah.” I gave you a very literal translation. ROFL.)

The upper is made from a flexible 3D fit Print mesh upper and the interior lining also stretches to adapt to your stride.

You will get a velvety softness all around your feet. 

  •   A high level of cushioning makes you feel like walking on clouds.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Great for distance running.
  •   Great for most of the feet problems.
  •   Some felt the plush of this shoe has reduced.
  •   It seems to be a bit narrow than the previous version.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Women's PureFlow 7

If you are looking for a more affordable version of Brooks Neutral running shoe, this one will be perfect.

It is not a minimalist shoe, but it is on the verge of it if you compare it with other Brooks.

However, it still provides you with a good amount of cushioning and will make you run a very enjoyable experience every time.

The midsole is made from BioMoGo DNA and it dynamically adjusts to your strides.

Also, this makes it lightweight and helps you get more mileage from every run.

To protect your joints from stress and injury, this running shoe comes with a rounded heel area.

This minimizes stress on the joints and provides you with better alignment.

  •   Very comfortable, responsive and lightweight.
  •   No breaking in needed.
  •   Great for long-distance running.
  •   Long-lasting.
  •   Rounded heel area for better alignment and stress-free joints.
  •   Affordable.
  •   For some, the support seems lesser.
  •   Sizing has changed in this version.
Editor Rating:
Brooks Women's Levitate 2

Brooks Levitate 2 belongs to the next-gen category of Brooks.

It comes with an updated look and feel and has the same incognito comfort as the other Brooks running shoes of this category.

The midsole is made from DNA AMP which is cushy, lightweight and responsive.

It controls, captures, and returns your energy to help you fuel your run.

Also, it comes with Achilles guard which is hidden inside and is made from soft foam wrapped in faux-suede.

This protects the Achilles and minimizes any chance of getting injured.

The outsole is made from rubber which improves the longevity of this running shoe.

Also, there is arrow-point pattern on the outsole to help you move from heel to toe quickly, without losing energy. 

  •   Very comfortable even for the heavy runners.
  •   Lightweight and responsive.
  •   Highly shock absorbing.
  •   True to size.
  •   Fits like a glove.
  •   Runs a bit big.
  •   Expensive.


Q) Is Brooks Adrenaline a neutral shoe?

A: No, Brooks Adrenaline is a stability running shoe. If you want a Brooks Neutral running shoe, then choose anyone from the above list.

Q) Which Brooks shoes are best for running?

A: The best running shoe is dependent on two factors, the surface you are running on and your pronation.

If you are neutral runner any of the above Brooks running shoes will be perfect.

If you have overpronation then Brooks Adrenaline will be your best choice.

For underpronation or supination, Brooks Dyad is your option.

Q) What is the best Brooks Women’s running shoe?

A: Please check the above answer.

Q) How long does Brooks running shoes last?

A: Brooks running shoes which has most cushioning like Brooks Transcend and Brooks Adrenaline, lasts for about 300 – 500 miles.

If it is a minimalist shoe like Brooks Pure Flow or Brooks Pure Cadence, it will last for about 250 – 300 miles. 

Q) Do Brooks shoes run small?

A: Brooks recommends to order 1/2 size to 1 size larger than your dress shoes. 


If you want a neutral running shoe, Brooks has very good options.

Of the list we have provided above Brooks Launch 6 Running Shoes is the best.

However, if you are an Asics fan you may as well take a look at Best ASICS Neutral Running Shoes for Women.

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