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You want to run a 10K…

Where to start?

Well, you can try to follow the below plan. It is a good 10K running plan for beginners and will definitely get you to the finish line.

Also, it is an easy plan to follow, as it starts off with very little running and a lot of rest. This will not stress out your body and will provide you with a good starting point.

So, let’s start…

How many times a week should I run 10K?

You should run only one 10K in a week. It’s preferable, that you run this once in two weeks. This way you will not be over-exhausting your body and can continue to run on your following sessions.

Running 10K is a big distance. It is extremely tiring on your body. Your muscles are overworked and you have done enough cardio for more than a week.

To recover properly and not to endure any unnecessary fatigue, you will have to give yourself a good amount of time.

Otherwise, to fuel your runs, your muscles will start breaking down and you will have to deal will unnecessary injuries.

Also, it will take the fun out of your running. If you run a 10K in a week or two, then you will have sufficient time to recover.

One more thing is that your recovery time will increase with age as your body’s healing process starts to slow down…so you need to customize your running according to your body.

If you are keen on running 10K often, start with running once in two weeks and if you feel that you don’t feel any significant fatigue, then after a couple of weeks, try to run once a week.

Keep adjusting based on your recovery.

10K Running Plan For Beginners-min

What is a good 10K time for a beginner?

A good 10K time for a beginner is somewhere between 50 mins and 90 mins. However, it is observed, that with the training you will be able to reduce the upper time limit to somewhere around 70 mins.

The above is just a guideline and is by no means an absolute figure. It will keep varying from person to person.

Also, if you are a younger athlete, you may be able to bring down the time to somewhere around 45 mins.

It is also heavily dependent on the time you spent on the training. The more time you have, the more fine-tuning you can do. Also, you may be able to spend some additional time at one level. This may help you to improve your speed.

Also, if you are not happy with the time limits that I’ve provided above and want to have better timings, go and train your glutes and core.

In fact, strength training your legs will also be good as you will be reducing your chances of developing an injury.

Another thing is, there may be different injuries that you may develop or may be dealing with, especially if your weight is on the heavier side, use running shoes that will support your weight or are known to deal with common ailments like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints or bunions.

Strengthen your calf muscles for that and with a good running shoe, you will be able to avoid knee injuries as well.

Zero To 10K Plan-min

How do I get into 10K?

To get into 10K, just get one foot in front of the other and also, get outside your front door. Next, pick up a 10K plan like above and start following.

Getting into 10K is simple…

You just have to start running first. This is the most crucial step that we often tend to ignore…

I mean, if you don’t run, you first need to get started with it…

Once you have done that, you can then move on to something like training for a 10K.

For that, you will have a lot of training plans available on the internet. Choose something like the above that is more focused on a beginner.

What you should look for when selecting a 10K plan?

  • It should be easy to follow.
  • Should start off having you use minimal efforts.
  • You can follow it even if you have not started running yet.
  • It should mention the number of days you should do strength training and cross-training.
  • It should have plenty of rest at the beginning of the program.

Why a 10K program should have a lot of rest in the beginning?

If you are an absolute beginner, your body needs to get adjusted to running. Also, your energy expenditure is not efficient and you will get tired very easily. Plus, you need to focus on your form and your foot strike, and also, not to mention getting to learn not to be self-conscious.

That is a lot and you will be in a lot of physical and emotional stress and need to recover. If you get some rest in between your exercise sessions, you will recover faster and will not dread your training sessions.

Caution: All these plans are being created by taking beginners into consideration. However, if you feel that you cannot follow the given mileage or the workout routine, please adjust it to your level. The run should feel challenging yet doable.

10K Running Plan For Beginners 2-min

How long will it take to do 10K?

It should take an average runner around an hour to finish 10K. However, for more elite runners, 10K can be run in around 45 mins. You can also run a 10K in 40 mins but this is pretty rare. Also, if you take the training time, then you need at least 8 to 10 weeks to run a 10K.

The time that you need to run 10K is very much dependent on your:

  • Experience
  • Training
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Fitness Level

However, you can significantly improve your performance with good and disciplined training. Also, to run better, you not only have to train for running, but you will also have to strengthen your overall body.

This means, strength training properly and also including cross-training in your schedule.

Also, you will have to consume food that is nutrients rich and is whole. Avoid processed food as they have empty calories.

Another important aspect that runners tend to skimp on is water intake. If you are running a shorter distance, you will not observe this often, however, if you are running a longer distance like 5K or 10K or more, you need to keep yourself hydrated. This will directly affect your running performance.

Also, maybe you have trained a lot and have aced it, but then also, your running time for a 10K may vary on the race day…


You may not be:

  • Feeling at your best
  • Couldn’t sleep properly the night before the race
  • On periods
  • Maybe the weather is bad
  • You may be uncomfortable in your race dress

There can be so many other reasons for a completely different 10K run time than you expected.

Of the above, the most frequent spoilers are periods and bad weather.

Not sure about you, but when I’m on my period, I feel a lot tired and in general get winded more easily. I’ve run extra hard for the same distance.

Also, with age, this tiredness is becoming more and I can physically feel weaker…May not be a problem if you are in your 20’s, but maybe a problem if you are in your 30’s, especially mid 30’s.

10K Running Plan for Beginners

We have created this 10K running plan so that any runner can follow. You can find the number of days you can run, the amount of strength and cross-training that you can do, and more…


10K RUNNING PLAN FOR BEGINNERS. This 10K plan will help you any beginner to get started with running and complete their first 10K in 10 weeks time. For more, click here…


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