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Women’s feet are anatomically different.

So, the companies have started to manufacture more women-centric running shoes.

ASICS is one of the forerunners in this area and we have reviewed the 7 best ASICS Neutral Running Shoes below.

Also, we have included one of the most affordable ones in this category, Asics GT-1000 9 Running Shoes.

Although cheap, this one is the best running shoe around.

Best ASICS Neutral Running Shoes

1. Asics Roadblast Running Shoes

This is one of the newer road running shoes from Asics. It comes with a new running sole altogether called Flytefoam Blast.

This is a lightweight energetic foam and provides you with a highly responsive cushioning. This provides you with an excellent ride.

The midsole also has Amplifoam which will provide you with durability, flexibility and comfort. This also provides this midsole adaptability for a more natural running experience.

The outsole is made from solid rubber and provides you with excellent traction and durability.

The upper is made from knit pattern and provides a gender specific adaptability. In other words, this running shoe’s upper adapts to the shape of a man’s or a woman’s foot naturally. 

  •   Flytefoam Blast cushioning is very adaptable.
  •   Highly shock absorbent.
  •   Good for standing for long hours.
  •   Adapts to your foot.
  •   Durability seems to be a bit less.

2. Asics Novablast Running Shoes

Asics Novablast is a more premium model to that of Asisc Roadblast, however, it comes with the same Flytefoam Blast midsole.

Also, it has an enhanced toespring which provides you with a faster takeoff and forward motion.

The outsole id made from durable AHAR rubber which is 50% more durable than traditional rubber.

The upper is breathble and lightweight and provides you with a multidirectional stretch to provide you with a truely customized fit.

  •   Faster toe-spring.
  •   Highly shock absorbent.
  •   Breathable engineered mesh.
  •   Looks kind of bland.
  •   Toe-box may feel narrower for some.

3. Asics GT-1000 9 Running Shoes

This is probably the best neutral running shoe and is the most affordable.

This can work on any surface and uses I.G.S technology to improve your natural gait and heel-to-toe off.

It has vertical flex grooves which decouples the tooling along the line of progression and enhances gait efficiency.

For improved comfort it uses SpEvaFoam 45 which is a soft platform and provides you with ultimate cushioning.

The outsole is made from AHAR which is a high quality anti abrasion rubber and enhances the time span of this running shoe.

Also, the Trusstic System Technology reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.

  •   Very affordable.
  •   Highly shock absorbent.
  •   Good for Plantar Fasciitis and other running injuries.
  •   Good long distance running shoes.
  •   Good for wearing for long hours.
  •   True to fit.
  •   Great comfort and support.
  •   Some customers feels the cushioning can be improved.
  •   For some the sole unit seems to be stiff.
  •   Toe box seems to be narrower.

4. Asics GT-2000 9 Running Shoes

This neutral running shoes come with all the bells and whistle of GT-1000 but has improved on it.

However, for these improvements you end up paying a couple of extra bucks.

It is a lightweight sturdy shoe made using technologies like FLYTEFOAM LYTE and SPEVAFOAM45.

For better impact management this running shoe comes with rear foot and fore foot gel cushioning.

Also, to improve your natural gait and heel to toe off, this comes with Guidance Trusstic System.

For a better longevity, this running shoe also comes with AHAR outsole.

  •   Great for people with neutral or mild overpronation.
  •   Responsive and lightweight.
  •   Very stable.
  •   Good for any kind of running.
  •   Long lasting.
  •   Good arch support.
  •   Some users didn’t like the quality of the upper material.
  •   The insole cushioning seems to be less.

5. ASICS Noosa FF 2 Running Shoes

ASICS Noosa FF 2 Women's Running Shoe

We love the way this neutral running shoe looks. It is trendy and stylish with a lot of different designs put together.

This is a very lightweight running shoe, thanks to its FLYTEFOAM mid-sole technology.

This makes these running shoe exceptionally bouncy and responsive as it uses organic super fibers.

