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Now that you have already completed your 5K, you are brimming with confidence. You want to run a half-marathon now. So, what do you do?

You start training following a plan…

Oh! wait…you don’t have a plan yet…

Here you go…

Follow the below 5K to half marathon training plan to get you started…

Is this the best plan out there? Will you beat everyone by following the plan? Can you get this done half marathon done quickly, following this plan?

Well…no to all those…

It is not the best plan out there…there are far better plans than this one that will make you finish the half marathon faster and beat a lot of other runners…provided you are able to stick with the plan.

Most of these plans are focused more on the seasoned runners who have already run half marathons before or longer distances than 5K.

However, you are a beginner who has just finished a 5K and wants to run your first half marathon.

What do you do?

This is where the below plan comes into the picture.

It will help you to get through that coveted finish line with a respectable finish time. You may not be able to beat a whole lot of runners, but you will not come last.

So, with that said, let’s look into the plan itself.

5K to Half Marathon Training Plan. This 5k to half marathon training schedule is focused on the beginner runners who have just completed their 5km.

Can I run a half marathon if I can run 5 miles?

You can run a half marathon if you can run 5 miles, however, you will have to gradually build up to it with regular training. If you try to run a half marathon directly after running 5 miles, then you will end up hurting yourself as your body is not equipped to run this much distance.

When you are running 5 miles, your body is finely attuned to that. Your stamina and all your muscle power will run out after you have finished your 5 miles.

Also, a half marathon is 13.1 miles. That is almost triple the length of 5 miles. So, you need additional training to finish that 8.1 miles.

Without training, you may be able to run, but you may not be able to finish the race. Even if, you are able to finish the race, you will be in pretty bad shape for at least a couple of days.

Can you run a half marathon if you can run 10K?

You can run a half marathon if you can a 10K, however, you would need additional training to complete these extra miles. If you can run a 10K you would need another 6-10 weeks to run a half marathon.

Running 10K is actually running 6 miles (approximately). So, the rules that apply above also apply for 10K as well.

If you want to run a half marathon, then you will have to run at least 10 miles at a stretch. Running only 10K will not cut it.

As a new runner, it is preferable for you to run at least two 10 miles in the practice weeks before you run a half marathon.

What is a good time for a half marathon for a beginner?

A good half marathon time is anywhere between 2 hours to 3 hours for a beginner. You can achieve 2:50 considerably easier if you stick to your training schedule. However, if you want to achieve 2 hours or below that in your first half marathon then it may be a bit tricky.

Also, the half marathon timings will depend on a lot of factors, especially your age and weight.

With every 5 years increase in your age, there will be around a 3% decrease in your natural speed.

The variation according to weight is also similar. With an increase in age, there is a proportional decrease in your speed.

Also, one more thing is as you age there are a lot of factors that will come into the picture like there may be preexisting injuries or other problems that may affect your speed indirectly. Your chances of getting injured also increase.

How long to train for a half marathon from 5k?

You should train for 12-20 weeks for a half marathon from 5K. A beginner can run a 5K in 4 weeks. A half marathon is more than 4 times that distance. So, you would need at least 4 times the time you need to run a 5K.

That means to run a half marathon, you should train at least for 16 weeks.

So, if you minus the time you focused on running a 5K i.e 4 weeks, then you are left with 12 weeks.

However, for a more comfortable and no rush training experience, you can train for 24 weeks or 6 months.

If you choose that time frame, then after completing your 5K you would need another 20 weeks to finish a half marathon.

Also, after finishing a race like 5K, you would want to take a break for a week or two to give your body some rest and enjoy this feat. If so, then add that amount of extra time to your training program and that will the number of days that you would need to complete your half marathon after finishing 5K.

5K To Half Marathon Training Plan

While creating this plan, we have assumed that you have already completed your 5K. So, the starting point of this training is to run a 5K.

We will build up this plan from there. Also, we have included the additional training that you would require while training for this half marathon.

If you are yet to run a 5K, then follow this half marathon training plan, that will get you started as an absolute beginner.

The below training plan is in pdf format and you can download it and take a printout for your ready reference.

NOTE: One thing I would recommend is that, when you start off with your half marathon training, use a new running shoe. Also, this should be a well-cushioned running shoe. This will ensure, you have an ample amount of time to get adjusted to the running shoe, and also, this running shoe is properly broken in before the half marathon.

Below you will find a 5K to half marathon training plan:

5K to half marathon plan for beginners. This is a free training plan to get you started on your half marathon training.
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