To combat the impact of running, this running shoe comes with rear foot gel cushioning which not only attenuates the shock but also allows for a smooth transition to mid-stance.

The upper comes with seam less construction which reduces any chance of irritation during wearing it.

Also, the HG10MM heel gradient shifts body mass forward reducing the strain on the legs.

This running shoe is very breathable and keeps your feet cool and dry during the entire running session.

  •   Good shock absorption and cushioning.
  •   Responsive, supportive, comfortable and lightweight.
  •   Can be machine washed as per the users.
  •   Good for any running distance or for training.
  •   Good breathabitlity.
  •   The sole unit seems to be a bit thin than the previous versions.
  •   Wider tongue bunches up sometimes.

6. Asics Gel Cumulus 22 Running Shoes

This neutral shoe is very to look at and is very comfortable and lightweight.

It comes with fore foot and rear foot gel cushioning and it helps to attenuates any kind of shock.

Also, this helps with easy heel to toe off and helps you to move forward.

The ease of heel-to-toe off is also due to I.G.S which helps you to improve your natural gait efficiency as well.

To give this running shoe more life, the out sole has AHAR rubber or ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

This is a proprietary rubber which suffers minimal wear and tear even after prolonged usage. 

SpEVAFoam 45 is also present in the midsole to improve your level of comfort.

  •   Upper is made from engineered mesh to for a seam less fit.
  •   Good for long distance running.
  •   True to fit.
  •   Very comfortable and lightweight.
  •   For some the heel area felt hard.
  •   Toe box seems to be a bit narrow.

7. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22 is more of a all rounder shoe and can be used for both roads and trails.

They are lightweight and sturdy and provides you with a very energetic ride.

The midsole is made from flytefoam propel technology which makes it very lightweight.

Also, the fore foot and rear foot gel cushioning attenuates any kind of shock and helps you to have an injury free running experience.

The outsole has AHAR or ASICS High Abrasion Rubber and provides this running shoe with exceptional durability.

So that you have a better gait efficiency, this running shoe comes with Guidance Trusstic System technology.

  •   Very comfortable and cushy.
  •   Responsive and lightweight.
  •   Great for long distance running.
  •   Long lasting.
  •   Suitable for any kind of surface.
  •   Toe box seems to be narrow.
  •   The sole unit is stiffer.


Q) Do I really need a women’s running shoe?

A: If you are a woman runner, you must use a women’s running shoe.


The reason is simple.

A woman’s feet is anatomically different than a man’s feet.

With all the other parameters like age, height, weight, etc. same as a man, a woman’s feet differ in:

  • Shape of the arch
  • The lateral side of the foot
  • The first toe
  • The ball of the foot

This means that they are not scaled down version of man’s foot but are significantly different.

Running shoes companies factor in these parameters to make it more suitable for your feet. 

Q) I’ve just started running. Can I use my boyfriend’s/Husband’s running shoes?

A: If you are a man, then please go ahead if it fits.

However, if you are a woman, we will advise against it.

As mentioned above, your feet is anatomically different than that of your husband/boyfriend.

Please get a new shoe before you get yourself hurt.

Q) Which Asics running shoe has the most cushion?

A: If you are looking for most cushioned Asics running shoes, all the above running shoes fits the profile.

However, there are couple more which also belong to this category:

Q) Which Asics have the most gel?

A: More the price, more the gel.

So, if you go for any running shoe in the premium range, like Asics Gel Kayano 26 you will have the most gel cushioning in your running shoe.


A lot of focus is on overpronate runners. However, there is a higher number of runners who are neutral.

Of them more than 50% is women. So, companies like Asics come up with great neutral running shoe every year and for women.

In the above list, we have reviewed 6 best Asics Neutral Running Shoes for Women which has proven their worth again and again.

Of this lot, we found Asics GT-1000 9 Running Shoes to be the best. It is sturdy, comfortable, long lasting and affordable.

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